My school is having student elections. How do I win?

My school is now accepting nominees for the student elections. Some of the positions include: president, general assembly, senate, and a few others.

I'm really tempted to run. I'd probably run for senate now and perhaps president later on, but how do I win? It pretty much comes down to name recognition. I'm thinking of begging a few of my favorite professors to ask all their students to vote for me. Do you guys have any other strategies I could use to win a spot on the student board?

Run on a strong gun rights platform.

>How do I win?
1. be popular

That's literally it. Student elections are retarded and are just glorified popularity contests. You'll save yourself a headache if you just don't bother.


Just be like Trump in the 2016 election, dude

Hire a few Russians.

Make meme posters

1. promise them everything they want
2. then when confronted about not getting anything, shift blame to school administrators

Just be tall, handsome, and popular.

Nothing else matters.

Do they give you any type of power or authority ? if no then dont bother.

At the end of a firey speech, full of crazy hand movements, der ewidge jude, bravado, and nationalism, do a Roman Salute to your class.
10/10 youll win.

Give rubles and I'll hack the election for you.

Promise to abolish the federal reserve

This is actually a good idea.

You have some voice when it comes to policy matters. You're supposed to represent the students pretty much. I am mostly considering running because it would look good for when I apply to a masters program.

Enjoy being a target cashier in 5 years moron

Be jewish

Average starting salaries for my major are 60k. Sorry, you loser neet.

Check my ones

This. If youre asking how to win on Cred Forums, Im gonna guess you arent exactly prom king quarterback

Wow, another college student who does not know how averages work.

Be Alpha. Don’t give a fuck about anyone who disagrees with you. Know your shit. Know that you are right. Be likeable and strong on your positions. Make sure that you don’t have any contradictions in your platform.

Don’t be a faggot


Be a communist, a champion of the students, redistribute the grades, seize the means comrade.

As someone who actually participted in a campaign of a classmate just for shits and giggles:
short, polarising sentences. additional points for stuff that rhimes.

find controversial topics and go into extremes.

i can give you an example:
our school tried to enforce carrying school ids openly to "increase professionalism" and prevent not school related people from roaming the premises.(in german: "Ausweispflicht")
the school offered different curriculums and many of the students of our curriculum thought they are better than any other.(one of the other curriculums was a "Fachschule")

so wie put that into a single rhiming sentence: "Fachschulverzicht statt Ausweispflicht" which loosely translates to "get rid of the corriculum "Fachschule" instead of enforcing carrying ids.

Got big impact in no time, everyone on the campus knew our candidate.
Tears where shed and we were actually forced to apologise for some of the shit we did.
We then used that in the final school discussion and instructed our candidate to say "I would love to talk about improvements for the school but the director does not allow me to say anything"
It was hilarious, but we did not win. I think because people noticed that we are actually not serious.

also protip: we based our leaflets on the real campaign of a populist party running for city government at the time.
they do that stuff professionally, they know what they are doing.
so take a look at e.g. trumps statements, leaflets and so on.

Tell people what they want to hear.

Tell them you will pick the best colors for the school dance because thats extent of your power as school pres.

Just buy the election, pay off the vote counters, bribe your way to the top.

Shoot em up.

Do you fit in at school? It's basically essential, you just need to be well liked and good looking. Don't try and get people to like you either, it will come off desperate. Go around the school ask for votes, talk to students, agree with everything they say but when they tell you something add something to it so they know your listening. Do fun and memorable stuff, utilise the internet as well (but don't spam social media).

Tell them about the Jews

OP, would become a national news story.
"Is your child a Nazi? Find out tonight at 11."

walk around handing out blunts, that's my suggestion when dealing with the current state of universities.

Lie to them all.

You must pretend to be a left wing faggot.

Then you'll win.

Then you can reveal your high school power.

Are you under 18?

Be popular. Have high social value.

Good luck with that.

Run as a pro-woman sex god. Advocate for some nutso woman's rights like school banning saying negative things about all women, plus free BC pills and monthly STD tests for all men. Get some rich liberals to fund you. Then go full alinsky on your opponents for not being liberal enough.

Of course, you'd better look good to pull this off.

$60k is middle class tier.

Actually, running for president yourself is too much reputation risk. Better to train someone else to be president. It's college, you can do MKULTRA on a willing friend as a fraternity ritual. Help them lose their fear. Teach them they are a golden god.

What tier college?

shoot up the school pretending to be an antifa and pro immigration person, take one for the team please

> Tears where shed and we were actually forced to apologise for some of the shit we did.

Requesting the greentext of the kid who played Hitler to win his Boys State meet.

This is what you do. Start a Redpill cultfor men only. Meet in secret. DO NOT seek approval from the leftist administration. Get enough followers to demand it. Struggle for total fascist control to ban the leftist institutions (sex, binge drinking, liberalism) that are destroying American students.