Literally looks like MeatLoaf in drag

>literally looks like MeatLoaf in drag
>nothing gets said
>Michelle Obama had a few masculine features
>constantly called Manchelle

B-b-but I saw a photoshopped bulge

I want to fuck her violently.

Literally who

>Michelle Obama had a few masculine features
>a few

Mother of three.
Has accomplished a hundred time what you will in life.
Go shill in reddit you utter faggot.

SAGE goes in all fields.

did I hear bulge?

Not even trolling, I find her to be very attractive.
She's got morals and moxie. 9/10 wife material.

sarah huckabee sanders isn't the first lady though
who gives a shit if she looks like a melting mrs. potato head

still cuter than Michael

Let's be honest, user. She'd probably kick your ass in a fight.

Michael is so strong

>into greasy orc thicclets
I can only imagine how gross you look user


They have to get the grossest beasts they can find to keep Trump from sexually assaulting them.

Since when can a woman bench 400lbs.

Michael was the press secretary? You're comparing apples to oranges user

Dont talk about my waifu like that

I *guarantee* you Mikelle is the pitcher in that relationship

The real question is who has bigger musculs.

Your whole slide/shitpost is contingent on the bulge (which makes an appearance in many photos to varying degrees) being shopped.

Also, being mean to this sharp, successful and yes, beautiful woman is not the mo of the anti-trump crowd.

You don't even know who you are anyomore.
You're lost.
And probabky quite ugly yourself.
I'm sorry you're hurting op.


>Trump definitely did not have sexual relations with that woman

I think she's kind of attractive. She has nice eyebrows.

Yoo yoo yoo. Look what I just found.
>Look at that dood.
>Oh no no no.

She made white kids, which is more than you can say for most of Cred Forums and its idols like mommy taytay the roastie.

I forgot the h mfw

>a couple