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>Subjects to be offered to to pupils who opt out of religion '

>Political vacuum must be avoided, McDonald warns

>Minister says charity sector will always be needed

>Cork central to success of Project Ireland 2040

>EU pushing for NI to stay in customs union

>"I just saw the front page and said f*** that' - FF TD reacts to poll ratings

>Dáil committee is talking to unionists to prepare for a possible united Ireland

>1916 relatives lose battle against the State in case over Moore Street

>Seanad seat should be filled by someone with a unionist background, says senator

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Anyone else see this post before he deleted it? Absolute hothead.

Brit/pol/ won't last till 2019 edition

What do you guys think of the big 2040 plan?

Absolutely sick. They want us to abortion are own and bring in foreigners. End me senpai

Fucking disgusting, we need to get rid of these fuckers as soon as possible

posting gearoid until we get a good fashy 32 county republic

while i don't want to ruin the sanctity of my gearóid posts, i have set up an éire/pol/ discord as the last one got shoahed

discord gg/hz6agH

Will the real Ceann Comhairle please stand up

The only Irish man I have ever talked to was a huge pussy. He hated Islam but claimed that there were no difference between races and Ireland would be the same if they were all black. I told him to give it a decade and he'll see things differently. He said people tell him he's racist a lot. Like most places, it will get much worse.

What is this.

Why don't you stand up and not be a lazy prick

What we must stop


Yea sadly there's alot of em over here. I think it's that they want to try and fit in and act groundbreaking when in reality they are destroying their own society. It doesn't help that we have only one media outlet that forces libreal cock down your throat

More gifs of deadly doggos

>comments are disabled on this video
>likes/dislikes disabled

It's like they know everyone hates their propaganda

I remember in my younger days we had one friend who was anti immigration and everyone used to call him a rascist. I've definitely changed my tune on that but I wonder if most of the others I knew have.

Quiet tonite lads. Whats da craic

We have a secret club, no meme flags allowed

Turning against your own now. Bad form lads


you would have to be pretty far gone to like it

It's a disgrace

I think we were all like that to be fair. I used to believe everything themedia said first hand but I think now we're finally waking up. It's good to see your movements you guys have set up over there as well. So it gives hope

What do ye think is the story with the 8th lads. Will it be upheld or repealed. Was thinking of putting a cheeky 20 on it staying as paddy power has repeal as the heavy favorite

I'm actually Irish been over here 5 years and it opened my eyes to what unchecked migration and liberalism can do. I really hope Ireland doesn't go.down the same path.

I think it will be fairly close certainly closer than fag marriage was

Anybody ever go to r/Ireland. Seriously felt disgusted after seeing it. Never seen such a leftist group who constantly wank themselves off and put down the Irish people. Always full of gay father Ted quotes and pictures of pints while saying things like sure we'll be grand. Fucking sickners the lot of them

No and I don't intend on visiting the place

More liberal babies for the bins.

Commencing louisber dump

I did once and it was horrible. You're dead right, that was the place to a tee


Last one (for now)

Tiochfaidh ar la

Too true that, fag marriage is something you can easily ignore, but abortion gets people's blood boiling.
The media would be in overdrive shilling abortion if they didn't know that the backlash would be far harsher than toward the marriage.
The fact that we even have an actual anti-abortion campaign, compared to the complete lack of any resistance to the marriage propaganda says enough.

Ah no way man I lived there for about six years are ye close enough to Woodlawn? I think Ireland is which is sad to see. I don't think the average person is opening their eyes to it. They have this attitude that oh we traveled the world in seek of work so why shouldn't others come here to get work. Which is absolute bollox. That's why I want to start a poster campaign to show people the truths. I hope we do realize before it's to late but I think we will just become another victim to the EU

People need to be made aware how fucking sick the process is particularly late term abortion. Pro abortion people are good at brainwashing teens into believing it's some clean process that is only performed in the first trimester

Good man. Stay away sometimes I go look at it just to see what the average leftist thinks. It's actually pretty sad

Commies gtfo

when i heard the gap was closing in the polls it was a really white pilling moment.
it starts by talking to people you know, most dont actually know what it entails, you have to show them

Why are the repeal crowd always so disgusting. No fella I know would go near that thing. Just pray it doesn't come in because I don't want to live in Ireland where that creature gets it way

They all hate themselves so want to kill babies

rotten minds cause rotten appearances

That's sad to hear nobody is waking up to it. I live in California and everyone wonders why there school system is a piece of shit when half the class is illegals who can't speak English.

Worse. They'll never get a man to stay long enough to give them a child so they become resentful they harbour a desire to tear the unborn from other mothers wombs.

Abortion is a woman's right you reactionary bigots

>murder is a right

If fat dykes can't have kids no one can

You should have been aborted.

people are waking up more everyday, many do not say so though.
think about how much you have to hide our powerlevel, and how different your opinions are from your outward apperance



Litreally the only argument leftists put forward towards abortion. And it's an absolutely shite one. Nice flag aswell you shitty troll

Great meme, friend. I've never seen that one before. Éire/pol/ is truly a powerhouse churning out fresh OC daily.

I don't think so man. Why should we be afraid to show our levels. Especially in a country like Ireland. I think we're seriously getting cucked but I hope we can wake up soon. Are media is absolutely sick. Paying a TV liscence to have that twat Ryan tuberty give Hillary Clinton a rim job for an hour. Why are we so invested in American politics when are current state is laughable

Ah man the Mexicans in New York were just as brutal. Why do libreals over there get in such a twist when you try to clamp down on ILLEGAL immigration


I don't think your in the right place
As for this meme flag, why you trying to false flag us with your feminist posters and demoralize the boys on their content when also promoting some e celeb beef. Get the fuck off this board

the media never was a trustworthy institution,
and TV licences are at an all time low.
i understand your sentiment, but time will tell.
as was said before, the fact that there even is a keep the eighth campaign should stand for something

Do you ever wonder why this general has died a death?

They've been brainwashed into reinterpreting anything even remotely anti-(nonwhite)foreigner into racism and all the rest of the wrongthink buzzwords. The biggest problem with Leftists nowadays is that they all have martyr and/or God complexes. They are convinced that they are "fighting the good fight" and that every political or social issue you can think of is going to be looked back on as the next black civil rights movement or the next Tiananmen square and that the people who disagree with them are today's Nazis or slave owners or whatever.
It makes it impossible to deal with them because they just refuse point blank to listen or empathise or anything with anybody who doesn't either agree with them 100% or fall into one of their accepted victim categories.

that perfectly describes reddit culture in general

Irish trust in the media is surprisingly high, one of the highest in Europe. It's probably because there's only two real stations people use and they say the same shit so people don't know that an alternative exists

Your contribution has been posting some uggo under a meme flag pipe down

Nice quints


Not surprising. Many of my 'educated' friends are like this. They would never develop a contrarian viewpoint or go against popular opinion, even if they felt it deep down. The Irish Times speaks for them.

I wonder how much dirt could be dug up on the people who call the shots at rte, sure one of them was caught in one of those pedo vigilante sting operations in the UK, got himself a hotel room for him and what he thought was a kid but was actually a load of blokes with the police. If these bastards are supposed to be telling us what's going on in the world but don't realise they are breaking bread with pedos they clearly are not competent enough to tell us the truth or they just flat out lie

Whole thing is a joke far too much money spent on far too little on top of their nonsense "reporting" regardless of any scandals

The comments and likes are disabled on that. Usually I would think that they are unaware of the propaganda and believe it themselves but the fact that they are disabled is a good sign.

Have any of yous seen this?

Comments are disabled but the like/dislike ratio is visible.

>Project Ireland 2040 is a plan for our social, economic and cultural development. A ten year plan to invest in our infrastructure as a country.

This immediately gave me bad feelings. Ten year plan sounds like five year plan, the planning model in communist Russia and China. I wonder if they're so far up their own hole they didn't notice.

This link was also mentioned in the video. I haven't look at it myself but here it is for anyone that wants it.

You are not "our own". You turn against your own people when you deny they exist as a people distinct from others.

If you're saying that I think you're saying then it's scum like you that are a problem more than the far left.

Forgot the link here it is lads:


tl;dr version for the 2040 plan?

They deserve a kick up the hole, fuckers are wilfully blind

they want to import a ton of people to jump city populations, and judging by their attitude towards rural Ireland I wouldn't be surprised if they wanted the countryside to all move into the cities as well

Fucking hell this is a small country. I know a colleague of that guy, he said no one would have picked him out for that. Also heard a story about old Miriam's ex, that he was fond of getting his dick out with newbies/interns

No real detail just a load of bollox about rebuilding are nation and culture for the growing population. Talks about the creating of jobs and building of homes. Straight from the EU. If Éire keeps sucking on the tit of Merkel were gonna be fucked

Abortion Never update

Why is it that Justin Barrett is the only one pointing this out?

Fine Gael got 50 out of 158 seats and are being propped up, not even in government with, Fianna Fáil. The gay Indian wasn't even the leader of the party during the election. Fine Gael in minority government with 25.5% of the votes and 31.5% of the seats in the 26 counties have no right to be making a plan for Ireland for the next 22 years.

Varadkar has absolutely no mandate for any of this.

No, merely pointing out the irony. Don't get butthurt over facts. Every abortion argument should be framed this way, seeing as you got so fucking triggered.

Nice digits.
I see just as many blacks in the country as Dublin. Starting to seriously worry me. The amount of poles and eastern Europeans are bad as well harder to pick up on some of them until you hear them speak

Le epic triggered based. wtf I'm BTFO now

And next on the news, what we want you to believe

A brit telling us what to think. Surely this was what Pearse wanted.

Stop being childish. I'm not trying to BTFO you. Just pointing out how you get under liberals skins. Tell them you're pro abortion. No descendants for liberals. No more single mothers. Less poor draining our good times. Sanger's influence on Hitler. If it's not a baby, then you won't mind if it becomes lipstick or skin cream. Shit like that.


To think of the horrors that our hero's suffered to be undermined by rootless swine unwilling to tell simple truths for the good of us all, it's not like they would become unpopular doing so

Justin Barrett - The Right to Life and the National Idea


Donate to the Abortion Never campaign

Follow Abortion Never on Twitter

Justin Barrett, President of the National Party│An Páirtí Náisiúnta speaks at the launch of the Abortion Never campaign. Dublin, February 2018.

"O wise men, riddle me this: what if the dream come true?
What if the dream come true? and if millions unborn shall dwell
In the house that I shaped in my heart, the noble house of my thought?" Pádraig Pearse

Abortion Never believes that the right to life of the innocent is an absolute right, and must be protected by the State through its laws.

>By 2040, our population is expected to increase by 1 million
kek you're not getting there by birth rates pal

20% of our population is already foreign, so even with birth rates it's still awful.

Really? Didn't think it was quite that high.

We should really try to get Cred Forums to mobilise against the 8th. Imagine 1000's people posing with feminists accounts on social media absolutely destroying their narrative...


I think a lot are eastern euros like Poles who I have no quarrel with. Islamists trying to say female circumcision should be law though...


rte cant stand the new shills like(( faggotina perry))
and keelin shanley (((crooked eyes)))
plus those names arent even irish

Well with a bloke that was high up in the BBC news room during 9/11: The Osama bin dindu years in charge of our current affairs programming you can expect very limited discussion about our long term problems

Anybody think pic related would be affective here? I haven't seen any examples of Irish professors being as extreme as they are elsewhere

have to go to bed


oh shit

((bbc)) plus (((jihadirebels)) and (((abc noows)))

I'm not sure why you would expect the media to have it any other way? They are not there for Irish interests, only their own. TV audiences are way down everywhere anyway like someone else said