Syria General /sg/ - Digging Graves Edition



>Latest interviews with Assad

>Live MAPS

>Fan maps

>E Ghouta Feb 18
>Afrin Feb 17
>Idlib Feb 14
>Random Feb 12
>DeZ-Bukamal Feb12
>Yemen Jan 31

Devs Feb 19
>Turkish backed rebels are on the verge of capturing the strategic town of Rajou in NW Afrin
>Damascus; Rebels fire mortar shells, missiles into residential areas of Dhahiyat Al-Assad, Bab Touma and Bab Al-Salam
>SyAf launch large scale airstrikes across rebel areas of E Damascus in towns of Shifounyah, Douma, Hamouriyah, Sakba and Masraba
>Russia demands immediate withdrawal of US forces at Tanf Military Base
>Turkish FM warns ‘nothing can stop us’ if Syrian gov’t forces aid YPG in Afrin
>Syrian troops gather in northern Aleppo, YPG official denies agreement with Damascus
>Heavy shelling by Turkish artillery in towns of Harbul, Maryamin, Sheikh Issa, Tal Riffat and Tarandah, possibly to deter SAA
>Buses filled with Kurdish YPG volunteers from Sheikh Maqsoud District of Aleppo reportedly enter Afrin region
>Lavrov condemns Iran’s remarks about wiping Israel off the map
>Kirkuk; PMU starts campaign to clear IS sleeper cells that are currently active in the Hawija District
>ISIS kills at least 25 militiamen near Kirkuk in ambush


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Death to death, of course.

death to israel

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Death to everyone, of course

hop in we're going to tel-aviv faggot

Somebody once told me..
That Bashar's gonna bomb me...
I ain't the fastest guy in my squad....


Im amazed by how suddenly Turkish posters show up with 0 fucking attention span, and they come with bullshit like "Assad is going to HELP the K*rds"

If youve been paying ANY attention the last few weeks you know that the Syrian gov will only "help" the K*rds at the price of the K*rds handing over the government and military duties in Afrin to Syria, effectively disarming the Kurds

Disarming the Kurds and preventing a "Kurdish state of Afrin" is actually the Turkish goal as well

If some of you people werent so damn retarded youd understand that the Syrian and Turkish notion towards Afrin here share some of their objectives

Np Pingu, ignore the ID change.

Death to Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, the island of crete, and my ex girlfriends family

>and my ex girlfriends family
What her family did to deserve it?

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>The turks will trust Assad, the son of Hafez, regarding the kurdish issue.

Im fine mate, how about you?

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>Iranian bases in Syria
Why is this allowed???

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Because Syria is a rightful Iranian clay and you can do nothing about it kike

>you deserve

And why is THIS allowed?

>Aleppo 2.0
Can't wait

>several points on the israeli border
I believe that this is an image which gives a false version of the prevailing reality as such

*I remember when she spammed this thread with her own personal pics.

That's my queue lads.
Malta will win, of course.

Dear Iran

Come build bases and help me fight

t. Rightful President Bashar Al Assad


Death to erdogan

the kike fears THE MIGHTY MAJOOSI


Some Afghanistan news,

>Crisis in Afghanistan continues with another warlord governor refusing to leave his post.
Second Afghan Governor Defies Kabul Order to Resign, Adding to U.S. Headache

>Wilayat Khurasan: Islamic State claimed responsibility for assassinating an Afghan government "spy" and a Taliban "spy" yesterday in Nangarhar. #Afghanistan #ISKP

>“Two members of Haqqani network were killed as a result of an airstrike launched by Afghan Special Operations Forces in village Daah Manai, Barmal district, Paktika province.”

>Afghan Taliban claimed killing two "minions" in sniper fire in Badghis.

>Taliban announces new part of "Real Man", big production with multiple languages.
>video in link

>Afghan Taliban claimed killing two "minions" in sniper fire in Badghis.

Thank god I hate those fucking things

Oh hey, good thing SAA entered Afrii... oh nevermind k*rds are still dying.
Delusions, delusions...
Oy Engie, you happen to know how is drug production going in "Operation-enduring-clusterfuck-istan"?

>Dima is in Damascus, getting bombed right now

She will be fine...
>Dima is overrated
Homsi, 2018

What went wrong?

>t. the underaged larper who posted pics of herself thinking it would do her good

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>they support gaysad

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I'm barely litterate but I'd say it was too many cooks-syndrome. turkey wanted one thing, saudi one thing, qatar one thing.

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>le SAAnime
r/sg's maymays, everyone
cringy fucks

You are in for a surprise
>Overall, the farm-gate value of opium production in Afghanistan is estimated to have increased by 58%, reaching $1.39 billion.

You should follow this fellow, good info regarding opium and the war in afghanistan

Added to my list, appreciated.

>she looks like she might qualifies as CP

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Arabs can't into war.

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Daily Reminder that Russia its the Enemy. They are working all day on Syria to destroy the petro-dollar.

Good good, haven't seen you in a bit.

Any updates in Pakistan?

>t. TRIGGERED weebshit /mlp/ole

US must immediately leave area it controls in southern Syria — Lavrov
US troops must immediately shut down their zone of control in southern Syria in the area of Al-Tanf, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov suggested when asked what should be done to help the Syrian peace settlement.

>/sg/ derails itself again
kek, pathetic

>Rus askeri uzman Konstantin Sivkov, Türkiye'nin NATO'dan çıkmasının tamamen gerçekçi bir senaryo olduğunu söyledi.
>Konstantin Sivkov says TR out of the NATO is realistic

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Lavrov can suck our dick there’s nothing on earth that can compel us to leave Syria so they can conquer it. We fought ISIS for that land and we decide what to do with it.

Afrin is syrian clay, fuck off memeflag

Bong (but I bet that might be a Scott too), do you even know who are you talking to?


Ghouta is where Suheil will die. Either by the rebels, or in a "combat accident" like Issam.

yes a pole you all talk to one another so pass on the message or risk being hit once again by collateral damage.

>Army discovers network of tunnels, weapons and ammunition from the remnant of Daesh in Deir Ezzor countryside
>President Putin discusses Situation in Syria with Erdogan
Moscow, SANA-Russian President Vladimir Putin and President of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan discussed, during a phone conversation, on Monday the situation in Syria.

“While discussing the situation in Syria, the two sides concentrated on further enhancing cooperation in light of Astana formula, stressing readiness to closely coordinate the efforts by Russia, Turkey and Iran to guarantee effective performance regarding the de-escalation zones and pushing the political process towards enhancing the agreements agreed upon at the Syrian National Dialogue Congress of Sochi,” the Kremlin’s press-service said in a statement.

The statement added that both sides also tackled the situation in northwestern Syria, including the situation in Afrin.
>Bogdanov: de-escalation zones should not turn into areas of foreign influence
Moscow, SANA- Special Representative of the Russian President for the Middle East Affairs, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, affirmed the need to continue the political process to resolve the crisis in Syria based on the results of Astana platform and the Syrian National Dialogue Congress in Sochi.

Bogdanov, in a press statement on the sidelines of Valdai Discussion Club, said that there is a threat to the territorial integrity of Syria, calling for not turning the de-escalation zones in Syria into areas for the influence of foreign states, including US, Turkey or other countries.

>you all talk to one another

Because Syria is consenting


Knock it off phaggots

Well now....

fought isis for that mean that was the staging zone u used to supply took that land in a vain attempt to curb iranian influence and to try and maintain an observation zone of road traffic from iran to syria. You tried to take albukamal for the same reason. But that all failed when the SAA just flanked you in the desert....

>Army destroys al-Nusra terrorists’ dens and equipment in Hama countryside
Hama, SANA- Army units continued operations against remnants of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Hama southeastern countryside.

SANA reporter in Hama said that army units, in cooperation with the supporting forces, on Monday carried out bombardments and airstrikes against positions of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in the area of Salem in Hama southeastern countryside, destroying their fortified positions, dens and military equipment.

Think about it, Ghouta is the most dangerous front for the SAA, so many of them have died for inches of territory. Suheil gains a cult of personality adn suddenly he is sent to the meatgrinder. The last person with a big cult of personality among the SAA was Issam and he was put in DeZ, the second most dangerous front to die, when that didn't happen his vehicle suddenly drove over a mine and killed him.


Well what can I say

Too expensive for the Russian MoD.

kek and sandnigs here are wondering why we're attacking syria

I think we will find some money for Sirt and Bengazi

Just accept the majoosi cock and walk into the oven.

I have been posting quite regularly mate.
>Any updates in Pakistan?
Fucked up as usual. Though tomorrow might be a bit interesting as a meeting is to take place between the Foreign ministers of Pakistan and Russia to discuss the political process for Afghanistan

You guys don't happen to recognize Taliban as political movment, huh?

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complete crap. issam died because he was the kind of guy that led from the front.

simple as. Unlike others in this thread, I can't tell you when suheil will die, or what of, i suspect they don't know either, but i am pretty sure neither will meet their fate by the hand of the machinations of assad. Chance, fate and risk however, will almost certainly play a decisive role in the determination of his final moment.

I don't see them sending Russians there and then have to upkeep the garrison only for them to stand around and do nothing until eventually some of them are killed and embarrasses everyone.

See I actually understand the geopolitical interests of Israel in defense of itself and how that aligns against Iran. Most here don’t understand that. If Iran was building bases in Canada we’d wipe them out which is why we’re takinh a stand with israel. I wish you guys would stomp them out faster but they seem to multiply.

Interesting, there was a Russian PMC deployed in Libya for demining purpose last year, yes?

>b-b-but Russia is bad now!

Both Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel offer to Russia more important things than the Syrian regime or Iran does.

Russia to Saudi:

Russia to Israel:

Yes, news from almost year ago:

Russia is only viewed as bad because of their insistence of illegally occupying foreign lands. No one would have an argument against them otherwise.

>Netanyahu announces ‘historic’ gas contract with Egypt
Israel has struck a “historic” contract for sales of natural gas to Egypt, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Monday. “This will bring billions of dollars to state coffers,” he said in a statement announcing the deal. Egypt in 1979 became the first Arab state to sign a peace treaty with Israel. The Israeli energy group Delek said the value of the contract was $15 billion, AFP reports. It said agreements have been signed between Delek and its associate Noble Energy of the US to supply 64 billion cubic meters of gas from Israel’s Leviathan and Tamar offshore fields to the Egyptian firm Dolphinus over a 10-year period.

>Ottoman Infantry in #Aleppo #Syria 1914
What went wrong?

>Putin, Erdogan discuss Syria, Astana talks over telephone
Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, discussed the situation in Syria in a telephone conversation on Monday. Special emphasis was placed on ways of enhancing Astana-format cooperation, according to the Kremlin’s press service. It said the presidents confirmed their readiness for tight coordination of efforts by Russia, Turkey and Iran to achieve effective operation of the de-escalation zones and advance the political process in line with the agreements reached during the Syrian National Dialogue Congress in Sochi. Putin and Erdogan also touched upon the situation in northwestern Syria, including the Turkish military operation near Afrin, TASS reports.

There were no russians
Its a lie
I sware
I think its time to wait for the elections and after it we will see the result. Or not

>Both Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel offer to Russia more important things than the Syrian regime or Iran does.
Boohoo, go cry about how Iran is allied with them

>What went wrong?
The Ottoman Empire

t. zogburger

Nice foreshadowing

>British soldiers in Palmyra

indeed what went wrong

atleast i've never been with weebshit slags

>Iran thanks Russian emergencies ministry for help in locating plane crash site

Tehran has expressed its gratitude to the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations for its assistance in pinpointing the crash scene of an ATR-72 passenger plane. In addition, Iran has requested more detailed satellite images of the site, the ministry’s press service told TASS on Monday.

"The Iranian authorities have expressed (their) gratitude to the emergencies ministry for spotting the scene where the ATR-72 crashed. However, since weather conditions were adverse in the presumed crash scene, whose satellite images were presented on Sunday at Iran’s request, the Iranian side has asked the Russian emergencies ministry for more detailed satellite data from the site," a ministry source said.

On Sunday, Russian Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov received a request from the Iranian government to help locate the terrestrial coordinates of the crash site by using satellite monitoring. "More detailed space images of the presumed scene of the plane crash will be handed over to Iran shortly," the source said.

On Monday, the IRNA news agency reported citing Ahmad Jafar Gohargani, the deputy governor of the Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province that plane wreckage had been found near the city of Semirom in the Isfahan Province. Later, the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development did not confirm the information about the discovered wreckage.

Alliance? KEK

How is Russia allied to Iran, when Russia is about to sell S-400 to Saudi Arabia and not to Iran?

This is a good thing. Russia is too good to ally itself with Iran. It is also too smart to pass up good opportunity.

>Moses dragged us for 40 years through the desert to bring us to the one place in the Middle East where there was no oil”

Well that quote didn't age well.

>#Syria BREAKING local source said regime forces are shelling US-backed "Marty Ahmad al-Abdo Forces" in eastern Qalamoun

U.S Airstrikes incoming.

I love how you think you’re so enlightened but you can’t see past da j000z conspiracies.

SAA and FSA are the same race.

Amerimutt, learn to be quiet when full-blooded Europeans are speaking.

Hope they kill another 600 sand nigs with the push of a button

Too fuckin ez

>If Iran attacks Israel, Russia will stand with Israel
Of course, this is a given. Russia wouldn't want to hop onto another (and ultimately more violent) war after being involved in Syria for all these years

>selling S400s to a bunch of retards that can't even defeat a khat-chewing goatfucker directly south
Oh no, the friendship is over

>implying Russia is war weary
>implying using special forces and an Air Force does this

Woah, get a load of this bigbrained mutt, he should get a scholarship to harvard!

>If Iran was building bases in Canada
Okay, I have to interject here.

Canada isn't so weak that it's going to get colonized by fucking Iran. I know we have lots of Persians in Toronto but they're getting WHITEd and BLACKed to be of any threat.

I find your post very insulting to the capacity of Canada to defend itself. The quote by our glorious Prime Minister, "If you fight them, they win" is meant to be taken figuratively.

>UK under pressure over Afghan asylum seekers amid civilian deaths
Home Office guidance recognises Afghanistan to be ‘least peaceful country in world after Syria’

Calls for the Home Office to stop returning asylum seekers to Afghanistan have intensified after a report that showed that the number of civilian casualties in the country exceeded 10,000 for the fourth year running in 2017.

>In all, 3,438 civilians were killed last year and 7,015 were wounded, according to a report released last week by the UN assistance mission in Afghanistan (Unama).

The number of civilian casualties in 2017 was 9% lower than in 2016, which was the deadliest year on record, but the total was above 10,000 for the fourth consecutive year.

Despite this, the Home Office still regularly returns asylum seekers to Kabul whose claims to remain in Britain have failed.

In 2016, 785 people were returned from the UK to Afghanistan, and between 2007 and 2015, 2,018 people who had sought refuge in the UK as unaccompanied child asylum seekers were deported to Afghanistan, according to a report from Amnesty International.

>The Home Office often justifies returning Afghan nationals, even those whom it accepts have a reasonable fear of persecution in their home province, on the grounds that the person could safely relocate to Kabul.


>Russia to U.S.: Don’t ‘play with fire’ in Syria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov issued a stark warning to the U.S. on Monday for its support of the Kurds in Syria, saying Washington should not "play with fire" in the region.

"The U.S. should stop playing very dangerous games which could lead to the dismemberment of the Syrian state," Lavrov said at a Middle East Conference in Moscow on Monday, according to Bloomberg.

"We are seeing attempts to exploit the Kurds' aspirations," he continued.

The U.S. is in the process of creating a Kurdish-led protection force, consisting of 30,000 people in northeast Syria.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's supporters, which include Russia and Iran, have said the U.S. move to support the Kurds in the area is aimed at creating an American zone of influence.’t-‘play-with-fire’-in-syria/ar-BBJkQhU

>MSN still exists.. wonder if anybody reads it

Sorry would mexico work better as a theoretical staging ground for irani terrorists

They are a legitmate political party, the guns and IED's are just for self-defense

>Iran has 10 military bases in Syria, two near Israel border — analyst

Iran operates 10 military bases in Syria and is training militias loyal to President Bashar Assad’s regime for a possible battle with Israel, with two key facilities located near the border with Israel, an analyst for an American think tank said in an article published Monday.

Up to 20,000 fighters from various militias throughout the war-torn country have been trained by Iranian military personnel, giving Tehran its “true muscle” in Syria, according to the Monday report in The New York Times.

>Israel has been warning for years that Iran is seeking to entrench itself militarily in Syria. According to Israeli political and military assessments, Tehran, which has shored up Assad in the Syrian civil war, has been working to create air and naval bases in Syria, from which it can arm the Lebanon-based terror organization Hezbollah and other Shiite groups, as well as carry out attacks of its own against the Jewish state.

boo who 3500 killed how terrible

But of course....
death to America, am I right, fellow belivers?

>near Israeli border

That would mean in Golan. Doubt it.

Take in more afghanis mister!

Friendship does not necessarily = alliance.

And Iran can't win any conflict against sandal wearing rebels in Syria (goatfucking is actually more Iranian and Afghan than anything else in the region) without the help of Russia.

Russia is smart though, of course a subhuman like you can't understand that.

No, government won't accept it anyway, voted against taking in 3000 Syrian children last year, will do it again, NO, go away we don't want them.


TRIGGERED weebshit /mlp/ole is sad
TRIGGERED weebshit /mlp/ole is bad
TRIGGERED weebshit /mlp/ole is mad

Israel also has Russians living there and Russia can get better influence in congress through AIPAC, which is why a better relationship with Israel doesn't hurt.

Hold on a second, doesn't that means that the h*uthis are losing?

shit lads... get ready for new banana fest (Video inside)

>Noor And Alaa on Twitter

“To everyone who can hear me we are in danger please help us before it's too late EastGhouta Syria SaveGhouta

Video inside

I want them blown up before morning!

>Russia is smart though, of course a subhuman like you can't understand that.
They're so smart that you basically ignored all of the economic deals they made with Iran. But hey, you sperging out about Russia is somehow going to abandon them when there is literally no benefit with fucking Saudi Arabia is cute

That's good lad!! Good luck and hopefully they will not give up on pressure!

Good old Britain

B-bomb the childrens of Ghouta!!!!

Havent seen a leaf in /sg/ in a while. Russia, Syria and Iran have been allies for a while. Not to mention that China and Iran are #1 trade pals.

As most anglos posters you have no idea what youre talking about.

>They're so smart that you basically ignored all of the economic deals they made with Iran.
I didn't say there was no economic deal with iran. But they're not that big in comparison to the deals Russia is making with Saudi Arabia. And you need more than economic deals to have an alliance, dumbass.

>But hey, you sperging out about Russia is somehow going to abandon them when there is literally no benefit
Oh I just posted to trigger idiots like you who I knew were going to project and chimpout in rage. Russia cannot abandon what does not exist in the first place. Russia will probably maintain economic ties with Iran but also have equal ties with Saudi Arabia which is more important to maintain oil prices.

You seem like a triggered Irani. Mad that your shitty country isn't treasured by anyone? Russia doesn't need Iran. Iran needs Russia.

Don't worry, Israelibro. We'll destroy them in no time.

>please help us
Dont worry young ladies. We are coming

>she has a better english than me

btw, why do they still have communications? shoudnt the goverment block 3g/4g there?

>By Focusing on Humanitarian Aid, Israel Can Still Win in Syria

Despite working for several years with international and regional partners to limit Hezbollah and Iranian gains at the expense of the Syrian people — and investing considerable diplomatic capital on trying to convince its allies to abandon or revise the Iran deal — the Israeli government appears low on fresh diplomatic options in this area.

>Israel should not lose sight of the local situation on its borders, where hundreds of thousands of refugees and citizens live with very few resources, seven years into the Syrian conflict.

Israel should double its already significant humanitarian goals in southern Syria, where it has a long-term interest in maintaining good relations with the people on the ground. That includes the local Druze communities, who currently fear having open relations with Israel.

Arguably, a sound way to limit Iranian influence in southern Syria is to continue to send the strong message that Israel represents the most beneficial partner over the long haul.

>cant even sail across the persian gulf without getting captured and breaking down crying

>Russia, Syria and Iran have been allies for a while.
Can you point to a mutual defense treaty that Russia has with Iran? Or any Russia base that exists in Iran?

>Not to mention that China and Iran are #1 trade pals.
The trade between China and the US dwarfs any trade that exist between China and Iran.

Norwegian posters are retarded as evidenced by you. You're unable to understand things as you took seriously the meme posts in Cred Forums which had the purpose of comedy.

Liberation is on the way...

nice, jihadi pr is amazing

>Norwegian posters are retarded as evidenced by you

Why don't you ask your grandpa moshe?

Canadian posters are retarded, let him be

This has to be bait.

>They're so smart that you basically ignored all of the economic deals they made with Iran.
France has economic deals with Iran, doesn't make them allies

She has better English than you because she is the daughter of an american CIA agent.

en route

I would die for Israel

Canastan wasn't....

Why of course. But I should say that personally I do not want to see the US fall. Their power restrained and combated by the Ruskie and Chink alliance but in order to maintain balance they should continue exist.

I have never seen a Norwegian poster make an informed claim. He is one example, thinking that China trades less with the US than it does with Iran.
Whatever helps you sleep better at night.


He is canadian. Its like Albania but in the north America.

I will say on thing about Israel: Ethnocentric nations always perform better than multikulti ones.

This, but I seriously want off this planet...

>tfw not the son of this mami CIA agent

lol there are many arabs in Israel

Watch them ignore this post

Like the USA? Like China? Like Russia?


Oh well the mother and father died too no grieving to happen, nicely wrapped up, such is war.


Fantastic, more SOON

>getting TRIGGERED over 8 years old kids
ASS*dist c*cks, everyone

since banan's english was a total fail, they went for something better this time. I do wonder if she know what she is saying

>But they're not that big in comparison to the deals Russia is making with Saudi Arabia
Ah yes, the literal pipeline that Russia and Iran have been banking on for years, the deal that basically guarantees Iranian power in Iraq and Syria. Totally insignificant compared to some AA batteries that the Saudis would probably lose to some farmer.
>Russia cannot abandon what does not exist in the first place. Russia will probably maintain economic ties with Iran but also have equal ties with Saudi Arabia which is more important to maintain oil prices.
>pleb does not understand how Iran and Russia have been allies and that oil exists in Iran

top kek, please tell us how a retarded and batshit illogical government like Saudi Arabia benefits Russia more important than Iran

>Unpopular Opinion:
Most of thr TFSA groups using currently in OB are goodgoys.
Kill the al nusra and likes in Jarabalus and Idleb and make the current OB TFSA take control of the area and reconcile with SAA through them.

>On the Saturday of the downing of the F-16, Putin prevented a major regional war, including Iran, in our region

>Former head of Military Intelligence Maj. Gen. Yadlin said that President Putin prevented a major war in our region after the fall of the Israeli F-16 two weeks ago.


Fucking russians. I hate them now!

Oh no! 5 civilians died.

Lets surrender to Turkey, Israel, HTS, ISIS and USA.


You can be ethnocentric with minorities.
China is increasingly more Han centric, look how they are treating Tibetians and the Uyghurs.

America is a melting pot, not multikulti. They are an exception to a lot of things. The degeneracy present in America would destroy other countries. For some reason, probably due to geographic advantages, America is strong.

>Putin: stop attacking Syria u fuggen kike
>Israel: ok :(

Wow war aborted heroic.


She is looking right from the camera - reading transcription

she sounds like she is reading it desu

>America is a melting pot, not multikulti.
>The absolute state of your posts
So is ethnicity key, or is a melting pot/centralized culture the key to the success of a nation?

That makes two of us WiC bro.

>Putin: stop attacking Syria u fuggen kike
>t.destroyed half of cuckassad air defences

Better call Elon, he might have a way off to Mars.

Yeah sure you did, Israel answers to Russia now hilarious, its only going to get worse fo Israel as Iran builds up stronger and stronger in Syria and Hezbollah gets stronger and stronger, its all downhill for Israel now.

you better not leave me here! Beam me up Scotty!

>giving Tehran its “true muscle” in Syria

true muscle is whatever weapons the iranians & russians brought with them


Righto, so we gonna open up a space bakery...

Her English is better than maghrebois Arabic.

>home to 400,000


Posted this in an earlier thread but just in case:

"To Push Iran Back, Israel Ramps Up Support for Syrian Rebels, 'Arming 7 Different Groups'"

>The Assad regime, which has gained the upper hand in the war, is now focusing on aggressively attacking rebel enclaves east of Damascus and in the northern Idlib province. But it is also gradually bolstering its presence in southern Syria, including in the Syrian Golan Heights. And accordingly, Israel its altering its deployment to prepare for what’s to come.

>The de-escalation agreement for southern Syria, which the United States, Russia and Jordan signed last November, included a promise to keep Iran and its affiliated Shi’ite militias away from the Israeli border. Israel wanted the Iranians and their agents to be kept almost 60 kilometers from the frontier, east of the Damascus-Daraa road. But it didn’t get its wish; the agreement committed to keep them only 5 kilometers from the front lines between the regime and the rebels.

>About a month ago, the regime retook the enclave of Beit Jin in the northern Golan from Sunni rebels; it’s located less than 15 kilometers from the Israeli border. Israel Defense Forces officers believe that sooner or later, Assad will make an effort to regain control of the rest of the Syrian Golan.

>Dozens of rebels described a significant change in the amount of aid they receive from Israel. Moreover, at least seven Sunni rebel organizations in the Syrian Golan are now getting arms and ammunition from Israel, along with money to buy additional armaments.

>This change has taken place at a time when America has greatly reduced its involvement in southern Syria. In January, the Trump administration closed the operations center the CIA ran in Amman, the Jordanian capital, which coordinated aid to rebel organizations in southern Syria.

Misto pesto

>Her English is better than maghrebois Arabic.

>its all downhill for Israel now.
>t.1967, 1973, 1982

it's like east aleppo, divide their numbers by 5 to 10 to get reasonable numbers

Also if it's 400000 civvies it should be easy for them to fuck the 3000 rebel fighters up and get over to the governments side so they don't have to die in indiscriminate bombing

One can say, ebin post, friend. :^)

>Expanding the ISIS Brand

>The franchising model of terrorism is rare, and more a feature relevant to the global jihadist movement. To discern how ISIS might continue to expand in this way, it makes sense to trace Al Qaeda's trajectory, which followed a similar pattern of expansion throughout the 2000s.

Al Qaeda sought to expand its organization into new geographic locations following the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in late 2001, which was followed by a decade-long American counterterrorism offensive relying on drone strikes and special operations forces. Al Qaeda's first franchise group was established in Saudi Arabia in 2003, followed by affiliates in Iraq (2004), Algeria (2006), Yemen (2007), Somalia (2010) and Syria (2012). As Al Qaeda expert Barak Mendelsohn details, the group expanded in two ways—establishing its own branch via “in-house” expansion, as it did in Saudi Arabia and Yemen, or merging with existing terrorist groups, as it did in Iraq, Algeria and Somalia.

Terrorist groups seek new affiliates for a variety of reasons, including to expand in scale and scope; to take advantage of and harness local expertise; to foster and diffuse innovative tactics, techniques and procedures; and to increase the group's legitimacy where it might otherwise be viewed skeptically as a foreign entity....

If it was 400,000, 15,000 minimum wouldve died in todays bombings alone.

>Ah yes, the literal pipeline that Russia and Iran have been banking on for years
What pipeline? This–Iraq–Syria_pipeline ?

Nothing was realized. And when it comes to Russia Saudi relation, there is a more explicit proposal:

>the deal that basically guarantees Iranian power in Iraq and Syria
The deal does not exist. Russia doesn't benefit from such pipeline, economically speaking. How the fuck does Russia make money of Iran having a pipeline to Syria and then to Europe?

>Iran and Russia have been allies and that oil exists in Iran
Iran is insignificant in deciding oil prices and in establishing oil diplomacy. You're too idiotic to understand the status quo.

>how a retarded and batshit illogical government like Saudi Arabia benefits Russia more important than Iran
Iran is more retarded though. Look the Iranian protests. That country is a house of cards. And what did the Iranian govt do in response after the protest reduced? More austerity and higher prices. It's a government that doesn't think in the long term.

Of course he is lying. Everything is ok for Israel now.


did al-zinki and Ahrar al-Sham merge ?

Yes, 1982 that wasn't a long time ago at all, how about 2006?

Youre still arguing with that retard?

na this gif is more likely scenario for me getting off this rock

Were those the ones in E. Ghouta? If so yes, rebelz in E. Ghouta merged together.


nonsense. usa performs better than north korea, etc.

granted, there are limits, but the success curve follows a typical pattern. successful nations attract/import minorities, by expansion/absorption alone often

Melting pot is different than multikulti. The latter results in more ghettos and stratification in society.

And yes, ethnocentrism is key to success. The melting pot of the US results in the centralization of a culture and a creation of a new ethnicity. It is to lead to a sort of ethnocentrism by creating a new one. The great Western powers of the 19th century were relatively more ethnocentric than the rest. This is an obvious point, that shouldn't have to be said in a board that is white nationalist. Of course, a shitskin like you can't understand the reality.

yup they call themselves the Syrian liberation front now.

Yes. Into Syria's Liberation Front (SLF)

a draw at worst.

P-pingustan, don't...

>a "1st world" military drawing against a militia in open warfare



USA is not multikulti.

>but the success curve follows a typical pattern. successful nations attract/import minorities, by expansion/absorption alone often
This doesn't apply to Japan which didn't absorb any minority. Same with Portugal and Spain at the onset of their empties. Same with Britain right before its height, etc...

>claims the most successful nation of all time is a ethnic melting pot, not multikulti
>claims that ethnocentrism is the key to success

Yeah fuck off. This isnt /ptg/. No echo chamber group think delusion here for ya buddy.

That is some Life of Brian level shit.

Fugg me, that looks aesthetic as fuck.
Can we PM Lion so that he can save a flag for me?
Also post rebel flags, icons, exc.



Looks like someone with Parkinson's trying to draw a flag.


Alright, thank you lads! So the rumors we had yesterday were true! I think al-zinki was onlypresent in idlib/aleppo and not in ghouta turkbro

Manzikert went wrong



based Houthis

Why 2006? Why not now? Thousands of dead Hezbollah in Syria, most of them due to Israeli airstrikes.


I even have a song for them:

>claims the most successful nation of all time is a ethnic melting pot, not multikulti
Indeed, dummy.

Ethnocentrism beats multikulti. Melting pot is not that, it is an attempt to get to ethnocentrism by transitioning from heterogeneous to homogeneous.

This is why it's so funny to watch idiots on the American left whine about white nationalism. They are for ethnonationalism, they just disagree with white nationalism on which ethnicity to push for.

>claims that ethnocentrism is the key to success

It is, it's supported by an understanding of evolutionary biology:

Dumb nigger. The whole board is ethnocentric.

>I think al-zinki was onlypresent in idlib/aleppo and not in ghouta turkbro
I lost tack them of them before the pic realted happened.
Remember the time FSA remained united against ebil Assad? Me neither.

>The whole board is ethnocentric.
Hey there newfag. Back to your containment board, this aint it.


>a "1st world" military drawing against a militia in open warfare


>b-b-but why you saying that other can't like the BBC!

You'll get your due on the day of the rope.

I know we're both big on skiing and mountains, but you were talking to a habsburg


If Murica can do it so can Iran.

what is a chink doing in ghouta

Yes not like France and Britain weren't decolonizing all over the world, well done kikes.

>b-b-but why you saying that other can't like the BBC!
I love how your idea of an insult is thinking about male genitals and projecting that into a political conversation. Really activates those almonds.

Im done with you, but Ill give you parting advice. If youre older than 18, seriously consider suicide as a viable life choice.

looks like a V2 launcher from Red Alert



Do you remember that GB was of 3 countries which started Israel?
You can hate this Manchester scum but whats the problem with GB?
Jews dont remember good?


>At least 70 dead in Syria bombardment of rebel enclave

sonow everybody is reporting that 70-80 died in airstrikes and shelling in Ghouta, we also have kids on twitter to stir drama and hoping for some international outcry and intervention, we are missing however a gas attack for some reason and the rebel offensive

Oops, mistook the flag. I apologize.
We're not ashamed of genitals in the West, shitskin. Learn to integrate to the place you migrate to.

>kys please
First, suicide can't be a life choice because it's anti-life. And if you want to convince people of your maturity, you shouldn't be so serious about saying 12 year old insults.

I mean, I'd tell you to kill yourself too. But your kind has a habit to taking others with you.

G'day lads

Has the (((observatory))) made a comment on this? They're usually the first to weigh in when there's an apparent loss of 'life'

>Nothing was realized.
Because they're still in a war you fucking retard lmao.
They're even working to build a pipeline in India too
>Russia doesn't benefit from such pipeline, economically speaking.
Ahahahaha, just hahahahahahaha.
>Iran is insignificant in deciding oil prices and in establishing oil diplomacy. You're too idiotic to understand the status quo.
Holy shit this dumb nigga don't even know that status quos can change. Why do you think Saudi Arabia is wasting a hopeless intervention in Yemen, and engage in some hilarious Cold War conflict that they're losing in?
Top fucking kek they're even begging the Euros to stop doing deals with Iran. That's how fucking scared they are of losing Oil money
>Look the Iranian protests. That country is a house of cards.
The ones that have been basically over for a month?

Looks like the MSM finally remembered that theres an actual civil war still happening in Syria.

>before its height

on the rise things tend to be more unified, yes


>The aerial and missile attack by the regime forces and warplanes kill 71 civilians, more than a quarter of them are children and women and injure hundreds more

the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the flight of several warplanes in the sky of the Eastern Ghouta, where 4 warplanes flew with 2 helicopters and 2 reconnaissance drones in the area, while it rose to 7, the number barrel bombs dropped by regime’s helicopters on places in the area between Hamriya city the Beit Sawa town, and on areas in the towns of al-Zriqiyyeh and Hazrma in Al-Marj area, which caused material damage but no information about casualties, also warplanes bombed areas in the town of KafrBatna, in conjunction with raids on areas in Douma city which injured several people, while the number of casualties continues to rise in the Eastern Ghouta as a result of the death of more citizens ,and due to recovering more corpses from beneath the rubles of buildings destroyed by aerial bombardment and the intense missile shelling in the last 24 hours in the Eastern Ghouta, where it rose to 71 including 14 children and 7 women, the number of people who were killed in the aerial bombardment and the missile and the artillery shelling

good night /sg/

Good night master baker

do u know da wey?

Good morning

Goodnight /sg/

Gn, I'm off too.

"Evidence" of chlorine gas when?

Good night.
When you wake up we will make a lot of news in East Ghouta

good night

>Because they're still in a war
They'd at least begin construction in the safe areas. They haven't.

>quoting moscow times

Imagine being so retarded you actually try to quote an anti-Putin source.

>Ahahahaha, just hahahahahahaha.
Not an argument. Russia doesn't benefit from a pipeline that goes to Europe as it's more competition for Russian gas.

>don't even know that status quos can change.
You're talking about the status quo and not how it is changing. The fact that you're saying the status quo is going to change means you admit you're wrong. The status quo doesn't have Russia as an Iranian ally.

>Why do you think Saudi Arabia is wasting a hopeless intervention in Yemen, and engage in some hilarious Cold War conflict
Their war in Yemen has nothing to do with the fact that Russia isn't an ally of Iran.

>they're even begging the Euros to stop doing deals with Iran
Same with the US. The Saudis are stopping Koreans doing some business with Iran:

There is no begging there, it's just an attempt to diminish the trade Iran gets.

>The ones that have been basically over for a month?
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Holy fuck, you're retarded.

They have diminished but it's not over.

Get ready for round 2. Subhuman Iranis like you are about to get a taste of freedom from the secular of your own country.

>Muh chilluns'
>Muh womyn
>Muh kiddos crying on twitter vids

Cheers for the info mate, but fuck these cunts. At least the stats are likely reliable.
Sleep well baker

Sleep well turkbro
Have a smol tonk

>Panzer II filename
>it's a pz1

>the absolute state of r/sg

>the poles couldn't even deal with that


>mutt hours

Inside an #SAA T-90A tank
Targeting militias outpost in #EastGhouta (most likely)


>mutt hours
Yep, best get used to nothing but shitposts for the next 8 hours

Neither could the combined French army, Dutch army, Belgian army and BEF.

ure an ugly girl


>civlians arent effected by this! its all lies!
okay, no matter who you support, denying that civilians are being effected is like saying the earth is flat. thats the nature of war.


BEF wasn't defeated it escaped

Sexy as fuck.

And where is nigga loader?

somebody bake

this is our site. you are the guests. we do not sleep.

>Russia dun't da trade with Saudi, just staahp please!!!

You have to be very dumb to not see the reality and the trend it's on.

Noone said defeated. You said "dealed with".


Children die all the time who cares? More died in the Congo than in any war since WW2 and no average person even knows who was fighting too, people die and die and die such is life.

Yeah but Poland, France, and Netherlands SURRENDERED. Britain did deal with it all eventually, France Poland etc didn't they gave up

ok, now im FULLY ERECT

>Poland surrendered

If you like tanks you'll be happy to hear russia is upgrading their t-90s to t-90M standard

Keep moving them goalposts further.

yes ugly girl


thats not the point you mongoloid. the point is that it is unnecessary and is destroying the nation. just saying "lol children die get over it XD" is retarded because first of all, that wont help the mothers of those children, and second of all those kids will grow up and become the next generation of syrian leaders. winning this war wont mean shit if you next generation hates you.


Is she really a gurl?


goal posts not moved at you don't even know that the germans had different equipment later on, shows what you know.


RF is going to make a nuclear deal with SA
>YPG contact: "Russia is responsible for the failure to reach a deal with the government up until now. Russia wants us to lay down our weapons. The government wants to fight alongside us."

You sound like a burger when Nam is brought up

So youre saying that the Nazi children didnt deserve to get carpet bombed?

Yes an ugly girl apparently do not let her post here without telling her maybe she will go away.

How the fuck did I even make this mistake
Brb offing myself

Of course civvies are effected, but what I whine about is how the observatory cunts always drum up one specific kid to be the flavour of the month and damn anyone who suggests Assad can have any redeeming qualities

Yeah but USA lost vietnam war Britain won ww2 shows what you know

You're right, I forgot. I heard from this Saudi site it was 2 nuclear pants to be established sooner than others.

yes you addled moron. innocents never deserve to be killed for the sins of the government.

Why are people like you so eager to post non-sense and then move the goalposts to save face?

>poles couldnt deal with panzer 1
>neither could french army, and the BRITISH EXPEDITIONARY FORCE
>hurr durr they retreated

You lost the argument. Stop embarrassing yourself further.

Fuck I love the t-90m
It's almost chief-tiers of aesthetic.

how was you are vacation?
read this niggers it's probably phony but it's something maybe and a lot more than bullying eachother while the monkey laughs

>They'd at least begin construction in the safe areas. They haven't.

>Imagine being so retarded you actually try to quote an anti-Putin source.
Not an argument just like you said!

>Russia doesn't benefit from a pipeline that goes to Europe as it's more competition for Russian gas.
>t. has no idea how oil deals work

>You're talking about the status quo and not how it is changing
Read again faggot and tell me how it's not

>There is no begging there, it's just an attempt to diminish the trade Iran gets.
Cry more MBS, go cry to Putin and maybe he'll stop helping Iran

>They have diminished but it's not over.
>those tweets
>just fifteen people chimping out
>some dumb bitch doing a hijab protest
>no mass protests, nothing even newsworthy now and havent been for a whole month
hahahahahahahahahaha fucking Berniefag logic


somebody forgot his pills again

Calm down son. Youll have a heart attack. Im not disagreeing.

you are the one embarrassing yourself if you consider what Britain did in WW2 the same as Poland.

Alright baking fresh

yeah your ugly pills

>page 7
>no one baking

That explains the dumb posts.
She is an girl too now that I remember. This explains why they are so obsessed with non white countries and why they are not pro ethnocentrism. White women are a political danger.

then why the fuck did you ask the question? not everything has to be about "muh nazis" you spastic.

The BEF got buttfucked hard in the Battle of France, which is what I wrote. Your lack of reading comprehension is showing.


is this common? i mean exporting the standar version of a tank?


>"BEF got buffucked"
>zero entries