Cred Forums please troll the protesters please

Cred Forums please troll the protesters please

If you cut a rhinos horn off will it bleed?

It would be extremely painful...

>April, 20th

Only way to actually get the slacktivists to walk out is to plan it for 4/20. Morons will have their bongs waiting for them at home.

It's a big rhino.

the absolute state of normies

>we are students, we are victims
I don't think anyone will notice anything different

#NationalDItchDay Fake Protest

PS... Drivebyes are mass shootings too.

>2 months from now

why is burnt toast the only sure way to determine the perpetrator of a murder? answer us you retarded christians, we want change NOW!

We should organize more walk outs in the future. Get a bunch of liberals fired more often.


>go to 420 rally
>distribute joints laced with pcp
>incite riot

Just meme "ditch for Hitler" into effect.
Then they'll attack their own trying to figure out who does it for the protest, who does it for 420 daylmao and who does it to celebrate Hitlers birthday.

its because of columbine, but DUDE WEED might just help their cause

this is especially appropriate because amish people are constantly getting run over by retarded drunk assholes on the road

>peacefully protest
>make some noise

We are victims.... lol this is what schools teach in America

Let’s get nazi outfits.

Best thing we can do is make a counter protest where everyone walks out of schools to salute Hitler's birthday.


How nice of them to walk out in celebration of Hitler's birthday.

Hand out Tide Pods the problem will take care of itself.

This please.

>We are victims.
Will it ever stop?

Happy Birthday Hitler!

>we are victims

I wonder who could be behind this

>go with bong
>offer free hits of weed
>sandwich DMT in the bowl
>watch as everyone flips the fuck out when reality dissolves around them

April 20th is hitlers birthday

Also nypa

Russian trolls probably organizing these protests desu.

Stink bombs, report fights so the police get involved, order pizza under another students name using a burner phone or a computer and do in online.

Guys come on, there is tons of stuff you can do to troll. Don't forget what Cred Forums taught us from 2006-2008. There is always lulz to be had.

Talk to Dickie Spencer and have him arrange a "Unite the Right 2.0" on 4/20 at 10:00 am

Blast them with pumped up kicks.

DON'T DO THIS. Most schools have security on site when stuff like this happens. My high school had snipers set up on the roof and in nearby trees when we had an all school walkout day protesting cuts to student classes. You're going to get someone killed (and that's probably what liberals want...)

Bong hits for Jesus.

>order pizza
Hey fuck you man that doesn't accomplish anything but wasting the pizza place's time and money



Aren't all of the students who attend in violation of truancy laws?

Normally, yeah.

Oh man I never thought of sneaking DMT on someone then fucking with them. Imagine taking a hit off the bowl....'hey man why this bud taste like moth balls?'......then you turn away and throw on a clown mask or some shit and say in some weird voice 'INTER DIMENSIONAL CLOWNS ARE COMING FOR YOUR SOUL!!!!!!'

>Doesnt get lulz.

Seriously. Order a shit ton of pizza in one of the leader students name from a ton of different places and have them all show up at the same time.

There will be a massive backlog on the roads and tons of people waiting to get paid. The "protest" will have to shut down and it will create some huge lulz to watch it all happen.

Think with your head user!

yes. A lot. It's all floppy and bloody under horns.

Those laws aren't even enforced now, moron. There's no way they're going to be enforced in the event of a mass walkout.

This is a shill. This person has never been to Cred Forums before and is clearly trying to incite some form of violence or hate for a political goal. Be very careful of threads like these.

The absolute madmen make targets of themselves for people who are hopped up on school shooting aftermath and think they can get a higher score.

For you...

Fuck you faggot.
The Cred Forums troll makes shit loud.

If anything, I'll laugh at them as it happens because April 20th is Hitler's birthday.

We really need to start protesting to repeal some of these ridiculous gun bans. Like, for example the gun free zones like schools.

So US students are going to celebrate Hitler's birthday on April 20 by walking out of their mandatory Holocaust classes? Der Fuhrer would be proud!

Too damn good.

Is walking out on Hitlers birthday a good idea when Hitler seized all the guns before killing the big nosed commies in Germany?

Just call the narcs to the protest.