*blocks ur mars colony*

*blocks ur mars colony*
heh nothing personnel melon husk

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It just means colonists would ecentually lose all their muscle tone. The real problem is very weak magnetic field.

>Mars will be an entire colony of Traps

>Jupiter: 24.79
Holy shit.. must be so weird to walk there like you couldn't even jump


not only that, but:
atmosphere is mostly carbon dioxide
it rarely gets above freezing even on the equator
no plate tectonics
very thin atmosphere

I honestly don't see why we want to make a colony on it other than for monetary gain.

>walk on jupiter

Just wear a weighted suit.

the entire planet is made out of gas


>this counts as white in the US

I just rescued the solar colonization plans. How based am I?

colonisation is just a stupid space boy may-may, we evolved to like Earth and this planet is still here for us for billions of years to come, just learn to appreciate it and stay comfy

What are they being awarded for?

Is that an elf?

Terraforming Venus would be far more expensive but more profitable in the long run.
Shit is basically Earth but fucked up by being too close to the sun.

Everybody knows venus will be the true new homeland

Dumb brap posters

What about this picture says america to you kraut shitposter

the guy probably lives in eastern russia or something

>other than for monetary gain
Because man overcomes you joyless cunt.

This is you:

isn't it obvious? we told you there's nothing but subhumans there, but you just had to ally them

Those are the people who were raping your nan in the 40's.

>Terraforming Venus would be far more expensive

Based on what estimates? Quite honestly, there is a very good argument that real terraforming of Mars is far far far more expensive and unrealistic than Venus. Not to mention that you can never change the gravity on Mars, making Mars terraforming an idiotic proposition in the first place.

we'll all be dead by the time any of this happens who cares

teraforming is a luxury even a type 2 civilization could barley afford, let alone our 0.7 asses, if any significant population is to live off earth it will happen on rotating habitats as building and maintaining them is a lot cheaper and logical, the planetary colonies will be a dick measuring competition, nothing more

gud goy, stay on your Mother Earth, everything will be fine!

If I was on Mars how long would I be able to run around holding my breath with just jeans and a hoodie before I died?

You could give Mars more mass, thus increasing gravity, but the problem with that is it would probably incorporatw smashing large bodies into it. Then you'd have to wait centuries or so for the bloody thing to re-congeal and cool-off, unless the whole thing's blown out of its orbit by the impact, in which case forget it.

This is what Martians look like. Still not want that colony?

The bigger problem is the cosmic radiation. It would be like Australia x100. Everyone would get cancer after a few weeks

Oneil cylinder in orbit is most practical "colony"

Can send automated or remote controlled systems down to planet to research or exploit resources.

Terraforming is energy intensive. The surface ain't worth it. Just build a rotating hab with 1950s niehborhoods on the inside, like oniel invisioned.

This is the game plan. That's why erybodys talking moon bases. Moon is best place to construct large scale habs.

I want it even more if it means I can have a Dejah Thorris waifu

That's not the problem. An atomosphere will protect against that, similar to Earth.

The problem is that Mars's atmosphere is easily eroded because it's magnetosphere mysteriously fucked off millions of years ago. If you want sunny beaches and brisk breezes, you've got to figure out how to give the bloody red ball some sort of magnetic field protection.

They literally look like they're made of clay and on display in some museum.

>*blocks ur mars colony*


Couldnt you just wear a weighted suit with resistance bands built in it on mars that essentially adds the mass and resistance to even it out.

It is imperative that we become a type one civilization ASAP. If we do not humans will perish on Earth at some point in the future. We are truly on the cusp. It is possible humanity got this far before and left earth. It is possible we were seeded here. No matter what if we want to survive as a species for eternity we must colonize space.

How many niggers are on Mars?

This desu

>monetary gain
That's been the reason for all colonization throughout history

>Then you'd have to wait centuries or so for the bloody thing to re-congeal and cool-off,

Dude, if you want to increase Mars' mass to that of Earth, you would have to smash our Moon, Mercury and half of the steroid belt in it. And it would likely take hundreds of thousands of years for the shitty molten body to cool down.

Mars is a non-starter for colonization.

Venus on the other hand could be done in 200 yrs with current tech.

'mysteriously', dude its core is not a bad ass as earths chad-iron molten core

Magnetism, gravity, it's all the same energy, the ether. If we were to awaken Mars's consciousness using meme magic then it's electromagnetic field would project itself and the gravity would increase, we as a species just have to manifest it as such, same with Venus and making Mercury it's moon once again correcting it's rotation speed.
Any excess CO2 we can take from Venus and out it on Mars and any excess xenon from Mars we can put on Venus.
But this all must cone after Cred Forums (3+1 Reich) takes over Earth and ushers in a one world government connecting humanity to one frequency of peace and prosperity for all.

Venus is 864 degrees Fahrenheit (462 degrees Celsius)

That sounds like the most unbelievable, impossible course of action. Living in space stations with artificial gravity sounds more feasible than expanding mars.

Why aren't we just focusing on mining asteroids and manufacturing in space? This colonizing shit sounds like a huge waste of resources right now.

But colonization was a net loss every time.

>jumps over your mars colony


I had no idea the Bognadoff brothers had race mixed cousins.

Not really the biggest problem, actually its kind of nice if you want to go back home again some day.

The real danger of a trip to mars is human error, lack of experience in interplanetary travel and just human stupidity.

>Venus is 864 degrees Fahrenheit (462 degrees Celsius)

What is a sun shade? What is freezing out the CO2 in the atmosphere?

You do know it is way easier to freeze out large parts of an atmosphere than adding a whole damn nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere to a tiny planet?

>Thinks cooling a planet is easier than warming it.

Terra-forming Mars would take over a thousand years, but obliterating Venus's atmosphere made up of an extremely high amount of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, while simultaneously adding oxygen AND reducing the surface temperature of around 450 °C is something than can only be done in science fiction. With current technology the only thing that's possible is living in the sky on Venus

you guys realize that the mass of the planets is what keeps them in precise orbit around sun right?

Venus is made for cloud cities. Earth atmosphere is a lifting gas in the Venetian atmosphere and the temperature above the cloud line where the colonies would float is actually fairly comfortable. The only sticking point would be the acid rain but that's nothing a nice teflon coating can't handle.

Terraforming Venus would be a mistake. Floating cities are the way to go.

I just want to be an asteroid miner desu, don't give a fuck about the comfyness factor

No, Mars will have an entire colony of lanklet tall girls.

>Terra-forming Mars would take over a thousand years
Explain how.

>but obliterating Venus's atmosphere made up of an extremely high amount of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, while simultaneously adding oxygen AND reducing the surface temperature of around 450 °C is something than can only be done in science fiction.

If you have eliminatory school physics knowledge, you would know you can simply calculate the amount of cooling in a day from a completely shaded Venus very quickly. You can also calculate the current energy in the Venusian atmosphere. You will realize that a complete sunshade at the Sun-Venus Lagrange point held in place by a counter sun mirror at the L2 point can reduce the Venusian atmosphere temp to a CO2 freezing point within 70 to 150yrs depending on additional measures.

>you guys realize that the mass of the planets is what keeps them in precise orbit around sun right?
No, the mass does not do that.


>5 years mining platinum and gold on the asteroid belt
>finally get back to spain and sleep endless siesta with waifu
>You do know it is way easier to freeze out large parts of an atmosphere
How? we nuke the atmosphere and wait it to cool down?

Because Europeans brought slaves there and didn't care to exterminate all indigenous inhabitants. We just have to make sure to kill off all xeno scum on Mars before taking it

>walk on Jupiter
Sven, I...

This, you cant add or take away mass from mars or Venus without fucking with earth's orbit.

That only works because that asteroid doesn't have enough gravity to trap the exhaust from those boosters.

we have the capacity to do whatever the fuck we want in space. we just don't

>How? we nuke the atmosphere and wait it to cool down?

Sun shade. Very thin sun shades. You can build sun shades quite easily and solar sail them to the Lagrange point between the sun and Venus.

They even proposed this as a global warming solution for Earth (but only with a 2% reduction in solar radiation). eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2006-11/uoa-ssm110306.php

I was about to post that.
God you just want to fucking murder the cunt.

where the fuck are you going to get all that extra rock? The entire asteroid belt weighs about 4% as much as the Moon.

>I honestly don't see why we want to make a colony on it other than for monetary gain.
Literally the best gated community in the solar system, when earth goes full planet of the apes people won't even be able to float over there in rafts like they do today.

The center has so much pressure that the gas is compressed into a solid

a human couldn’t even make it to the solid surface they would have been crushed long before the.

If you watched The Expanse you’d Know this isn’t true.


>ywn single handedly rape an entire colony of weak martians with your x3 strength terran earth empire bros

>Not embracing the low gravity Space Jam

Suddenly... a frozen turd from the 80s takes out the whole ship. What could possibly go wrong?

Because gravity (or lack of it) is the one big thing that's keeping humans from colonizing mars.......

not to mention, the atmospheric pressure at cloudtop-level is basically 1 earth atmosphere. there'd be no explosive decompression issues...no need for vacuum sealing, etc. a 'leak' would be no more catastrophic than a door being left open on earth - making repairs easy and construction materials could be very light.


right, it's god that does that. literally do the math pls

>You will never defend your iron rich home from short clumsy brutes that keep bumping their heads on your tall ceilings whenever they stand straight
>You will never use your understanding of the difference gravity can make to snipe them from almost beyond the horizon
>You will never laugh at them as they pretend to be John Carter and jump way too fast breaking their noses when they fall
Silly Earthling, Mars is for men.

This looks like a movie poster of a movie i’d Like to watch

>Cloud cities


I want beaches and forests and animals and fish and oceans and rivers and helicopters, pls.

>right, it's god that does that. literally do the math pls

It is the centrifugal force vs. gravitational pull that keeps the planets in their orbits. It is NOT their mass. Their mass is part of the equation, not the reason for the orbits.

>earth but everywhere is afrika

A child would grow deformed in the womb in a low gravity environment, wouldn't it. We're best off ripping apart our neighboring planets and turning them into places that are actually fit to live.

Just move closer to the core where gravity is denser.


I can do helicopters, airships, sky islands, and maybe some kind of weird bird.

you can what you want but we'll have to take what we can get. i truly independent self-sufficient colony is thousands of years away imo

we can always have aquariums and zoos

i hope ripping up all these massive bodies nearby and significantly changing their gravitational pull doesn't have any effect on our orbit

>Swedish intellectuals

Who said anything about keeping our planet as a sphere? Far more efficient shapes.

terraforming anything would be retarded. colonizing other planets is retarded. make a dyson sphere and be done with it. easier then to simply mine random asteroids. many are worth more than the entire economy of earth in terms of minerals estimated on them, but no way to actually get them currently. going to anotehr planet and colonizing it and bringing resources to it and then extracting new oens for earth is retarded. just conquer your own planet and space around it and you will never need another planet.

I could fap to that movie


Convinced that is not his endgame.
He's going to be the first multi-trillionaire mining asteroids.
Not so dumb after all, is he fuckers?

far more efficient shapes than a sphere?
for orbiting around the sun?
idk seems like that might really fuck up the day night cycles too. feel like that could be bad

>mfw Mars colonization is actually a covert attempt to create a society of soyboys

But for what purpose?



>>You will never defend your iron rich home from short clumsy brutes that keep bumping their heads on your tall ceilings whenever they stand straight
That doesn't make a lick of sense.

Live underground. It's not like there's a view anyway
Mars has huge tunnels that might have been formed by past volcanic activity, they're ideal for that.
Elon Musk talked about underground bases, he hopes the Boring Company will develop underground expertise


Isnt a child in the womb is like in Zero-G liquid? Very similar to it, not much gravity could be needed. But after birth...It would be easy to a child to learn to walk, but bones could be fragile and the whole planet is very shitty. I wouldn't want a kid to be born on Mars knowing he can't go anywhere other than that small colony. Nothing much to do on Mars, not many places you can travel. You are like trapped there for a long time with no entertainment.

Yes. We build an Alderson disk.

It shouldn't be too difficult to build sleeping chambers on a large, slow centrifuge that simulates higher G. Also, genetic engineering may solve that problem entirely.

No this is very wrong, without gravity a fetus would literally develop into a ball of flesh, look it up.

if you added more mass you would have to make the object go faster to remain in the same orbit.

>steroid belt

Mars colony is a fucking stupid idea anyway, build ring worlds

no one tried it. maximum Chinese send fish eggs and watched them develop into embryos and concluded that was already a good news.

Because dismantling planets and asteroid belts for raw materials is so much easier than building some domes and tunnels?

Why go through the hassle of colonizing Mars (effectively ruining the native landscape) when it's easier to create gigantic rotating habitats using some asteroids.
Is "le Mars colony" the biggest meme of space exploration?

Literally yes, lol

No. Sun's mass is too high. Unless you are going to increase Mars several times nothing is going to happen.

so, what are they waiting for?

because rotating shit is hard. And there problems with it too, its an illusion of gravity, not gravity itself. Shit gets damaged, you organism can react in the unpredictable way.
You land on Mars and you can just let robots do the hard work. They install facilities that turn soil into oxy, water, and you just operate them 8 hours a Mars day.

>le mars colony meme
Never happening, especially considering that there are so many better options for colonization, like Antarctica, the deep sea floor, building floating megacities, space station habitats...

less like traps, more like ugly blobby soyboys

There is more to extra-planetary operations than simple space and resources. Man craves adventure, pioneering at an instinctive level we always need to know what is over the next hill. If technology allows, we will not stop until we reach the far side of possibility, we won't be able to help ourselves.

Jupiter got him

Ring Worlds are the real future

Exploit the ever living shit out of it's resources.

The biggest priority is and has always been geology. We're prospecting the place, not transforming it into a livable planet.

*creates cloud city 50km in the atmosphere where the temperature is 20c and the pressure is 1 Earth atmosphere and the air isn't corrosive*

Do you even know you goddamn much you need for a ringworld? It would take millennia to build, even with technology straight out of Star Trek.

In a world where carnival rides routinely break down and kill everybody, how feasible is it to build a very fragile balloon city an impossible distance away from Earth?

Nope, mass cancels out.

that still doesn't solve the cardiovascular system problem

Only good target to terramorph is Venus and its to expensive. Its better to do a fuckload of ONeil stations and hollowed Asteroids. You can spin them to have normal grav!


*how much

for graduating school.

Mars colony is stupid, we should be building fully functional orbital space stations using artificial spin gravity.

It’s also got no real atmosphere (the atmosphere is very small) and no magnetosphere. No iron core. It’s not very massive. About the only thing it has going for it it is a “miraculous” 24 hour (and 40 some minutes) day. What a cohenidence, a planet nothing like earth with moons nothing comparable to ours has nearly he same rotational period yet no other object does. That couldn’t possibly mean they’re somehow related like they used to orbit each other, could it? Nah, that’s silly goyim nonsense. Those mars rocks wound up here through other miraculous means

The point is that the fragility of any colony is going to be based on external factors largely outside of our control.

The more problems we have to mitigate, the more difficult it is to engineer something reliable, safe, and trustworthy.

By removing points of failure (gravity, atmospheric pressure, temperature, radiation, distance from earth) the construction of a colony suddenly becomes more realistic.

Bullshit, if you drop a pound of feathers and a pound of sand the sand will fall faster.

It doesn't have to be fragile. An Earth atmospheric mix of roughly 20% oxygen and 80% nitrogen is a lifting gas in the Venusian atmosphere. Combine that with perhaps some flotation devices of even lighter gases, something like nice, inert, helium, and that frees up a lot of weight for protective plating.

Balloons, blimps and airships were a reality on Earth long before we mastered other forms of flight. They are an intrinsically easier problem to solve than powered flight.

The problem of course is construction and delivery. I think some degree of prefab units which deploy during orbital descent to anchor themselves at the right atmospheric level, coupled with autonomous or remotely-controlled (perhaps from Venusian orbit by a manned spaceship) and it is feasible.

That's exactly what I was gonna say

We need to move to a more dense planet for training purposes.

Not in vacuum

As another point: Venus and Mars both lack a protective magnetic field, but the thick atmosphere of Venus creates a very small magnetic field which shields from solar winds, but only on the lee side of the planet, the dark side. So you could solve a big problem of radiation protection by having a drifting colony which stays in the dark side of the planet. This eliminates solar power as an option, but a Venusian colony could have turbines suspended by cables into the lower, windy reaches of the atmosphere.

Only because of air resistance.

>Why would we build a colony on a planet that would cost a fraction to launch missions from compared to Earth?

You Lando

Are you implying the space colonies of the future will be built by carnie engineers?

Africans still rape babies to cure aids, didn't prevent america from landing on the moon


Then why bother with people at all? Let's just send robots.

>The only sticking point would be the acid rain but that's nothing a nice teflon coating can't handle.

The atmospheric altitude of 50km where the pressure is 1 Earth atmosphere and the temperature is 20 celsius is high, high above the cloud line. No issue of acid rain.

*sits around on his high maintenance cloud city that has no access to resources apart from gas and energy*

>"Did the interplanetary shuttles with the materials for our expansion arrive yet?"
>"No, the investors abandoned us because they get nothing out of this place."
>"Oh, and that also means we have to throw some of the people overboard. We're running out of space and our hydroponics can't keep up. I propose the elderly."

Why not live on Space Stations they, we could build and launch Craft at a fraction of cost and more effectively

>mars born people will have longer thinner weaker bones due to less gravity.

this is probably a cockamamie idea and would be too risky to implement but couldn't you theoretically have two platforms in orbit

one that rotates on a schedule that keeps it on the sunny side long enough to collect and gather energy into batteries
then as it comes to the dark side you have a system of collecting them and replacing them with empty ones

I would love to be one of the first people to live on mars. Don't even care if it were miserable for the rest of my life. Man makes sacrifices and wants to explore

who do you think the soyboys fuck?

You could extract everything you need for plants from the atmosphere. CO2, H2SO4 and N2 have everything you need besides trace elements which would be almost entirely recycled.

Flat disk?


why doesnt anyone suggest this ever?

could you imagine trying to walk with all that shit making you wobble, getting weaker and stronger with the distance from the floor

Checked. But how? Literally everything we've sent melts because it's so f00king hot on the surface. Titan is where it's at boys. Titan is /ourmoon/

>full orbit Motorsports
yes pls

>xeno scum


Unless you also manage to efficiently build engines and living space out of CHON, there will be no space to house more people and production. Basically, you'd have to establish and sustain a nearly completely metal-less economy.

This. I don’t know why the “gas giants” lecture is still being given. These planets have liquid and solid components and likely molten metal cores. Earth has a gaseous atmosphere, but do we refer to it as a planet made entirely of gas?

can you imagine wearing 20 pounds of bullet proof armor and an extra 10 pounds of military gear while running around for a couple miles without wobbling around?

its called balancing my dude. put equal weight on both sides, and you dont wobble.

well first we must rid the world of the lesser races then you can have your space empire mutt.

Really, how much is there left to explore on Mars? We've mapped out the entire planet using satellites and had multiple landers analyze surface samples at various locations.

Do we really need to turn over every damn pebble to learn everything there is to know about the place?

German bringing the gas

We can pull water from Enceladus if we chose Titan as a moon base. German Anons, bring the gas to melt this bad boy.

Gravitational energy comes from the mass of an object all mass has gravitational energy

Not to us Anglos. Only net financial postitive colonial empire.
Colonies were a drain on all other countries because you didn't have the guts to replace natives by European stock.
Even when we didn't have the resource to start another Anglo breed (in Malacca) we imported Chinese to make Singapore instead of having to deal with Malays.
India was a mistake kept for purely strategic purposes and prestige.

> Enceladus
Sounds delicious

ayy lmao body shape, that's what would happen

No it isn't. It has a solid core, like every had giant

The fucking brainlets on this board

I wonder if we'll ever engineer extremophile bacteria to convert the CO2 to O2.

Easier to escape mars than earth, so it would be a stopping post

Exploration isn't about knowing more so much as it's about experiencing more. We basically knew what the moon was when we put men on the moon but we did it anyway because it's the pioneer spirit. I would legit live in a hole or bunker on mars for the rest of my life and love it just knowing I am doing something for humanity...people on earth could think "hey, there's a guy living on mars right now. How Cool!?" We need more shit like that in our world

Titan's really fucking cold though. There's no chance a man will ever canoe from source to outlet of the Vid Flumina.

By Azura!

Just stick a ton of chlorophyll into a membrane

>sending 20 people to mars with basic shit food and water is over 100 billion dollars
>hurr durr mars can be mined for iron

normies are so dumb it hurts

Why not terraform Venus by changing toxic atmosphere? It actually has plate tectonics. Venus could potentially be habitable if we get rid of a substantial part of its greenhouse effect.

>No issue of acid rain.
It would be for any tethers you have holding your floating cities or other equipment that's located on or near the surface.

>this planet is still here for us for billions of years to come

pretty sure there will be no humans anymore in like 1000-2000 years.

Because that's a stupid idea, the o2 will just oxidize everything at those temperatures. You have to convert co2 and hydrogen to water vapor first, to wash all the acid and stuff out of the atmosphere, then create oxygen.

The planets magnetic field, not magnets for you dummy.

He means without a magnetic field, a planet will lose its atmosphere. Literally leak gas into space (by having it knocked off piece by tiny piece by solar radiation).

all hail sminem

It might as well not. Show me something that can make it through the metallic hydrogen layer, and then we'll talk.

You jump as you stand up

Just have lasers to melt or move the incoming debris. Doesn't take much to alter the trajectory of the debris.

there is not a single planet is similar to earth. the most habitable one found had something like -50 degrees (weather suitable for human life)

space colonies are the future


why not just build that here and save the trip>?

More like 100 at current trends.

Does it blows any one else's mind that this is the surface of Venus? Or that we're capable of doing stupid shit like this?

>*random space rock smashes the windows*

Have fun being roasted alive

>he doesn't know about the star mining project

Don't listen to the space jews. Venus is completely habitable.

>He thinks Antarctica is real

This is where all Mexicans are originally from.

Daily reminder that the first flights to mars WILL include shitskins and they WILL be a multicultural colony!

looks like a layer of hell.

awesome pic

>Oneil cylinder in orbit is most practical "colony"
O'Neill habitats, Bishop Rings, Bernal Spheres-these are the only reasonable options for colonization of space.
Probably located close to asteroids or planetoids like Ceres

Loss of muscle mass is just part of the side effects. There would be countless long term abnormalities that would occur if prolonged stay on mars.


>walking on gas
Jupiter has no liquid, it is compressed gas all the way down. That includes metal gas near the core.


Just look at this, anons. Imagine the possibilities in another galaxy. This is just one of millions in our universe. Our squabbles are irrelevant to the grand scheme of the cosmos. Imagine the countless worlds and realities there. The different types of planets that are inconceivable to the mind of man simply because we haven't discovered them, and never will. We are bound to this rock called Earth, and have been for millennia. We will never reach Andromeda because of the laws that govern space. Hell, scientists are still debating whether or not Voyager has left the solar system yet, and we sent that fucker out over 40 years ago. Think about that anons. Humans weren't designed to live that long. Generations upon generations of humans and all we have to show for it is some fucking cold, soulless rovers on Mars and other hunks of metal scattered about our own solar system.

1488, German, gas comment. I like it.

I want a white ethno space

See any people being sent?

We breed plenty of traps here already.


Mars has no magnetosphere, and therefore cannot sustain an atmosphere.

Who could've thought THIS could exist in such a seemingly empty universe? How can we comprehend the sheer size and scale of the thing that has captivated humanity for its entirety? For fucks sake people still think zodiac signs still influence their life. We don't deserve the stars.
>t.Carl Sagan's ghost


Cloud cities are the genocidal version of flying cars.

>Our squabbles are irrelevant
Our squabbles are literally the only relevant thing by being the only thing in the universe that can define relevance.

But that will take tooo looooooooooonnggg

Over astronomical timespans, sure. But for human purposes, it might be doable.

He's talking about the magnetic field of the planet you fucking moron. I don't even know what youre talkong about.

> global warming
But..the earth isn't warming....or at least not enough to consider doing something like this....

Conception and development of a fetus is probably impossible on Mars, too.

It's only about 2.5X earth gravity at the "surface" though.

Genetic engineering. Or pills.

No muscle atrophy, no problem.

What if we crash Europa into Mars? Europa is full of frozen ice, Mars has no water. The comined mass of the two would be more equal to Earth. Problem solved

>Daily reminder that the first flights to mars WILL include shitskins and they WILL be a multicultural colony!

of only expert-level high IQ volunteers

There is a great one of these artists renditions with someone who looks just like Trump in the foreground.

It would be better compared to living in Australia
. Rather get cancer then stabbed by sudo-sun

Can they at least identify large deposits of rare earth metals worth mining out of Mars?

>inb4 100 years of heavy Mars mining diminishes the planet significantly enough to throw off the gravitational balance of the solar system

If you introduced new mass at the same velocity it would maintain nearly the same orbit. So, balance out how you're slamming things into it and it would stlil maintain its orbit, or you could put it in a higher or lower orbit with various amounts of eccentricity.

This is basic rocket science.

"Wow! You're the Grand Champion! I saw your fight against the Gray Prince! You're the best! Can I... Can I follow you around? I won't get in the way!"

if you believe in evolution, what's the fuckin problem? Humans will thrive differently on a different environment right?

Semantics. It'll take centuries for terraforming to occur. The only choice humanity has is finding an exoplanet that is already suitable for living. The problem is that detecting earth-sized planets is almost damn near impossible with currenty tech. So, therefore, we must
>find an exoplanet
>must be in the habitable zone
>must not be tidally locked or f00king yuuge like Gliese 581 g because of gravity (that solar system is only about 20 light years away.)
>must actually be able to travel to in a human's life-span (Kepler 22b is over 580 LIGHTYEARS AWAY)
>must not crash on impact lol
Even traveling to the nearest star system (Alpha Centauri) will take 100 years with current tech, which is like a fucking space probe, not human cargo. This is the ultimate black pill. See "Project Longshot".

We would all be 9 foot tall giantmen. DO IT

It is becoming too mundane. It no longer feels like the final frontier.

Why wouldn't they just mine asteroids at that point it would be easier

We did it with rats. They just had inner ear problems, as far as we saw.

Where do you get your materials?

comfy thread desu

only fags need gravity. zero g space stations is the real deal. planet fags gtfo. who needs bones anyway if you wheigthless..

>who needs bones anyway if you wheigthless..

weightless doesn't mean 0 mass, you still have advantage with bones and muscles

Or planetoids like you're mom :D

It’s bretty cool

Where did gravity evolve from

Venus would just be the africa of our solar system anyway. Literal niggerplanet

Most normal facial structure.

His spirit has risen from the grave

The surface is solid hydrogen but that doesn't make it any better.

a whole planet of BRAAAPT gases. sign me up

No point looking at it with today's technology. We cant even colonize antarctica with today's technology and that is basically super easy mode.

Mars colonization is something that will happen in one thousand years.

Re-melt the core. Start a fusion reaction down there.

gravity on mars is perfect. an elderly person with RA could run a marathon twice daily

>Spain colonizes the 2nd biggest island
>Somehow turns into a shithole still

By the time this would be viable i think many options would be open to power. Deflector arrays that then beam energy to the colony for example.


Bow before earth! Colonist scum!

we just need Quaid to start the reactor faggot

This. Venus is the Patrician choice.

We need to stay on earth, there is no way around it, we can not escape earth at least not in the next 1000 years. We NEED to save earth.

Colonizing planets and terraforming are just shitty memes. Orbital colonies with centrifugal 'gravity' are how to colonize space.

You guys are looking at this the wrong way. This just means martian soldiers will be able to wear armors which are twice their weight (for example, a 80 kg soldier could wear 160kg in armor) and would feel the same as he would naked on earth. Plus, he could wear an additional ~30kg armor, which would make it equivalent to some heavy armors we have in here (I picked the number from a Russian one I saw that weighed 10kg, maybe a soldier could feasibly carry even more)

its ez in spore

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Check out the gravity on Jupiter. Let’s colonize that big mother fucker!

Jupiter is /fit/

How about terra forming the moon, after trying in out in some asteroid, by bringing it to the Goldilocks zone?

they'll be lanky for sure

Earth population(Humans) is declining, let's send only niggers and machines.

3,7 m/s^2 is not even that bad actualy, you just have to do some training if you want to stay /fit/.
>run a lot for impacts and cardio
>lift weights 2,64 times as heavy as you would do on earth
>maybe spend some time in a centrifuge that simulates high gravity like 15 m/s^2
Venus is hell, quite litterally:
>acid rain
>high pressure
>high temperature
Mars is great for colonisation, moon is great as a shipyard:

Mars has lots of:
>24 hour 39 minute 35 second day, easy to adapt for humans
Verry usefull to build and refuel ships.

Moon has:
>helium 3
>verry low gravity
>low delta V requirements from and especialy to earth (1730 m/s to low moon orbit, another 3330m/s to earths athmosphere)
>requires no special launch window to travel back
>fast comunication with earth
Verry usefull to construct and recycle larger ships and fuel fusion reactors, sending stuff to earth could be done bay mass accellerator (gigant railgun)

What about a single rock hurtling through space zipping through at 6 gorillion mph and bricking the whole joint vs. a nice comfy atmosphere to burn them up?

Of course a space station requires some shielding and emergency procedures, for example some Whipple shields and emergency patching and evacuation plan as well as telescopes watching for larger objects to avoid.

You cant fix the atmosphere without being there to put in a fuck shit up by putting heavy gases in the air.
aka, put some fukn carbon in it

>put some fukn carbon in it
It already cosists mainly of carbon dioxyde.

then put some algea on the surface of mars
but put them in bio containers that shield it from radiation but also be like a large potted plant.
then have the oxygen released and carbon allowed sucked in.

send all obese people to mars

But mexicans are brown dwarves.



Theoreticly you could use a pressurised container filled with martian athmosphere at roughly 1000 hPa and 10 °C with sun exposure to grow plants wich convert CO2 to O2 and food that way.

A very anti-semite planet indeed...

then by all reason why are we getting all upset about some magnetic sphere being weak.

got a way to make food, reinforce the atmosphere and make oxygen for us which we can live and naturally produce an atmosphere over time.

Hell we can make our own advanced magnetic field since we have the power to create extremely strong magnets, we can put that shit on both the north and south poles to create such a field. which will help us also in the long run.
which we can then do the same thing as said earlier, make food, and make that shit produce the atmosphere for us.

>ruining the landscape of a bunch of dirt and rocks
"wow what a huge loss, its not like theres infinite amounts of planets with dirt and rocks out there in space!"

>why are we getting all upset about some magnetic sphere being weak
Radiation exposure is more harmfull to humans than to plants.
>reinforce the atmosphere
Not realy, except you are talking about evaporating the icecaps...
>produce an atmosphere over time
We lack the nitrogen and a way to keep the athmosphere there...
>extremely strong magnets, we can put that shit on both the north and south poles to create such a field
Not at that scale...

mars colonization is 100% a meme. Perhaps in 1000 years or whatever time scale is long enough that we have technologies we can't imagine today, but there's no point in thinking about it now. Mining asteroids though, perhaps that is actually viable?

smoker's lungs get more radiation than people in the internation space station.

>not at that scale
Not yet

I prefer we try to hit moon tier and do some shit like Planetes.

if they let niggers into space we shall know we failed

>mars colonization is 100% a meme
Not exactly, it is possible with current technology, but only with enclosed ground stations.
> internation space station
The ISS is within the magnetic field of the earth.