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>The Basics of Christianity,
This one I highly recommend to people wanting to relearn the faith, learn of Catholicism, or simply learn Christianity better.

>The Papacy and Church Authority

>The Communion and Intercession of Saints

>Sacred Tradition and its Connection to Scripture

>The Problem of Evil and the Problem of Hell

>Galileo, Giodano Bruno, and Wycliffe

>Why Mary is called "Queen of Heaven".

>The "Whore of Babylon"

>The Origin of the Hail Mary

>Scripture on Christian Unity

>For the Community: Tales of Love

>For the Community: The Beauty of Creation

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dead thread, dead religion

I just went to the best church last night.

Russian Orthodox Holy Virgin Cathedral in San Francisco.

Resounding choir, chanting monks, incense, processions, young parishioners, pretty girls covered in veils, candles.

It was like a Catholic Church in the 1970's

Dead church == dead Germany.

My most recent trips back to the Fatherland motivated me to start attending church again, because I saw what happens to aetheist societies

- they go extinct.

>Atheist society
>biggest party is the Christian Party
>almost 60% Christians in Germany
>around 30% Atheist

Shut up mohammed

They do not attend church. Nobody under 50 years old goes to church in Germany and it (plus feminism) is the direct cause of your lower than replacement birth rate.

HOw frequently do you visit? I am unsure of how many times to go.


I try to go every Sunday, but really probably only get every other week.

The hardest part has been finding a non-SJW church in the SF Bay Area. This service is in Russian, so even if it is offensive I don't understand it. But, knowing Russians it is probably a based service and it feels very spiritual and their saints listen to my prayers.

>They don't go to Church so they aren't real Christians
How would you even know how often the German nation attends?

Cool, I am trying to find some like minded youth to go with. I am trying to go every weekend. Is it a russian orthodox church you go to?

Why are there only shit tier heretics on this board who think they are Christians for being Catholic? Wow, you guys are just nuts. The POPE ("holy father") has no right over the Bible to determine what's good and what's bad. He can't make anyone into a "Saint" only GOD can determine who's a saint. Saints don't answer your prayers, only through Jesus can you talk to the Father, he's the only way to the father.

Catholics are being cucked by their pope and leaders to accept Islam into their churches as well... One of the main reasons why I'm not a church going protestant or a catholic or an orthodox christian. Especially after gay marriage, gays that do not REPENT can't go to heaven.

Only mortal sin is a sin you haven't turned away from, God bless.

Yes. Around here it is either Russian Orthodox or Mormonism. Mormonism is too secretive for my tastes and I like Slavs. And the aesthetic of the Russian Orthodox Church is incredible.

I know that none of my friends nor relatives attend except the older generations and when I attended it was just geezers, geezers everywhere.

Meant especially after the legalization of gay marriage. But I think you guys are based enough to get that.


Mormonism is part of Freemasonry which is even against Catholic belief, you should never join up with Mormons.

Don't go lumping Orthodox into that bin. They still hate the Kikes and fags.

I am a Hitlerite and he eschewed secretive organizations. So do I. Hence skipping Moromonism.

Thanks for the concern though.

Are you a sedevancist?

I'm starting to read the bible (CEV) but I have one concern. Do I NEED to join a sect? can I get baptised at any church and follow the bible myself?

>>biggest party is Christian Party
In what ways is the CDU christian other than its name?

Orthodox, Catholics, and to an extent Anglicans will tell you that bible study is not enough, and that you need to participate in the sacraments.

I think it's just a problem on your end buddy.

How is the CDU not Christian?

I hold no denomination as my personal identification. I find hive minds hard to identify with, I'm an outcast by nature that's the reason I don't deal with denominations. It's one of the enemy's tactics.

Are they right?

German culture is in a lot of danger with the insane amount of immigration, and I'd say that destroying the Christian culture is inherently anti Christian. Although I don't know how to say that it is or isn't christian from a legislative standpoint. No matter where I look it seems like the Christian part isn't even considered.

CDU is not Christian in the same way DDR wasn't democratic.

If Germans are not attending church, they are not Christian. Feminism and cuckoldry is the new religion of Germany and if you don't erwachen soon, Hitler will have died for nothing.

She does as the Bible and the Pope tells her to do. If you don't agree with what she does, you should consider another religion
>If Germans are not attending church, they are not Christian
But they do. Where do you have this from?
>if you don't erwachen soon
Well, if we want to awake we need to lose the iron grip of Judeo-Christianity first.
Why would you save such an picture. You disgust me.

Kinky painting.

Very nice

You can follow a "gospel" from the 3rd century and that would be OK, since you don't have denom

Looks very nice, have more pictures?

Christ as a manlet?

Ahh, I finally understand your perspective. You are looking to resurrect the old, pagan gods and avoid the kike on a stick religion.

So, I will go a little into my theology:

Jesus Christ was an enlightened Jew who accused his fellow Jews of having strayed from the truth. He was particularly harsh to the Pharisees (rabbis). In reaction to this, the Pharisees convinced Rome to kill Christ. So, he voluntarily died on the cross, recognizing his sacrifice would make a more powerful martyr that could save more souls.

Fast forward a few millennia and we see Christ's gambit worked well and his teachings took root in a people who could accept them. Europeans are now the chosen people.

But lo, the Jew has returned to subvert God's society again, so he sends another messiah in the form of Hitler. Hitler says we should hold to Christian values, but also blend them with our native beliefs so that we can stay strong enough to repel attacks from Jews and others who would harm us.

All gods are real. /pol summoned Kek and Identitarians are trying to summon Wotan / Odin. The Christian God is the most powerful both because of the societal benefit of his message and because so many believe and *practice* their belief ( by attending church, praying, etc.) but that does not mean that we don't need other gods from time to time.

Kek helped us bring about the chaos, Wotan will use this opportunity to rebuild a European warrior mentality and God orchestrates it all.

Regarding the pic, I just pulled it from interwebs and missed the concentration camps in the background. I will modify it to show the dead Germans who sacrificed themselves alongside Hitler to be joint martyrs to bring us the truth. With our help, Hitler's soul is truly rising from the grave to show the world he was right.

Moral: Go to church! (And praise Kek and awaken Wotan)

>Matthew 5:14
>“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.



Are you a schizo or just larping?

Christ was no Jew at all. The Edomite ancestors of modern Jews only lived among the Judeans (who were white) since 120BC when the civic nationalist king John Hyrcanus let them in if they would convert their religion.

Pharisees and Sadducees were religious sects, the former believed in the Talmud (known then as the "tradition of the elders" before it was later written down) and the latter were atheists.

White Europeans are the descendants of the Israelites and have always been the chosen people.

Christ did not die just to be a martyr, but I shall not go into that for the moment.


Its what the apostles and early members of the christian faith did... Why all of a sudden do we need ANY group to tell us what is right? One thing that the churches these days are lacking is in wisdom, critical thinking skills and strong faith in God.

This might interest you on paganism.
>all gods are real
That is not the case. Deuteronomy 32:16-17 identifies gods as demons. St paul does the same in his letters on why one should not eat meat offered to idols with pagans, because it would be "eating at the same table with demons". The other cases where gods would be real would be either: angels that are worshiped against their will, or famous men of old who are worshipped. According to Roman Catholics a good majority of the old norse gods are famous ancestors and war heros of the Nords, and were real, same goes for a certain extent of homer's oddessey and Illiad, St Augustine affirms that the Trojan war happened and believes that there was a Hektor and Achilles who were pretty much like the ones in the myths. Howver St Augustine also says that the vast majority of the Greek and Roman gods are simply demons, while there are a few, like Aesclipius, who were famous men who were worshiped later, like Caesar. Believe it or not worhsip of Julius Caesar was originally just a joke and not to be taken seriously. Nero was the one who wanted to be actually seen as a god, although he was religliously a Skeptic.

>They provoked him to jealousy with strange gods, with abominations provoked they him to anger.
>They sacrificed unto devils, not to God; to gods whom they knew not, to new gods that came newly up, whom your fathers feared not.

Well unless you are a pagan. I'm just arguing on grounds of Catholic Theolgoy

Respectable opinion but I can't agree
This does not change the fact that God chose the Jews first and send Jesus to Israel. The gentiles were always a second thought.
This also does not change the fact that Christianity accepts *everyone*, wether Nigger or Jew or Aryan, they are all on the same level.
This compared with love for your fellow christian and love for the weak is the most anti-German thing imaginable.
If all we need to get rid of Yahweh, is making people stop believe in him then that's perfect.

>so he sends another messiah in the form of Hitler
>The Führer is deeply religious, though completely anti-Christian. He views Christianity as a symptom of decay. Rightly so. It is a branch of the Jewish race. This can be seen in the similarity of their religious rites. Both (Judaism and Christianity) have no point of contact to the animal element, and thus, in the end they will be destroyed. The Führer is a convinced vegetarian on principle.
>Goebbels Diaries, 29 December 1939

>I will modify it
It's still disgusting. What's up with you Christians and your love for weakness and death? Why do you hate beauty and strength so much?


>Worst of all, however, is the devastation wrought by the misuse of religious conviction for political ends. In truth, we cannot sharply enough attack those wretched crooks who would like to make religion an implement to perform political or rather business services for them. These insolent liars, it is true, proclaim their creed in a stentorian voice to the whole world for other sinners to hear; but their intention is not, if necessary, to die for it, but to live better. For a single-political swindle, provided it brings in enough, they are willing to sell the heart of a whole religion; for ten parliamentary mandates they would ally themselves with the Marxistic mortal enemies of all religions-and for a minister's chair they would even enter into marriage with the devil, unless the devil were deterred by a remnant of decency.

>If in Germany before the War religious life for many had an unpleasant aftertaste, this could be attributed to the abuse of Christianity on the-part of a so-called ' Christian ' party and the shameless way in which they attempted to identify the Catholic faith with a political party.This false association was a calamity which may have brought parliamentary mandates to a number of good-for-nothings but injury to the Church.The consequence, however, had to be borne by the whole nation, since the outcome of the resultant slackening of religious life occurred at a time when everyone was beginning to waver and vacillate anyway, and the traditional foundations of ethics and morality were threatening to collapse.This, too, created cracks and rifts in our nation which might present no danger as long as no special strain-arose, but which inevitably became catastrophic when by the force of great events the question of the inner solidity of the nation achieved decisive importance.

Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf

>quoting the jewbook
do you realize that you are enabling the enemy?

paganism has survived throughout the ages, but remained underground because you crypto-jews were acting like savages.
>inb4 muh strong religion
no, you had imperial backing.

As for the "larping" thing. we have sources on pagan religion, especially greco-roman.
furthermore there are religious groups all throughout europe. they recently got accepted in greece. your kike religion literally accepted judaism and islam over european religions and you dare talk about us you spiritual semite?


Okay, would you prefer if I say Wotan is Archangel Michael in a different form?

>Table Talks
Read again

>people who did not grow up in a real germanic society arent like germanics
yeah we know. your religion has sought to do that.

everything can change and improve. why dont you address the fact that racemixing happened after christianity arose in europe?

Except that white Greeks died out. ALl that there is left are their slavic slaves and the slavic slaves that mixed with turks. That or God forbid, some Greeks were raped, but most were put to the sword. Imagine that there are more real white Greeks in Russia and Italy than Greece

No unless you have evidence. You cannot just say "Michael is wotan". You need the two stories to be almost identical, or damn close, and then a Church Father or Saint who was an expert on the Pagan religion in question. To verify

read this king of the jew worshipper. dna studies have shown that greeks are largely the same.

A good example would be the Babylonian story about the Tower of Babel. Its almost the same as the one in Genesis, except that the moral of the story is in reverse. Their god who does create the flood is at fault and humanity was innocent and the trickster "god" of lies (not exaggerating here) was the one who wanted the tower to be built and is the hero of the story. Can I find a church father on this one? Maybe if I looked but I have other things to do at the moment.

This is just rediclous. I remember that there were earlier studies during the Victorain era that disagreed with that completely. NOt to mention this is something well documentde in Greek primary sources, tha tthe Greeks were raped by Turks or massacred.

I'm not kidding about Russia and Italy though. Probably a lot more white Greeks in Russia than Italy though, simply because Russia is just more remote. Ancient Rome virtually enslaved all of Greece and Russia of course has it's connections to the Eastern Orthodox church and all that

mass rapes were infrequent, are either from (((orthodox))) sources or during war times, which isnt enough to change the demography of greece.

furthermore turks are asiatic and are a minority, even in modern day turkey, which makes it impossible for us to be turks.
we have a higher admixture of slavs and armenoid peoples due to your religion.

>Probably a lot more white Greeks in Russia than Italy though,
nonsense the only greeks are in crimea
>Ancient Rome virtually enslaved all of Greece
no they were fairely civil except a few cases

>Ancient Rome virtually enslaved all of Greece and Russia of course has it's connections to the Eastern Orthodox church and all that

ALexander the Great had blond hair ( or red according to some anons) depending on your translation, and his father Philip was a genuine pure full blooded Greek, since he was allowed to compete in the Olympic Games. Another thing as that Greeks today look like slavs, Greeks had slavs waay back thousands of years before christ was even born, That would not verify if they are real Greeks and everyone knows that the Turks are racemixed rape babies, they are called Roaches for a reason. I'm sorry but "greeks" in greece just look sandy. Ive seen pictures of "Russians" that look like the real deal though, some had colonies way out there in the day, so good for them for having kids but no, the Turks raped and ruined Greece and pissed on its' genetic heritage,. It's a painful truth


no christcuck can refute they will never accept that they've done more harm than good

can you explain why southern italians and especially sicilians cluster with greeks even though there were no turks there?


Im sorry but I will just repeat what I said. Greeks had lots of non white slaves, especially slavic slaves. Before the turn of the 20th century their biological tests say that the Greeks of their day were not real greeks of fame and reknown. Blatent History disagrees since the stories are truly horrific, and also in the middle ages there were complaints that there too many Slavs in ancient Greece and that Greeks were being driven out. To say there hasnt been migration or fucking around with genetic samples is just nativitee

and white slaves

Another thing is that Greece and Italy, because they had different tribes and white ethnic groups, had more variety with hair color. While black and brown would probably be more common, red hair and blond hair, Especially red hair in Italy, was just more common among natives than it is today. For example, Spartans were understood to be shemites, white shemites, because of this reason I imagine the greek statues with red hair probably have a connection to them or their ancestors. Those who did have black hair had very fair skin when they stayed indoors. So there were different groups and some of these groups anren't that common anymore this is just the way it looks.

Also Augustus had blond hair, and cato the elder had red hair. Augustus had ancestors that had red hair. I'm just saying there's been migrations and not the same variety of whites that there used to be and there have been some groups that have died out and other large sections of Greece that have been taken over by turkic rape babies or it's been taken over by the white slaves that did liv ethere. And I'm sad to say it but ti's true.

Also something Interesting, the Russian Czars apparently had some Roman ancestry in there, how much I cant say, but it's in their name; Romanov. Sure there is the word "roman" in Romanov but "Ov" is thereally interesting part, since it is pronounced the same was as the word "Av" is pronounced. Av means father in ancient Hebrew. So RomanOv literally means "romanfather" I'm not Orthodox but it's just something I uncovered

I found someone once that looked just like Marcus Agrippa. So you know, there's hope and all but hope seems to be found in strange places

then you don't need the bible, since you have the spirit.

The Bible is the canon so to speak and its a tool for God to speak to us literally and so that we can tell what's right and what's wrong, having no foundation like the bible would be dangerous even if you had the spirit as you could be easily led astray or slip and fall.

Its hard to explain but sola scriptura is a good way. Sort of to think about what I'm trying to get to.