Kraut/pol/ & AfD sixteen percent edition


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We are not at 16% anymore. We have already gained a couple more points, where as SPD has lost a couple. If this trend continues we will be the 2nd biggest party before the end of the year, although by a small margin of course.

Hey, m8! 16%?! Noice... the Sauerkraut seems to be fermenting just right.

everything is falling into place
me driving (pic related)

Wow ... what an OP

Jesus christ, fucking drunk Irish potatoniggers

crashing the Volkspartei... WITH NO SURVIVORS

Think it is in part a question of passing a certain threshold to become acceptable in the mind of the average Michel who may be proto-redpilled but still has ... Berührungsängste.^tfw&ref_url=

thanks for the bump du halb baecher

poetry in motion

>halb baecher
This thread is clearly the best one.

friendly reminder that just stating objective facts will get you reported to the police in this joke of a society

Every % counts.

To the moon boys!


why nudelfresser OP?

tay minus fuenf

V O L K U N D F Ü H R E R S T A T T N E G E R U N D S Y R E R!

Heil Högge :---D
Mergel ins gas :DDDD
Frau inne Güche xD
Mosel raus aus deuddschland :--DDD

Oder-Neiße grenze oder NICE GRENZE

also jungs ich hab ein plan
und zwar,
wir teilen (nochmal) Deutschland in zwei stuck
am osten die komischen menschen wie uns
und am westen, ja , wie sgat man das
die commies und ihre refugees.
bau ein mauer frau weidel

You know what must be done...

Meine Oma kam damals aus Schlesien nach Bayern :D

we are all on the same page

There is really no reason to be happy about that.

>wir teilen (nochmal) Deutschland in zwei stuck
>am osten die komischen menschen wie uns
>und am westen, ja , wie sgat man das
>die commies und ihre refugees.
>bau ein mauer frau weidel
If that happens I hope Austria will let Bavaria join their country

Do we take Bavaria in?

>I would miss the Weisswurst...

It would be beyond ethnostate. It would be a soulmate state.

East Germany too though

the ozzies are on our side

i can see us organically joining up

Yes, we really might grow into an unstoppable force ... currently I am very entertained about how our lefties here helplessly flail with their meek little arms trying to stop the coming storm. I almost do pity them. I don't know if they truly realize that they have simply gone to far but they are surely aware that their time is inevitably coming to an end. My only question right now would be ... how do we then deal with our old K.u.K. heritage? I would favor to define any form of future ethnostate by our common Indoeuropean heritage but that may also create new issues...

what in the world has come over
what in heavens name have
you done

I think that genetic engineering will form the basis of the coming race.

everything is going our way at the moment

How will SPD ever recover?
Too bad this only means Germany will get shittier coalitions every time now. Groko+green, Jamaican etc

>Germany is literally dying
>"OMG!! 16% GUYS!!"

You are so fucked

Might still be tricky with the current knowledge base. We could maybe already do meaningful eugenics based on genetic screening of the parents ... and then only implanting fertilized eggs with the 'right' combination of genes from father and mother. However, we may know the function of a lot of genes but NOT how they interact with each other ... so you could select for a gene that looks beneficial but then create a true shitstorm of unforseen consequences due to interaction with other factors or the environment. Everything beyond that ... designing biological systems 'from scratch' is still science fiction (we even struggle to do that with 'simple' bacteria yet).

Population genetics however will become a useful tool but it is mostly practical for measuring the STATISTICAL consequences of certain genes on people's phenotype. But it would be a start...


Deutsche Mühlen mahlen langsam, Narr!

Come over here

you are südtirol?

dude germany litteraly IS AN ETHNOSTATE
it was the founding concept the land of the GERMANS
we are not german because of this land
germans who gone into the world generations ago have a right to return and will get citizienship when they prove german heritage.
this is the german ethnostate and we should not let the negers and judens take it away from us

und mahlen entsetzlich fein und mit genormtem korn!

Yeah gene hitchhiking is scary as fuck but we do have the tech to select embryos with the best genes. We are already mass murdering unborn children so why not select for good genes? In the future muscle growth, regeneration and put that spermwhale positive protein in our blood so we can hold our breath for an hour at a time

to know these were our grandparents, i feel nothing but shame