Received Anonymously from White House Insider

Ira Greenstein & Jared Kushner’s Criminal Deal With Israel Behind U.S. Involvement in Syria I received this from a White House insider

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Jew who has ties to Israel that was employed by the white house when they bombed Syria owns an energy company that exclusively works in Syria

So a nothing burger? or what.
Don't give them financial support.

interesting read so far apparently (((goldstein))) is still the president of a company that benefits from military action in syria and some other stuff about kushner and shieeet

has the USA had military action in syria since the tomahawk missiles?


They are trying to tie the Trump admin to Obama and Killary's crimes. Kushner had uses for the elite, with his proximity to Trump.

Hearsay until proven

God damn you burgers are low IQ.

Kushner is a walking bomb for Trump to be drawn and quartered on multiple issues, then explode. The MSM will attempt to give a shit about Syria, despite the Alphabet Soup funding ISIS and Trump actually doing something with the Tomahawk missiles Obama left to squander.

How convenient for Kushner to diversify after the election.


who would benefit the most from writing this article?

All I know is what I was given—the link

Flynn was fired because he went public with the facts of Obama funding Isis. Andrew McCabe altered Strozks notes on Flynn and erased the edit history. McCabe was part of a conspiracy to jail Flynn as revenge for blowing the whistle on Isis funding. Obama was then forced to airlift cash to Iran so they could fund Isis.

Hopefully the left (the media) go after Kushner about Syria around midterm elections then have it explode in their faces.

Kushner is a chabad kike crook with stake in the energy company in the occipied Golan Heights, along with Rothschild and Dick Cheney and others. Trump doesnt have anything to do with it but they want to say his Syria strike is part of it, which is bullshit.

>damage control
He was fired because he took money from Erdogan which is a russian proxy now mongrellus thicclet.

Know thy enemy. Research these firms and follow the money. Then ensnare them in their own trap.

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Meh 2/10 article.

Nice effort, kid.