CNN Creating a Celebrity Anti-Gun Celebrity

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They still have a fan base

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Is one of these female?

It was just like the Holocaust

Kike on the left

i guess i've fapped way too much

Yeah. We don't listen to 17 year old girls and their faggot soyboy friend about what laws to write and not write.

bitch that didn't get shot or becoming the "face" of the victims.

This bitch is milking a cause celebre for fame?

Any adult who cares what faggot kids say probably has the mentality of a kid

Hahaha hahaha ah they should have died look what they have become useful idiots for the left bunch of pussys..

Watched an interview with that guy, he's clearly a fucking sociopath

It's all pretty disgusting. I shut off FOX news Sunday when it started with Chris the kike Wallace exclaiming : "First we have breaking news" and then did a puff piece interview with these little niggers. Such a blatantly disingenuous campaign I loathe and revile anyone a part of it even the high school "kids" playing stupid innocent victims

>gen Z gonna save us
>white powar hurrrrr durr!!!


>that nose
Oy Veeey lmao

>Watched an interview with that guy, he's clearly a fucking sociopath
Nathan I can't bring myself self to watch anything The MSN puts out anymore.

Hi /pol. My dad is an ex-FBI agent. A pure coincidence, move along. Nothing to see here. Feeling tired, aren't you? Maybe we should all go and get some sleep.

CNN is just using them to further thier doners agenda!!! Thier frontal cortexies are not even old enough to consume alcohol!!

Hey maybe ask the kids for sound financial planning after they take on the constitution.

Oh yeah, they're fucking children.

Let's take guns because a dyke and a faggot know best.


Adult brains continue growing until 25
I wish we wouldn't let people under 25 get involved in politics
Would cut out a lot of college bullshit at the same time

These fuckers were probably on the other side of campus in their drama club when shit went down.

SJW attention whore "popular" kids, I bet.


a mentally ill lhispanic mutt and a jew are not Representative of middle america gen z


These poor kids... being used by msm to push unconstitutional agendas. They will look back at this and cringe.



Please never post again.

> (OP)
A bitch am brown they won't take shit from me Trump 2020

I heard of her.
I think her husband runs the local Feed and Seed after he purchased it from Chuck.

> mfw these retards are still trying to push their agenda .. It's getting pathetic at this point.

>teenagers have opinions on guns
lmao k

The agenda pushing is so blatant it's disgusting. How is this even "breaking news"?

Like a good chosen one

No they won't. One is an SJW spic, and the other is a kike with family in the US government.


I would love to know exactly where these dumbasses were on the day of the shooting. I guarantee you they were probably nowhere near the shooting and not in any danger whatsoever.

That fucking bald dyke was probably skipping school, hanging out at her dealers house, smoking some weed.

aka liberals

I too browse Cred Forums

Their tears and continual whining via satellite matter vastly more than my rights to own weapons...
Yeah fuck right off kids...
You don't matter.

that does it, certainly americans will handover their guns now

>media presents: The Generation Z

So CNN employs traps now?

Gentle Giant Speedbump Mike is sitting this one out

Gone to soon

God I love this country. We are starting to see through their bullshit so what do SJW always do of course the double down on their stupidity

We've been reverse breivik'd. All of these sad lil hebe larva are going to grow up to be anti-gun activists and politicians.

the guy looks like he has soulless/dead sociopath eyes while the girl is clearly an attention seeking whore—both seem incredibly disingenuous

whoever is elevating them is pretty bad at AB testing, and knowing what the general public will and won't pick up on

Kek! They obviously no idea of the people who are 2nd Amendment adherents!

Nah. They just get airplay now because these two social climbers are sadly willing to align themselves with current progressive liberalism and cultural marxism doctrines, but as usual they represent the absolutely minority, whereas everyone else is reacting like we do - shocked at how cringey left wing campaigns are becoming as they fail harder and harder to brainwash people like they used to

>buy our metal detectors
>and x ray machines
>go to the
>March for Our Lives
>paid for by our friend
>Michael Bloomberg

This is insane. Kids are being used as cannon fodder. At least we used to wait until they were 18. Reminds me of communist revolutions, hitler youth and thought crimes. I don't know why MSM backs this shit up. Sad.

He's a jew, right?

After seeing these two I've decided to get rid of all my guns, because I care about their lives.

Where is the surveillance from the hallway cameras of this shooting?

It's probably evidence in the case against him

One of these hook nosed kikes was on msnbc and literally was talking about Oy vey it was like annuda shoa...60 gorilla on students and I were hiding in a closet in our drama class.
It's a shame Cruz didn't get that kike

News = propaganda
Journalists = political activist

>Los goblinos

Come and take it ugly bull dyke bitch

Please I fucking beg you.. please I have been preparing for this since 1994... please I am begging you to come and take it


Rip in peice

These leftists don’t have a fucking clue.. the right is willing to destroy the world for their guns...

It is the Samson option. American gun owners will destroy everything for the 2nd amendment...

If they do not understand this, they need to understand it and quick..

You want a solution, do a solution that doesn’t involve gun bans.

>god fearing
>10 commandments following
give me your address, sir.

The paid child actors are really going down in quality. Funny how they are reading from a script and the body language is that of a liar... but hey guns are bad amirite.

These same kids if interviewed would almost certainly tell you:
>Trump is literally hitler
>Police are institutionally racist and abusing their power on a national level
Yet they want us to put our trust in the same people they've spent the better part of the last decade protesting???


we are like Israel this way


That tracks popularity for gun control pretty well.
40% for, 60% against.

Sounds like these idiots are helping bump the number against. Because everyone loves holier-than-thou assholes from fucking Florida of all places. Especially when you can't tell the girl apart from the boy.

Is one of those male?

Why did he have to miss these?

Link to video faggit? I need to le downboat and leave a snarky comment.

This is a normie movement. You guys wouldn't understand it. Just stop commenting and it will go away.

Reminder that YouTube can remove likes/dislikes at will

El Goblino and La Creatura

Gather last names and how they are related to either other crisis actors or a politician. Go lads.

>i have been preparing
*teeth fall out
>since 1994

Get the fuck out of here old man. No one cares about pussies like you always waiting to (((defend))) but never leave their fucking house to counter the damage since the 90's. Great fucking job faggot.

It’s not wise to make decisions based off emotions. They’re being exploited.

Fuck you Chuck

>He's a jew, right?
Yes, so was the shooter.

>Two people
>A whole generation

Nobody died.

you can take the jew out of auschwitz...

Brave. can't wait for the inevitable woke 8 yo political activists in the near future.

>Reminder that YouTube can remove likes/dislikes at will
Ahh shit like a good Russian bot I just went into Google little shit poll and disliked everyone lol fuck Google

Even my sweet little peach of a wife over here would fucking double-tap anyone in the grape who tries and takes our hardware.


Why didn't they respond to those tips first?

This shit is so fucking fake

background checks and a limit on assault rifles are reasonable measures. say what you want but being able to purchase guns on demand is retarded.

>Why didn't they respond to those tips first?
We all now why they wanted this to happen demacrats salvet when this happens it's thire chance to shove their agenda down the American peoples throat. Didn't killary say you never let a good tragedy go to waste or something like that.

Fucking disgusting. They are the FEDERAL BUREAU of INVESTIGATION. Their jobs isn't to LARP as SWAT they need to investigate, not interview everyone after the kids are dead and abduct the killers poor brother. Guess they were too busy snorting all that coke from the evidence locker.



No shit sherlock, they were gleefully waiting for the day that sicko was gonna go postal so they could larp as good guys and get to push gun control down the american people

The FBI never lets a mass shooter go to waste...

>Current year lefty mentality

>didn't get shot or grazed

Not yet. They have to build her up first before she can become a martyr.

This is probably the same kike that did the AMA on reddit like a day after the shooting. Kids today are a bunch of sociopathic fucks

I know they are loving the attention they are getting but they should know it's not what they want.

Seriously I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought that was some real sociopathic shit. My friends died a couple days ago lemme just get some internet points and feel important even though I have literally nothing to add to the conversation.

Who is paying for all of these kids to go march in Washington? It would be interesting to know who is flipping that bill.

Holds up.

Well I am 41 so whatever

It was a majority Jewish high school. The shooter was Jewish too, although adopted by an Hispanic family.

>The FBI chose to only respond AFTER the shooting while they damn well knew that Cruz was a shooting spree waiting to happen for a full month

Fucking abolish the FBI and let ICE take over their duties, at least they take care of the disasters before they happen.

>4k kids in that
>no surprise that the most anti gun student is some shaved headed mutt dyke


I just got it she shaved her head to look like those warriors in that lefty propaganda film black panther my sides hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahlolololo to funny