Major political trend of the near future

This is gonna be the major political change of the next 2-3 years.

This is the beginning of the end of feminism era.

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i have a wife who is good at sex and we have sex twice a day and is cool w/ me peeing in her mouth + blows me on demand but id still buy that gadzooks sex doll to fuck on the side

holy shit

Nah, it's just companionship for disposable men. Feminists will still be a thing for years as there are enough beta orbiters around and incentive to support it. Women want to marry the state and won't give it up any time soon.

Degenerate wife, what a mess.

>wife serves husband
very anglo post

Bro you are literally telling us you piss in your wifes mouth. Some serious soulsearching is in order.

This 3D is a serious contender to 2D.


Girl Ive been fucking has a body like this but stupid fucking nipple piercings. No tattoos though, but the piercings I feel like could be a red flag

yea mate. its enjoyable. missionary only mating press isnt going to cut it for a long term relationship friend. or even a short term one. being sexually boring isnt a virtue. lil redpill here for you my autistic snow cousin, a lot of girls like being peed on. or just generally dominated. crazy i know

Until feminists in mass declare these bots harmfull to women. You know how that goes. The companies that make them will be hounded out of business.


a girl irl like that is going to be a fat sack of shit. you need to check your standards and get /fit/. or youre a fatass your self you 200kg tub

I was fucking a girl with a body like this but her stomach was constantly playing catch up with the fat in her tits and ads. Eventually she was just fat. There was a brief period where I was in heaven.

Big tits are grotesque.

No Im just saying, keep that kind of stuff to yourself, Its you wife you are spreading info about.

>Flat-chested roastie on suicide watch

They should make them more like in anime desu.
This one looks too 3DPD.

>Big tits are grotesque.

22 Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. 23 For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. 24 Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.
Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her 26 to make her holy, cleansing[a] her by the washing with water through the word, 27 and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.

They already have that shit you fucking degenerate weeb.

the fuck is that? soufflé? one of the many swiss methods of eating melted cheese?

She actually looks very beautiful.
Just imagine what will happen when we get really good VR and AI sexbots.


Can't wait until they actually come with in-built AI.

Haha we should make this a me me


so finland has finally instituted universal login for internet usage? this is an anonymous forum friend
>doesnt know what raclette is
this is why no one respects slavs
i dont give a fuck about your jewish god. no one in my country under 65 does

You can customize and get whatever you want.

Especially the self teaching AI, gonna have the perfect fuck machines until they kill us

>mfw i met shadman irl and learned he shares a passport with us confederate

what about a cross in your flag?

when they give it AI it will instantly start bitching and insisting you call at least twice a day and it will be a cunt every 28 days and will get headaches and refuse sex and sit about texting other sex robots wearing shitty sweatpants.
Better with no brain.

Not a big deal to outperform women in intelligence either.

Seriously looking pretty amazing desu dudes

How can a girl compete?

Feminists around the world are ALREADY working to outlaw female sex dolls.

>fuck machines
So crass.

Waifu machines. Someday we'll have M.O.T.H.E.R. AI to take care of the children, too.

did you think this was some damning rebuttal which would invalidate the near complete absence of under 65s attending any church in switzerland? or are you just an idiot.
women exist to serve they dont need intelligence

well, what about that cross in your flag? or are you going to post even more butthurt?

learn to control your woman holy shit you cuck

>i dont give a fuck about your jewish god. no one in my country under 65 does

yes we all know, swiss are a bunch of fucking weirdos who worship demons from CERN wormholes and shit


atheism rates in your country are equal to mine...were literally mirror images youre just a bit poorer and dumb enough to join the eu

VEEEEEEERY GOOD GOY, abandon your values, goy.

24 yo virgin here, I ordered one a while ago but it still hasn't been made. I'm looking forward to the day it arrives so I can finally lose my virginity. It's stuff like this that gives me hope for the future.

Why would they program in female retardation into the AI of the sexbots?



Binland is still relatively religious, right?

He is a mountain Jew, what did you expect?

Post her feet.

Hahahahahahahaha, I love that phrase.
What do Germans in general I think of the Swiss?

>This saves the white race

yeah I'm buying one, going for that model specifically. it's simple, women aren't worth it

a jewish god was never part of my morality or value system. and it certainly isnt necessary to depend on some silly kike nonsense to form a cohesive society.
because you asked nice

>Swiss: I pity you.
>Germans: I don't think about you at all.
Although "mountain Jews" rings quite true. Or mountain mafia. Probably like you'd view a NY Jew in a country wide Aspen

>wahhhh why was my permit to live in a better country denied
100% of germans on switzerland
>he said while frantically trying to find a swiss employer to sponsor his permit

Your wife is a soulless husk devoid of all virtue and femininity. Sex is for making babies

>t. a virgin
thanks for the advice mutt

I am self employed and do some contracts for a Dutch company actually.

A Turing-capable AI would be basically a superior species that could wipe us out. Do you really want that?



The doomsayers always assume an AI would either be capable of wiping us out or even want to. Symbiosis would be the logical thing to do.

itt a swiss chad annihilates subhuman mutt virgins and german cucks.
post your face when 60% of your earnings to go feeding mohamed and his 7 wives lmao

last time I saw a raclette it was like heatlamp with the cheese angled to it on a stand

Oh nononononono

are you people really attracted to that



If I can buy it, yes.

>women exist to serve they dont need intelligence

MGTOW in the other direction, please, we don't need any

yea thats in like a resto you wont eat it like that at home. you use that little machine to simulate the experience
>10.000 images of various churches invating rapefugees and demanding open borders
no thanks kike cuck
>you need to be a kikecuck to be right wing
what the fuck is this meme

That might work as long as we're useful to the AI. But what if the aren't? What if we turn out to be harmful to the AI? It won't hesitate one second to wipe us out, just like we have no problem killing bacteria in-mass because they can harm us

>and is cool w/ me peeing in her mouth
dude what the fuck
what the fuck
what the fuck

They can't I love it. I think we all died in 2012 and this is heaven.

>that could wipe us out
Good, we would deserve it. If you're so worried about that just don't create super AIs, just create human level AIs.

fuck off liberal

is this really amazing too you? this is really a lame fetish that doesnt even scratch the surface of strange. leave your room nerd.

You have more non-European in your "based" country than we do, mountain kike

23:25 for the real highlight

My asian gf literally has this body.

Maybe I should marry her.

Seeing how it went last time, I can't wait for our robofu overlords, senpai

The AI evolves and learns on its own, it doesn't need our intervention.

>Society discovers that feminism and enabling divorce vultures is a terrible idea.
>But feminism can't be a bad idea, so let's just build fucking robot wives.
I feel like this is an over-elaborate solution to a simple problem, especially given all of the infighting and conundrums AI is going to cause anyway.

I feel you there medkit, just send em onto FL and see how deep the rabbit hole goes with some people. Don't partake in your particular activities but I can sympathize.

I have few weird fetishes myself but that's fucking piss you disgusting mountain nigger

Beware the Mountain Jew and his wife's golden dew

Piss is sterile, my buddy had some milf pay him a grand, mid fucking, to take her into the bathroom and give her a golden shower.

>japanese robot doesn't touch jew, waves goodbye
>how this is the next holocaust

Arguable. Given that your country lies about statics. But get this.
>Mosques are banned in my country: not yours
>Guns are free to own in my country: not yours
>Tax rate is 27% max in my country: not yours
>Refuges pass through CH for CuckMoney for your gibs for good reason
You are so cucked. To deny this. To question this. Is so pathetic that nothing can ever save you
So what? It's just a bit of water/ammonia/some proteins its not a big deal little house nigger meme flag

I'm only surprised you didn't mention scat.

None of what you said is true, mouth pisser. And I am growing tired of this "conversation". Fast.

it won't age well.

Honestly I have a wife I fuck regularly, but I’d still buy a sexbot that looked like the pic

Hahahahahahahaha, a German who knows the glories of humor. When my father went over there he said that 90% of y'all couldn't make him laugh to save his life! I guess you would be in that 10%.

Limit the fucking hardware then. If there are ways to create a God like AI, there are ways to create lesser handicapped AIs.

shes got a fantasy of spreading nutella on my anus and licking it up while i fart in her face. its not my thing though desu i cant get it up for that kind of stuff
Post your gun if it isnt true. until you post your gun with your time stamp you are a cucked little faggot and that's mushroom stamped on your forehead cuck

Those tits will be kneepads for her by the time she's fucking 30, OP's pic has JJ's iirc

>the facebook tier normie faggot loves german humour
you have wrecked this cuck german by being in his camp worse than italy in WWI you retard

This is true. Fuck wife doggy style OK, reach forward and choke her while pulling her head back, gushing pussy orgasm in 30seconds

her mom and aunts look fine and they are in their 50s

the tits are slightly smaller of course but still ridiculous for her body

Silly Swiss. Guns don't need vitamin D.

They’re jealous that’s why they keep moving to Switzerland

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Nutella, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, irrelevant outside of banking and cuckoldry, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

go for it mutt. not like your blood is worth preserving
>keep trying
germans are subhuman shit that are universally hated in switzerland. theyre hired to do cheap labor and they do it poorly
>being this normie

Were going to create AI at one point or another, we might as well have sex with it

How thick is their bras underwire lmao must be some rebar up in there

they look fine with their clothes on and wearing bras, sure.
You realise that liquid takes the shape of its container, right?

It's a shame that out of the infinite potential of custom female dolls, the one that looks like a grotesque fat tranny is posted here the most. How about something actually attractive?

Uh-oh he broke out the mutt meme.
>y'all is bad goy, you all must speak the same, stupid goyim.
You have a piss fetish LMAO.


How hard would it be for me, An American to integrate there, how do your people treat us?

why just children?


For both of you

How do they feel about their distant cousins coming home for a visit? Fathers side is Swiss, have a Swiss last name, they were early settlers of the Zug canton.

Well, maybe we'll have varying classes of AI, AI hierarchies if you will. AI that monitors the artificial wombs, AI that teaches and takes care of the children, AI that assists men in day to day tasks and keeps them motivated.
Things like that.


fat chance

Find job. Integrate well. You'll never fit in and not make any swiss friends but if you live in a big city (zurich etc) lot of expats for you to drink w/.
See above
Mohamed very angry

I always smile at the "Israel" part

Don’t really plan on moving, just spend a few weeks embracing my historical heritage. I am American not Swiss.

American bro, who has already bought one, did they look strangely at you at the post?

>muh huritage

Rejecting social media and complexity of modern YouTube/show off/always connected culture.

> Not posting the superior one

swiss culture is more like the paysage etc. we have some nice churches and bern is super cool looking but were nothing like france or italy vis a vis "culture"

its fine in this context dont be a dick

>Makes this thread
>Doesn’t post it’s meme


Flat is best



in the streams he looks like a chink
is he a chink


You say that, but come live in Los Angeles for awhile and you’ll change your tune. I mostly want to visit churches and what not anyways. Would be nice to visit the Zürich canton and see where the family comes from.

I've seen this doll posted before, but with guns and a rebel flag, iirc.
This yours, or did you just get the pic from somewhere?


Anime will become real. Trump did it.

>self teaching AI
I don't want to be dumped as soon as I buy her.

Amazing how feminism has brainwashed women into thinking that they hate this, but then their repressed urges finally come out in extreme forms like BDSM porn (think F*fty Shades of Grey). But in reality they never experience the satisfaction of a proper man.

>shadman drawing
>piss in mouth of wife

Hey... isn't by any chance... that you are THE shadman, user?

Is that anime any good, btw?

What's the point of putting AI on a sexbots and making it do chores.
Literally all that's necessary is giving it the ability to change positions on its own (doesn't even need to walk), some simple dialog lines and basic command recognition.

What said

If you are shad, id like to say, i love the more simple art you do for your comics and shitposts, if you could do some lewds in that stile i think it would be a genuine improvment

love the art most of the time, just has ALOT going on in my opinion



This great. Be alpha but love your wife like nothing else in the world. Worked, works and will work always.

Alrready bought one from the real love sex dolls site. Honestly I was scared at how realistic they feel.I was expecting some weird blowup trash but holy fuck man it's incredible. They will get even better and more realistic. I am a happy man and I empty my balls everyday in my doll waifu. It's awesome

I was but one day she turned into a bitch and took half my shit. I'm lucky I dodged a bullet and didn't have kids, but she still broke my heart. I'm sorry Jesus but I can't pursue them if they are all going to turn like that.



Alright, I'll bite. Haven't seen an anime show in nearly a decade.

I actually started laughing as I saw the other woman enter the shot, her breasts are so enormous they preceded her, like a battering ram.

like this style?

>falling for the "Christian culture" meme
For the last 2000 years the West has been almost the complete opposite of everything Christ preached.

It's appalling that people actually think we actually had a Christian culture in any meaningful sense.



The Swiss needs to pay reperations for not joining the Allies during WW2.

No it won't, it will just mean the men who make up the alt-right will now have something to fuck.

Damn that's pretty hot.

No brother, this is not the way. Do not fall for Shadman's fake lies.


That get! It must be true!
They must be stopped!

>implying that isn't the Christian culture

No timestamp on your pic though.

I couldn't help but think the other day, wouldn't it be funny if the next great meme of 2018 was high profile feminists having a breakdown because they're about to be replaced by high quality sex dolls and no one will pay attention to them anymore?

A future with robo wives is a future I would gladly live in.

If this what women are up against they better step up there game.


If there's a complete expectation to be like a Stepford wife combined with a Porn actress I'd just drop out and not play. It would make me act less like the expectations because I'd see immediately the expectations were too high and quit.


Yeah not wanting to be choked or pissed on is being "brainwashed". It's more likely they were obsessed with watching degrading porn growing up

different women like different things. my wife is a very strong women with serious opinions on things but enjoys some strange sex. not choking per say but the latter pissing stuff certainly. you not liking sex and then projecting that into this whole mindset which forms this is going to make your life super miserable. good luck

Time of the roastie is nearly over

Why does she like being pissed on? Just curious. When I first saw porn I was so grossed out I never wanted to see it again. I didn't see it again in years.

In a way that's really hot but it also feels pointless since it start crying when I start licking her face and sucking her nose.

They are cumming!

Dude, rim jobs are fantastic and you will get hard as fuck. Then you can wash the filthy whore's mouth out with your piss.

Roasties time in power is coming to an end.

Porn made men sick freaks. If you did this to me I'd call the cops on you and ruin your life.

provide pics por favorr

Kek, the whole point of sexbots is that women have abandoned their responsibilities to civilization and allowed their worst nature to take over them. Men are literally being forced to engineer a replacement for biological females in order to continue civilization as we know it. If we don't replace women wholesale either we'll collapse or be overrun by islam - a civilization with stricter sexual morals. As has happened to every society in history that has become too sexually permissive.

german ubermadchen

>If you did this to me
What a weird post. Its her fetish not mine.
You need therapy kid. Im sorry your uncle or whatever raped you but chill with the projection

I don't know mate. She just enjoys it. I dont psychoanalyze what she enjoys doing in bed. She asks me what she can do to better in bed/ what i like and i do the same for her. neither of us spend 45 minutes discussing our childhood every time we fuck

Females ruin everything

now im curious though. is the only kind of sex you can stomach lights off mating press missionary with no eye-contact or talking for 9 minutes followed by seperate showers? you realize how fucked and unnatural that is right. its no different than the horrible degrading porn. youre literally straight jacketing your sexual imagination.

Yeah, Hailey is sexy, but pic filename

My wife has never watched porn and she likes being choked, man handled, and enjoys wearing a bunny tail butt plug. Women like things they’re mostly ashamed to admit to

Imagine how much piss she drank from all those guys, and you kiss that women, worse still, you let her kiss your children

>a lot of girls like being peed on
I like to wipe my shitty ass with their hair

Shes going to be a fat pig buy 30 do not marry

I love you frenchslaposter

What if I was jacked as fuck and sub 10 bodyfat?

we met in gymnast. she was 14.


i dont get it