How do we feel about motorcyclists?

how do we feel about motorcyclists?
normal people or subversive degenerates hell bent on destroying the very fabric of western society?

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Motorcycles are ok. Cyclists should be rounded up and gassed.

I have no pity when they crash because they're annoying and noisy.

Feelings are for liberals. Fuck off.


I’m both a cyclist and motorcyclist, I now live in la and hate motorcyclists they fucking White lane and act like little bitches when they take the line and you don’t notice them when they’re going 50 while the rest of ya are in gridlock

A bunch of little cunts who would rather be concerned after an accident then before

As for cyclists I bike to work occasionally but there’s large bike paths that I use, people that hold up the road ar total cunts though

I own one. Riding and working on it is lots of fun. I dont like ass hats that disobey the traffic laws or drive recklessly regardless of what type of vehicle they are operating.

Fuck cyclists taking up the roads GAS THE CYCLISTS, MOTORWARS NOW

>White lane

I've been around both forever. There's only one group I've ever hated. Of coarse it's niggers. They ride in big groups just so they can cruise through town, when a light turns red a few of them will park in front of the light just so their nigger group can stay together. It's nothing more than a finger to white people sitting in cars. I've come close to saying whoops didn't see you there a few times. My insurance rates are pretty low finally though and I probably couldn't successfully shoot 200 angry Niggers if they decided to kill me.

Used to cool
Now normie-tier tribal tattoo level BS

Selfish pieces of shit on the road 9 times out of 10 that do things that put others at extreme risk.

Lane splitting. In some states it is legal in others it is illegal in others the law is written to be vague and hard to understand.

it's legal in LA

Bikers only use an engine designed for one person. Lazy fucks alone in cars designed for 4-8 people put out an excessive amount of pollution beyond what is necessary to convey them. Bikes require physical movement and muscle, cars are for the weak and sedentary.

>ill just go 2mph 2 wide with my fagget friends up this hill on this 55mph limit winding double yellow road and then when the cars get behind me and slam on the breaks and almost kill us ill swerve left to take up the whole lane and prevent you from passing because its my """"""right""""""" and then when we finally get over the blind hill in which you can safely pass ill still stay 2 wide with my faggot friends and make you floor your car wasting gas since theres another hill coming up and ill scream some shit at you and then give you the finger and scream your license plate outloud for the 6 go pros on my body and cycle frame then post it on the internet later and get days worth of hate comments

silly gymnast, roads are for cars

It aint in Texas, some crotch rocket fag wiped out on me while lane splitting. He took me to court and got BTFO by my insurance company.

wew, lad, out of jealousy?

bikers are the final redpill

you sound like a retard

If I tried to ride one here I would die, vid related. Mostly I hate the noise of them, and the arrogance of cyclists.

>how do we feel about motorcyclists?
I always laugh at the thought that this is a literal hivemind who collectively decide our ''true opinion''.

Motorcycles are nice and okay to have, as long as they are not too loud. Loud noise is ''cool'' when you're 18 and just got your first noisy machine, but it drives one fucking mad when those manchildren act like tough shit for being loud in the streets. People that are too loud should be shot as according to the NAP, loud noise violates the NAP.

Fuck motorcycles

Keep LOOKING and checking those blind spots

>hate the noise of them
true they dont make them like they used to

this is retarded

National noise limits should be enforced heavily. Motorcycle louder than a car off the assembly line? Impound it.

I hate you noisy cunts. Ricers and "muh horsepower" faggots are just as bad

That truck driver sooo didn't deserve to be caught in that mess.

Ban assault cars

The car was merging into the bike's lane... INTO the bike. The guy kicks the car to warn him that he's literally going to drive the guy into the barrier.
Motorbike was NOT in the wrong here, fuck that car driver, he deserved everything that happened to him here.

Some say that the lone motorcyclist is still picking seat cushion foam out of his asshole to this day.

You have soyboy levels of testosterone if you don't like the sound of a high performance motorcycle

>its too loud wahh

are you a fucking 70 year old woman?

he shouldve blew the horn instead of kicking the car. and above all he shouldve just got on the throttle and left the shithead behind him. if youre not riding like everyone literally wants to kill you here youll end up dead.

He's still not in the wrong. The car tries to fucking ram him, that's attempted homicide right there.

wrong or right doesnt matter at all if you get turned to paste.

yeah, ride like you're invisible at all times. Save your ego and your life

Bikers are okay, mtorocycle owners are generally great
Croctch rocket owners can all go straight to hell and I'm giving you a free pass to hit them with your car
They have zero regard for the rules of the road, think they're hot shit because they can go fast, cut through things that can get them hurt, and worst of all they cause more people to end up with manslaughter charges than literally every other type of driver or pedestrian on the road today
Friend of my brothers totalled his bike when he hit an embedded pipe in the road that had been worn down, fucked his left leg, ruined his right hand, caused him plenty of internal bleeding, and almost killed him. Then the fucker goes right back to riding despite several of his friends dying on them for various reasons.
I don't get it

Watch motomadness on YouTube and you quickly see that the average biker is a weakling that is on a bike to overcompensate and prove his masculinity. They're pathetic people that go out of their way to parent other road users like jobsworths that have nothing better to do. They almost cry over minor traffic violations because they might get knocked off - usually they aren't even need the person. They're a bunch of faggots, in general. For some reason Grom users are the only decent riders, as their tiny Grom bike isn't a surrogate penis as it is for other types.

>It's the guy on the bikes fault that the retard who's car he kicked thought it would be a good idea to dip to the left when he's less than 5ft from the fucking wall

bikes are pussy magnets

>tfw no bikefu