This one little trick will make bots and shills hate you, CIANiggers Want to kill you!


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so that's why there were no wing impressions in the wall of the Pentagon, this airplane didn't have any!

Bump for them fucking themselves in the ass so damn hard

looks like a missile

Wow playing the Pentagon's built in SAM site demonstration video.

Way to be a fag

They killed the man investigating the trillions lost, he was sitting in that wing when the missile hit. Without a doubt it was a murder with a very expensive bullet

everything is a false flag and shill


I wish we got an honest investigation about this.

Does anyone have gif with the towers fall down with Vince McMahon

just a gravitational collapse goyi-

it exists but never released in full because it would implicate a major "ally"

They hate The Bellagio Sampler Special..

Spread this and bump!!
>false flag Sandy hook 2.0

This event is next level psyopp
>Cruz was a patsy retard shutout
>fake white supremacy media meme
>day before attack news reports on deaths
>bodybags being removed from scene during event
>students not emotional present , laughing and jolly
>wassermanshultz district
>deepstate attempt

here's a pic of a tomahawk cruise missile for comparison. they're over 20 ft long, so it very well could be a cruise missile.

forgot pic

>Its just a jet fuel !nothing to see here kids ,move along .

This really gets them going, does anyone have a TPW P4-15NB laptop for sale?

why is what type of laptop it?

It's an older government laptop that has crazy encryption on the motherboard, some accidently are in circulation on the civilian market and the shills hate mentioning it.

What am I seeing here?

If this was real, all they would have to say is it is fake. And their evidence for that would be the horrible quality

they dont give a fuck about you


This is fake

Jews are still responsible tho


it doesn't look like anything to me


9/11 was an Israeli masterminded False Flag with help from traitors in the WH, the Pentagon, CIA, FBI and NSA. With generous help from the Lying MSM.

bad goyim

>no bounce lighting even on this lowres gif
Nice cgi

>resolution and compression so low you can barely see the Youtube logo

just aluminum or battery acid goyim

>no wings
Missile confirmed

What am i supposed to see here?

no one was murdered in a thermite inferno that day goyim

it doesn't look like anything to me









pick one and only one

CIA niggers out in full force cuz of this Jewish school shooter.




>ctrl-f "basement"

b-but I thought the basement was a wild conspiracy theory!




just office furnishings and the jet fuel that had all drained down the elevator shafts goyim



Its just an office chairs cushion seat blowing up goyim!


widespread melting of vehicles and other substances and objects at street level during what has been repeatedly described as something resembling a 'pyroclastic cloud'


>schmulevitz you overdid the nanothermite!

Weird to think they some people legitimately died on stage

sweating green frog dot bmp

But why do they hate mentioning it?

>not realizing the evidence is already out

Every last mother fucker that caused this deserves the true death. Their wives, their children.

Don’t see anything new here

>when (((just an office fire and some jet fuel goyim))) can induce literally hundreds of otherwise cogent human beings into knowingly suicidal behavior (despite the fact they were most definitely murdered irregardless of specifics)

why were the jumpers not recognized as a red flag in all of this

This guy already admitted to it. Just cuz he beat the case y'all are just

>Implying Cred Forums isn't the honest investigators

Wow, I thought I'd seen everything on 9/11 years ago. Some new shit, thanks.

Goyim meat.

Is this battery acids burning 2 weeks after the collapse?

I guess so. Yes I'm a goyim. God bless Merica! Stop those evil muh racist Ruskins! We stand behind Israel!

>when the pesky firefighter mesothelioma-damned golem goyim won't shut their holes about

Still finding (((thermitic bombs))) in Germany from WW II.

Why? Israel got us to invade Iraq for them. That was the goal and Jews run the government.

The Wikileaks drop showed the Mossad and CIA directly funding ISIS and that Clinton knew about it. What happened with that news? Nobody cared.

But they told me that jet fuel can't melt steel beams tho

Nice work.

Took this thread and made it your bi**h.

Best seat in the fuckin' house, lucky niggers!

All these digits

What evidence? They sealed the area and shipped all the rubble and steel off under guard IMMEDIATELY after.

Nobody cared that the Jewish owner of the towers sold them a week before. Nobody cared when that Israeli paper reported (and showed) Israeli nationals getting texts to not go to work the next day.

>The Wikileaks drop showed the Mossad and CIA directly funding ISIS and that Clinton knew about it. What happened with that news? Nobody cared.


Jump goyim! (((We))) need a good show!




What am I looking at here?

burning material falls on cars from high rise fire, cars start on fire, sooooo mysterious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes, you have discovered that burning material glows. how incredibly intriguing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus fucking christ. Looks like a truck pulled up and launched a missile or some shit.

it doesn't look like anything to me

it is, the 9/11 story is fiction, inside job done by Zionists to drag the US into the mid east to fight for Israeli expansionism and create an endless war


The running investigation on missing trillions (not billions, trillions) in that wing is true. It is just one more 9/11 thing that many people never heard about.

The fresh multi billion dollar insurance deal. Building 7 collapsing. The explosions. Free-fall. Pools of liquid metal. Intact passports found. Shit goes on and on and on.

People (want to) forget to easily. The never forget meme is a joke at this point.

Far and foremost again RIP to everyone caught in this tragedy. I remember the videos of rescuers and safety personal running into the tower stairs just before they collapsed. The people jumping.

To be honest I expected a Saddam Hussein style trial at some point, years later. Instead the world gets the big nothing... except more constitutional breakdown and more divide et impera. Something is really wrong in the West.

molten aluminum and lead do not undergo incandescence to anywhere near the seen extent in open air


look what up?

>t. CIA nigger

Goyim, we had no foreknowledge!

it could be a pile of coals from an oak desk, genius, and you are wrong about aluminum. you cannot identify a burning material by its color in the visual spectrum alone. the least likely possibility is thermite, yet thats what you assume, why do you want it to be that?

Reminded the newfags about 9/11.

It was all a cohencidence!

shills love the brainlet psychological attack posts. there are a few topics that are guaranteed to attract them.

9/11 is one

Interestingly, the thermodynamic oil collapse is another one. I guess they don't want the tax cows to figure out industrial society is about to grind to a screeching halt.


>running out of a building as a fluid

you're both creative and not


omg gravity still worked on 9/11 how incredibly FASCINATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
holy fuck you are retarded.

this evoked response is little short of flattering


Ask yourself why brainlet conspiraneets always cut off the first 9 seconds of the tower 7 collapse. it might pay to consider the possibility they are intentionally misleading you.

Calling all cia niggers.


Security cam footage of


either doesn't exist, was purposely destroyed or is not available to the public. I wonder (((why))). Tons and tons of columbine footage exists though.

So what ever happened to the elusive video of the rabbis dancing after the towers fell?

>ITT: everybody on Cred Forums is a professional metallurgist and certified demolition scientist.

Delusional, all.

No, Hans.

these NEETs are a cancer to this board.

>microspheres (sub 1mm in size) of iron in dust spread throughout manhattan ( ), gratuitous volumes of molten steel or iron present flowing out of the towers prior to implosion (neither molten aluminum or molten lead undergo incandescence to as significant an extent in daylight as recorded )
>infernos present underground for upwards of three months after the incidents in manhattan themselves with signs pointing towards quite vast pools and rivers of molten steel remaining in this state for weeks and weeks
>flecks of thermitic substances similarly spread throughout the pulverized material that utterly blanketed much of new york city (
>functionally no resistance present in the implosion patterns of all three skyscrapers that day, suggesting attainment of near-freefall speeds as a result of pulverization of the building below in a violent demolition of either primary tower, WTC7 having absolutely been subject to a far more thorough and picturesque annihilation in the exact same manner ( )
>ideation for this manner of attack ( ) having been taking place for decades with prominent israelis and zionists even writing about a new world order formed beneath an america that has been rejuvenated through some manner of massive pearl-harbor-like attack to combat 'international terrorism' in the Middle East (Netanyahu: Fighting Terrorism: How Democracies Can Defeat Domestic and International Terrorism. Farrar, Straus and Giroux. 1995.)
>immediate disposal and non-investigation of the remains of the towers


>provided flight data regarding the pentagon attack is blatantly fabricated and/or executed by a computer (( ) extremely precise, drastic motions on final ingress that could not have been possibly performed by the alleged pilot notwithstanding the physical circumstances of a plumeting jetliner in which they would have had to be executed, by human hands.) atop that site containing no serious evidence of a plane impact on the scale of the alleged airframe involved
>complete lack of a criminal investigation surrounding the event (NIST report was a exercise in a banal architectural safety analysis, whereas the 9/11 Commission Report was a heavily sanitized storybook largely pre-put-together 'narrative' that explicitly sought to support the 'official' version of the alleged events that was first being fed within mere fractions of hours of the initial strike )
>alleged hijacker pilots were all functionally retarded, very near braindead arab chumps who inspired no confidence in their american flight instructors and furthermore, never flew aircraft larger than small Cessnas and thus could not have assumed command of a Boeing jetliner to perform any of the maneuvers entailed in the wider events within realistic, at-all-probable bounds whatsoever
>there never was and will never be a 9/11 trial, all victims families settled out of court, some of whom who held out but were eventually driven out of the courts system through attrition and leaning by a jewish harpy litigator named Shiela Bernbaum
>israeli politician tells the american public and world exactly who did what a scant hour after the initial event (
>israelis caught red-handed celebrating and documenting what occured (
>lucky fucking larry, admitted confidante of benyamin netanyahu(

Because it shows a controlled demolition on a building that zero planes crashed into?


look at you, finally learned to copy paste. i am so proud.


you are the most retarded in this thread so far. and that says a LOT, congrats.

did your opinion ever matter to anyone?
because it sure doesn't matter to me


i posted proof that you were using intentionally misleading evidence. my opinion is not in play here.


no you didn't

Moshe do the charges go here?



you seem very insecure about your own IQ, why do you have a folder full of small brain memes and call everyone stupid?

Cia niggers glow in the dark


you showed cut beams, i showed who cut them. are you blind too?

18 posts later and people are starting to wonder why you're doing Very Organized damage control for 9/11 and calling anyone who disagrees with you a brainlet.

im just trying to get you NEETs off this board.

Bodies weighing in at 120-200lbs don't get ejected horizontally out of the windows of a building vertically collapsing under its own weight you mongrels.

Inner core steel goys.

notice how they glow

>be roasted alive slowly or jump to sudden death

No one would ever choose the less painful method.

You are a pants on head retarded.

because pointing out extent of willful retardation in you conspiraNEETs is one of my most cherished hobbies.

so sleepy user

Why did WTC7 fall?

no wonder it collapsed so easily. especially after weakening a few of those inner cores with a few thousand gallons of burning kerosene.

Jesus H Christ.
How young are you?
Learn to do some fucking research if you really want to know.
The hasty removal of the 9/11 debris is as good a red pill as any...

They could've ran out the window mohamed.

It's been shoah'd.

I used to know a guy that had one, still had some data on it but he couldn't crack it for years of trying to get into the encrypted part


burning alive is one of the most painful ways to die, genius. when faced with either extreme pain from burning or (basically) no pain from hitting the ground at extreme speeds from jumping, people chose jumping.
this seems like a reasonable explanation.

We have survived ADL, JIDF, redditfag swarms, ANTIFA/commiefags, normalfag invasions, and other multimillion dollar corporation shill invasions for multiple years.
We are still here, how in the fuck are you going to make us leave.

Shills on fucking overtime here.

They just farted a bit too hard and their flatulence ignited from the flame, that's all goy.

What happened to of the jews dancing when towers fell

We should send all these conspiraneets to a camp somewhere, in hopes of rehabilitating them.

Tell me in your own words.

How did WTC7 fall when 0 planes crashed into it?

you belong on /x/

>Totally normal goyim, let's focus on this controversy that I've manufactured while ignoring that it decided to collapse at near free-fall speeds suddenly out of the blue after ~8 hours
A job so well done, it didn't even fall sideways enough to hit the buildings one New York side-street away from it. That's 47 stories down in a few seconds, flatter than you could stomp a milk carton.

Goyim meat bags mean nothing when the chosen can lots of shekels.

it's what shills do when they have literally zero arguments.

even veteran news casters were saying it looks like a controlled demolition... hell, there's footage of Larry Silverstein saying they "pulled it'... but they act like you're brain dead if you dare to question the NIST report...

a report which had to invent a NEW TYPE OF BUILDING COLLAPSE because the model they came up with had literally never been observed before...

a report which DIDN'T EVEN LOOK AT THE POSSIBILITY OF EXPLOSIVES because there wasn't a "loud enough sound" (there absolutely was, as many witnesses attest)

...a report which NEVER PUBLISHED ITS FINDINGS IN A PEER REVIEWED JOURNAL for fear that they would be shamed into providing a decent explanation.

BTW, building 7 kept Enron from being a much bigger, dirtier scandal that would've taken down the whole Bush white house.

you belong in /oven/

fucking google it you lazy piece of shit. or watch the video. if you aren't completely retarded you will realize controlled demo is the least likely possibility.

All I'm saying is it's dumb to discuss explosions, liquid metal, debris..etc. It's much more worthwhile to talk about urban moving systems, the millions of dollars made shorting airline stocks and the departments and offices that were destroyed that day and how they were investigating the missing Pentagon money.

But for some reason these threads always end up talking about jetfuel.

I want to hear you say your theory out loud.

you belong on reddit

fuck me it's real.

I was wondering the same thing



kek, fucking leafs

> it didn't even fall sideways enough to hit the buildings
yes it did, you have blindly believe lies from NEETs on youtube, congrats.

I'm more german than you are, Schlomo.

Try to remain calm when you talk to people.

nah just this sorry f'am

sorry, its a fake

systematic fire suppression failure? infernos that far exceeded in intensity that which could have been achieved using materials that were supposed to have been inside of the building's afflicted environments, even then introduced? all of the jet fuel likely went up immediately or managed to slosh inside of the building's central vertical elevator shafts. people were seen lingering around the wounds in the towers. little would have been left to induce a fire necessary for progressive explosive structural demolition and the buildings were engineered and built in a time of extravagance in means, and could have easily each withstood multiple airliner impacts without serious structural fault.

suicidologists have looked into these matters and the statements by firefighters appear to be quite clear. a fair-minded person would indeed only do such a thing under the most dire of circumstances, in this situation within a deeply robust and exceedingly over-engineered structure that should never, ever have reached the point where individuals were clambering from windows for breath before enjoying a few seconds of cool air prior to becoming gore under the zionist thumb. they were cooked alive not by what means are described so commonly but likely through application of an adhesive, spray-on, or even painted thermitic material that was applied to the inner crucial sections of either tower so thoroughly that this substance is a signature feature of 9/11 dust.

horrors beyond human imagination have already and continue to take place

fuck you cia come and get me i want a cell in diego garcia in the tropics you faggot cunts

Jews are not german.
Jews are jews.

Why do you think someone needs to have an explanation in order to see that your batshit explanation is retarded? That is not how reason works, and a main reason I can tell you are a NEET. I bet you believe that cold water boils faster than warm water too.

you have to go back.

suck my dick, you are holding humanity back.

Ehud Batak just happened to be in the studios of the BBC on 9/11 to tell all the gullible goy how the War On Terror would go.

Thats my point.



I like the cut of your jib

you're retarded. you say "controlled demo is least likely" without offering a shred of proof or support for the theory.

the NIST had to invent a new type of building collapse because a building like this had never collapsed due to fire.

also, none of the buildings that the towers ACTUALLY FELL ON collapsed entirely... look at photos from the WTC marriott... half of it is still standing and the south tower basically landed right on it.

Shills will all hang.


Jews aren’t Americans either, they are Jews.

CIA (Dyncorp, Haliburton), MOSSAD (Black Cube, Israel), the American government, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Larry Silverstein and Suhali Rizvi were the major players

you were lied to by NEETs on youtube. See :

So why would the pentagon attack itself?

>suck my dick, you are holding humanity back
Desperation... getting... upper hand... must... keep control.
Fucking shill monkey.

Thank you for your cooperation.

oh yeah, and the NIST never published their findings in a peer reviewed journal. they also never made the data from their models public.

and they were also publically contradicted by work done at university of alaska and by a group of 1700 professional architects and engineers.


>You can literally see the 'jet fuel' melting steel beams

excuse me sir, but you have 30+ posts here. all disparaging. could it be that you're a cia kike nigger with a high level of butthurt?

Flat earth btfo

Florida FALSE flag banned vid!!
This video was banned!!! And censored off YouTube, this is an altered reup... pls.spread and save and you against shills they hate this Info

Street lamp at the end looks like a rabbi LMAO

Conspiraneets have no compelling arguments and get butthurt about it, imagine that. Every fucking thread, you are all whiney little fucks who rarely leave the house.

Guess it got some on it, although it did completely miss every other building. Either case, the speed and relative stability at which it fell is beyond suspicious, considering its height and enormous mass.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to rig a 47 story building to fall like that? I say "rig", because there major countries that I would argue don't possess the ability to. For example I would pay good money to see someone like China manage to take down as tall a building as that, as well as that.

From "office fires"? Forget it. If it was that easy, terrorists would simply blow up a single column like NIST says, and collapse buildings into their own footprint all day long.

>muh penthouse
>muh "didn't fall at free fall"
>muh 18 seconds
>muh "John Kerry and Larry Silverstein didn't admit on camera that it was a demo"

the arguments are weak, but they sure have a lot of idiots to recite their idiotic narrative.

Every accusation the little butthurt boy makes is pure projection

>crashed into the accounting offices
>where they were starting to look for the missing trillions that Rumsfeld mentioned the day before

>inb4 the jetliner impacts each dislodged every last square inch of asbestos
oy vey it would have been best if it did though! that stuff costs a fortune to remove!

it barely did. if someone wanted to attack the pentagon with an airliner why would they have not smeared the jet over at least a fifth of the complex? much more likely a rigged-up military jet on the scale of an F-16, possibly laden with a warhead, or even a missile of some magnitude was used to merely strike at a face of the building. the one that would disrupt investigation into mission pentagon trillions, nonetheless? very precise, just like one of the jets going into a fortified computer room.

this image of danny suhr is weird

NIST probably got some shit wrong, there are a lot of arguments against their report that make sense, none of which make retarded claims like "MUH CONTROLLED DEMOLITION." Here is a really good one

Watch this and try not to be suspicious, its not humanly possible to not at least have one question by the end of this.
Dont feel like watching it? Then debunk my picture.

Checked! I cannot wait for day of the rope!


so how many stupid arguments do you have to get btfo on before you start doubting your youtube NEET gurus?

Here's the question - if it's just retarded conspiracy stuff, why do the "debunkers" get so fucking upset over it all and seem to care as much as you do?

You're not helping your case any, friend.

as a level 3 asbestos abatement license holder i can confirm the boss overcharges

he showed a box column cut at 45degrees with pooling of molten metal, running down the side

you post a picture of someone making the shortest cut possible (of course) with no pooling because cutting with acetylene blows the melted bits out of the cut altogether. not the same. jagged edges, not smooth. whatever.

>NIST probably got some shit wrong
once again, they had to invent a new type of building collapse, and they never published any of their data.

University of Alaska and 1700 professionals publically criticized them. they never answered.

die on a rope, shill.

>blacks pretending to leave work

Nothing bad ever just happens. The whole world actually loves us.

Weak shill

watch (video intentionally crafted to make you suspicious) and try not to be suspicious. i have a keen eye for intentionally misleading arguments and i promise you that video is filled with them.


damn brutha i glad we alive

who is left to speak for these pentagon employees, though?

wake up faggots

You've shitted up this entire thread with overly emotionally invested refusal to accept the apparent.

And people still doubt shills are real? Why do you give such a fuck about something that happened almost 2 decades ago? If there's nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear.

because most people cannot easily identify misleading arguments, and they are a cancer on our ability to progress intellectually, I have had to hold the hand of friends and family to walk them back to reality on simple shit that can easily be refuted with simple reasoning or internet searches, but only if you can spot an intentionally misleading argument. I shouldn't have to do this, and the NEETs have no excuse for promoting this retardation since they have all the time in the world.

where are you pulling those pictures from? thats interesting stuff.

but im so sleepy user

Fucking base jumpers man. Everytime.

>probably got some shit wrong
Here comes the flat earth distraction nonsense.
Losing it now, lad.
38+ posts and counting.


Debunk lucky Larry you fuck. Do you think it's just a coincidence that he got insurance for the twin towers right before the attack

watch the video linked. stop choosing to be retarded. nobody will know 100% exactly how and why 7 fell but we can tell it sure as fuck wasn't a controlled demolition. Thats what NEETs don't get about rational thinking, there is no such thing as absolute certainty.

these are government exhibits, many of which seem to be freely available online to this day

this is an AI. Do you think you could fool all the humans?

Don't tell this dubwizard your sources!

reminder that none of the videos shown live actually show a plane hitting anything, and that the videos that do show a plane hitting were first aired hours later.

none of the videos shows any damage to any plane. they just glide right into the buildings.

the level of cia-kike shilling in here is real. somebody is posting something these faggots aint happy about

>stupid arguments
Why do you shills out yourself like that? Shaming will never work here, nor will strawmanning.

I posted a video in It's not perfect, but it's pretty fucking good. I hadn't looked too much at the pictures because I'm not running any sort of investigation here, I just find the circumstances odd. Ok, parts of it damaged a building, you're right. That makes me "BTFO" on the rest of the argument? What are you, 12? You're taking one single aspect of the post and using that to disregard all of it. Read the rest of it again, and try to think for once.

A building like that doesn't fall like that under any circumstance, it has simply never happened before in history (as far as I know), because it's extremely difficult circumstances to recreate, even if you're trying to do it on purpose (hence the "China couldn't do it if they wanted to" comment in the previous post).

So what is it, are you an actual child, a shill or simply disingenuous for some other reason?

I have provided the only worthwhile information in this thread of shit. You should be thanking me.

>intentionally misleading
Haha fucking hell, muh "fake moon landings" now.
You're a bit shit at this aren't you.

>nobody will know 100% exactly how and why 7 fell but we can tell it sure as fuck wasn't a controlled demolition.
based on what, exactly? Larry Silverstein and John Kerry both said it was a controlled demo ON CAMERA.

Its not a misleading argument if its factual and really happened.
Also please deunk the image too , Im sure your not busy.
giving the wrong idea or impression.
synonyms: deceptive, confusing, deceiving, equivocal, ambiguous, fallacious, specious, spurious, false

an idea, feeling, or opinion about something or someone, especially one formed without conscious thought or on the basis of little evidence.
synonyms: feeling, feeling in one's bones, sense, fancy, (sneaking) suspicion, inkling, premonition, intuition, presentiment, hunch;

Isn't that a meme from movies? The window glass in skyscrapers is purposely made super thick against the elements at higher elevation and to prevent people from jumping to their deaths.

if i had to bet 10k on it i would say he is full of shit. a lot of people make stuff up so they can be cool. Whats more likely, a guy made up a crazy story to impress his friends, or he surfed down a collapsing sky scraper? There, debunked.

9/11-WTC7 Larry Silverstein says 'PULL IT' (INSIDE JOB)

there is truth in our fiction and fiction in our truth

>Believing a plane caused this much destruction

>oven dodger

pick one.

you have some rare shit, keep going bud

military thermite is fucking nuts

this is getting me excited more than it should

you should feel shame for believing retarded NEETs on youtube. I bet you think aikido is a legitimate martial art too.

You didn't debunk anything. You're full of shit

What? Why can't a regular ass fire drive people think "well fuck this, id rather go splat than burn alive"?

you didnt see the moon in the upper left obviously.

people can lie and have stupid ways of thinking, thats all i need to know to debunk a paragraph under a picture of a jew.

what in the fuck does the moon landing have to do with 9/11?


>implying 9/11 wasn't
even normals know 9/11 was suspect

i can see user just ignore them atleast there's ppl bumping the thread. 1st page atm. dump info thread is almost at the limit. You're doing God's work user.

how can you sleep at night knowing you are engaging in deception? does the cognitive dissonance pain you?

So who would have the most to lose when this gets exposed, that's who is paying the shithead to fill up this thread

Hysteria wreaking havoc now.
45 posts.

Whatchya doin rabbi?

are you saying its more reasonable that he surfed down a collapsing sky scraper?

for some reason they've really been ramping up the "muh retards" rhetoric of late. maybe they think enough time has passed to bury all the retarded mistakes that made it all so obvious.

steel beams that warped under the heat and pressure during 911

Hmmm, where is the jet parts goys?

What are you even talking about?

honestly i think its a bot

See, I am much more interested in images like this than retarded "muh jet fuel can't melt steel beams"
Why can't truthers admit they don't know shit about materials or civil engineering?

indeed. cia-kike shills getting weak with their shaming tactics...

i am combating feeble, noodly armed, NEETs attempting a poor attempt at deception. its fun as hell honestly, took a while to build up the image folders, but after the initial collection process, i really haven't had to add much too it. these retards are so easy to refute, it's easy to keep up.

why can't "skeptics" admit that 1700 professional architects and engineers don't believe this shit either?

I am catholic.

Oh then here would you like to hear him tell you where he was at the time? Heres a video of larry silverstein telling you where he was.

you have to read the reply chain to understand, lurk more.

what about this one?

That's after the started removing debris idiot, thermite wouldn't do this either.

why should i care?

mfw "truther" becomes the contemporary version of "conspiracy theorist"
>Darn you truthers! We would'a gott'en away wit it if it weren't fer you meddlin kids!

Oh fuck I can see it! KEK!


cia-kikez btfo

both the physical and political angles of 9/11 concretely indict israel.

this is all a very poor state of affairs the whole world is fucked, much of it stemming from this. the new world order was born on september eleventh.

>HA, tough luck pal, you didn't have the right tone

>honestly i think its a bot
Nah, it's a really, really thick 16-year-old on his first day.

purely coincidence, goyim.

>Keeps on shilling in the exact manner I pointed out while ignoring the entire point of two posts he's supposedly refuting without refuting
Alright. Good on you - you do earn your pay at least.

It doesn't, he's just all-out shilling. I made some points, he disregarded them without addressing them. So I pointed them out again, and he posted a picture of a Chinese probe.

Also, keep in mind that this shill represents ~18% of the threads replies (inb4 he replies BTFO debunked it's 17.7%). So about 1/5'th of the thread is this guy.

how are you so good at detecting neets and destroying their arguments? you are very impressive. can you teach someone else your skills?


>argument about 9/11
>post flat earth shit

I did, you didn't debunk anything about Lucky Larry, and now you're talking about some guy surfing down the world trade center as it collapsed? How does that correlate at all?


nigga if you weren't so new you would know i do this several times a week. I notice a conspiraneet thread, slap the willfully retarded around for a bit, then turn it into a flat earth is bullshit thread. Lurk more.

Check out our tow missile!

>your bullshit

Read the image here and then you replied to the image here ,you seem to have forgotten are whole conversation.
For calling everyone else dumb I would think you would at least have a good memory, calling everyone dumb is starting to seem ironic....

who gives a fuck where some jew was?

>you would know i do this several times a week.
You really haven't got a fucking clue, have you.

So to recap, the gif in the OP is a tomahawk missile hitting the pentagon where people were investigating the trillions lost in accounting

Source? And is there any evidence said people were actually engineers?
Well, I guess it wouldn't be the first times they pulled a false flag on american buildings. Most people don't know bout that either, however it was a while ago.

Had it been a plane, both wings wouldve been on the front lawn, as would the entire plane.


Right, what was I supposed to see there?




the jew who leased the buildings and profited handsomely (3.5 billion) from the whole affair?

...and also his entire family was home sick that day?

you must be a special kind of stupid, user.

I thought lucky larry was the guy who supposedly surfed down the building as it collapsed. I dont give a fuck about larry anyway, it has nothing to do with the bullshit these conspiraneets try to spread.

Believe in karma.

do you just copy and paste random sentences?

Answer the question faggot, why are you posting flat earth shit in a 9/11 thread?

>basically admits to being a lurking cia-kike troll

hahahaha. love it. and on that note, gn gents.

>I thought lucky larry was the guy who supposedly surfed down the building as it collapsed. I dont give a fuck about larry anyway, it has nothing to do with the bullshit these conspiraneets try to spread.


somebody has a very very advanced AI. this isn't going to end well. this is the one thing that musk is correct about

probably... the shills know they don't have facts on their side, so their best bet is to just get everyone mad and muddy the waters.

you dont need words to know it wasnt a controlled demo, and there wasn't thermite involved.

New shill tactics


concerned citizen


A patriot who was about to expose the most staggering government level corruption and treason scandal in world history was taken out with a missile bought with some of the missing money he had located.

America is not free, America is not safe, America is run by child feasting paedophile Jewry, and always will be.

it is a computer program. a really good one. stop wasting your time

you are welcome.

I haven't seen this level of goal post moving ever, hes like some next level retard shill.

thats Lucky Buzzelli

because it is the same bullshit: intentionally misleading arguments used to get people to willfully choose to be retarded.

Buddy. Give up.
You really are shit at this.


you're embarrassing yourself, if we're just a bunch of neets who know nothing why did you bother to make 50 posts about it?

you need an upgrade dude

>ayo where da plane

"i don't care who this larry is"

part of the program is to start throwing in random bullshit to derail people and get them from focusing on the thread topic.

wrong, it's just fun as fuck to see you conspiraneets scramble when confronted with reality.

part of the program is also to have "good cops" who feed it... ignore the shills unless they stick to the topic at hand.

NASA did 9/11? woah.

immortal technique, havent heard that dude for years. thanks for reminding me

>ALEFANTIS: Well, we make everything from scratch. Other restaurants, even good restaurants, will, like, not roast their own peppers. You can just buy the roasted peppers in a can. Or you can buy garlic oil. Some products you can get, and they’re consistent and they’re easy. But I didn’t even know that existed actually until they said that. I was like, “What do you mean? There’s another way? You can just buy these things?” Because a lot of restaurants will open a can and put it on. Like our sauce — we harvest a whole crop of organic tomatoes — 10 tons of tomatoes every year. Can them all, store them in the basement, have like a harvest party when it gets loaded in.
The whole article is Alefantis swinging off rafters like a psychopath bragging about how delicious his pizza is and how the celebs come from miles around to eat it. WTF? They told me there was no basement.

i made a good point, you are impressed, i get it, no we can't go fishing and have a beer together, no we can't be best friends, no i will not send you dick pics and pretend it was an accident. Just appreciate the moment for its own ephemeral beauty.

>he thinks he's said anything of substance
>he thinks NEET is an insult here

I'm curious if you're even capable of understanding your own level of brainwashing, by rationalizing your own dishonesty as something necessary.

You deserve what's coming to you.

>implying it's just one advanced AI
Not one, but many.

What was the biggest benefit for Trump?
The EO that Bush Jr signed which allowed a president to declare a state of emergency whenever he wants. It was in the Patriot Act. Coupled with the spying powers of the NSA there is literally nothing they haven't already peered into and best of all there is a state of emergency going on right now, you can tell by the yellow fringe around the flag

I got reality on my side, bitch, don't need no shills or youtube NEETs, just an ability to spot bullshit.

Nah, it's a Jew. Every time. Don't try to take away the face of this little obnoxious fucker. He deserves what he is going to get.

ahh, thanks.