Get in here

>Fast and Furious
>IRS scandal
>FISA memo
>FBI and DOJ corruption and treason

It's all coming out, the truth about all of it


AND MORE are being actively investigated right now, the truth is going to blow the political landscape to smithereens.

Listen to the AUDIO (link related)

>Fast and Furious

We got fucked hard on that one. Bump.


don't look at this thread guyze, you should totally reply to the BLACKED threads instead


I call BS

Friendly reminder that those satanic cabal pedo murderers are untouchable.

They own everything and everyone in a possition of power.

JUST congressman

Trip dub. Shut it Down.

>mongrellus eat mongrellus
it's actually lovely how the mongrellus helps a rich elite establish authoritarian structures

The Democrats are about to reap all they have sown, the whole corrupt anti-American shit show is going to be laid bare in front of the unforgiving gaze of the American people.

There is no coming back from this, and the more they retreat to the left, the tighter an ideological corner they paint themselves into, the less chance they have of ever challenging for the Presidency again, it might mean only a new party can hope to challenge for power.

fugg off with your defeatist attitude



All should be executed for treason.

You overestimate Americans. This isn't the 1950s anymore.

fuck off this is advertising

Its not a defeatist attitude senpai, we must destroy THE WHOLE FUCKING SYSTEM.


There's no fucking justice for the poor.

im 100 percent fed up with this advertising

>tfw politikikes laugh in your face while destroying your country and acting unlawfully, but nothing will ever happen to them.


>the truth is going to blow the political landscape to smithereens.

sigh. I take it you are too young to remember chapaquiddick.

Teddy Kennedy threw a party on an island for a few guys and some female staffers. Teddy takes one on a drive down to the beach for a fuck. She left all her stuff at the cottage because they were not leaving.

Drunk Teddy drives off a bridge into water. Drunk Teddy spends the rest of the night and the next day trying to salvage his political career. Only after someone else realized that hours later he had not reported it were they able to persuade him to call it in.

All evidence said that she was alive for a long time before dying in the car.

A map of the island, which was seldom published, shows that his story was full of shit. They were going to the beach and he fucked up.

Teddy never faced any real legal issues because rich Kennedys own Massachusetts.

Teddy was re-elected until he died.


I disagree, well not entirely, you are correct about the media ignoring liberal misdeed, but I think this is going to be different.

For a start we now have the internet, legacy media while still powerful is on the wane, also I think that when Americans see that Democrats were behind the violent death of a US diplomat, were allowing and actually facilitating gun running for cartels and others, guns by the way that may have been used in crimes that resulted in the deaths of US citizens and law enforcement personnel I think they'll react a bit differently to the barely covered story of a relative of a dead president getting drunk and accidentally killing a whore.

It's not just that stuff though, what about Uranium one? That shit is going to be very hard to suppress, giving nuclear material to the Russians who the liberal media are busily portraying as the bogeyman, what else might come out? The cash to Iran? What about funding of ISIS? What about self declared Wahhabiist Brennan in charge of the CIA while US forces are being ambushed by Wahhabiists?

I think there is going to be a steady trickle of major scandals coming to light, and democrats along with some Republicans are going to be completely exposed and discredited in ways that have never been seen before, I think the word treason is going to crop up and I think it's going to be used in relation to the very top echelon of the Obama administration.

Yeah. Don't blame America, plz. We didn't want armed cartelys.

They aren't. All that holds their peace is our fear of self sacifice. I admit, I don't want to throw it all away just to take out one possible nwo kike.

>we now have the internet,


but everyday I read about youtube, facebook, twitter, and others clamping down on "hate", meaning anything that challenges their worldview.

I hope you are right and they don't manage to control normies, aka idiots.

Someone redpill me on fast and furious please.

You aren't wrong. We need a new way to get the info out. Social media is blatantly censoring every day. We really need mutiny in the alphabet agencies but I don't know if there are even enough people within who care enough. Or are brave enough. Brave enough to risk assassination.

John McCain and friends selling guns to cartelys.

CIA gives weapons to cartels.

Nah, You burgers are cool. More and more people are realizing that the US isn't our "enemy". We just have to work together and secure our borders from drugs and illegal aliens.

Fuck them to hell and beyond.

Trump needs to get off his ass and lower the hammer on these fucking cocksuckers. He has to fold up the demofaggots and crush them as a party, once and for all. There is no element of their party with any morals, integrity, or sense of justice. They want brutal, total control, and the only way to destroy them is to expose exactly how bad they are to the world.

Obama killed millions, weaponized the government against America, and tried to destroy us. He needs to burn.

There is no "may" about F&F. They flat out found guns they walked over the border at the scene. That makes obunga and holder accessories to murder.

I have no doubt about it, this is why I think it's such a big deal, Obama and co has a lot of American blood on their hands and that is something that will enrage the American public in a way that nothing before has done, once the facts are laid out in front of them and they realise what was happening during the Obama presidency the Democrats are done.
It's fucking over for them.

Yeah, your government literally sent guns to cartels which resulted in deaths on both sides. It was fucking retarded.

did any of you faggots see this earlier?

What the fuck is this?

Is that it? Nothing else?

And btw can we talk about how the US media is trying to get mexicans to hate US citizens? They're pushing a narrative that implies that ALL MEXICANS hate the US. Which is not true. We want to work together not hate eachother Jesus.

>Is that it?
...many law enforcement officers and citizens have been killed by bullets fired from those guns.


whats it look like? tell the class so maybe they will pay attention.

LARPing honestly.