Is there such thing as an acceptable race mix?


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get out


no you fucking retarded bastard child of a nigger and nip

the white race.

our brown ancestors who left africa and raped/got raped by neanderthals made beautiful pig skinned babies.

>a stereotypical kike meat puppet
great example of what a woman should never become



Germanic white+Castiza South American

half gooks look filipino or spics (if they're lucky.)


I would mix with a hapa or castiza but I am castizo myself

Yeah, i've noticed half white half gook look hispanic...Sad!

This is Polish + Indian.

Everyone is technically of mixed-race.
The difference between butthurt and pride basically boils down to how long said race mixing took place.

looks good until she farts and u smell curry... nasty

blondes with redheads

Europeans with american whites is okay.

West european + east european is okay.

Total man body.

Scandinavians can mix with each other. Finns are off limits.

in new world: who cares, la creatura etc
in old world: no

t. (((concerned citizen)))

Id say meds, slavs, anglos, germanics are okay


Yes. Alpinid mixed with East Baltid/Slavic are acceptable.
I am also not necessarily opposed to an Armenian mixing with an Alpinid or Iberian Celt.


no, never


Anglos? Preferably not.

Western finns and eastern finns.
I'd prefer it didn't happen but I guess it's harmless.

>Is there such thing as an acceptable race mix?
Absolutely. Non-whites with other non-whites. Blacks, Jews, LatinX/Hispanics, Italians, and all other non-whites are allowed to race mix all they want. In fact I encourage all non-whites to breed out all of their ethnic and racial identity. Make them all mutts.

Hispanic's not a race dumbass

I'd fuck anyone with Alicia Keys's face...


Fucking abomination

Is it acceptable to go ginger?

Gas chamber for her

make one for chinks now

Every race mix is terrible and a disaster.

>tfw no savonian gf with qt dialect

t. coastfag

>White pride

Hapas the uber race!

Natives aren't optimal, but they would constitute reasonable mixes.

I think its only races that are mostly alike in terms of looks and culture. Otherwise you are rolling the dice on if you produce a supreme gentleman.


disgusting srs

Sure, there's nothing wrong with the French Race mixing with the Spanish one. Or the Swedish Race mixing with the German Race.

I’d let that broad give me a Cleveland Steamer.



Anglo + poo also seems to round out the rough edges.

What he hell is up with all these smug black people in TV and films lately? Serious, it started about a year or two ago. Every single thing with a black person in it has them front and center and looking as smug as can be.

>race mixing of all kinds is bad
>Meaning white pride only
You have autism bait poster.

No, it destroy countless generations of speciation in one indulgent swoop.





my sides user

Egyptian + Mongolian


Nigger + goat

Anglos, Saxons and Normans.

fuck no.
don't ever ask again.

Yea all of them. You know what's not acceptable? Inbred, subhuman wh*tes telling the rest of us who to mate with.

they only want to mix with whites to breed us out, no one cares if a poo fucks a chink

>all of them by age 30

>acceptable race mix?
Anything that isn't nigger, or anything that had a decent civilization, I suppose. I oppose miscegenation as a whole, but some thots and betas can't help themselves

i want my qt native american gf, anymore here?

Black don't crack wh*te boi

Yes. White with white.


filipinos + caucasian
your kids won't come out with fucked up eyes and have pale skin


>filipinos + caucasian

she looks a shitskin for me.

totally discarted

Depends on how you're asking.


>she looks similar to southern europeans to me

>basically white

Is white genes more dominant in asian mixes or something? Or maybe I'm just an amerimutt whos too use to seeing mongrels so these people look white(r) to me.

Europeans can intermarry as long as their religious traditions are compatible.

I dont care what the rest do.



To bad the good looking natives were killed by smallpox

No. Your own kind or nothing.

All of you idiots saying natives clearly haven't been to Canada. All they do is leech off the welfare system, drink and do drugs, commit crime, suicide.

If you gave them guns, I shit you not they would be worse than niggers.

>drawings made in microsoft paint prove anything
Cred Forums is retarded

What is wrong nigger?

>white women at the same age


I really don't understand why Cred Forums is so triggered by this recreation. Of course the original inhabitants of Britain were fucking dark skinned, light skin is a genetic trait in temperate regions that is selected for over many generations. It would be stupider to suggest that the first people to live in Europe weren't dark skinned

What's the problem? Just looks like two people having a laugh to me

It's ok to marry a mutt, just don't make any mutts yourself. What kind of an asshole buys paint and mixes it himself? Buy it premixed like all normal people.

Tbf it's not fair to call Britain Europe anymore


>I don't have an actual counter argument so I'll post a pic of an area of London that has an unusually large number of immigrants

Accept it cuck.

That girl is a white slut in a Halloween costume. She isn't representative of natives.

At most I can accept Germanics mixing with Slavs or Celts.

Everyone on Cred Forums agrees that White male Asian female is the only acceptable form of race mixing

Bit rich for a nazi to be calling others unappealing

75% european castizas or 75% european hapas

quadroons are risky. their wide noses and kinky hair still isn't gone after many bleachings.

Accept it cuck.

No it isnt. These models are SE Asian hapas, that’s why. Many Filipinos already have Spanish admixture, and also often have some negrito blood, same for others in the area with Malay and Austronesian roots. These are the features that are recessive to some degree, not commonly the East Asian ones.

Terrorism committed by the IRA was a much bigger problem than Islamic terrorism is now, does that mean it's okay to persecute the Irish?

>75% European hapas

Cred Forums doesn’t like to hear it, but equally risky. Both mongoloid and negroid genes are very strong.

Australian father & Chinese mother

Accept it cuck.

>when you order dark chocolate and they mistook your order but you decide not to send it back

>cakes face with makeup

Dutch father & Japanese mother

Normans are gay. Fucking ruined the English language

American father & Korean mother

oh shit, that's pretty compelling
they look like they have down syndrome

The mom looks 100% white but her kid is really changy

>"Accept it cuck" he posted for the third time in a row, wiping away the tears streaming down his face with his doritos and semen stained fingers

>james allsup with his huwhite shinto wife

Accept it cuck.

According to america, yes

Daughter is pretty cute desu
Mom looks Eurasian, not Korean.

Post more. Banging a Vietnamese girl need to know if I can keep her.

That's a 66% white HAPA mother, nice try you fucking rice cooker.

Only between europeans

Spanish father & Vietnamese mother

I have no idea what you all are arguing about, but

All of them are acceptable except any female/black male and white male/asian female
The rest are possible to make stable children

Mother looks pretty hapa desu.

Dude where are you getting these? All of them are awesome mixes. Usually you see nothing but the fuglies promoted on Cred Forums.

Accept it cuck.

Mom had lots of plastic surgery.. The kids eyes look 500x more asian then hers. Looks like the mom had her jaw chisled as well

On instagram search #eurasian or #hapa

Taiwanese mother & English father

No, stop beating around the bush you disgusting fags. No wonder you elected Trudeau.

>Upgrading your wife
Pretty patrician desu senpai

The whole "knife surrender bin" thing is so overblown. The idea behind them is that they're placed in areas that have high rates of knife crime, the idea being that, if criminals know that they can dispose of these weapons without being prosecuted, then they will be less likely to reoffend. They're not talking about people who use knives for cooking for fuck's sake

I feel like most people would think she was MENA, but I can see hapa. But like said. She's 100% had surgery to look whiter

I've refuted every single point that you've made, I can only conclude that you're just a retard who can't do anything besides parrot what others have told him

nigger and white

No one in my environment is < 120 IQ.
Spanish conquerors couldn't keep their dick in their pants around the indigenous brainlets - that's your problem.

Thanks, I would presume only the hot ones would promote it though.

Yeah she looks a little Moroccan or something there. I also feel like she has some sort of hazy filter on that photo. But definitely doesn’t look natural.

Accept it cuck.

>the idea being that, if criminals know that they can dispose of these weapons without being prosecuted, then they will be less likely to reoffend

>dispose of weapons

Come on Britbong, you're just going to have to accept this one. Am I going to justify king nig Obama? Fuck no. It's a disgrace on the USA.

Pic related would trigger Comrade Corbyn.

Asians are the only other group i will consider race mixing with and only the white ones.

>no criminal will ever choose amnesty if given the option

>Brainlet Autist can't recognize an olive branch

Eh fuck you Britbong. You all are pussies that surrendered your right to self defense like the little gamma males you are.

Your NHS murder any babies lately?

-White and Hispanic
-White and Christian Arab

So they turned into the sassy dispatcher from /cpd/?

Non white + non white is the only acceptable race mix. Under no circumstances should a white person ever race mix

>and only the white ones

That’s not going to make much difference. You’d actually have more of a chance of whiter looking offspring with the ones with more Austronesian mixture.

meanwhile we pay their taxes

Charlie Gard's condition was terminal. That meant that he was *inevitably going to die*, you stupid fuck. The only other thing they could have done was to artificially keep him alive for as long as possible, in which case he would have lived for a few months in constant agony before dying a slow painful death. What they did was the best possible thing they could have done for him.

La china maldita...

Those are tanned Italians

White and Castizo (75% White 25% Native American) usually produces very white and good looking children.

Accept it cuck.

Love how you socialist zeroes justify your holy cows having power of life and death over your white children. Must be part and parcel of being a gamma male bitch.

I'm not Italian but thinking that Italians are not white is retarded. Romans and Geeks civilized Europe.


Eurasians are a single race

>Italians are white
Are you joking? Italians are unironically not white. They accept this as fact.

happa + white

You literally speak in nothing but buzzwords. I can tell that you're a fat middle aged boomer fuck who started browsing here because you heard about us on your facebook feed. It's fucking embarrassing watching you

This is probably the best answer. Any non-white features in the chidlren would be hardly noticeable most of the time.

Not quiet Georgian but her look is like, i would say Azerbaijanian for sure

Japs are not too bad. She looks more White than Asian.

Approach with caution.

All you thirsty betas make me sick. You would throw away thousands of years of evolution for some brown poon tang. If you want to race mix please go to a non white country and do it. We shouldn't have to suffer through the mongrels you create

A swedish- finnish mix


Wrong here is an Asian male White female hapa lady with her White husband and her kids.

Do you think Slavs are not white either? I mean, I can understand saying that Finns are not white because they are Uralic, but Italians are Indo-European.

ameriniggers are truly insufferable

There is literally nothing wrong with dating black women

You do not have to accept it but Italians are not white.

kys tyrone

half animal half human

Those are clearly of African origin.

>whiteness is not an artificial social construct


Wrong pic

The daughter still looks pretty Asian. Also the Asian genes often seem less strong in AMWF.

Can barely see the daughters face, but the kid in the stroller looks Asian.

London has fallen

From the front it's not too bad but the flatness of her face from the side kills me.


>the flatness of her face from the side kills me.
would you prefer baboon lips?

What the fuck?

No, but maybe it's better if everyone marries their own race and better yet ethnicity.

Jew+White and Indian+White turns out pretty well almost all the time. Asian+White is shit for men but turns out ok for women. Nig+White is better than pure nig but worse than pure white.

the will to breed is the animal one

You all need to get with the times. Italians are not white nor will they ever be.

jew here
can confirm as our people are beautiful

ok ahmed

Northern Italians are white

>a kike and a nigger
oi m8 bin that knife!
you are a cucked pussy.
import more niggers you coward

Devon Aoki (sister of DJ Steve Aoki) and amwf hapa with her White husband and kids

Jews, Sikhs, and Arabs have face shapes that are similar to Caucasoids.

don't start

Listen to this guy, he knows about whiteness more than all europeans after all.

for whites and asians, sure

>why do social rejects like meth addicts long for order?
>why do people left behind by multiculturalism and degeneracy always advocate the hardest for its end?
gee i dunno

Northern Americans are not white.



>Assuming her admixture in the current year
t. shitlord

You deserve the future ahead of you.

Castizos would typically come out like Meds, barring exceptions like Jeb Bush’s kids.

1/4 Arab or Persian doesn’t usually have much impact either.


Those are Africans welcoming their African brother refugees.

>welcome in Roma
Clearly they are americans.

Northern Italians are barely moortugal tier. they have more genetics in common with Turks than with swedes.

> Many Filipinos already have Spanish admixture
Why do I always see this meme being pushed?

>According to a Stanford University small-n study, only about 3.6% of all Filipinos have European genes, most probably Spanish.

Turks are mediterranean like us.

Yeah, whatever the fuck that is.

blasian with white

you never want to breed a pure nigger but if they've been diluted with asian its probably ok

The memeflag mongrel tryng this hard, neither portuguese, spanish or italians are related to moors whatsoever. but nice try

when did texas get its own flag?

my ex was half irish half indian


Nah, Turks are not Indo-European. They are Turkic invaders from Asia.


but that's hardly a race mix

That's how you get la creatura

Well practically every Filipino claims they’re part Spanish. Also that 3.6% is quite overrepresented in the media there, which ends up here.

I feel like Filipinos act pretty white.

all Italians are white because they live in europe and are european

full stop

anybody that disagrees is a nigger jew and this is the end of this conversation

>2 attractive people creat attractive offspring
wow who would have guessed.


I don't think your pic related is attractive

i'd take a fat white girl over that

Not the same you n*gger lover. This is the creatura son of super model Tyra banks and her Norwegian ex boyfriend.

My Italian friend is much darker than me but I acknowledge that, and I'm literally Caucasian.

Yes, culturally they are pretty white.

>Living in Europe makes you white

That is an awfully large bulge for a woman.

>Asian man got like 80% Asian phenotype
>both parents are below average in terms of looks
>young kids who aren't paying attention or smiling aren't that attractive

It's fucking nothing.

You know usually in places where they have sun like italy people tan, believe it or not

the dad must have been ugly as sin for a white, also it's inevitable that the kid was gonna get tyra's forehead. Her forehead is a running joke everywhere.

being european makes you white,

go away nigger, it's you vs reality

She is on Cred Forums

>i'd take a fat white girl over that
yeah obviously, you probably have no other choices irl.

You're genuinely retarded.

Everyone else, this guy conflates "white" with "Aryans", he basically believes only Germans and Norsemen are white.

Italy has over 2000 years of rich history. Romans literally created western civilization.

He's not tanned, just tan.

Also you are spreading literal jew lies unironically
clearly you have to be gassed

>Australian father & Chinese mother
you can't mix Chinese with chinese

not her, there are no freckles. Pity I forgot her instagram though.

Both those people are very average looking in the real world. And I’m not saying it’d going to happen all the time, but it’s a very real possibility.

cheddar man isn't a lie, native euros had dark skin, they just weren't negroids. you people are so fucking stupid you don't know racial theory properly


yes over time u fool

besides europeans aren't one homologous group, and we like it that way, unless you have village idiot mentality

I'd take the swarthiest Italian over any northern European with opinions like yours any day

It's called cherry picking. Works on whatever narrative you want to push.

Literally formed from Barbaric tribes that ransacked a great power, split the church in two, caused both world wars, and now cucks itself out.

Germans are a disgrace to white people. They've done nothing to help.

I think your skin will be getting pretty dark in an oven some time soon...

Why are your arguing with me? I'm not saying that Italians are not white.

>Both those people are very average looking in the real world.

They're on the bad side of average. Not deeps in the ugly zone but not attractive either. Keep in mind I'm talking of genetics, not talking to the American average of an unfuckable land whale or anything.

Don't use ivf.

Race mixing is always right desu~

Anyone who says they aren't is a total moron. "White" is the new term for "Aryan."

they look like they have down syndrome

not really racemixing in countries like brazil is a recent thing mostly, after the jews did there what they are trying to do to us

most white brazilians aren't Portuguese colonist but descend from european immigration in the late 19th and early 20th century

Stop it pewd you wop lover.

>he's won't embryo select to maximally optimize the fecundity of his germ line

maybe the boys but that daughter is gonna grow up looking as attractive as the mum except with the added flare of blue eyes which is nice.

Why do you all get so upset when people tell the truth?

no don't slander us plz that's a nigger larping as american

the mom isn't attractive at all....

I already said that the Romans (and Greeks) civilized Europe (and the Mediterranean).

You gotta love how they made him look negro. The early euros probably look like dark skinned, low caste Indians. But that's good enough let's make him look straight from the congo and add blue eyes to not arouse suspicion.

>56% "white"
>Includes North Africans, Octoroons, and other delusional mutts
>Ground Zero for ZOG
>Origin of Civil Rights, Feminism, and Homosexuality
>National pastime is destroying white countries on behalf of their jewish overlords
>Proud of globalist military campaigns to enforce one world government
>Illegal to boycott Israel
>Delusional hero complex where they think they are Rambo: The Country
>Culture/Media is worshipping jews and niggers
>History class is feeling bad for poor nigger
>Literature is books written by niggers about getting some white wimmin
>Social justice retardation campaigns
>Main slush fund for Soros left-wing campaigns
>Elected an actual jewish nigger twice as their president
>Honestly believes they are the last bastion of freedom and whiteness in the world


I suppose you prefer fucking dogs and livestock judging by the flag. Maybe this will get you going.

>>Italians are white
>Are you joking? Italians are unironically not white. They accept this as fact.
> 'Why do you all get so upset when people tell the truth?'
> 20 posts by this id
> >Living in Europe makes you white

Nigger jew with an agenda detected
larping works on the internet but not in real life you humanoid

>blasian with white


the gas is waiting
and it will be an Italian gassing you for ironic effect

White+anybody who's more industrious and higher IQ than the white person they breed with. It's how we improve the fitness of our race.

Italians are White. Also, you neo-nazi motherfucker, the Roman Empire literally controlled Jews, making them pay taxes and stealing their territory. Thus literally making the Italians the only group in history to have dominion over the Jews. This is evident due to the fact they resorted to military campaigns instead of monetary schemes.So, for being a Nazi, you fail at that.

>Fucking truderp and his "peoplekind"
>Still worships the fucking queen
>Literally illegal for someone to question non binary genders
>Hordes of muzzies
>"Terrorists should be able to keep their canadian citizenship."
>Culture revolves around feelings
>Literal fucking Communists
>Shit military


Go away Jew

White women, no matter how fat and ugly they are, will always be above any other race

Stop denying History. Italian whiteness is just a meme.

eww take it away it will not steal my genes

white women only here on Cred Forums plz

go away to tumblr to share that shit

yeah they ain't bad, we'll be getting a whole lot more of them considering the amount of RICING china is doing right now in africa. Gonna be some creatura's for sure but there will be the odd gem.

>Stop denying history, Italian whiteness is just a meme.

no Chang no white women for u plz thank u u have your own

>Giving the Jews what they want, throwing away thousands & tens of thousands years of genetic heritage.

That just looks...Burmese or something.

do what you want I'm not stopping you from impregnating a landwhale, I thought it was already an american past time.

yeah it's weird, do you think south east asians were just blasians this whole time?

I think Han Chinese or Yamato Japanese people mixing with Anglos in relatively few numbers would be fine. As for the niggers, arabs, beaners, gooks, and other shit stain types of Asians they shouldn’t be allowed to race mix with Whites, let alone procreate at all.

>Why do you all get so upset when people tell the truth?
Because it's not fucking truth, you're spewing bullshit and then acting surprised when people get mad at you

S- so Hans. Is the meme true? Germany's 20 35 will soon be majority afroid?
Is there anything realistically going to be done?

digits confirm, as long as the poo is of the lighter skinned variety

Germans are one of our best people, they can be a bit autistic sometimes but most of the time they are ubermench

Also both Canada and the US are shit in the SJW/ jewed sense. Idk what arguing about it brings. stop it now retards

would smash in a heartbeat

Pretty much seems that way.

Stop denying the future
You will get gassed by an Italian

Arab is 30% neg, so 1/4 Arab is still 8% afroid. Why do something like that?

Germans. What have they done? Literally nothing but hurt Europe.

>Italians are whi...
Explain this racist bigots!!!

it's a jew, don't address it directly, it is dangerous

i fall exactly under this category. Somewhat 75% European (mostly italian) and aprox. 25% native. I might have been lucky, but my skin color is quite white, im good looking and have a 130+ iq. I fit very well between northern italians.

In evolutionary theory, diversifying your genes improves your fitness. so all you people preaching to mix similiar (white) genes are more likely to get wiped out by some weird disease one day.

But that's not mixing because you're all Danish blood.

North African or Gulf, likely. Not usually with Levantines though.

Italians were literally the only people ever to control and keep the Jews down.–Roman_wars

i want to suck on her toes



>Mexican gf is more than 3/4ths white (had a DNA test done), father was 100% white American, facial features are European and has big fat titties
>i'm a German + Dutch Ameriburger
Am I degenerate?

What race should their children procreate with than

Speaking of which, Charli is waifu.

JewSA has highest cuckold porn search rates in the world.

>Fucking truderp and his "peoplekind"
Gender neutral language started with second wave feminists in JewSA

>Still worships the fucking queen
Better than worshiping ZOG masters in Israel

>Literally illegal for someone to question non binary genders
False. Also JewSA started this with homosexuality movements.

>Hordes of muzzies
False. You wouldn't even know how many muzzies you have since you count Arabs as "white".

>"Terrorists should be able to keep their canadian citizenship."
When did the last JewSA terrorist lose their citizenship?

>Culture revolves around feelings
ZOGmerica is Ground Zero for social justice movement.

>Literal fucking Communists
You brought communists to the west. Your most popular politician is a jewish New York communist.

>Shit military
Yes too bad we don't spend trillions of dollars and send millions of our young men to get killed destroying countries on behalf of Israel.

I'm not stopping you either, go get a wife from a different race!
I thought it was already an Australian pas-time


>recycling my joke
so this is the power of american bantz

The reasl question is why do white women hate asian women so much?

It's a jew god dammit!
he's already been detected, read the responses and don't give him the (you)'s

Why colonial mongrels are always projecting their own mutt condition on europeans, it never gets old. laughable indeed. at the end of the day you will remain a mongrel while Italy is european aka white, and with a glorious history.

>I fit very well between northern italians.

No you don't.

What is with the antisemitism?

something realistic was being done
but then you dickheads decided to just waste your time on Cred Forums talking about useless shit and having stupid arguments

We had this poll weeks ago. /r9k/ and Cred Forums ironically are the designated yellow fever boards.

Would race mix with Jessica Sula desu.

>JewSA has highest cuckold porn search rates in the world.
Ignorant of how population works
>Gender neutral language started with second wave feminists in JewSA
It's Trudeau that enforces it.
>False. Also JewSA started this with homosexuality movements.
It's the law of the land in Canada, not in the US.
>False. You wouldn't even know how many muzzies you have since you count Arabs as "white".
Poisoning the well again, 0.3% Arabs, and Arabs are not white. Putting words in my fucking mouth you cucknadian.
>When did the last JewSA terrorist lose their citizenship?
None. All of the terrorists were foreign.
>ZOGmerica is Ground Zero for social justice movement.
Coming from the place where it is literally illegal to question gay and nonbinary genders.
>You brought communists to the west. Your most popular politician is a jewish New York communist.
Trump is a Communist now? Holy dogshit you're fucking stupid. He's literally German, AKA your ideal race you horse's ass.
>Yes too bad we don't spend trillions of dollars and send millions of our young men to get killed destroying countries on behalf of Israel.
US has a literal legal responsibility to protect these countries as a world power.


White + Chinese or Japanese

Filipinos are shit skins & mutts. Don’t ever claim that mix acceptable

Paki/North Indian + White British

>Pic related

No, breed like the wind.