What the fuck do these snow niggers do?

>49,000 members
>14 billion dollar budget (kek)
>3 infantry regiments (roughly 6,000 soldiers)
>3rd world tier navy unable to operate outside of Canadian waters without US logistical support, over half of ships in dry dock
>Zero attack helicopters
>Virtually non existent AA
>Showed how they are utterly useless cunts in Kandahar
>Filled with useless support personel, SJW's, and stronk womyn
Snow Mexicans, explain yourselves

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Inb4 snipers

Le bump

The best their SF can hope for is to LARP as Americans in JSOC, sad


Wtf is this? Is this from some sort of satirical film like Borat?

Everyday I wish the Imperial Federation had come into existence, a united Empire

Being Reservists taught a lot of us how to shoot.

I'll give them that

they can be pretty cool characters in my vidya

>Able to shoot

What I want to know is if the French took over global peace keeping from them in the early 2000's, literally what does the Canadian army DO in 2018?


We literally just sit on our asses all day doing nothing. Trudeau pulled us out of actually fighting ISIS for some fucking reason and now our equipment is so shit tier that we can't even be peacekeepers anymore
also muh JTF2

I wonder if these syrup niggers ever got mounting rails, or if they have to still zip tie optics to their c8's like plebs

I'm glad you asked!

Our proud military men, women, lesbians, genderqueers, demisexuals, transgenders, transexuals, twospirit, intersex, bigenders, resexuals, asexuals, allies, pansexuals, poluamorous and dragonkins are some of the best in the world at setting up sandbags if your city gets a flood.


Canadian Army, can confirm worst military. Home right now because I'm going to kill myself.


dont kys, that's what (((they))) want

Yes, but if he kys he wins

If he kys that means one less white soldier in the coming race war, and we're already outnumbered

Was meant for


>The Canadian military will review its badges, uniforms, flags and associated ceremonial activities to ensure they are welcoming to women, visible minorities, the disabled, indigenous people and members of the gay and transgender communities.

I don't know dumbass why don't you look at the very picture you posted to find out?

Oh its you again, still salty that your paint eating marine friends died in Afghanistan?

infantry regiments (roughly 6,000 soldiers)
3 Armored brigades, roughly 20,000 soldiers.

The Iowa National Guard could defeat that in less than 6 days

Thanks for Kandahar you fucking faggot

canadian "soldiers" cried when they saw a video of ruskies shooting at a boat of somali pirates


some fucking screamed racism

Mother of god


Jesus christ Ya'll are manlets

peacetime militaries exist as a tool to help move people up the socio-economic ladder

t. at RMC and the army's paying for my education

You cunts aren't much less useless, IED's like 200 meters outside of Bastian in 2009

Kingston is full of goofs and all of your women fuck nigger soldiers from the 10th Mountain who come over to get drunk from New York on weekends

Nope we don’t need an army, we have 300+ million mutts ready to die for us, you all thought ISREAL ran your show when in reality you have been dying for Canada for generations

LMAO oh nononononooooo

Ok, and?

What happened in Kandahar?

Don't rip off a Peterson sound bite and act like you are not a brainlet.

The Canadian military has already failed to prevent a foreign invasion on Canadian soil, and the invaders didn't even use violence. Not a hope they can serve much purpose if the rest of the invaders came over with blades in their hands.

Besides, what kind of waster would sign up to defend this shithole?

Meet their minimum NATO requirements and seize guns from homes during evacuations.

Yeah it's extremely underfunded, but some of the men in it are extremely athletic. I know someone in it (he's white also) and it's made of solid soldiers (the white ones). The only issue is men of the strong men in the country aren't willing to join it cause it's too underfunded because of cuckdeau, also during the old pierre trudeau day's he cut all military spending too. Although convseratives sold out the avro arrow so both are too blame for the poor military. And the NDP is a bunch of commiefags we shoulda killed a long ass time ago, now their fucking head is an indian they might win cuz MUH IDENTITY POLITICS. But yeah overall the militaries underfunded, but has decent (white) men atleast the ones that aren't sjw fags. Also to all the americans, sorry about kandahar we can't train our military good like yours because low budget ;( hopefully once trudeau is out we can get someone in who he is willing to restore the canadian army to its former glory.

The Canadian ""military""" will be reduced to nothing more than a public jobs program

>Canada is taking a ‘feminist approach’ to the military, defence minister says

Canadian military to review uniforms, badges, ceremonies to ensure it is welcoming to women, minorities

maybe ask the canadian minister of defense


>nothing more than a public jobs program
it already is just a worse paying uniformed version of the public service
>reservist intelligence officer

Nationalism is considered poison here now

Yep. We're getting fucking killed in our own country because of people like Trudeau. If we could buy guns here, i would assassinate him.

precision rifles are still available to the general public with the 5 round restriction that is.



Maple Mexicans are still better than actual Mexicans.

I mean, at least their army isn't a proxy training program for cartels.

The absolute state

Faggots larped and got their assed kicked, then were totally delusional about he reality of the situation on the ground to the point that Condeliza Rice stopped listening to their updates


So you're proud to be literal nigger leaches


Canadians are the worst troops in NATO with the exception of maybe the Germans

You can tell he's counting down the days to that pension.

Why would I want to read a book written by a pajeet?

>14 billion dollar budget looool


>desperately bumping the same exact thread you make almost every day
You're probably the most obsessive faggot I've ever encountered on this shithole, and that's saying a lot.

> get leg blown off
> JT tells you that they can't afford to give you care and that you are asking for too much gibs
> turns around and gives millions away to forefingers

Why would anyone want to join our Military ?

Some Canadian knows where i can get a surplus CADPAT uniform? (no eBay) pls.



You don't have enough money for your veterans, but you seem to have more than enough for refugees. What gives?


There is no political will to fund an actual military for obvious reasons.
The only country that is close enough to threaten us is the US and it's highly unlikely that the US would invade any time soon.

bantz from the leaf. We give you leaves a lot of shit, but just so you know, I appreciate ya. Well, some of you. Very few of you. We will need you, and your sandbags, come the race war

Ever seen Canadian Bacon?

mostly playing nanny and offering tolerance and sensitivity training in african shitholes.

And pandering for ukrainian votes by training ukrainian army.