Women hate thread

Women hate thread

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My ex broke up with me a month before I was going to move in with her. Took her 3 years to decide I wasn't actually her type and she felt like she was settling by staying with me. She's off to ride the cock carousel now and I'm stuck back here with you cunts again.

At least she got fat while we were together, but thinking of all the black men who will hound after her now makes me sick to my stomach

Be sure to tell her to fuck off when she decides that she's tried enough dicks and want to get back into the idea of settling down with you.

You think if he actually rapes her as punishment now the police will believe her again? Boy who cried wolf. Or should it be girl who cried predator?

We were friends for a while before we were together and she asked if we could go back to that. Then viciously attacked my character when I refused exposing herself as a thot. Honestly I should be thankful she cut things off before we were engaged. Been a month and a half now and I'm still moping about her. Going to join bar league soccer this spring to get me out more though. At least she gave me her dog since he always loved me more.

It never gets any easier user. We're all in this together

He could probably get away with it but now she's all old. He should've fucked her back then

>She's off to ride the cock carousel now and I'm stuck back here with you cunts again.

You don't deserve us.

Dont just tell her to fuck off, embarrass/shame her for whorish behavior


Jackson, MS?

>Women hate thread
Reminder fags are responsible for these threads

>Women hate thread
DON'T fall for (((their))) tricks.

Advocate for Men's rights, but don't be like "feminists" WE are better than that.


I found the toastie roastie.

My girlfriends friend is a rabid SJW feminist. She is hot as shit but annoying as fuck. Every my girlfriend goes to hang out with her I drop her off at her friends place or demand that they go somewhere else because her dumb ass friend lives in shitty parts of frogtown. Her friend purposely lives in a bad neighborhood to dispel the rumors that Niggers/lower class aren't bad and that she could get raped/mugged/murdered anywhere else.

Long story short about a year ago I offered her a ride home because she was drunk. She declined because she hates me (I make fun of her and her retarded beliefs) and she chose to walk home. Low and behold she was mugged and punched so hard in the face by a black man her nose was inverted. Literally it sunk back into her face 2 inches. When my girlfriend got the news we drove to the hospital and she looked over at me and said "Why are you smiling?"

mine of 5 years ditched me after my dad died through a text.

The implication is that a nice shit filled asshole is a better planting ground for your dick? Women hate you, Alphas hate you, Families hate you, literally everybody hates you except Faggots, cause your useful violence canon folder for their "rights", and help broden their sexual pool of depressed, lonely men, FAGGOT.

>When my girlfriend got the news we drove to the hospital and she looked over at me and said "Why are you smiling?"

This would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad. If that didn't redpill her, nothing will.

Nice projection, roastie.

Nice get. She moved out of the shitty neighborhood but still has the same beliefs. She absolutly hates me because anytime she brings up BLM or race I always remind her of what happened


they didn't even allow women actors back then.
Shakespeare was all men in dresses, wearing wigs, and fake tits...

Shut your cunt up filthy roastie

Be glad she did that, the bullet actively tried to avoid you be grateful

At the time she was just a kid and I don't think it would be right to prosecute her. But the police should have been smarter than an 11-year-old and sniffed out her bullshit.

You can easily tell if a rape happens through vagina tears and trauma marks





Un-fucking-believable. Women were a mistake.

Someone MUST be held accountable, or the (((system))) will never change. The Father is entitled to a minimum of 5 million dollars for each year he was wrongfully incarcerated.
False rape allegations, should be a felony, and anyone prosecuting a case based on perjured testimony with no conclusive physical evidence should be removed, disbarred, publicly shamed, tarred and feathered, then hanged.


Nigga what?

He needs to fking man up and marry that white chick, for the good of the white race.


That's really low. Mine broke up with me through text and refused meeting face to face. Ignored my calls and then two weeks later messages me on discord if we can be friends since she still "loves and misses me".

we love you user. Remember, your here forever

Yeah. I'm sad I can't go back to r9k and wizardchan though. I miss those autists.


>My girlfriends friend is a rabid SJW feminist

>5 years later
>I just discovered my gf is a sjw feminist too...
>The day after, receives divorce papers.

I never realised texting was so dangerous.

Are you implying my girlfriend is a rabid SJW? Because that is a false statement. She is liberal. ALmost a little annoying bit but nowhere near any college level faggot

inconclusive. girls wreck their shit with dildos, and hairbrushes all the time.. doesn't prove guilt

"That it is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer, is a Maxim that has been long and generally approved." Benjamin Franklin

He was echoing Voltaire, “that generous Maxim, that ’tis much more Prudence to acquit two Persons, tho’ actually guilty, than to pass Sentence of Condemnation on one that is virtuous and innocent.

I know how you feel bro. Mine did the same.
It doesn't get better.

Sorry user, that sounds terrible. I know the feeling. The last girl I made out with left the room when I stopped to go to the bathroom.

i knew it was coming

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

About 16 years ago I had a gf who I loved very much. She got pregnant, and for 3 months told me how happy she was, and she couldn't wait to be a mother.
Her sister comes to town randomly(she lives like 3 hours away) and decides my gf should go to her house for the long weekend.
I think nothing of it.
She doesn't come home on Monday.
Find out she aborted the baby
She decides she is staying there
Not even 6 months later, she is pregnant by some fat guy, she keeps that one.
Has 5 more within 8 years
Now she is a fat pig
I have 3 kids from a much hotter woman
Thots.... what can you do?
Sad thing was, I never seen it coming.

>inb4 (((mods))) move this thread


guy writes a book about how hard men have it. roasties use shaming tactics and laugh at mens problems.
women are our enemies

She should be jailed for at least 11 years. Women and girls need to face fucking consequences for false accusations

Should mention we lived together for 4 years, and were together for 6.

She should get 5 years for every year she waited to inform the police after age 18. And her Dad should get to fuck her at least once.

>1 post by this ID
>story from 2012
Yall niggaz dum

Post pics of the dog

Our entire court system has been perverted by to unfathomable betrayals. In '81 the court decided that perjury is ok in court... would want to prevent liars from testifying, because they were afraid of consequences.
And later through false allegations of judges being bribed, they imposed "mandatory sentencing" which takes decision of lenience completely out of the courtroom, and places it squarely in the hands of the prosecutor, for him alone to decide (((which))) cases are worthy. completely undermining the checks and balances created by our forefathers.

They never do.
I'll tell you the story of the most fucked up I ever read about here in Toronto.
This HS girl wrote a fake diary for over a year saying she was fucking the gym teacher. A whole fucking year of daily entries.
Ruined the guys life
Only because her best friend came forward and told the cops the truth, that she made up the entire diary, and wrote daily fake entries.
So the teacher gets off, and here is the kicker
The school made him change schools, while the absolute nutcase got to stay at the same school, and she was never charged.
Meanwhile this teacher was about 1 month from being raped on the daily for something he didn't do, and he is the one who has to find a new job.
Imagine the poor sap that ends up with that nutcase? He's fucking done and he won't even know because she was 16, and they won't make her name public.

I will say it in every thread like this. As long as nothing in the culture and law changes, STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM WOMEN. Just how many cautionary tales do you need. Don't be the next victim.

My cousin reminds me of your friend. No sense of identity or danger in them, and they long for disorder and filth. It makes me sad but it's just 'murica.

Did you get genetic testing on these 3 kids of 'you'?

We dont want to have another comment from you in the future saying I NEVER SAW IT COMING...

That response is priceless

Here is the article. It was BC, I was wrong



>it wasn't so sad
It's not sad, its karma. She made a choice based on retarded ideology and she paid the price for it. I would say I hope she learned but she most likely didn't and just came up with some rationalization.

He looks kind of hungry in that pic.

I was 17 then. Big difference.
I'm not a kid, and I am no longer naive.
Of course.
Fool me once....

Women are sociopaths. My mother has been psychologically torturing my father for 20 years until he decided that enough is enough and left her when I was 10. He used to visit me everyday and spend lots of time with me when I was a kid so he definitely didn't try to nigger out of the situation. He told me the exact same thing not so long ago and how he's sorry that he wasn't strong enough to bear another 10 years with that bitch. Anyway, after dad moved out she switched to me and has been torturing me ever since. It's been 10 years now and I'm a wreck because of her. The worst part is that the only type of women that are attracted to me are mentally ill in some way. It's like a fucking curse that I'll never escape. My male friends and not wanting to break my poor father's heart are the only things that keep me alive.

hello there you filthy cunt.
having a good ride?

>Longview Washington
Go figure....

Read if you want to understand why women are killing the west

>be me
>sitting and waiting for my traditional american meal from Jack In The Box™
>a little white girl, aged 7- 9, walks in and jumps in line
>begin to notice out of my peripheral vision of her looking back in my direction
>eh, she's probably just looking back at her fat fuck lazy parents who sent her in to get the food
>I take a look at my receipt to make sure I didn't get fucked out of my bacon
>the receipt slips out of my hand
>aw shit, me and my butter fingers
>the little girl immediately jumps out of line
>picks up my receipt (which was much closer to me btw) and hands it to me
>what the flying fuck?
>I tell her "thanks."
>she said, "you're welcome, heh!" and give me the most satisfied grind you can imagine
>I get my food and promptly leave

Um... what was that? I'm a grown ass man, I ain't into diddling little girls. This isn't even the first time these little demons got to comfortable around me. Watch yourself fellas, the degeneracy has no age.

You shouldn't be happy with someone else's misery, even if you're proven right.

soys with boi pussies shouldn't be talking to women in the first place. look yourself in the mirror, if you don't add up to 6, do some pushup, hit the gym, stop drinking sugar, get some sunlight, stop eating junk processed foods, plant some vegetables in your yard, turn off the video games, and earn a lot of money.
don't blame women for your mother's mistakes.

Does this one count?

More like swineburne ayyy

She was just being nice and trust you crazy fucking autist.

fuck off

wat about IQ? women and men do not significantly differ


Look, I know women are instinctually and spiritually jew-like if left to modern indoctrination, they are socially complicit. However, this kind of "thread" does not help, heck, even just saying "write to X representative" is more effective.
The legal system is stacked against men, it sucks, but just "hating" the issue and not its cause is retarded.
All that said, pic related, you incels.


>prefers the company of gentlemen
i was here first

I get what you're saying but its not like she was raped or murdered. She played with fire and got burnt. Despite me not liking her I wouldn't want anything terrible to happen to her. Despite her nose being punched in she is fine. Though it does look like Owen Wilson's nose now slightly

Go suck Merkel s clit you german soyboy

But it's funny.

Lets focus on the real problem when people who are accused of rape/sexual assault are treated guilty until proven innocent and are locked up despite no physical evidence.

How do we fix this?

My girlfriend broke up with me a couple of days ago because she wanted a relationship with someone whom she could go drinking and partying with (despite being in her mid-20s and not liking that until recently) because I do neither. Found out by chance that night that she hooked up with someone from her work who had brought her into the party lifestlye recently the night before breaking up with me. Probs my own fault cos I thought something suss was up, but I foolishly thought I could trust her after more than a year of dating.

This has pretty much cemented my views that no modern woman can ever be trusted. Of all people, I never expected her to cheat and all my male and female friends agree and have no idea what the fuck is wrong with her. Don't date women who are drinkers or have close male friends. If it develops, fucking run. A bachelor's life for me I guess. Ain't no fucking way I am risking this happenng again.

Ur lucky m8 I was in the same situation except the bitch was dating me for 8 years. She left me for a lesbo dyke.



1) Aristotle said that man is by nature superior to the female and so the man should rule and the woman should be ruled.[1]

2) Demosthenes wrote “We keep hetaerae for the sake of pleasure, females slaves for our daily care and wives to give us legitimate children and to be the guardians of our households.”[2]

3) “A man who teaches a woman to write should know that he is providing poison to an asp.”[3]

4) Euripides has women characters make disparaging remarks about their sex:

a) I am only a woman, a thing which the world hates.[4]

b) No cure has been found for a woman’s venom, worse than that of reptiles. We are a curse to man.[5]

c) Men of sense should never let gossiping women visit their wives, for they work mischief.[6]

5) Hipponax had this to say about women: “There are two days on which a woman is most pleasing---when someone marries her and when he carries out her dead body.”[7]

6) Hyperides said, “A woman who travels outside her house should be old enough that people ask whose mother she is, not whose wife she is.”[8]

7) In his Funeral Speech Pericles said, “A woman’s reputation is highest when men say little about her, whether it be good or evil.”[9]

I see two ways.

> Show how this is destructive toward women.
If you can spin anything to show it somehow affect women negatively, Gynocentrism will support you and you'll succeed in a landslide.

> Refuse to participate
By behaving in a way that punishes the behavior without doing an action you can be specifically be targeted for, you can discourage said behavior as it ends up harming women.

Should have killed her desu, dumb white whores.

damn......the ancients were based.

the fuck did she do wrong

She probably just think you looked like a nice guy or something, and wanted to be nice to you. Little girls talk to me all the time, for some weird reason. Luckily for them I'm not a pedo.

how to be beta

you are gonna love this. i dismantle pederasty and give it a whole different meaning

You should’ve given her a ride and fucked her

>Working of the together women power
stupid old broads can't even construct a sentence

>fags are responsible for these threads
>literally a memeflag

yeah but I care about humans.. is that data not available? it has to be.

Oooh, I am for real!

Never meant to make your daughter cry, SORRY MRS JACKSON

Bernie Sanders wasn't wrong when he said women have rape fantasies. 90% of all women will tell you flat out that they want to be dominated.
That's why feminists cry about Trump not grabbing their pussy.

Women's brains hurt when they have to think for themselves. They want a man to do all the thinking for them. This didn't change when women were allowed to vote, it just gave REAL men TWO votes, by allowing their wives to vote by their side.
If you guys want to get a woman, stop acting like children, and start acting like a man.
Don't ask a bitch if she likes you, tell her that she worships you. Don't ask her if she wants to get coffee with you, TELL her that she's having dinner with you tonight. asking women questions is maddening...not even once. Tell them how they feel- and magically they feel that way. Ask them how they feel... gears start grinding, smoke, it's not pretty.


fucking kill yourself already retarded roastie

How far has bar dropped? How did we get to this level? Surely this is a dream/nightmare? What do her parents say?

You should honestly be looking inward at why this woman became so incredibly bored with you. But yea, women who drink are not for dating. The only thing you should be looking for in a woman is how good of a mother you think she’d be. Everything else is nonsense.

>3 years
That's around the time it takes for love to wear off, at least if you believe chemical science and shit. Should've gotten a child because that will extend it.

This is true.

>But yea, women who drink are not for dating.
Really fucking true.

Ayy! My nigga!
To be honest, I'd still fuck Fergie. Even if she's a tad ravaged from massive coal-burning.

Doing those things while being ugly is how you get arrested for creepiness and sexual harassment in Muttland.

You go boi... You figured it out...


>most satisfying grind
Wtf does this mean. If it was satisfying you're a pedo and should kys

no, he's implying that he married his gf while maintaining that she wasn't his wife, just his gf

Jonathan you're a fucking loser

Men are BOTH the heroes AND the villains of the human story, while women are merely background characters. Men are better than women.

Here, have some fun.


For a second I think the image is reverse left to right but then no the words would be going the wrong direction also.

Also why isnt Power red.

>claims to love someone
>fucks another man

wew lad what a great pair of holes to fuck!

My twin sister was dying of cancer, and the girl I had been with for 7 years broke up with me 2 weeks before my twin sis passed away because I wasn't making her happy.

>Bleach needed

Malte-Sören is right, we need to fix the situation.

What the fuck? Is that Sara Jessica Parker or something? Most equine.

Interesting. Thx

>Reminder to never have children, especially female kind



You should have murdered her

Ive seen/ smelt this individual around campus....

Quite literally the only reason she provided was that I didn't drink or party, which only became an issue in the last month or so since meeting new work friends. She was never interested in partying prior to that. My guess is she confided in this guy and spent the last month undermining me and stroking her ego and reinforcing her growing degeneracy (which I saw in messages between, which is how I found out Inwas cheated on). Prior to the last month she was absolutely dedicated to me and was more worried about me growing bored of her than anything. Even told me she would marry me some day. The bitch always had identity and mental health problems thus this left hee susceptible to peer pressure and to become a new person. New year, new me shit. Wasn't any room for a boyfriend who didn't want to roleplay as an 18 year old like she did.

i got something youd rather smell

>I was going to move in with her
There is your problem.


This is some next level indoctrination right here. Most people with even a few brain cells kicking around would wake the fuck up after being violently attacked. Man oh man have {{they}} ever done a number on people through post- secondary education and media.

>fat girl felt she was too good for you

Is she retarded or are you really really out of shape?

you deserve this for not converting to islam, all roasties get the holy stone to the face


This Fergie? I don't think the coal-burning matters since she's Hispanic.

Just remember you don't know the truth.

For example, after a decade, she could be feeling sympathy to her father, and want him out of the prison.
She can do that by saying she lied.
Or she can beg the governor, or the president.
But claiming she herself lied is the easiest path to get her dad out.

In the end we don't know whether the father did it or not.

When someone tries to be a living example to others of how to live stupidly it is a good thing when it backfires on them.


Damn dude....you nailed it

You belong here. We're your brothers.

>Clinton is a woman
>majority of Democrats are women
>assemblywomen is about women committing voter fraud
>massive voter fraud alleged to occur in states like california

Hmmm, starting to think the reason democrats don't give a fuck about democracy might specifically be because women don't care about democracy

>"I love you"
>Slept with someone else
I feel there's some disconnect here.


>describes woman acting like a spoiled degenerate
>says it's just american things


This made me sad. Keep your head up son


She didn't want your cock but she enjoyed the feeling of support she got from you and wanted to know if you were willing to give it out for free while she got reamed by chad

I cant say ive had any bad experiences, at least not to this degree, im still young, 19. I dont want to completely give up, but seeing all these stories makes me not even want to risk it

If I somehow cant find a wife, my backup plan is to buy some land and a few mares(female horses) and fuck them


TL:DR women dont release love hormones when kissing men

Rather than indoctrination she probably just likes the warm fuzzy feelings of moral superiority she probably gets from talking about poor shitskins. I know I get the same feeling when I talk about how liberals are the reason niggers are so fucked.

Thank you user this makes it a little better.

>Her ancestry includes English, Irish, Mexican, Native American, and Scottish
Holy shit! 56% on the spot!
La Gorgona del chícharos negro de ojos!

Let me guess, the sister didn't have any children of her own?


>is pregnant for 3 months before decided to abort because she gets cold feet

It's fucking hard and I feel so goddamn betrayed, but on the bright side at least it happened before we moved in together or got engaged or anything where it wasn't easy to just clean my hands of her. And in hindsight, she was a parasite in many ways with her mental health problems so once the gut wrenching feeling of betrayal wears off, I'll be better off. Will never be able to trust a woman again though.

I would snap its fucking neck and skin it alive. Maybe even hit it with my car a few times before I left. Im a guy btw

Some dude pumped and dumped her so she decided to see if she could still keep you around for emergency purposes

>T. China-man

You must be really fucking broken if your experience with other humans makes you distrustful of a little child doing something nice for you

welcome back septic

Men have to constantly improve themselves. Getting a girl is just the beginning. It's tempting to fuck them night after night, and let yourself, but you have to resist the temptation, and have some time for yourself. work to improve yourself financially, and workout to improve yourself physically... i should note that most guys who do physical work, kill two birds with one stone, and they always have girlfriends. If you work in an office, and have to go to the gym as well, that's less time fucking. not that all desk jobs are for pussies. how women see you in the office is about chair size. if you're in a secretary chair, you have a vagina...

If you don't improve yourself you woman is going to cheat. Remember that women can't think for themselves, so if her circle of friends don't want to jump your bones, she isn't going to either. never shoot down her wingmen. Not saying cross enemy airspace, but don't shoot to kill if they enter yours.

Most important, don't let it get you down, if your girl thinks she wants to leave you. She should already know that she can be replaced, but you might need to remind her.
Girls don't just leave you overnight, there are warning signs, don't ignore them. If she's acting funny, don't confront her like a little soyboy, go behind her back, and talk with her bff. Bff will respect you for not being a douche, and making your gf cry.

Oh Jonathan you cringy betta cuck

My friend who tried moving to a diff state recently with his girl he loved for 5 years just broke it off with him because she was cheating on him behind his back with some low life druggie. She chose instability or stability. A man with a job, a home for her, and recorces didnt matter when it came to this druggie piece of shit. Women are garbage and not to be trusted. He is ruined now btw. Completely fucked up and I dont know what will save him

hes always fucking hungry. Why wasnt there a big obesity epidemic in the middle ages ?

For a board so worried about preserving the White race.

Its kinda sad how many of you have given up on Women and having a family.

Yea 90% of modern woman suck.
That just means you have to fucking man up and go find the 10% that haven't been ruined yet.

They do exist. Or do you people actually think out of 3 billion women on the planet, not a single fucking one is a non roastie decent wife material

Ha. Good.

Sounds like daddy gets a freebie in her ass.

10% my fucking ass. I say 2%

Was thinking the same thing.

Plebbit called and wants it's faggot back

You dodged a bullet m8. Better to let it die now, than to hang on to a broken relationship for months, find out she's fucked the whole town and given you an STD or some shit like that.
Hang in there! She's gonna lose her value fast, while you've got 30 more years of fuckin to do! My uncle is 55, and are just now expecting his third child with a woman half his age. I personally wouldn't wait that long, but I'm glad for him.

The only good roastie is a dead one.

Then she went on to continue living a happy life without any repercussions.
The End

Turd. You take nazi inbreeds seriously? Kek kek

>you can't support a family financially
>some fat fuck comes along who can, and she has kids with him

pretty simple story dude


I'm a Chad who gets laid and I hate women. If you don't hate women, you don't understand them.

This is partly what makes this suck. The guy in question has flunked Uni three times, works retail full time, and according to people who know him not especially bright. And although I am no Adonis, I am definitely better looking. She has a bachelor and is planning on starting a Masters soon (as am I) so she has objectively gone down a level or three just cos she wanted someone she could go out partying with until 3am. Threw away a potential really long term relationship to be a party slut, which I've since said to her. Although I'll never take her back, I do kind of hope one day I get an "I'm sorry. I fucked up so bad" text so I can roast her one final time.

>breeding for hotness, not IQ
oh canada

this dear god narcissistic sex obsessed under socialized beta


Photo for science...

>MGTOW virgin VS CHAD women whisperer

Form them to your will by being a good example, dont fall for their emotional bullshit games.

>We were friends for a while before we were together and she asked if we could go back to that.
I had a gf that did that, broke up with me for some bullshit reasons but still wanted to be friends, then she started dating some guy almost immediately afterwards. So I start fooling around with this new girl in our group and my ex gets pissed off at me and causes a big scene and everything. Then a year and a half later after the guy dumped her for someone else and I stupidly took her back but she was just a miserable cunt at that point and just drained all the joy and happiness from me so I ended up dumping her.
Now I'm kinda seeing this girl who is really sweet, but she has a bunch of troublesome shit going on and I just don't think things will ultimately work out between us. I'm so burned out on caring about other people, I don't know if I have any feelings left to give.

Women must be stripped of all rights and bought and sold like cattle. Everything else is insanity that can only lead to ruin.

So let's see, we've got two options available:

>Work tirelessly and constantly to keep a disloyal, immoral, immature bitch on a tight leash

>Turn women back into property and knock their teeth out if they don't behave

One of these is much more tempting than the other.

Welcome home white man

proofs or it didn't happened

This is true. I said this to her when we met up (prior to knowing she had cheated on me) and said "no decent man is going to want you if this is the path you choose for yourself". Of course she scoffed, but in 10 years she will be a "where have all the good men gone" kind of woman in her 30s.

How is HHH doing in Turkey... Kek

>Form them to your will by being a good example

I know a faster, easier, more enjoyable way to form women to your will.

notice though how it is the state that enabled this, and it is the state refusing to prosecute her as well. Yes i am sure she is a terible person, but somthing worth noting is that it is actually ((them)) doing the decisive shit in that situation such as not punishing the daughter and punishing the father in the first place, they made this situation so fucked up. They want us hate eachother when in actuality it is a system set up intentionally to divide us.

I'm willing to bet money that it was her mother that set her up.

Just because you are hungry doesn't mean you can find food

This shit, that's her dead grandmother.
Stupid cunt posts it to facebook looking for attention.

Dogs are a mans best friend. Take that pup to the park and toss Frisbee with it, chicks will be all over you. If you're responsible enough to take care of a dog, you might potentially care for a gf, is their logic. cat owners don't get girls, sorry.

Implying wamyn care
My sister has a rabbit who basically lives in solitary confinement alone home all day in the dark.
I can already see the shitstorm when my parents die.
The retards made it 50 50%, why do the fuck do they even do this to us. Retarded boomers

I love women lol idk about you

My girl just moved out because i wouldnt knock her up until she quit drinking, she choose drinking. Now I’m lonely.

Sounds like you dodged a bullet
>>move in with her
She should always move in with you

I'm not the dude who posted this but I'm 6'3 240 lbs and I'm a some chunky dude but I fuck attractive brawds all the time because I have an ocean of confidence. Proofs attached.

Yeah, that's right! Bide your time and build yourself a solid foundation for your future. Money in the bank, your own property and a career. When you've got this in place, pussy will come to you.
Protip: Never buy a woman more than one drink. If she's not fucking you by then, she just wanna fuck your wallet.

Yeah we need White Sharia.

I bet her dog isn't even cute.


Trust me, brother, this is a godsend for you. I've been through similar shit.....twice. I gotta admit that neither girl was some blonde Aryan virgin you fuckers think actually exists (tho they were both white and hate niggers) but in both cases, they fucked me over in every imaginable way: financially, emotionally, etc. But I learned SO much in the process of dealing with the aftermath of those cunts: first, I learned my own strength and I can get past ANYTHING if I can hold strong for 3 months. Second, what comes after is always better. And third, I learned the true nature of American females.

You guys generally disagree with my chosen lifestyle (I'm old af with a much younger gf) but I'm finally happy. After much effort and heartbreak and bullshit, I've been with the woman of my dreams for 2 years and our relationship is stronger than ever. She's the only person I know who hates cunts worse than I do, and we live a wonderful and unique life. I wish the same for you and all my bros who've dealt with the shitshow that is a modern US female.

>, I don't know if I have any feelings left to give.
Fuck are you me?
This is exactly how I feel after the girl that I was head over heels for straight up cut me out of her life. It wasn't the fact that my feelings weren't reciprocated, I was prepared for that possibility. It was that whatever guy she was dating was freaking out that we were close friends.
So she chose some guy she'd known for a few weeks over a friend she'd had since we were in Jr high. Shit fucked me up for a while.

Jesus fucking christ, will the day ever come when one of you amerimutts post a picture that doesn't prove the 56% meme?

Just stop embarassing yourselves. Stop posting pictures.

Everyone laugh at the dumb phoneposter

She's infertile. Her hips are too narrow... Genetic dead end.

Gas chamber for her.

Is that a crotch bulge?


Not fat but pretty scrawny. I look like your average IT guy extra in tv shows. I am pretty much the opposite of the last two guys she dated so I think she wanted to try a "nice guy" out for a change

The guy is obviously a Mexican.

Yeah fuck all that noise. Living life through the lens of a woman is actually having a vagina, despite what some bitch might think.

Before puberty hits, women are actually decent human beings.

Exactly the same behavior in Sweden. I've heard the same stories from guys all over the world. My parents have been married for 40 years however

Bane is an ancom. Kek

Nah, it's a chick. Not into traps.

I ain't reading that shit nigga

Correct. 1/2 anyway.


This should be a sticky in Cred Forums and the very first redpill for babies.

These ones really get to me for some reason

>240 lbs as a badge of honor
You're a fatso, not a big guy. A 5'10 170 lbs guy that has muscle instead of fat would make short work of you. Your forearms look like those of a prepubescent boy only writ large.

I had a friend who grew up to be a prostitute, I fucked her a few time and from a young age she always said niggers were gross.
That moment when you realize the prostitute I grew up to hate still has more dignity than the hoes posted on pol.
What is up with this

> its mexicans, not anyone else actively browning america.
yet niggers are the main problem

Why is there a milk jug in your bathroom?

Not condoning this shit but then they are less likely to confess so the innocent sits in prison for longer.

The guys who complain about the "Friend zone" need to be gassed

If you arent getting anything from her, weather it be sex, money, or just anything in return, dont do shit for her, being an orbiter is almost worse than being a literal cuck

I didn't say I was honored. I mentioned I was chunky (fat). My point is you don't have to look like a chad if you make decent money and have a fuck load of confidence.

say it in German it might sound more impressive.


A young man should always focus on the goals in his life, putting women aside to achieve great things.

You can't be involved in a relationship and still achieve your life goals.

Of all the obstacles you will face, a relationship with a woman will be the worst. The man who focuses on his goals is superior to other men.

The sink is outside the actual bathroom. I drink a lot of water.

click photo to enlarge - right click - open in new tab for bigger


Women are every bit a match to men, misogynists

You should destroy her somehow. But whatever you do, let your heart for her die no matter what.
I gave a woman another chance and married her years ago and after many kids and church and house was betrayed again. Sluts do not change.


Kek, welcome back lad.

And I am speaking of the picture.

That's my point. The hoe was still more conscious of her private life than these "regular women".

The dog is her excuse to firstly keep something around you that in her mind is hers and will remind you of her and second so she has an excuse to contact you or access the house.

Tell her you gave the dog to the pound, when she asks which tell her same one I found you and hang up.


That only works if we can kill people, faggot.

>"Ocean of confidence"

It's surely well-warranted, between your fucked up hairline and your obvious Amerimutt heritage.

You don't happen to have to pay these attractive brawds currency before engaging in coitus with them, do you?

Some take the red pill eventually, just takes exposure to break the illusion


This. One could argue that women shouldn't do this to men, but women can't help themselves. They are children and don't see anything they do being wrong or right.

Welcome back blogposter. You are here forever.

Buy a chink wife allready.

i heard that quite a few prostitutes deny service to black men

I'm not trying to defending the vaginal Jew, but I think most ITT would agree that strong women are unattractive. Why should we expect women to be attracted to feminine men? You can be strong and assertive without being a complete cunt. It just so happens that it's mostly cunts acting macho so womyn have to settle for them (once all the actual Chads are swooped up).

>The worst part is that the only type of women that are attracted to me are mentally ill in some way.
That's the trouble with having a mentally unstable parent, when the first human to teach you about love is fucked up in the head you'll only know how to relate to those people.


they burn through it all. You cant live it and not realize it, only people who stay shilling the fantasy are people who bought into it late

Women never climb the ladder when cheating. Only down

Nope. Never fucked a hooker in my life. And, yeah, there's no hiding the half Mexican.

The last thing I'd want in my subway sandwich is someone's foot fungus.

this has to be a larp, this is another american larping lol

Blamed herself and her heritage for all the atrocities of whites throughout history.
Can we meme the white guilty into suicide as the ultimate form of reperations? It could literally be the greatest virtue signal! An equality marytr?


What the fuck are you even talking about.
I would never send naked pictures of myself with my face.
You can't trust people with this, it's your reputation. I could tell you a fancy story but I'll make it short by telling you I made a dumb cunt lose her job after she tried that shit on me.
My point was that my prostitute friend never sent me anything with her face. But some regular women do. Cognitive dissonance amplifies, women are all retarded in their own ways. I guess.

thot for Doggo - Good trade

it has to have been tried by, if not by one group than another.

Doggo > thot

Ultimate woman hate: Crash their phones and their computers.
Go to your (((faceberg))) page
Update your profile picture
Include this text in the caption
>జ్ఞా జ్ఞా జ్ఞా జ్ఞా జ్ఞా జ్ఞా జ్ఞా
All apple devices will crash on loading the unicode.

replied to the wrong post gl with that lol

>>Tell her
"Let's get coffee tomorrow" or
"What time are you done work"

Accomplishes same effect without coming accross as try-hard african warlord.

See château heartiste blog assuming the sale.

How do I stealth get a vasectomy without the missus knowing lads

Some of these lads, grew up with just a mom.
It's our duty to show em what being a man is all about.

Not if I was around you wouldn't .

Bump, brother.

Channel 10 here is the fuckwit network. So many useless cunts on that channel.

And Jessica Rowe, the blonde with the dyke haircut, got BTFO by MIlo when he was out here recently.

A reminder Anons. If you get Jury duty accept it. You never know if you're going to be the one sane person to nullify what is clearly a lack of evidence.

>you get Jury duty accept it.
You have to, like by definition

OP is a జ్ఞాజ్ఞాజ్ఞాజ్ఞాజ్ఞాజ్ఞాజ్ఞాజ్ఞాజ్ఞాజ్ఞాజ్ఞాజ్ఞాజ్ఞాజ్ఞాజ్

This confuses me

Women don't differentiate between strong and honorable and complete fucking cunt.

snibby snab mr brabs

Quality daughters --> quality sons-in-law

They're all mentally ill, that's what estrogen does to their low IQ minds. Makes them extremely emotional unstable. All women are affect and none of them fall below 4/10 crazy. Its one of the easier ways to detect a trap when they're logical 100% the time without ever seeing if they have the proper parts.

I've read threads on Cred Forums during the past few days and some are claiming that it works and others are claiming that it does nothing.

>shit filled asshole
Still better than roastie

The Bell curve is different.
Men are divided to the extremes I.e. the smartest and the dumbest humans are men ranging from 60 to 140 IQ points.
Women cluster around the average and are always between 90-110 points of IQ.
The women are just smart enough to follow a smart man's lead.


We've all loved and lost, it'll pass. I know it sounds cliche' but it will

Women even ruin the future!

My thoughts exactly. This is a horse pussy.

Yeah, I can agree to that but you can still attract women by being confident without being a cunt. It's useful in the sort term for a pump and dump but the eternal vaginal Jew will of course eventually cuck you no matter how macho you are.



el monstruo feminista

>it'll pass
>it'll eat away at you over years, leaving you a husk of your former self

So when she was cooking those dinners, she was using a cuck book?

yeah, it's not like it's the 90s where it was a well kept secret - self-proclaimed "nice guys" have been a meme for more than a decade

As a man who prefers Horse Pussy over women

I would tap that shit hard, but horse vag does look alot better still


Maybe disbarred but hung? Nah tarred and feathered is ok though

>Women never climb the ladder when cheating. Only down

"A monkey wont let go of one branch, until it has it's hand firmly on another"

women seldom cheat for the sake of cheating, men do that, but not women

They usually are well into establishing a new relationship behind your back, before men even notice. They don't just move in with Chad overnight, it was cold calculatingly planned.

Self patrolled thot. If only all of them were like that.

>I'm stuck back here with you cunts again.
Fuck you my nigga, we're stuck with you, not the other way around. She prolly fucking some nigger rn.

Friend Zones are all too common.


I have to give you a (you) for that, even if it outs me as a CIA nigger!

wrong (You)
shit was meant for

Phew. My cover is safe!


No you don't. Go into Jury selection, "I HATE NIGGERS AND SPICS AND WOMEN!"

Hey now you're not on Jury duty.


pipe down leaf

I should feel sorry for her.

Don't though, for some reason.

>The last thing I'd want in my subway sandwich is someone's foot fungus.

drinks wine made from stomped grapes, where literally the fermentation process started from foot fungus. don't get me started on other spirits... tequila comes from mexicans chewing cactus and spitting in a bucket.

You have to find the fine line between hating all women and most women. I have a qt3.14 redhead wife who works out and stays at home with our kids while I work, and she hates feminism and browses Cred Forums. I would have never gotten her if id been a bitter neckbeard who ranted about how all women are whores. Learn subtlety, you autists.

I made a screencap of your post for future use, posting so other people can get it

hopefully come the age of fembots we'll do away with their drama. develop ways to harvest eggs in a lab and they would have no other worth and will be as they were intended, a commodity.

IQ doesn't mean intelligence, leaf, you can literally study for IQ tests and get a high score but still suck at everything else.

How did you find her user

Dating site? Here?

Ive pretty much givin up on the dating game entirly

Marriage is economical. All men seek the best value they can get, however if marrying a modern western feminist white woman is the same as ensalving ones self, then were is the opportunity cost?

>not virgins, high dick counts, inability to LTR
>disloyal, cannot trust socially or especially economically to run one's own house
>bastard autist child from all the foreign RNA that is in their wombs(telegeny)

But muh white wamen, only a retard would sign a paper giving his money to a whore.

>A retard who would possess the threat of government force

Who swipes right on this?


>through a text.
this bitch did you a HUGE favor.

you have a right to a jury of your peers, not a jury of old jewish women.
If you ever hear someone trying to get out of jury duty, kick their ass.

I met her in a bookstore and we dated seriously for 5 years before getting engaged. She only had 1 bf before me and never slept with him. Obviously I hit the jackpot, I'm just saying you have to be willing to compromise. If you completely agree with Cred Forums standards you are going to die alone bro. There are no Aryan nationalist virgin housewives anymore, but then again you aren't exactly an ubermensch yourself right?

Without any irony: kill yourself. Cease to exist.