Michael "Enoch" Peinovich

>le 75% Norwegian face

Are you aware?

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Trs has lost it's edge. Mike has become way too entrenched in the e-celeb circle jerk

I agree. It used to be a nice bantz show. I don't even support white nationalism and I still enjoyed it.

Now it's mostly just mike going on tirades and sven getting mic cucked. Also the other TRS hosts have almost no personality.

>the daily soya

Jews overcome because they are united and disciplined. WN are disjointed and disorganized.

with union and organization we could control the political narrative in Cred Forums, youtube, facebook etc

if we created a consensus idea in facebook and youtube comments we won the political debate and more people joined our agenda.

This is how feminism, neoconsevadorism, etc. grew, occupying spaces and dominating the discourse

Why dont you support white nationalism

Agree on that the other hosts being boring. They need stick with only Mike and Sven with the occasional guest. Jayo and Alex are not that great and should be booted

Only in merica to a mongrel hapa looking jew be considered white


Does anybody know his ethnic background?
He seems to be Serbian or Croatian.

He did a dna test

Yes he is part Serbian. He is mostly Norwegian though.

Instead of listening to faggot threads like this...

...people should make up their own minds.

I don't think jews are as bad or as powerful as alt-righters claim. I also don't think getting rid of 100 million non whites is practical. I support strong immigration restrictions.

Alex is just boring. Jayo is just a typical black hater.

>the guy that decieved us about having a jewish wife is totally honest.

His ancestors are race traitors. Why does he support white nationalism so much

Well his last name is surely Serbian or Croatian. It's not too hard to recognize. Over 90% of our last names end with ić. Some of them don't, like Tesla but most cases we can recognize our own among you burgers. Like Gregg Popovich, Weird Al Yankovic, Pistol Pete Maravich etc.

The JQ has nothing to do with white nationalism. I don't want Jews having disproportionate power over the goyim, but I don't hate Jews.

White nationalism is about establishing a homeland for whites. Nothing more, nothing less.

Presuming it's true, it just goes to show how unreliable 56%andme is.

They are though. And your claim about getting rid of 100 million non whites doesnt have anything to with white nationalism just like the jq is also a separate issue.

Itd be interesting if they combined the daily shoah and fash the nation to have one high quality podcast that could go up against all the other conservative talk shows.

Serbs are white, dude

He is a Serb. Even mentioned it


let me change your mind on the JQ, friend.

Turk genes are strong

That Jayo guy needs to stick to helping in the background or whatever. He just comes off as a cringey internet tough guy doing the FITE ME IRL bullshit.

Strike and Mike is fucking brilliant

At least Alex has some intelligence. Jayo is a literal retard who provides entertainment only through saying stupid shit. He's the sort of person you don't want within a hundred metres of anyone potentially sympathetic to alt-right ideas, because listening to that guy could only ever push people away.

The motivation behind it though is the idea that jews are subverting whites. I don't necessarily agree.

Also the idea of america being a white homeland is stupid. I'm fine with european states being ethnostates since their ethnic definitions are clear cut and have historical precedance.

They say he was a former merc in south africa so his personality would make sense because of that. But yeah hes not very funny or interesting or even smart for that matter so he should definitely have a lesser part in the shoah than he does now.

It is much better in terms of genuinely thoughtful discussion. Striker is a smart guy, though he should give credit when he's ripping E Michael Jones' arguments word for word.

Report off topic and troll threads.

Yeah that has got to be the best show they have on trs right now. I feel like the banter of the alt right has become stale for me so the more in depth stuff of strike and mike is much more enjoyable for me.

If you want an ethnostate in america you would need a way to get rid of 100 million minorities. which isn't going to happen. Not unless you want a race war that leads to actual white genocide.

Also jews aren't a cohesive group like most alt-righters think they are. The typical jew buys into multiculturalism and liberalism not because it's conspiracy. They buy into it the same reason SWIPLS do. Because it's been pushed on them by the elite. Who happen to be majority white.

yeah, mike also feels more in his elements when they are discussing these topics, you can hear it on his voice.

Before the 1900's no one cared about white. What mattered was ethnic and national origin. An anglo marrying a slav would have been seen as treacherous and looked down on.

for me its the only thing that is really engaging.
TDS is nice to have in the background, and can get really good towards the end. I like the merchant minute as well, but strike and mike is just something else.

I love FTN for keeping up on current events but TDS is too shitposty and light on substance for me. Is Strike and Mike actually good?

Again I could just as easily point out how after the purges most of stalins government was non-jewish. I could point out how a lot of communisms biggest enemies were capitalist jews in the west. Jews aren't a hegemon.

It has less to do 'homeland' and more to do with White people being accepted as the rightful majority.

If White people aren't welcome in America, they will fight until they are welcome. It's that simple.

Okay, but it's the internet. I don't care if you're unironically a navy seal sniper with 300 confirmed kills. You don't pull the FITE ME IRL AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS shit on the internet. That will never not be lame.

The problem with TDS is that it's tried to become to serious. At it's heart it was always a banter show that happened to discuss news. Also mike is to dominating. They need a cohost who can argue and debate on his level.

>Jayo is a literal retard who provides entertainment only through saying stupid shit

What do you expect from a guy who had to become a mercenary in South Africa because he couldn't get a job doing anything else. Jayo is just way to edgy.

the latest episode was really great.
it has a high level of quality posting

yeah, you didnt watch it.

Whites are welcome in america. SJW's and antiwhite people are the minority. I think the problem is that people think the news is a an accurate representation. I do agree that mass immigration is a problem, but minorities are not a major, if any, threat to white.

this is what strike and mike is

Of course not. I'm not watching part 1/7 that by itself is 2.5 hours long. I've seen similar videos though.

Oh it's all behind paywall. Fuck that

No, you can have white nationalism without having to take back the entire usa. And Youre understanding of jews is not very thourough it would seem. Jews have an innate in group preference and an out group hostility which manifests into anti white activism that we see today.

look through the pol archives or yuki la

no you havent

Strike and mike has its own problem though in that strike is a little to spergy. I do like it though. They need to vary the material though. A lot of the time it feels like i'm listening to the same topics over and over.

They are a threat and many Whites now believe they are a threat.

Politics is inherently racial now. There's no going back. It's time to pick a side.

You're ignorant of demographic trends, then.

If white wasn't cared about before the 1900s why then did the founders of the usa limit citizenship to free white men of good character.

Yes, it goes into very big brain topics. Nothing else really like it on trs.

yeah, its not perfect - but for instance the last episode was great quality through almost the entire show, even though mike has a tendency to get rally riled up

I know, I dont really even want involved in the podcast at all, he brings nothing to the show.

>No, you can have white nationalism without having to take back the entire usa.

True, but the areas that are 99% white aren't that great for a state. Alaska. Idaho. Nebraska. Not great places to build ethnostates.

>Jews have an innate in group preference and an out group hostility which manifests into anti white activism that we see today.

Again. I don't see this. Jews are almost entirely middle and upper middle class. Meaning most of them are normie liberals. They act exactly like whites in the same economic class. If your going to use this to show that jews are innately anti-white then you would also have to agree that a good chunk of whites are innately anti white because they have the same ideas.

>no you havent


Theyd need to have Jazzhands on or something. Unless Striker is willing to go on every shoah

Doesnt justify him being on the shoah. He should go be a bodyguard for Spencer or something if he really is such a bad ass.

can't get over his fucking dead fish eyes...

>not the right soy
ya blew it

>They are a threat and many Whites now believe they are a threat.

Not really. Even the most anti-immigrant whites are still fine with minorities who act like civilized. The idea of white nationalism is still very much a fringe view.

>Politics is inherently racial now. There's no going back. It's time to pick a side.

There is going back. Politics changes constantly. No one can say for sure what the case will be 10 years from now.

>Is Strike and Mike actually good?

Yes. I was surprised at the depth of discussion in comparison to other shows.

The demographics don't show whites shrinking. White americans are still one of the largest growing groups. Also most of those future trends are based on the current high immigration levels. I do agree that immigration is a problem.

Your arguments seem to say that you dont even agree that group dynamics exist. And you dont see whites acting anywhere close to how orthodox Jews in the usa.


politics changes, demographics doesnt

Because the definition of white was implied implicitly rather than explicitly.

If you asked the founding fathers if they were fine with 200000 italians coming in per year they probably would have had a heart attack.

>admits jews had key roles in Communism and the "capitalist west"
>these being the two ideological systems that define the modern world, along with Freudian psychoanalysis and its derivatives
>jews aren't a hegemon, he says

Are you for real user?

Whatever happened to ghoul and Bulbasaur. Did they never return after the dox?

Niggers are inherently prone to more violence the same as Chimpanzees.

If you don't think Chimpanzees are violent, fine. But you don't get to tell other people they must live around Chimpanzees and that's what we have right now. Your position has already been tried. It failed.

Demographics do change. America since the 1700's is proof of that.

Does he even speak Norwegian?

And it can change back.

If you mean change because you open the floodgates to the third world then, yes.

>Serb genes niggerish enough to blacken a 3/4 Norwegian
checks out

The best part is that I no longer care. If every thing they say is true at this point I'm too invested. All this shilling just tells me he struck a nerve. These are the 8chalm goon squads at work. They are pros and or government fags. They are attempting to make /cuckpol/ just as unbearable. As bad as this place is at least it's fun for now.

Way to move the goalposts, bud. Europeans were thought of as being white, just because Franklin thought that Germans were a bit swarthy did not mean that whiteness didnt exist

No they left for good from what I recall. I remember hearing that Ghoul was one the guys that doxxed the death panel.

Dont think so

Alex is so fucking bad. Jayo is cringe but sometimes funny.

And now we are defined by our enemies. Go fuck your self kike.

Jayo said he wanted to debate someone on the holocaust. I would like to see that, would probably be funny

Hes completely wrong on that anyway

better to have mike do it

the daily shoah has been reduced to enoch yelling about jews for two hours, it's the same shtick every week

they used to be way more creative and fun, but now it's just repetitive and boring. sven should get more space and they need to get some better co-hosts

I know, I just want them to understand were not falling for their stupidity. We're/I am willing to have wiggle room unlike the 2 actual 8chalm posters.

I think the obsession with the Holocaust harms the movement. It js important to stop Jews from using it to guilt whites, but debating whether it happened is a waste of time. Better to focus on the present and the future.

Yep, this why you see the shills saying we need to continue to debunk it and, only try to debunk it. It is useful but that has been strategy for the last 25 or so years. A multiple prong approach is better. That's why they're so dead set on destroying the "alt-right" as it's more palatable and not 100% controlled. They want us to be the goose stepping skinheads.

You shills make me like Enoch more than I ever did.

>le 1,000% controlled opposition face

Yep, I would have ignored the right stuff but, the doxing had me realize that they may have been something to it and, I might have stopped but, watching them operate made my convictions stronger. It is the M.O. of the left to not be able to leave well enough alone.

I hope these niggers will forever stay out of touch and be as obvious as they are now. Recently I've seen some dumb shill labeling Red Ice as informants or Jews, because they once had a Zionist on to share the history of the Zionist movement and the settling of Palestine, lol.

I mean, if someone believes this nonsense and decides to drop out of movement or whatever, then the Left or the Jews or whoever is shilling this will be doing the movement a favour by ejecting the dumb ones out of it.

Alt-right Right.com Podcast is superior in my opinion