Would you be willing to raise anothers man child if it were white?

would you be willing to raise anothers man child if it were white?

Nope. "Single mom" is a dealbreaker.

Never mix baseball metaphors with eating metaphors

fuck no

He left because she stopped cooking for him and started cooking for many other men.
Her food wasn't very good to begin with.

no. i've dated a single mom before. never again. they'll never really give a shit about you.

After Trump won the presidency, small groups of soy eating bug men and trannies formed a bunch of liberal centered discords that they use to coordinate shitposting efforts on designated boards with high amounts of Cred Forums influence. They are trying to change the cultural landscape of Cred Forums so that we cannot use it as a headquarters for the 2020 election like we did in 2016. They will reply to this post with mutts and wojaks wearing maga capes or pictures of overweight Trump supporters because they've distributed a collection of images meant to dissuade people from liking him.

Some guy was alpha enough to spread his seed. I'm not gonna be the beta bitch and raise his offspring.

I'd raise someone else's white teen daughter...
onto my dick

Not even if the kids adoptive parents both died and he was friends with my biological son.

No we should hold the father accountable on terms of death because that’s what he just sentanced his child to when he left

Sure, if the father was dead.

>eating the leftovers from another man's plate
You either are extremely poor with no shame or have a specific kink to be able to do this without thinking twice about it.

No because I'm not a fucking cuck

the only uncucked answer is if the child is your family, like a nephew, and their parents are dead

You should only consider dating a single mother if the father of the child(ren) is dead. In the case of multiple fathers, you already know she makes terrible choices and should avoid her.

I've been called 'typical man', 'not strong enough', etc and other things by women attempting to shame me into dating single mothers. Absolutely not. It isn't my fault that you didn't have the foresight to at the bare minimum use protection, let alone spread your legs for a deadbeat guy. Now you want me to pick up where the deadbeat left off and I'm less of a man if I don't?

No thank you. Evolution tells me to not care for offspring that are not my own or members of my immediate family or close friends.

Yeah, but only if I also had children of my own, and only if the mother is not at fault for being a single mom.

While that "takes a strong man" stuff is nonsense teh analogy is pretty good. Both these things are equaly disgusting.

No, you're not a man to raise another man's child. Make your own with woman who hasn't destroyed her previous family.

Also, you only reward women for their bad mistakes when you raise their kid. 66% of divorces initiated by women. Greater than 50% of marriages end in divorce. Women win when a man pays for their mistake (raises another man's child).

Stop the destruction of families and enabling women's poor behavior

Only widows.

Thank god you said it user, they don’t even understand their own words

The word you're looking for is KEK.
Niggers call them "captain save a ho".

these fucking mixed metaphors, christ

fuck this board and its censorship



if I had money falling out of my ass Id consider sponsoring some orphans but wouldnt raise them.

But I would probably decide against it. Having absent parents means the child has shit genetics and isnt worth the effort. Only possible way that rule is changed is if their father was a medal of dankness recipient during the great purge war.

Possibly, as long as he and his bitch are out of the picture. I mean the mother has to be gone, no custody.

>implying they can understand metaphors to begin with

There is a very simple reason that they dont understand the myth while assuming themselves to know all the answers.

It takes a strong man to make a bunch of cucks raise your kids for you.

Fuck no. All these stupid single moms proclaiming in the dating profiles that their little parasite is "my whole world" wonder why no man wants to sign up to play second fiddle. Fuck you. I know you just want a wallet.




I highly doubt most women will have reached the self-awarness, accountablity and repentance post failure to ever actually make a good wife and mother. Maybe if my current gf somehow had a catastrophic meltdown I'd give it a try, but simple men should aim for childless, simple women. Let fuck ups date fuck ups.

Sage and report off topic and troll threads.

Fuck you. This may be the most politically important topic in today. The family courts treat father with disdain, forbidding them from access and raising their own blood.

Fathers rights is a very serious and urgent issues to the well being of our children. This topic is relevant and reasonable for this board.



When a new male lion takes over a pride, they kill all the cubs so the females are prepared to breed again. Similarly, when single females show interest in me, I simply let them know if they give up their children to CPS or the father and renounce all custody then they have a shot.
If any of these dumb cunts ever follows through with it there's no way I would actually date her.

who cares faggot

In a polygamous society, sure. Ive often considered, taking in one. I look at it this way, someone needs to be the father or the little shits grow up and cause my kids problems. And on and on. This is where the phrase it takes a village comes in.

>implying the system didn't take the kid and everything he owns and gave it to some slut and he had any choice in the matter

I have a stepfather. Now that I am adult we can have a drink and joke about how we gave each other hell. Nope.

If women 'step up' and stop aborting 'rape' babies, then I might consider it.

Unironically much more natural than raising your own mulatto. But still not something to be proud about.

What if she was a single mom because the father died and he left behind a good decent estate and plenty in life insurance? That’s like a dowry almost.

Only if he died and she's up to have a child of mine

Only if it is the child of my brother or a close relative and said person has died.

No, I wouldn't even want to date a 40 year old woman with any kids if I were a 50 year old with kids. I stand firm on my never raising another man's child.

I'm a recent widower from a 20 year marriage. Now her younger sister pretty much declared I am her fiancee and we're to marry next week. She's a 35 year old divorce, single mom, not-that-kind-of-feminist, basic, used up, in debt and broke.

I'm locking down the house now. Wife made me promise her I'd be happy and do what I put off while she was sick. Remarrying is not in the cards.

Don't be ladylike with her. Communicate your rejection directly, and make it final.

She deserves fair treatment. She will have already deluded herself that you are 'hers', and it will take a very firm word to disavow her.

I’m dating a single mom of 3

Nah, if I wanted a kid I would make my own.

Fuck no

>eating a strangers leftover food
That's disgusting, not strong. Just like dating a single mom.

Only if she was a widow and only if we would be having multiple children of our own as well.

If the father is dead and I already have kids, I might consider it.

No bailouts.

Replace strong with suicidal.

>never raise anudda mans seed


>literally telling men to accept someone's sloppy seconds

Wow I used to be #notacuck but this really alters my pecans...i guess #imwithhurr now

One of my best friend from hs did it. I tryed to warn him about roastie tatics, but hes so fucking smart (accord to himself) that he couldnt see any problem on that. This woman have 2 sons, one is 17 and the other is 15, and they are both from different partners. My idiotic friend even call them "my boys" (hes "white" and the boys are black).

Last year he came to my house asking me if i could let him stay for the month, because one of "his boys" is trying to be the man of the house and they are fighting constantly because of that. in december he divorced her and is paying alimony, because here, even if you are not the father of said kids, you filled the paternal role, thus you must pay alimony till they hit 18.

Never ever.

Lol, he deserved it. What a fucking cuck, good thing his genes won’t be passed on to the next generation


The problem isn't raising another man's son or daughter, but raising from a roastie.
but since most single mothers are roasties, thats a no

Adoption isn't the problem, single mothers are.

I'd take an orphan so long as I've already got two biological children.


Only if the Father died in an Accident .

Get treated as second by both your wife and your stepchild. No thanks.

Still cucked. I would only do that if the kids were related to me like my sister or cousin

The Kids come into an fuckable Age :)

Did you let him stay? I hope you didn't just to drive home the lesson into that thick skull of his

The plate these failures are stepping up to is Home Plate; as in baseball. Jesus, even in bantz, women can't seem to leave the kitchen.

>if shes a widow
>of a close friend
>with a white child i care about
only then

Yeah. I'm happily married, so only way I'd date is if my wife died. I already have my own kids I'd be bringing into a new relationship, so if she has her own I don't feel cucked.

This assumes they're white of course. :)


Only if the child is White or Asian and has lost both parents.

ahahahaha hell no. get fucked roasties


Adopt? It depends
I'd never marry a """single mom"""

If the kid is white and the mom is 10/10 and willing to bear my children then yes.

Libs will let you fuck their wives if they can fuck the kids.

That's the biblical answer

My father did it with me but no I could not do that

No I don't want my family name to look down on their ancestor and say that I was a massive cuck.

I tried that once, she emptied my bank account and kicked me out.
I was younger and more gullible then.
Lesson learned, single moms are the trash of society.

depends on how many more children she were willing to have and how much dick per day she'd be willing to put in her mouth

I dated a few single moms when I was much younger. They will try to get you hooked on the pussy and then everything is about what you can do for her and her kid. I was happy to fuck single moms but as soon as they started that what are you going to do for me and my kid I'd kick them to the curb.

nope, not even if the father died or whatever.
I want kids of my own, not some sloppy seconds I won't even love.
Sad part is, one of my childhood friend got hitched with a single mom 10 years his elder and it makes me fucking sick, especially seeing how this is his first real relationship.
Boy is he in for a rude awakening.

>it’s time to STEP UP you goyim and be a REAL MAN

This is as bad as it gets

maybe if it was me that killed him

you kill the kid too

Only on these circumstances

1. No provider nonsense. I'm not your personal bank.
2. Mutual affection. Otherwise you're just like any other lay. Bang and out.
3. You're going to put out my children, this will be written on a signed document stamped by the sheriff.
4. No love or financial hostaging. Commitment to this will go through a signed document as well.
5. Fuck up any of the above and you're out.

Fuck. No.

You shat your own shit, bitch. Now roll in it.

I'm a cuckold but what if im doing it for the better good of the race? I'm subhuman but have a good job and my fiance is genetically superior. The kid I'm raising is with her Chad ex who's a complete ubermensch and such. He and my fiance are both blond hair blue eyed and pure white. Wouldn't it be better for me to raise this kid instead of have my own subhuman?


Frank, start the van...

I guess I'll have to be content with being a weak man. A weak man with money in my bank account to spend on anything I want and the freedom to go and do whatever I please, whenever I please. Somehow I'll just have to get by.

Did he perish for a noble cause?


another bait thread holy shit they just keep coming

No, the only thing a cuckhold should do is consider suicide.

And he is not a ubermensch if he abandons his kids achmid, that sounds like a nigger thing to do.

What about godparents?

I asked right here What if cuckolding is done for the better good of the race?


I think you mean loser.

You realize in primitive times the alpha male would have sex with every female and ditch for more right? Kind of like what Genghis Khan did

You're a loser

Yes, but I'm married to a man, and I think same sex parents shortchange their kids on a normative environment. Even if unintentionally.

Hi sargon!

If she's not a piece of shit, you'll be fine.
Most of these guys have all of these "experiences" because they picked horrible single moms to hook up with, then got burned and blamed all single moms.
If you don't want a world full of effed up kids growing into effed up adults, yes, someone needs to step up and be a decent father figure.

I had an effed up step father, but he was better than having no father figure at all. He apparently couldn't produce children of his own. He would have been an equally effed up biological father. But again, even a bad father or father figure is better for a child's development than no father at all.

Stop picking up single mothers in clubs; they will be terrible wives and mothers. Stop picking up single mothers in dating sites; again, they will be the bottom of the barrel wife and mother.
Find a single mom through church or other place like that, and one that is not actively dating. A single mom who is actively dating, or actively looking to date is going to be the bottom of the barrel and there's no way she'll be a decent wife and mother.

Use your brains. If she's out whoring around, single mom or not a mom, she's unlikely to be good wife or mother material.

Hey Ian how's Bubba been treating you?

Maybe if I had a father-figure in my life I wouldn't be a NEET.
>inb4 shitskin
I'm pale as fuck.

If it was an orphan from my immediate family or a very close friend then I would insist on it. We look after our own, gents.

>sift through my area on any dating app/site
>single mom
>tranny that look like Philip Seymour Hoffman
>single mom
>obese black lady
>single mom
>obese black single mom
>problem glasses and rainbow hair
>single mom
>obese black single mom with problem glasses and rainbow hair
>"I'm tired of the games and want something serious."
>"My sons are my world."
>"I'm a traditional girl looking for a real man who can be the father my daughter needs."
>"I've made my mistakes but am at peace with God and the mulatto miracle He has given me. If you're just looking for sex, move along, I'm waiting until marriage."
>"If you voted for Trump or didn't vote at all, save us both some time and don't message me."
If you've ever gotten complacent with the women available to you in real life and started wondering what else is out there, do yourself a favor, remind yourself how much further down the bottom of the barrel is. It's like flipping a switch in your brain that makes average, normal women twice as attractive in comparison.

I find my feelings hard to reconcile.
I don't have anything against whoever the poor kid is. It's the single mother and absent father I feel really resentful of and who I, on principle, do not want to be tricked and cucked by.
In a way it would be less humiliating and less personally complex for me to adopt a child. I actually have far fewer problems with that than to have some entitled bitch expect me to love being cucked by her.
That's the sticking point for me. As much sympathy as I feel for the poor kid, and as much as I'd like to do it for them, I just can't get over the idea of some bitch trying to cuck me, and of some chad douche off fucking other women while I raise his child.

If it was a relative, yes.
A widow and the father dead, probably.
Child of a friend/family and I was a stakeholder somehow in the kids life BEFORE the bitch came and decided to use me as a meal ticket, possibly.
If I'm a godparent or something, absolutely.

It has worked for me. I see my son on the weekends and he's being raised by his mother and her new husband. They basically pay for everything and I get to spend my days off with my son. His stepfather is a good dude, did everything right in life has a good job. Pays for everything including my ex to sit at home all day. I'm all for it, I would never raised another mans kids but if one wants to chip in for mine that's cool as long as I get to see them every week.

more disgustwd with that retarded mixed metaphor tb.h
fuck that shit

Under the right circumstances (i.e a good economic situation on my part and her part, if I really love her, she's a legit good woman, etc.) maybe yes. But then I would want at least one kid of my own with her.

This is the correct answer.

Any man who thinks that woman will put him and their relationship before both her children's and her own best interests? The fool gets what he deserves.

Single mom's are pump and dump tinder specials.

Only if it's the child of my dead brother.

>would you be willing to raise another's man child if it were white?
Of course, since I don't plan on having my own kids, on account of my genes being defective.

I'd be willing to raise my brother's or my sister's children. No-one else's.



If the woman lost her husband to death, not divorce and the child is white and she wants to have kids with me as well, maybe, she better be a very good fucking woman.

Depends. If both the mother and father are white and the father died fighting for his country, then yes.

Virtually all other circumstances: no.

You realize that Genghis Khan gave women to all loyal to him. Those, who didn't get their share of women, tried to kill Genghis Khan. Historically, men either got laid or died trying. An alpha male staid in power only for as long as his subordinates were happy with having him in power. No matter how strong you are, two average guys will be stronger.

> the mom is 10/10

No. A single mom instandly discounts her value by 30% per child. That means if she was a 10/10, first kid makes her a 7/10, second kid makes her a 4/10. All the looks in the world cannot make up for the egregious error of being a single parent.

depends. If I also have a child with the woman, and we raise them both well, then it's ok in my book.


smilodon style

Many animals do that. The best way to get a girl in heat is to kill her kids.

considering your flag the cuck status is probably the highest you can dream

only if she has a daughter and she is hot af

Average guys are weak. Genghis would be stronger than 10

>fucking your dead brothers wife

Only if the kid was family and the father was dead or otherwise incapable of raising the child.

Do you know how I can tell you've never fought anyone in your whole life?

my ex did something like this. her sister died and when she broke up with me the first guy she went to fuck was her late sister's then boyfriend

I have, I have a 100% losing rate.

Finish a plate of food that someone started eating.
What a disgusting fuckin analogy.

Big oof

tell me about it. I felt like someone kicked me in the nuts with a red hot blade

Its already fren
She sounds like a fucking whore eitherway

You haven't.

turns out she was. I never got over it, though

Haha! Written by such a fucking beta soyfag they are not familiar with the sports reference. Probably their entire life they thought that stepping up to the plate was in reference to eating dinner.
Actually, just realized that this was definitely written by a single mother.

Yeah. In highschool a Chad beat me up in the halls and i tried to fight back and lost.

What about widows/


emotional baggage, might as well be dating a rape victim or a cripple

Wife and I split up 9 years ago and we share the kids, no alimony or any legal bullshit. She figured life'd be better for her well she's pretty big now. Never heard of her ever having a date. I lost weight and got in shape. Fucked many single moms but never found one I wanted to stay. Only real woman I did had no kids, was 29(I was 41 at the time) but she died later of cancer.

If she was a virgin at marriage and a loyal woman to her husband, and if her 'god-fearing' character is not a tactic to latch on to a beta provider, then yes, I'd feel sorry for her.

Probably not the case though.

The only childs I will raise will be mine.

Only if it was literally my father's child, making them my brother or sister.

Only if the mother is a virgin

Only if the father is dead or if it's family related.
>My wife and I adopted the 2 children of my sister and her husband who died in a car crash.
>Now we're a family of 7, no big deal we wanted 5 kids minimum anyway

At face value this makes me feel bad and I hope she finds someone, but I'm well versed in the duplicity of women.
>married a shitbag who overdosed; alternatively, mentions mission trips, probably got involved with some third-worlder
>four little unruly mixed race bastards; alternatively, mentions adoption, those four kids might be African orphans
>mentions playing leapfrog across Clinton Archipelago big city cultural centers, bad sign for someone supposedly devout, might be like those weirdos where the wife was a surrogate for African embryos
>"born again," might be trying to whitewash her past trying to dupe some hapless dope into carrying her metric shitton of baggage

Only if she was single because she was a widow and she had sons of mine


Only if i have my own kids.

Depends "entirely" on the circumstances.
GWW is one of the sweetest women I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. She talks about her current partner with a compassion that I just haven't seen a woman have for a man, especially one who she's involved romantically with. They'd rather see him die on his white horse than fall off of it, but not her. She spent 3 years convincing him that she wasn't going to break him the same way his ex-wife did, helping him work through the ways she fucked with his head. I'd take on children for a woman like that. Don't even care what the circumstances are.

Otherwise? Probably not. Hell, my mother didn't even have to marry the guy I had kinda latched onto as an adoptive father in order to fuck that relationship up. She trashed it herself for an 8 month-long marriage to a literal pig fucker, then spent several months acting like a suicidal, bawling, and neglectful retard after he left. I'm not going to bond with a kid just so his ape shit mother can use it as some kind of leverage and, ultimately, break it anyway.

yeah i'm sure you'll raise that kid to be an ubermensche like his father rather than a beta loser like you

Depends. Step-fathers almost never play a role in raising the mother's child, even if they are on good terms. Mothers refuse to allow another man involved in his raising in any way even if she's fucking up alone.

Otherwise, it wouldn't have been so bad, because at least he'd be indoctrinated in your favor. The single mother will make an SJW out of him for sure if you don't.

it was a tradition of many societies actually

Because you'll always be the second dad.
It's sad but it's like that.
It's not even about the woman at this point but you do what you do.
I would avoid like cancer unless he died as a soldier or some shit.
That would be rare the exception.

paging Sargon,
paging Sargon

>you'll always be the second dad.
This is the greatest fear which prevents me from even pursuing single moms. The fact that it will be constant baby-daddy drama, she'll constantly be talking/thinking about or talking to her ex, and at any point the real dad can just swoop in and win the heart of the kid over.