What's your opinion on Kosovo's independence?

What's your opinion on Kosovo's independence?

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Illegal. If the Americans didnt fight for them, the Albos would have been annihilated by the Serbs.

Phony ass terrorist state should be given to the Serbs, they fought for it so it belongs to them

The KLA would have been annihilated*
The masses go with the victor, and plenty of Albanians weren't down with the KLA in the first place. Add to that an inevitable change of government (Slobo) in Belgrade, and the problem could have been solved over time. But USA needed a base, and Clarke, that vile cunt, had investments to look after, so yeah.
Basically, USA + Slobo's retarded policies = Serbian doom & plenty a dead Albanian

Just a taste:

BTW same goes for Bosnia. Now the scumbags have a foothold in BiH and the drug routes from Turkey that run through Kosovo and Albania intact.

world je srbija

There's certainly the question of drugs too, yes.
Drug trafficking was one of the main sources of funding for the KLA and similar gangs prior to them becoming "democratic resistance" and losing that terrorist designation by the State Department.

Kosovo is serbia you albania nigger

Our next target.

Remember Slick Willy Clinton was helping the cartels and CIA run drugs through Mena when he was governor of Arkansas. Same thing with heroine into Europe when he was president.

>Our next target.

At doing what exactly?
Turning Kosovo into a shithole?

Don't bother it already is

I never understood why you would want to annex a "country" full of alb*nians

Indeed. I read a bit about the Mena airport allegations a while back. Also the two boys that were killed and the police tried everything in their power to fuck up the investigation. Messed up stuff. No telling how deep the rabbit hole goes. The Albos have no idea who they are in bed with. They're gonna get flushed down the toilet sooner or later.

It belongs to Serbia, give it back, Shiptar.

Agreed. No wonder the clintons and their cronies are doing everythingthey can to cover their tracks. Just imagine the filth we don't know about. If you ever feel up to it, Youtube Larry Nicholls. He was a Clinton staffer and has been spilling the beans on these douche bags for 20 years or so.

you stupid idiots in your ENTIRE "war" against the Clintons, deep state and shit, have never, not once mentioned Kosovo, where they literally created an entire FAKE STATE, ran by lobbying criminals who are paying the world to let them run their puppet state. If you even scratched the surface you would have found countless witness murders, drug traficking, organ traficking, false, badly staged, massacres (Batajnica) and a lot more info about people tied and PUBLICLY supported by the Clintons and their friends.

This is a tough question, the toughest. There's so much bad blood that I am not sure I want all borders between me and 2 million Shqips to disappear. It would be a rough transition and a lot of hard work to mend what's been destroyed. The intelligence needed to prevent terrorist attacks would cost an arm and leg until the Shqips have been sufficiently reintegrated.
I think the most optimal solution right now is a partition of some kind to salvage what can be salvaged. Either that or keep playing the patience game and just go medieval on their ass once the climate is right.
Certainly not what our treacherous government is doing right now.

= expose the shiptars for what they are and then turn the light on the Clintons and the entire deepstate, show the world for what they fight for really

take it back then in some way make them go away

Historical reasons mostly,there is a lot if history in kosovo both sacred to albanians and serbians.

Now you have two Bloodthristy and warlike tribes who are not only 100% nationalistic but 200% nationalistic who want to have that place for themselves.

It won't be pretty....

Personally i don't care who rules this place as long as you don't bother/hurt my family,i'm good

>expose shqiptars
you're literally just slightly better than us and that is only because Tito decided not to make Yugoslavia a 100% commie shithole like Env*r did with Albania.

yes, expose shiptars and clintons in their ties, i know who got illegally bombed, that wasnt you :)

kosovo je srbije

All Albanians in Kosovo should be killed and the country settled by real Europeans. There is no other correct answer.

isn't it public knowledge that Bill Clinton approved the bombing of Serbia? There's nothing to expose

It has illegal independence; sucking the donkey cock of America is the only way it survived. Fuck Albania, fuck Clinton

A good idea.

Fuck Serbia!

We could still have had SFR Yugoslavia but Serbia had to go full retard.

Do not reply to off topic threads.
Report and move on. This belongs on int or bant.

Serbs had their chance with Kosovo and failed. Now it's the Albanian's turn. Serbs in north Kosovo are treated very well. they basically don't even pay taxes yet get money from both Prishtina and Belgrade. Find me another minority in the world that gets that kind of treatment.

dua lipa je srbija

kosovo is a tie where all drugs from afghanistan, over turkey enter europe
today its a frozen conflict state which will escalate when the foreign factor need it most

Kosovo's not really a frozen conflict. ~96% of the people there get along and more and more states recognize it every day. If you want a real frozen conflict look northwest. Bet my life Bosnia will erupt in civil unrest in the next 20 years.

What Albanian sacred history is located on Kosovo?

Or in Skadar/Shkodra?

>96% are Albanians
>according to Albanian census methodology and most of Serbs and others boycotting it

If I remember correctly, Albos shilled Prishtina being a 500.000 citizen city. In the end, only 200 000 can be found, and great care was taken to have census occur outside of migrant worker's work season.

Kosovo's classical name literally means pear tree in Albanian

keked. Shkodran here. kys.

you remembered wrong. and i didn't say 96% are Albanians. it's more around 92% with 4% being Turks, Bosniaks, and smaller groups like janjevci and gora. all get along.

but its quite the opposite my squip friend
more and more countries reconsider or are redrawing their votes
just google it

Kosovo belongs to Serbia, simple.

>source: b92 and inserbia
more and more countries? suriname is the only nation that has withdrawn recognition and it did so immediately after a visit from russian ambassadors and new "investments". and since then 3 new nations have recognized kosovo, the latest being this week

most serbian reporting on kosovo is utter and complete bullshit. for example, their media chimped out claiming Guinea-Bissau withdrew recognition. a week later they had to reaffirm again that they in fact never did that and reaffirmed recognition of kosovo.

Crimea belongs to Ukraine, simple.

Kosovo je Srbija.

I wouldn't care if it was lost to anyone but fucking Albanian muslims. But yet it did.


No, it doesn't. It comes from blackbird, kos.

Why don't you answer the question which "holy" and "sacred" national history site and treasure of Albanians is located in Kosovo and Skadar region?

Who are you kidding?

America fucked it up, kosovo should have been annexed by us not made into a country.

Albanian here.
Very proud of Kosovo of course. I don't really care what serbs think and I don't think they should have anything to say either. Serbs have only been in Balkan just since 5-6th century while my albanian brother and sisters have illyrian blood flowing through them.


kosovo je srbija

It dosnt have one

Of course you fucking mudslimes are invading Northern Europe. Fucking disgusting...

land occupied by literal animals.

>while my albanian brother and sisters have illyrian blood flowing through them

We don't care about religion.
>"Albanians, you are killing your brothers, / Into a hundred factions you are divided, / Some say 'I believe in God,' others 'I in Allah,' /Some say 'I am Turk,' others 'I am Latin,' / Some 'I am Greek,' others 'I am Slav,' / But you are brothers, all of you, my hapless people! .... Awaken, Albania, wake from your slumber, / Let us all, as brothers, swear a common oath / Not to look to church or mosque, / The faith of the Albanian is Albanianism!"

>but you praise the Serbian king as a saint

Ilirida indipendence when?