Russian Etnostate

Why not make a Russian Etnostate

>Free land
>Huge space
>White conservative orthodox Russian chicks
>European landscape
>No niggers
>No Muslims
>No Shitskins
>Plenty of resources
>protection and approval by redpilled leader

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program isn't for foreigners

Its cold, so there wont be brown people for a long time, but you wont have anything and die early

if you build it they will come
Rome was not built in a day
Nor by one man
But still today, thousands of years from its founding
people still visit

>No niggers
>>No Muslims
>>No Shitskins

WRONG!, Foreigners are also eligible to use the land, but the registration of full property rights is only possible after the recipient becomes a naturalized citizen.


This is shrewd. Putin obviously looked at Lincoln’s Homestead Act Of 1862.

The Chinese want Siberia so bad they can taste it, but instead of war they are using the Soros trick of migrating Chicoms into the Transbaikal regions.

Putin and Moscow must do this or lose Siberia to The Chinese Empire in less than 100 years.

They wont because there wont be any gibs or stamp foods

Bullshit the post

Anyway try to organise it OP if you want it. I am sure plenty of people are open for this idea

millions, if not billions
People are sick of the old ways
Most are stuck or have other obligations that force them into it though
Myself included - I can not make a computer or internet from scratch, no matter how skilled I am in my workshop

But if people had a way out - they would take it
Therefore if you built an institution that could provide basics and a pltform - while exchanging in trade for things it can not possibly build
You would have a crop of a million souls to select the best from

Problem is Cred Forums is all talk but no action

>>No niggers
>>No Muslims
>>No Shitskins
>>Plenty of resources
>>protection and approval by redpilled leader
Are you sure you're talking about my country?

They must be thinking about belarus.

I have just entered a two year "no obligations" period in which I to experiment with this concept

Think Henry David Thouroughs Walden but for the modern age. Not quite living in the woods but I have reached a point at the ripe age of 26 in which I am free to labor at my will -
I intend to record how it goes - report the findings of my "experiment in life" so to speak

>my country so I know everything!

I have a Russian passport as well and I also lived there, so what? I not talking about Moscow or big cities or other closed communities or Tatars or Russia Muslim/Nigger/ilegal population in general, I talking about the Eastern part of Russia, the empty part.

Become a Muslim to fight back

That’s what I told a nig in Harlem when he said “you are all millionaires there in russsia!”. Nigga you mean Belarussia

Its true
theres nothing wrong with talk
but thats not just /pols/ problem, quite frankly its all of government/politics at this point in time

Its easy to say "I should stop drinking"
That might be true
But I still havnt been able to
At some point I have to learn how to drink without it negatively impacting myself or those around me
Brewing takes work, and its a lot harder than I initially thought to learn to brew without the imput of a single dollar

Its a classic study of the "what it takes to make a pencil" economic therom

>Its cold, so there wont be brown people for a long time
Then why there's so many niggers in Canada, Sweden and the UK?

>doesnt know

UK = gibs
Sweden = big gibs
Canada = even bigger gibs

lol russian far easterners known for their criminal mindset will eat you alive after raping

Go home russia you're drunk!

Yeah, Far East could work, trough you'd have to build all the infrustructure on your own, which seems almost impossible to me. And that still doesn't change the fact that Putin's government is cucked and is opposed to white nationalism in all of its forms, so no "white heritage" larping here.
Go away Ramzan

before I get up off my ass to actually start doing the work i need too (it takes effort, i know this chair is quite comfy)

I want to leave you guys with two videos
First the pencil theory of economics (short and to the point)
(i have some criticisms - but its still useful)
Second - a more in depth study - an experiment in how one would live by taking a piss on the pencil theory - ie self sufficiency)
(at least the first chapter on economy is VERY VERY awesome)
play at 1.25 speed

Fuck Globalism - We need relocalization
For the sake of the human race and all life on earth
Unrestricted economic and population growth will lead to a great collapse, in the very least, of "life as we know it"

isn't the land they're giving away basically Siberia but with trees?

>Russian far east
>In Europe

Try to become a Russian naturalized citizen. It's not easy and will require years of your life.

Pretty sure Sweden gives away bigger gibs than us...


People thought the Zuiderzee works were impossible or the moon landing, its all about determinism and being creative.

actually i only just watched that pencil theory on - ive been familiar with the theory for a long time though

fuck it really ticked me off actually - Globalism is the scourge of all other life on earth
I love the quote "If every species or form of life sent a represenitive to a great vote in which the decided who to kick of the island (earth)
Humans would almost unanimously BTFO

>European landscape

Learn to read Ahmed

It's ok user. I had to move back in with my parents, too.

youd like that audio book I linked (Walden)
give it a shot when you have time. Again the first portion on economy is incredible

It's like Swedish/Norwegian landscape but MUCH colder, depends on the area, the northern the colder the less trees the more ice

many thanks, much appreciated.

I had to because I got a DWI
not because money or job
I cant drive, and by the time I got my license back I actually dont want to drive
Even though I can afford a car
(and i'm in the process of moving out - March 15th is my last living at my parents

I get it, and I sure as hell am not going to say this is for everyone
I simply found myself here and turns out I can make it work better than I ever imagined

I know this isnt politics, but i really need some help here.

In a couple of months i might have to move to Germany, as i will most likelly be transfered to work there, at the Frankfurt airport.
I have to live max within 1h of the airport.
What are the cheapest/closest areas to the airport?
How much should i expect to pay in rent? 600€? 700?
Ofc i will do my own research, but i want some Kraut input too. Plz help anons

It's not fun living in the middle of nowhere, you have to do every single thing by yourself.


Use this...

slavshits better stay in your paradise

The only reason any of it happened, is because powerful people invested shitload of their money in it. Do you have the the money to pay for all the expenses? Then sure, you can try.

Thats a start yea. Thanks user

I dont need help getting there. What i would like is some basic input on the general area, and rent prices

use airbnb.


kek, russian ethnostate

kek and checked

Thanks my dude. The cheapest i can find is still 500€ a month kek. Single room, with bed. My life is going to be shitty for the next few years heh.

A hapa Mongoloid rape baby ethnostate?