THURS 02/22/18 @ 9:15AM PST - IT BEGINS

CASE# 17-CR-016561 | The People of the State of California vs. CLANTON, ERIC MICHAEL

Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse
661 Washington Street
Oakland, California 94607


>001 PC245(a)(1)-F: ASSAULT WITH DEADLY WEAPON 245(a)(1) Felony 04/15/2017
>001 PC12022.7(a)-F: SPEC ALLEG-GREAT BODILY INJURY 12022.7(a) Felony 04/15/2017
>002 PC245(a)(1)-F: ASSAULT WITH DEADLY WEAPON 245(a)(1) Felony 04/15/2017
>003 PC245(a)(1)-F: ASSAULT WITH DEADLY WEAPON 245(a)(1) Felony 04/15/2017
>004 PC245(a)(1)-F: ASSAULT WITH DEADLY WEAPON 245(a)(1) Felony 04/15/2017

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This lawyer chick was at his last hearing and posted updates on twatter


Bumping for interest. Can I get an expedient summary of what has happened thus far?

>inb4 he's acquitted of all charges because the jury is happy he was "bashing the fash"
California is where law & order went to die.

He'll get to study Jamal's dick while in there too

He pled not guity to all charges last summer and then there have been a few court dates since where one side or the other has asked for a postponement, but afaik we should know after this next appearance if he's going to take a plea bargain or this ends up going to trial.

Dont tell him that, he'll commit more crimes to get more time

All those felonies lefties thought would just go away or get plead down
>multiple felony counts of assault
>the single misdemeanor only compounds and reinforces the MULTIPLE FELONIES

>He pled not guilty

Maybe we got had by his 4d chest.. Goddamn it!


Pol truly fucked this guys life

He deserves everything he gets

He fucked his own life

Randomly attacked people with a bike lock

Why doesnt he plead insanity and cite the fact he he trusts CNN as basis for his insanity?

Cred Forums was just here to help him along
And laugh at him as he goes down

It's going to be another extension request. Nothing is happening today,

I love this place.

His "life" is not the only thing that's going to get fucked


will he join the white supremacists in prison?

How much time do you think twink boy will get guys?

lock him up

prison life is the ultimate red pill desu
there's a danish user who usually pops up in these threads who is pretty optimistic he'll get >10 years, pretty good analysis too - i think he's a lawyer



They've been working on a plea bargain.
He's going to get probation in exchange for agreeing to not go to protests.

That's as good as getting away with it. That's a britbong sentence. Where's the brutal American justice you're famous for?

No. He has an "Iron Front" tattoo. Aryan Brotherhood will make him eat it off his arm if he deosn't find protection from the minority gangs.

California isn't America

Ya but there is no moral equivalence it’s ok to kill people that we arbitrarily identify as “nazis”


Lol.. act like you've ever been to prison. That shit is lies, kiddo.

It's felony assault and strike one.


>He pled not guity
enjoy prison

So one user says he'll get 10 years, another probation. I can't wait for closure on this thing.
This is interesting to read. She wants the victims to sue in case he gets rich in the next 10 years (he's from a wealthy family).


four felony assaults, actually, one with the 'great bodily harm' modifier attached

Still just strike one.

But does anybody think this cocksucker won't go to any more protests?
There will probably also be restrictions on associates in his probation deal.
There's no way he won't violate it.

I keked so hard

>Still just strike one.


he attacked more than one person

You are a retard if you think California gives out very harsh prison sentences,

I've been patiently waiting for this. Berkeley seems like a long time ago now, I'm getting all nostalgic for Stickman and Based He-Man aka Fash Gordon.

I just hope justice is served and this scumbag gets a decent sentence. What are the chances of corrupt California commies getting him off the hook?

please let this happen

He was looking a 47 years total. Not good.

Manson was imprisoned here.. just sayin

Christ, these peopleare mentally ill

all because one autistic Norwegian user got hit by a bike lock when he was a kid or something and made it his life duty to organize you spergs and find him. Has he posted itt yet?

>What are the chances of corrupt California commies getting him off the hook?

Not much, the courts can be lenient in certain cases. Clear assault with weapon causing bodily harm on multiple people is probably not one of those cases.

His parents live in my city.

Manson didn't even kill anybody

>slap on wrist as long as he doesn't partake in protests
>posting a single hashtag or using twitter at all is deemed protest by his own constituency
>he won't make it 1 day without violating his parole
He is fucked.

wonder when the LGBTQTTRS++ crowd will start changing their race/ethnicity too, since basic biology means jack shit to these retards.

Yeah, no death penalty, not put in a cell with anyone who would kill him, and gets to go on TV to be a celebrity.

>he's from a wealthy family
>commie scum

Pretty much all the information I get concerning this is from that Danon.

I fucking love this place I hope someday I can poo here

>Still just strike one.
lmao since when?

If you dream of it, you shall poo on it


I recall some bitch getting busted for pretending to be black, and when they found out all the black people threw a big fit. I think she worked for the naacp too. How embarrassing that they couldn't even tell. Also, do they not realizing the irony in pushing that race doesn't exist and then getting mad about the ultimate cultural appropriation? The left will collapse, its inevitable, it's going to be like a microcosm of the ussr

B...but he's based wypeepo. Surely he'll have honorary hood pass.

Do we get a live stream??


i hope this faggot goes to prison for a long time but hell probably get fucking probation.
fuck commiefornia courts desu desu

My master in legal studies finally means something
he's being charged (no finding yet)
with 5 felonies and 1 misdemeanor. They maybe overreaching on this one so he may not get convicted.
pretty much what the court will say, but then he'll change to plea bargain to escape cultural enrichment of his rear end in prison.
>5 felonies
maybe in Denmark, but user this is the states.
He is fucked unless he gets a REALLY good plea bargain.
I don't think this is his first charge either, so at least one charge will stick in my opinion.

He needs to be charged with another felony, PC 22210.

>He's going to get probation in exchange for agreeing to not go to protests.
no he won't, considering he already broke probation with those terms once.

"Freeway" Ricky Ross case

clanton NEET confirmed


This is one of the only times 4chans faggotry has lead to legal consequences for the target instead of the Anons participating in said faggotry.

Any chance for this triggering 3 strikes felony law in Commiefornia? Or do the stars have to fucking align for him to get 3 felonies to stick?



Worst paedophile in British history get 30 years


25 - Life for giving someone a few stitches with a bike lock


He looks like a spic desu

You don’t get probation for felony assault. God damn who the hell keeps saying this shit.

pretty sure it was the video of sriracha guy getting hit while he was kneeling. got millions of views.

long shot of course by if any user knows how to contact any of the victims, hook them up with this broad:

Stop trying to be ironic and worry about the UK.
Maybe even do something.

To celebrities...
Normal people get fucked hard in courts

They stacked 4 felony charges on him knowing that they would let him plead guilty to 1 felony and the misdemeanor. If he tries to fight this, he's a fucking retard.

He wacked someone on the head with essentially a hammer, while wearing a mask at a riot. A harsh sentence is deserved.

Yeah. It was right before Dylan Roof fucked it all up. Black people were really about to turn on the lefty’s over that bullshit.

>mfw waiting for him to fight it

>how do liens work and how will he inherit mommy and daddies $ with several of them attached to his name growing interest?

Any other anons going on thursday?

wish i knew
the sriracha guy asked a question here around 2:08:30
but he didn't say his name.

I'll keep this in mind.

dude, im on probation for 3 years for felony agg assault. i got 1 year left.

is he going before a jury or a judge?

because his lawyer can play the jury nullification card and just stack the jury with Antifa SJW's who have Trump. There's probably a lot of jurors who know about him and are sympathetic, so the likelihood of him being found guilty in Berkeley are small.

>antifa cuck violently assaults people without provocation
>tries to hide his identity
>Cred Forums identifies him and gets him arrested
>REEEEEE pol ruined his life!
Kill yourself faggot.

Does anyone know if the DOJ can charge him on terrorism charges?

this thurs is a pre-trial hearing (judge)
if he doesn't agree to some sort of plea bargain/deal here then (afaik) it goes to trial (jury)

what kind of assault, was it multiple counts while masked with a deadly weapon?

how long will he survive in prison?
how long will he survive outside of prison if he doesn't go there?
place your bets Cred Forums

who is the prosecutor? are they antifa?

>Reddit spacing
Sounds like you should have brought back the death penalty for him
I study in St. Louis user, so I am not familiar how Cali does its 3 strikes laws. but I do know a bit about federal shit and reading cases.
That could in theory apply from what I understand, but I think he'll get it dropped to 2 felonies, as the plea bargain may work a bit.
but on further research:
>California's Three Strikes sentencing law was originally enacted in 1994. The essence of the Three Strikes law was to require a defendant convicted of any new felony, having suffered one prior conviction of a serious felony to be sentenced to state prison for twice the term otherwise provided for the crime. If the defendant was convicted of any felony with two or more prior strikes, the law mandated a state prison term of at least 25 years to life.
>On November 6, 2012 the voters approved Proposition 36 which substantially amended the law with two primary provisions:

>The requirements for sentencing a defendant as a third strike offender were changed to 25 years to life by requiring the new felony to be a serious or violent felony with two or more prior strikes to qualify for the 25 year-to-life sentence as a third strike offender; and
>The addition of a means by which designated defendants currently serving a third strike sentence may petition the court for reduction of their term to a second strike sentence, if they would have been eligible for second strike sentencing under the new law.
from ca courts .gov
I think he has to be sentenced 3 times, not just 3 felonies in one charge.
But I asked my friend who is a lawyer there, they'll get back to me soon.

>He is fucked unless he gets a REALLY good plea bargain
This is commiefornia we're talking about. Case in point, Yvette Felarca. She committed a violent crime while she was out on bail for another violent crime, and her bail wasn't fucking revoked. As much as I want Clanton to spend years getting his rectum BTFO'd by Tyrone, the cucked jewdiciary is going to give him aslap on the wrist

who let the Romulan in here?

Cred Forums needs to learn a little thing called Community Self-Defence.

Whether, Professor Clanton did or did not "assault" anyone is irrelevant when you realize he may have acted in the defence of hos community.

That march was filled with neo-nazis, identitarians and college republicans. This constituted a direct threat to the safety and well-being of every Latinx, POC and LGBT+ member in our community.

Had someone not acted out, this could have been seen as a tacit permission of hate to continue on our campus.

His action sent a clear message that hate will not be tolerated. Nobody wants a Charlotsville on the streets of Berkeley. He probably saved lives.

Some light reading for Eric and his comrades. Enjoy.


Lead DA: Rebecca Judy Warren
Alameda County District Attorney
1225 Fallon Street, Suite 900
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 272-6222
[email protected]

DA at 6/14/2017 hearing who agreed to continuance: Robert Andrew Ross

DA at 12/14/2017 Pretrial hearing who said a plea deal was close and would probably be completed by next Pretrial hearing on 2/22/2018 at 9:15am in Dept 11: Matthew Rupert Golde


I think he has to be convicted of 2 violent felonies, then the DA has to apply for 3rd strike sentencing, and he could argue against 3rd strike sentencing.

>self defense
>from a peaceful assembly

Sminem is always here

Its inevitable, they're on borrowed time right now. Will they even make it to 2020?

i'll remember this when blm marches in my community. i'll be sure to shoot the fucks in defense of my community to prevent a colored uprising.

>Rebecca Judy Warren
>pic related

He's going to walk, she's an SJW Black Wakandan from Oakland.

>college republicans
So it's legally ok in the USA to attack people with potentially deadly force if you disagree with their political views now is it ?

you know its the glorious future when i can order a chicken bacon ranch pizza and watch a communist sentenced to prison from the comfort of my home

Well faggot,
By your own logic, all antifa, cop hating/killing BLM, "cis-scum" hating landwhales and soyboys who go around provoking and assaulting people for duly electing a president are threats and should be killed on sight.
Lets hope your stupid logic holds up in court because of it does, its open season on your hillarious asses.

> Let's deport Mexicans
> Let's ban Muslims from enterin the country
> Let's deny women and trans people rights
> Let's arrest black people
> Let's bully Native Americans
> Let's bomb North Koreans
> Let's exterminate the Jew
> Let's not stop shooting until anything non-white is a corpse

Nah, the backlash from this one will be too big. Not even the champagne socialists of berkeley will support letting him free.

Wait it's a gook


Quick Rundown:
>Clanton accused of hitting 7 SEPERATE people in the head with the bikelock per his warrant
>Previous arrests for protesting at BLM rallies
>Police raided his house, found the bikelock, his phone that had selfies he took with his mask on the day of the attack, antifa apparel
>California has 3 strikes law
>Clanton's charges are both serious and violent felonies, which in California add 5 and 10 years to the sentence respectively

Clanton is likely looking at 20+ years in jail. Although this is Berkeley, so who knows what kind of faggot judge he'll get.

>Let's ban Muslims from enterin the country
sounds pretty peaceful to me. Less suicide bombs, less hateful people.

you realize this logic allows anybody to go out and shoot to kill antifa terrorists?

is that what you want?

Sminem is /biz/-property

Being a commie is an instant disqualifier for whiteness.

Looks filipino.

Their family trees are like spaghetti, that's how they can end up with different last names. Or maybe adopted.

they also found his cell phone records matched the protest location

Why do shitlibs always accuse whites of what Muslims are doing?

>pic related

judge belives both sides can come to an agreement without it going to trial so they keep postponing it and meeting again because it's value for money in the court system to have people agree.

Just like Pomerania, Silesia etc was your property?

>making this argument when your side is literally calling for the destruction and subjugation of white people and you're supported by some of the largest corporations in the world to do so

>lets ally with a group that sides with our enemy 9 times out of 10 because they're not white

I'll give you a fair chance to defend youtself and won't be taking sides


oh not this shit again

Sorry meant to make an own thread

>words are violence

really makes me think

>tfw black menu have Professor Prolapse on the menu for minimum 10 years
Is there an email address where fans can send him jail rape stories?

so this faggot walks on bail whilst Cantwell had to languish in jail for 3 months, “hurr durr, I need muh gunnzzz to protect me from the gubmnt”

>tfw he is going to a south-Californian prison
>Eric Clanton in some days

>free speech march
>So you're saying you want to depot mexicans arrest black people and exterminate jews?


he went out trying to kill people. this fucker should be frying on an electric chair

The loo is back there. Poo away

From my small knowledge on the US justice system from watching prison documentaries, the fact that he has pled not guilty means he is pretty much fucked. He's definitely looking at prison time, and yes I think 10 years is what he'll get. The variance I see between poor people and rich people isn't that big for stuff like felonious assault and the likes. A stack of 5 felonies all centered around assault, and he pled not guilty, AND the court in California believed there was reasonable suspicion to bring him in means he's FUCKED.

Does anyone know if he was offered a plea deal?

thats fucking bullshit, Cred Forums needs to step up the public pressure campaign if thats the case

sean stiles is the sriracha guy

>Professor Prolapse
best name


No, but people think he was trying to get less of a sentence.

Digits for prison!

I'm trying to figure out if he is attempting to make a statement by pleading not guilty, as opposed to being advised to do so by his lawyer OR by assessing the evidence himself. If the former is true then he will probably get more than 10.


>> Let's deport Mexicans
You mean the millions that are in the country illegally.
>> Let's ban Muslims from enterin the country
The President has this power. Even Obama exercised it.
>> Let's deny women and trans people rights
Now you're just full of shit
>> Let's arrest black people
If they're criminals, why not?
>> Let's bully Native Americans
You're making shit up again.
>> Let's bomb North Koreans
North Korea is living on borrowed time. Bombing is unnecessary.
>> Let's exterminate the Jew
What else do you do with parasites?
>> Let's not stop shooting until anything non-white is a corpse
Again, you're making shit up
That gathering was completely peaceful until antifa showed up.

antifa posted these in berkeley before that rally

Get real, the only reason you incels hate this guy is because he's more based than you'll ever be.

>cushy, 6-figure job
>probably banging leftist bitches constantly
>uses political violence to achieve his goals
>cool hats

Could your envy be any more obvious, Cred Forums?

leafpost somewhere else, dog fellationist


You will always poo in my heart.

My office is downtown, I'm considering it.


Is that chick carrying around lettuce?


Something tells me that violent criminals get to spend a lot of time in areas with spics and niggers. He's going to be sucking dick for protection.

if you have an organization and it goes down from someone talking to the feds, it'll be a guy like this that spills the beans. not saying this idiot knows anything, he was dumb enough to get caught that's for sure.

yes, it's odd because the farmer's market was cancelled that day.

Hope Eric Clanton pulls through and the jury does the right thing.


His farts will never make a sound again.

bump I hope he gets a long sentence of taking black dick

That's spinach.

the cali 3 strike law is for violent repeat offenders not 3felonies in one case. it was inacted for gang members who came out of prison and would fuck up again

Dipshit logic. The guy he hit with that fucking bike lock had his hands in the air. Your trying to make the same argument that people make when killing a doctor that performs abortions. That faggot is going to do some time in prison, and I will guess he will get 8 years, out in 2 with good behavior. That's a lot of time to meet and greet the AB, and believe me, they will know he's coming.

clanton clearly visible in leftist protest

YASSSSS, hope this white boi gets the maximum sentence

When is the trial, or hearing or whatever next interdesting thing?

>Pol truly fucked this guys life
As usual, Cred Forums did nothing that wasn't done by somebody more legitimate in the real world.

No, but you can get a quick rundown and the basic gestalt

three days from now, this coming thursday (02/22/2018) its in the OP

He should, he nearly murdered someone in cold blood attack on the street

Does anyone have those Eric The Rat posters Antifa were putting up when they heard he had talked to the Feds?

fuck you baitfag

Can't go to prison if you didn't do anything wrong.
>MFW you incels realize everyone important is in the left.

kek, this is literal poverty wages in CA

Its really hard to say one way or another. Its one thing to sit back and second guess his actions, but even as much as his commie lawyer is a dipshit, I'll be shocked if he is advising Eric to take this to trial. The cops have him dead to rights with cell phone records, and the pictures on his phone he never deleted. He will do some time, the question is, how long?

reminder of the other illegal things antifa was doing..

bear spraying (illegal on humans), throwing fireworks at people & police,

reminder that police didn't bother taking their weapons.

plus CA has to fill prison quotas of violent white males

His days of going to college are over, now he's going to the school of black cock


reminder white boi cantwell got 60 years to life for using regular pepper spray in a pepperspray in self defense in a pepperspray-free zone

Yeah, this is what I was thinking after reading that. However, he did already have a record, so I think this puts him at 2.

Don't dream it, poo it.


that's her life partner you bigot


how did you get access to this?

I'm an eye for an eye guy
If clanton agrees to let someone run at him and hit him with the same bike lock at full force on the ground with hands on the floor he doesn't have to go to jail.

>Pol truly fucked this guys life
No. He fucked his life. He made a choice to fuck with patriots. It was his choice.

I raise.

anyone know the vid where this takes place? it is hilarious

Communists are not people, what does it matter?

She my nigga name rachel doelzal

This is probably true, she will fuck it all up cause the target was a white male trump supporter

Its public record.

Probably Kale. That's all these commies eat.

Berkley in April 2017

You mean ferengi?

this will be his defense if it goes to trial

If I was the victim I'd show up with pictures of me in the hospital and show the medical bills

do you have a link for the entire document?

Someone should wait outside the courthouse with a bike lock and whack him in the head with it. See how much he likes it.

I'm actually REALLY for the eye for an eye idea. Or something like it. I wish would could pass torture sentences for people that commit really obscene crimes. Rapist should be castrated publicly. Theives (within reason of course not someone stealing a pack of gum) should have two fingers cut off each time a theft is commited. Murderers should be executed in the manner that they murderd.

The day ANTIFAGs lost in fucking Berkeley of all places... glorious.

Found it

I asked which video.

Lets just suppose for one moment that Clanton gets off with probation. Not likely, but lets just speculate. His life is ruined, and he will never teach again in the USA. This shit will follow him EVERYWHERE he goes.
He has no idea of what he's done to himself, but he will by the end of the week.

Once muzzies become a majoriry in his area, he'll be the first to be thrown off an office building

No, I don't. You might try the county courthouse where the hearing will take place.

Why is that american using a russian flag?

it that was the case then yevette falarca shouldnt be allowed on berkley campus but she is


Not only did they lose, they lost with greater numbers and having the police disarm the patriots.

Looks like an exciting week in matters of justice. Our favorite nigger, Tesfaye Cooper [Tethafie], who is know from such episodes as 'Kidnap, Torture, Attack and Stream Disabled White Boys in Chicago' has a court date on the 26th of this month. Media will completely black it out, as usual, of course.

She was not charged with using a deadly weapon.


I see the shit head right wingers are tying to distract from all the mass shootings that have been perpetrated by right wing Trump loving alt-right faggots.

Yup you are an idiot. Nice try at acting formal or like your shit would hold up in court proceedings. However if you actually knew what the fuck you were talking about. You would know that your broad assumptions of peaceful protest are nothing more than hearsay and you have nothing to put forth in support of these assumptions. Actually the court room would most likely be full of snickering as everyone thinks about how you are "that guy" for the day as the judge has to calmly explain and dismiss all of your bullshit. Bar room lawyers like yourself are one of the main reasons the justice system is backed up and wasting tax payer money. You are a disease no matter where you go.

The literal state of liberal professors


Be more subtle with your bait, its too obvious

Triggered faggot?


You can always go down my street if you need to


>If he tries to fight this, he's a fucking retard.

Well he is

He deserves life imprisonment... no doubt.

There are no right-wing professors because right wingers are too stupid to get a real degree.

he fucked up his own life, by assaulting people, the guy he bashed wasnt even a "fascist" he was some neutral civic cuck

What the fuck did I just watch

>Steal their masks
>Have them fight each other

Those images are gayer than a pride parade in san francisco

So what did he do? Beat up some pussy alt-right faggots? And you cock huffing faggots are all upset about it now?

Have you even looked at the charges he's facing?
No fucking way

This is really the best way to deal with these people

Just take off their masks and record it

Dox them, send it to their parents, their employers, their friends, the police, the fbi, everyone

He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon...4 counts. And they added the charge of wearing a mask while he was committing those crimes. Bike lock faggot is going to prison my dude, and the AB will be there to welcome him.

but where does he poop from?

>You are a retard if you think California gives out very harsh prison sentences,

you're a retard if you think they don't. California has more people in jail than any other state in the union.

Since when has there been a police state without harsh penalties for violations of the law?

Basically, yeah
Sounds bretty gud

Do... you know what kale looks like?

I can't imagine waking up every morning and being this butt blasted by an ideology. You must use a lot of buttcream at night?

Fucking shitskin stop using our jokes ironically

That account is interesting as it has Wp, the OK hand-sign, on the scales of justice. That doesn't seem very lawyerly. Especially as she is married to Farid.
Also no lawyer reviews which is highly unusual.
>I'm calling it: LARP account.

Has someone given him a cyanide pill to take just after sentencing?

>That account is interesting as it has Wp, the OK hand-sign, on the scales of justice

Imagine getting meme'd on by Cred Forums so hard that you actually believe this

It would be the best irony for a BLM fag to get ass raped by a violent black offender.

He's a goddamn university prof, how come he has nothing of worth?

He needs to join the aryan brotherhood in prison to avoid being raped by niggers.

>Whether, Professor Clanton did or did not "assault" anyone is irrelevant when you realize he may have acted in the defence of hos community.
Tucker Carlson already shit all over this guys lawyer for even discussing this defense. The video shows him attacking an unarmed, unthreatening guy that has his hands held up with no provocation.

he taught one class at some shitty state college, there's video of him "teaching" on youtube, after watching some of it I think the guy might be legitimately retarded

He was an assistant professor, and had no tenure or a real job. Believe it or not, this fucking faggot taught an ethics class. You just can't make this shit up.

>just gonna set a little alarm here
>2:15 bash the fash
>no snooze

you cant just join you have to be invited plus they closed their books since they came down hard on them

>> Tucker Carlson

God damn you right wingers are funny. You shit heads still think that Faux news is a legitimate news organization.

he'll also be a more highly trained partisan. He'll be more dangerous out of jail than before he went in because now he'll be hardened and he'll have a lot less to lose.

The first time he used a bike lock the next time he'll use a gun and he'll fight to the death because he knows prison is a death sentence for white guys that are jailed for fighting white supremacy.



>interviewing the lawyer isn't legitimate news

>not put in a cell with anyone who would kill him,

lol'd. it was the other way around.

manson was a fucking psychopath and had already spent half his life in jail, including convictions for raping other young men. he was in solitary for the protection of other prisoners, not himself. he had murdered some drug dealer himself before tate, and had hundreds and hundreds of disciplinary charges in prison, including attacking guards and inmates and general fucking mayhem. he ended up being banned from having literally anything in his cell.

he was also sentenced to death, but capital punishment was ruled unconstitutional in 1972 so it was commuted. and that was a federal, not state, ruling, so you can't pin that on cali either.

manson is not a case you can use to argue that california was soft. clunky and inefficient maybe, but not soft.

Clanton will just be brutally raped if he's lucky. If his luck is bad, he will be pimped out to suck cock, and if he's really unlucky, he'll be shanked in the shower by an AB member for being a race traitor. Eric would be smart to get rid of that commie tattoo he has, or it will be removed with razor or cheese grater.

When you cite Faux news to make a point you lose all credibility. Shit head right wingers.

No, he won't. Wearing a mask and hiding behind women does not a partisan make. If charged with a felony, he will never be able to legally own a firearm again.


>That Country was filled with Niggers, Arabs and other subhumans. This constituted a direct threat to the safety and well-being of every white christian member in our Country.
I want a Self-Defense genocide of shitskins too

You need to spend more time practicing LARPing.

Any twitter fags up for this?

Implying I give a shit about the opinions of a low education right winger.


Better watch what you say senpai..."they" are watching.

>trial commences
>judge announces that he wuz a good boy and is doing his duty to resist DRUMPF
>jury gives him a standing ovation for beating up nazis
>the mayor walks in to the courtroom and awards him with the key to the city
This is what is going to happen. We're talking about commiefornia here.

get fucked cultural appropriator

> Commiefornia?

I guess that means drumph will show up to since he loves Commie Russia.

And he would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for this board and you meddling kids!

>Implying I give a shit about the opinions of a low education right winger
>Supposedly educated liberal puts himself on education pedestal while quoting memes as an accurate broad assumption
wew lad. I hope you are larping, this is bad even for larping. You should still get your money back for that degree, you didn't learn much.

Look, I have little doubt that Clanton is a narcissistic virtue signaling little twat who was brought up in such a safe priveleged environment that he actually thought violence was cool, but even I am disturbed by the gleeful depictions of his future sex life in prison. No matter how stupid and malicious he is, nobody deserves to be deep reamed out repeatedly over what looks it's going to be about ten years by a gang of sex starved horse hung black guys aiming to punish whitey for 400 years of oppression. It is demeaning to us to salivate at the thought of the unspeakable violations that will be heaped upon, and no doubt forced within, his pale, weak little body. And also it's just too much irony.

I sincerely wish him the least harm possible and hope he has an easy ride in prison, but all the same I bet he ends up doing an American History X, only in reverse.


Hey bros, friendly reminder to GET HYPE & GET INVOLVED for this court case.

I’ve been waiting since the Trayvon Martin case for something like this.




Most right wingers are low class blue collar workers with little to no post-secondary education. You shit heads shouldn't even be allowed to vote, because you're too fucking stupid to have an informed opinion about anything.

Married to a white guy

And remember kids, dipshits who post bait are easy to hide. Pic related.

ah right, I am so used to feminists keeping their last name

I live in the east bay and am smarter than most people around here, and I voted trump

this changes everything

I completely agree. I mean, what kind of a monster would derive any amount of joy at the thought of a soysoldier like Eric Clanton meeting truly violent men? When I say ‘meet’ I mean learn the true meaning of violence. Ultra-violence of type that not even film ever depicts. I’m talking getting beat the fuck down the likes of which few survive. Imagine the Aryan Brotherhood and the Crips and the spics coming together for one single purpose: to convert the wannbe gangster Eric Clanton into a quivering puddle of blood and shanked up soyboy. It would tragic indeed if all the various gangs in prison take turns stomping the fuck out of Mr. Bash the Fash, it wouldn’t be funny at all, or ironic. With any luck he will find himself a big strong man who doesn’t make him wear mops since his hair is already long like a girls, he’ll just have to use kool-aid lipstick. I hope he likes black cock as much as he seems to, because he’s gonna learn how to suck it, because all the white gangs already know about him. To Eric: make sure you watch your teeth you little bitch, if you scrape Jamal’s cock he might just knock them out for you, so get it right the first time.

Didn't one of the bitches who filmed it get something pathetic like 20 hours of community service?

How do we increase his suffering? Write him smug Pepe letters while he sits in the prison?


Why don't more prison rape victims speak up?

And why are the guards complicit in the rapes? Why do they let it go on and in some cases facilitate it?

write his cellmates and tell them he's a pedo

Yeah, and 5 years of probation. I know people that got that for literally looking at someone wrong. Fucked up.


I'm going to LMAO if this little faggot gets either brutally raped, or killed in prison. When you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

Wonder what the sentence would be if it had been 4 white kids and a nigger.

We don't, and all we have to do is watch it all unfold. If anyone here thinks the AB is not aware of Clanton joining them in prison, they are very wrong.

May this faggot pay.

Well that's what he deserves for being such a retarded, and useless cunt. He brought it all on himself, and I can't wait til he gets fucked for it.


Why would they even care other than that he is an asshole?

Cant go to protests in jail either
So why would they bother

I would rather him become redpilled than die in prison.

nice reading comprehension there, shit for brains

There ya go again, throwing words and assumptions around as if they have meaning just because you did. That education you speak of must be very low class.

people get more time for not having a fishing license