Women in 2018

I was friends with this girl in High School and this video is going viral. This is the new generation of women and we're doomed, Cred Forums.


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Mirror because it will get removed soon, her parents are rich


Did they not have oestrogen where you grew up?

how do you fail your child this badly

What's up with the arm bands? She's stoned out of her gourd on something.

still want to fight and die for this country?

Too lazy to watch it all, anyone care to TL:DR?

Just heard she saying she would fuck someone so much or some shit.

why is this a thread on Cred Forums though

who tf cares about a drunk whore

She's just doing you a favor by letting you know how worthless she is.

go out more. women are sluttier and more openly promiscuous in general, however your christcuck ass can fairly easily find virgin religious women or whatever you’d like them to be. cherrypicking and making concousions from random social media posts does not make any sense really.

Lets hope the video spreads so no decent white man settles with this whore.

she deserves to be publicly shamed.

alright just watched

I have to ask though, do you people get legit upset over stuff like this? you're faking outcry a bit right?

>being doomed because of some soon to be outdated object
Is transportation doomed when a horse carriage wheel breaks?

Whats her name?

Take it from a member of the degenerate whore capital of Europe.

You have no idea how bad it is in the US right now. That girl came from a 2 parent upper middle class home. She's not even in college yet and she's drinking/getting high with nigs. Imagine what goes on in college.

i cant watch where im at atm, tldr pls swedebro?

That girl is Hispanic user
When will these Jews stop trying to subvert us by using "white looking" people to force trends?

Her parents are extremely wealthy and gave her whatever she wanted growing up. She was never taught instant gratification or the value of the family. She was always the girl throwing the big parties, her parents supplying all the alcohol and whatnot. Tragic story. Not sure her parents know about this yet.

i would skin her alive and chop her up in my basement

Absolute degeneracy.

shes literally begging hood niggers to fuck her. the nigger at the end said he'd do it if she paid him $200. does seem like shes high, but thats no excuse

>go to party
>niggas give you some green laced with that good shit
>get fucked on by a pack of niggers
Not excusing her degeneracy but you know what's up

>why is this a thread on Cred Forums though
Have you seen the average poat on pol?

this degenerate behavior is a recent development here. Its very disturbing. go be a kike puppet on your own countries internet.

I did not need to see this today. What a sad pathetic display.

White girl with four or five ghetto black guys.
She says she wants to fuck this one guy and his girl. They talk about money or something first. Her small tits flail around and it seems her arm is around a bed thing

I want /r9k/ to leave.

>i would fuck you so much
>*room of niggers laughing*
>i never fucked a black guy
>*room of niggers laughing*
>i want to fuck you so bad
>i will have sex with your gf
>*room of niggers lauging*

something like that

> never seen her BFF on 4 shots of Skinny Girl, 3 cups of lean and a couple oxies until after graduation
well I guess you never were cool enough to hang back then

>I went looking for something to get mad at and offended by, and wouldn't you know it, I found something!


This girl that went to my high school for about two years is a porn star. She has 38 million views on Pornhub

A white women doing drugs or drinking at a niggers home is practically willing and deserves to be shot.

>I was friends with this girl in High School
Well, show some proofs if you're gonna make a claim like that.

cool as fuck bro

the guys are black
this is proof of how much womans want bbc
jealous wh*te boi that you qt high school crush is a coal burner?

Yeah? She is a whore.

I bet you get upset seeing some crackwhore on COPS too. Why though?
Nah it's not.

Your mom used to suck off your daddy under the bleachers at school.


What exactly do you mean "she was never taught instant gratification"?

>white girls are not obsessed with BBC
>i will ilterally pay niggers to fuck me

Cred Forums BTFO for the thousandsth time today

You forgot the nigger fla- oh wait nevermind carry on

No fucking way, prove it user.

parents like that should be gassed. A LOT of boomer parents were really neglectful in this way. gave their kids whatever they wanted, but didn't bother to spend the time to teach them anything. pure laziness and selfishness. and after that they still consider themselves good parents

ole Reginald showing us his true colors, the missus is in the back bedroom with Ahmed as we speak, innit great bruv?

Seriously. This kind of fucking behavior is 100% on the parents.

Nobody ever said there wren't worthless degenerates that willingly remove themselves from being viable in white society. It's natural selection.

schools were still segregated then. like i said fuck off back to your shed.

i'm black and i went canada once and all the canadian white girls were all over my dick
i think i fucked like at least 50 canadian white hoes

Im genuinely not surprised

That someone would larp as a nigger on Cred Forums? Me neither.

The more you realize feminism has ruined male/female relationships in general (see Japan) the less you can obsess over what drugged out roasties do with their bio weapon

>it's another confirmation bias thread
why did /r9k/ have to take over?

I meant delayed gratification, my bad. She got everything she wanted because of dad's credit card.

it’s the same here. in high school i used to be a member of a clique that went heavy with mdma, ketamine and psychedelics, and i went to a high school in an upper middle class area with a pretty good reputation. i assume that around 20% of my classmates tried mdma/lsd at least once during their high school years, weed and alcohol was even much more widespread and about 5% were frequent drug users. doesn’t mean there isn’t a large portion of people adhering to traditionsl values, but you only cherry pick what fits your narrative.

You're the guys being mentally cucked by some thot being a thot.

I had no emotional reaction to the video.

Your life goal should be to find a qt girl to breed, now you've gotten 100% proof that this one random girl somewhere in the US IS NOT that future waifu of yours.

Your reaction to seeing this should be an unemotional pic related and then move on.

>Not sure her parents know about this yet.

Well that should be your highest priority. Especially the father. Whorebag mom probably approves.

But the dad at least should be confronted with his abject failure as a parent.

She deserves for her father to never look at her the same way again, and her father deserves to never be able to look at his baby the same way again.

This should be your new #1 priority.

i went america as well, white girls were literally following me around and demanding my dick
one white girl in the conservative state of north dakota literally ate my ass out

No I changed my mind, can I go home now?

Here they can take our flags away, everyone could tell if shitposter is Russian anyway.
Social olympics are just the real ones.

>drunk with deflated tiddies hanging out
>surrounded by nogs
>street walker accent

literal trash. this is natural selection at work.

The white race is a failed race. Sorry guys, this is karmic retribution for the millions of people you've killed over the past few centuries (including yourselves)

Seriously, fuck white people. If whites don’t want to save themselves, why should I even try?


I think my pc just contracted an std after I watched that video.

Unpopular (but valid) opinion: This is the fault of the white men who allowed their once prosperous, upright society to degenerate to this extent.

I don't even care that the guys were black. If they were low IQ meth head white guys, gangster mexicans, same thing. The fact that young women are delusional about the risks of being around guys like this, and also don't worry about social shame, is itself shameful.

Also those black dudes would be wise to immediately get rid of all other electronic records of anything that happened that night before this bitch cries rape and starts posting "MeToo" shit everywhere.

>crysis actors

12 gauge sorts that problem

>in america the white women pay the black men to have sex with them

jealous wh*te guys? girls can't resist the bbc
no one is at fault, white girls can't resist bbc faggot

>muh larp muhfugga
my sides

thats a plus to me

>why is this a thread on Cred Forums though

one of the more painful redpills to swallow...Cred Forums is dying due to the popularity among normalfags, and you have nowhere else to go as it dies.

Her last name is Centis, I don't know if she's actually Hispanic or just keeps a consistent spray tan. Her parents are white.

kid i have nothing invested here niggers fucking someone i dont know doesnt make me a cuck. Being disgusted by the degeneracy some parents have allowed their daughter to commit makes me part of a community. im only going to tell you one more time to fuck off back to your own countries digital infrastructure.

100% wrong.

This should be upsetting to anyone who watches it. Even girls that would normally be wholesome, good wives/mothers, can be completely corrupted by our now degenerate culture. It has to stop.

I want to be raped and smothered by Brittany's octababoon milkers.

complete disconnect of morality and responsibility

fucking give up on women already. There are more than enough waifus out there now.

i bet you fap to BBC porn

It happens I went to High School with Cora Birdwell (London Keyes)
She just went from being a slut to making money for it

that's how all white women are

Send the video to her dad!
He'll probably jack off to it tonite

It's time to face the truth. This is why you're racist

We still have children here Sven. We want to ensure our daughters don't become this.

There's also the gamma male MGTOWs that see this shit and feel justified in their cowardice.

stop denying faggot, blonde "aryan" white girls lose all free will when they see a BBC
1000 blonde aryan sluts would literally die to protect a BBC

>american girl falls for the BBC

Like every single other american woman no older than 35.

Take the /tribalpill/ and you'd stop thinking she and her family is part of your community.
lel that bitch would never be wholesome.

>muh based gen Z

Looks more Portuguese or Italian, maybe Greek.

i cant tell if youre a jew larping as a cuck or just a cuk.

its true, the BBC has 1000000x times the power of a nuclear bomb

Cred Forums actually used to have some decent discussion and informative threads. now it’s either stormfront faggot circlejerk, incel circlejerk or trump threads (couldn’t care less but that’s a matter of personal preference i guess). the only good threads left are Cred Forums humor threads and country specific election threads


I don’t have my Freshman year book and she isn’t in my Sophmore one (just checked)

Dem memes do

> It's time to face the truth. This is why you're racist

Come to Rio de Janeiro then i'll show you why i'm racist.

>being friends with roasties

Had to coming desu m8

i went america once and white girls were literally fighting over me, trying to suck my black cock

t. Tyrone

being a tryhard larper is a good way to lose your audience

posting a billionaire jew while posting this really gets my whatevers whatevering

What is this BBC shit unironically? Are you all dicklets LARPing or what?

It is literally the dumbest meme imaginable.

>having children if you're not living the rural offgrid lifestyle
you've fucked up


face it
your jealous because all the brazilian girls like the black guys from the favelas and not little manlet rich wh*te boys

i agree with you
the thing which women find attractive in blacks is a very cheap substitute for the real (white) thing

literally all of them eventually find this out,
this is usually the grand final realization they make within their train of accidents, which include having a nigger child

the only reason you do not see white women disposing of little nigger children by the masses, is because the children are too old to quietly get rid of when the mothers finally realize how fucking stupid they are

absolute kek

>going viral
>less than 800 retweets
>just some drunk bitch


How did she escalate this from wanting to fuck a black guy to "i'll have sex with your gf?"

>Cred Forums actually used to have some decent discussion and informative threads.
Nice historical revisionism. Next thing you'll say is that Cred Forums was liberal.

I couldn't listen to the audio. only watch it. what does she say?

my only audience are wh*te girls
>calling the truth a meme


Yes, but she will be left out of the ethnostate to fend for herself amongst the niggerlands

More like proof of how stupid women are.

I keep giving you (you)s
I expect premium larping


Bro of mine is going through this exact scenario.



this guys are "music artists" and this girl is spoiled rich girl.

she wants to do wrong things with cool guys like rock stars or rappers becouse that's what being young rich spoiled bitch is all about

Sorry Marine, you're stuck there.



what the fuck america, straight up negro worship...
even if it was not, still disgusting, wtf

>it has nothing to do with the jews, goy

wh*te girls are not stupid for doing their biological urge, to fuck black guys
i've been poland once, they are nastiest slutss and biggest BBC lovers

>Cred Forums is one person
it surely was during the bush administration. many people here just want to be contrarian



Yep. Niggers are literally a biological weapon.


she seemed to get tired of them being ego whores

He deserves it for marrying a woman that divorced him.


I'm starting to think these types of threads are being posted exclusively by Jews. I guess they think if they show enough of this shit it'll change our mindset.


she never said she would pay. They wanted to get paid, but they knew she wouldn't.

>when your wife and daughter are literal niggers and you have to dye their hair blonde to pretend you're really a white supremacist.

only faggots would attempt to refute



she's obviously drunk and cant consent , that's literally a tape of rape.

This, we are beyond cucked, just save yourself from degeneracy and live a "semi-happy" life until the great collapse.


Why? People need to be informed on what is going on.

by being drunk. i've had drunk girls all over me at parties, literally licking me, then moving onto some other guy or girl. and i'm ugly as sin.

Holy shit, I can't fucking stand this. Black people are truly the scum of this planet.

>niggers drug some girl
>shed fuck a poodle shes so wasted

nest genrayshun wimmin is doom !11


more lke, amaed at how low women can get. i now kinda get why all societies just went "nah, lets just let the parents arrange marriages or something", there's that "female dignity" and what not.

Oh noes! Being sentenced to

The goal is demoralization.

Can't get demoralized over women once you swallow the artificial womb pill.

This shit is disturbing. The first feminists are rolling over in their graves. Those men and women never meant for females to become like the flesh-trash in OP, with zero humility, zero respect for herself or others. They just wanted to give women more options in life, not the option to open their legs to every Black thug that walks by. The majority of women really do need strong men to boss them around. Otherwise, these dumb broads wind up like this.


This girls parents need to be beat senseless.

And every nigger in that video should be shot dead.

Why is this perfectly healthy white girl fucking niggers instead of white burger anons?
The absolute state!

they write such things to avoid getting sued later.


dont feel bad
jesus forgives everyone

there is a way out of your nigger prison,
simply by following one single step

dont listen to rap/nigger music
simply following this one simple rule will net you plenty of white friends, some of which are clamoring for africans


post her name faggot

>TFW no blackout drunk 18 year old teeny-bopper begging you to fuck her.

And is see in the twitter thread they say they didn't fuck her. Common you know black guys and she gots fucked by probably 10 of them at once.

You guys underestimate how many regular white guys that are uniformed end up dating/marrying these women later in life like after college. You underestimate how many regular men would gladly become step fathers if the girl is decent looking and they get pussy once a week.

Maybe you're smarter and have better control, not all white men have that


i wonder whos behind this post


>The first feminists are rolling over in their graves.
All they had to do was listen. Now there's no going back - only forward.

>decides to post her on social media
how fucked is he?


oh, you are just a troll



Daily reminder these kinds of things have always happened for decades, you're just getting to see the cold hard reality with the advent of modern technology.

Change the #'s given to 113,000,000. TY. Apologies, fags.

Look at her eyes. She's out of her mind and looks desperate, honestly. It is fucking painful. Meanwhile, a bunch of black apes ridicules her like it's such a funny thing. Miserable negroes.

Whats her social media, OP?


So did they fuck her?



12 years from now she is either a pornstar, dead of overdose or a born again Christian virgin housewife

lmao, a blond that doesn't dye their hair
>ur jus a goblem

truth hurts, while i was in warsaw some soyboy pole squared up to me after i fucked his gf hard and tried to start a fight but i one-punch TKO'd the sl*v subhuman


>white woman aren't whores, said the infiltrated faketrad roastie on Cred Forums