Describe Adolf Hitler in three words

Describe Adolf Hitler in three words.

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Did nothing wrong.

Did some good

Did nothing wrong.

Did nothing wrong

Racist, homophobic, xenophobic

Cucked by slavs

Hero of Europe

windmill of friendship

daddy gib cummies


very nice man.

rarest surname ever

Oops i shitted

That weird uncle

destroyed german culture.

Last century loser


retard who doomed the white race

sorry that it's not three words, but it's the truth

Will come back

Showed how powerful Germany could be.


Fought the banks.

Big Dick Bandit


Responsible for feminism

wrong on slavs

Typical male INFJ

Jews would have found another excuse

It's just a scapegoat

>the top pinned comment


The Jewish Messiah


Hero, Icon, Savior

loved his people




Did Nothing Wrong

Brevity is the soul of wit.

Moron opinions don’t matter.

Praise the father

he was right

The eternal German.

Vellow goncerned citizen


Inspiration for homosexuals

Rothschild Bastard Son

Good guys lost.

nice moose stash

An elegant gentleman.

Angela Merkel's Father

Really good artist

A lovely man.

vegetarian failed artist
seriously he's like the original soyboy

Interesting they both have that slight curve of nose. But this was 20 yrs before Merkel WTF

doomed ethnonationalism forever

autistic megalomaniac faggot

Will, honour and love

big nosed jew

Baute viele Autobahnen


pls no bully


You must be one of those faggots.

protec also attac

did nothing wrong

>Germany is better off today than it was under uncle adolf


>total isolation from the rest of the world is okay
OK Tokugawa-san
see you when american warships arrive in 1853 :))))


Dats me

A Rothschild Patsy

If you have nukes and enough food it sure is.

he is dead

Just what I was looking for

pretty good guy

Best Anti Hero

Reckt by commies!

Steered by Jews.

Heart too big.

six million soapbars

Soon Soon Soon

Soy boy commie

A European Politician

You think we are just being edgy don't you?


This is the truth

uncle everyone wants

Into the oven

This is. Hitler was nothing more than the guy the Zionists propped up to get another world war going so the populace would be welcoming a United Nations and Zionist state. Dude didn't even write Mein Kampf.

lol he's dead

>You think we are just being edgy don't you?


Hitler was addicted to drugs. He also possibly had some Jewish blood. thus he can not be flat out "hero". He was an anti hero for these negative traits.

Show your flag.

Bad at military

in theaters soon

Nailed it Carl

>Show your flag.

Destroyed Europe forever.

Creator of Israel

I kind of have to agree with this one. He served and wasn't a bitch but he should have let a tough guy run the war machine.

he still alive

Ok now that is out of the way.
People like Kim and Hitler are heros. Do you know the balls it takes to stand up to ZOG? Not just on the internet but with millions of lives depending on you and willing to die for you.

I'm sure he loved Macedonia

Just watched about 20 hours worth of documentaries on WW2. Why the fuck didn’t he just keep pressing Britain? Actually fuck that, he could have attacked literally anywhere else except for fucking Russia and the Axis would have won. Why was he so fucking retarded? It seemed like he was absolutely brilliant but he choked when it mattered the most.

man of integrity

man of god



Had he attacked 2 weeks earlier, if not for the stupid Italian campaign, as he had wanted to, he would have conquered Russia.

The attack on Russia was completely necessary, every day they waited the Russians increased in strength.

If you want to blame anyone blame England and Churchill for siding with the Soviets.
Churchill was a dumb fuck piece of shit.

As for pressing Britain, watch this

Its 3 minutes long, just watch it.

6 minutes*

real human being

He was good at being an infantryman but he had no practical knowledge of grand military strategy. The German general staff was the best in the world and had he left the war to them they would have won.

Russia was going to invade Europe anyway. They had plans for an invasion scheduled just three months after Barbarossa was scheduled to begin

The Third Sargon

Gas the kikes



The wrong enemy.

boy sminem cool

Came expecting this.

From what I gathered while researching the offensive into Russia, they would have been able to push straight to Moscow had Hitler not ordered his main Panzer force down into southern Russia to assist with the push into the oil fields (which they never fully captured). Also he wasted an incredible amount of time and resources on Stalingrad which was never a meaningful fight to take (other than the fact that hitler was obsessed with stalin and wanted to take “his” city). You can’t blame England for fighting. Blame hitler for not coming down on them with the entire might of his his forces rather than over extend his reach on three fucking fronts. Also the ultimate red pill is when you learn that Italians are the worst fighters, not the French

was christcuck and socialist

im not sure

jew nigger faggot

Did nothing wrong

gys you retarded faggot

Kys rapebaby

see pic related


T H I C C x3

seat of satan in germany

thats why we are cucked

our etablishment is working with the devil itself

kys Christcuck you are too stupid to understand any of this or you would not believe in zombie space jews to begin with

Leader of Men

A big guy

Found the jew


Was an hero

Worthless fucking retard

Lord and savior


A concerned citizen

I'll do it in one

Warm hearted hero


I will just let this here.

eeeh wat? Oh, ok if you say so Emil. But he has to come back and finish the job then

Best Man Ever.

Right about Slavs

Our last hope.

What could've been

Old German Leader.

very lied about

Greatest leader ever

Jews Loves Black


pretty cool guy

Man against Time

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Grossdeutschland ist mistake.

Better than commies

very awesome guy.


Fucked us all.

He was an egocentric piece of shit.
His basic premise was rightful at the time (fighting against communism), but he just ended up loosing his way with all the shit going on around him.
Honestly, he should have just half invaded Poland, to keep Germans living there safe, and called it a day.
Then who knows what might have been.

My mufuggin nigga

is greatly missed


If a nigga hating call him joe biden...


>Honestly, he should have just half invaded Poland
He literally did that, while reaching out for peace both before and after the war had begun.

did nothing wrong

jewish controled opposition

Yeah you

Well then that's just a fucked up world, when the reason for the worst slaughter in history isn't told anywhere.
Still, he went full retard later on.


Half a job

Did nothing wrong.

A fucking nigger.

Destroyer of Europe

greatest political leader

Typical autistic virgin

you will grow up one day kid.
he did nothing for white man, while he did shitload for the jews.

>Still, he went full retard later on.
Hardly if you aren't implying some arguable military mistakes in hindsight. Like dunkirk for example, which technically was more Gerd von Rundstedt's plan.
Should have brutally crushed all of them instead.
What a pity.

The Eternal Austrian

Great Landscape Painter

compassionate visionary liberator

>being this delusional

Aggressive, motivated, dreamer

He was obsessed with Allies landing in the Atlantic coast of France. No matter what his advisers would say.
Built a fucking wall all over it.
A lot of it is still there, and now part of my whole fucking life.
That's the important part:
It served NO purpose at all.

Berber Berber Berber

A chromosome called Haplogroup E1b1b1 which showed up in their samples is rare in Western Europe and is most commonly found in the Berbers of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia

>being this delusional

Yep, that's 3 words bro.
About sums up the Adolf.

I love you

>doomed the white race
Yeah !

>A chromosome called Haplogroup E1b1b1 which showed up in their samples is rare in Western Europe and is most commonly found in the Berbers of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia
Pic related

Oh no. Hitler may have had a distant ancestor like these. How will aryans recover?



One Great Hero

Best Trump Ad Ever

Bitch rage quitter

Went too far.

Defiant against Jewry

Best leader ever

>doomed the white race
wtf, i love shitler now!

beta males leader

>1 post
>faggot flag

Man against time

A Great Man

absolutely mad lad