America, this needs to change

America, this needs to change

The solution is more guns.

Unirinically this.
Anti 2A gin thread#84

unironically this

everyone needs to carry and learn how to protect themselves, and then just buckle up while the kinks are worked out and we move back towards an equilibrium


So did you take the late bus from your high school today. You’re a little later than usual shill

Nah, I'm okay.

its only 12:14 pm

Could the mods please clean up redundant gun control threads or make a sticky

>implying I believe you
so, how’s the weather currently

What's really needed is a bunch of soyteen betas bleating about banning gu....Oh already happened

How many illegal immigrants have killed innocent Americans? Thousands of lives lost and not a single headline........

Bad people do bad things with guns
And your solution is to take guns away from the good, law-abiding people with guns

Bump for nonsense.

sunny, 77F

So you in Hawaii

we need more shootings. the weak will die and the strong will live.

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Agreed, need to weed out the sickos who hate us GOYIM

>America, this needs to change

Julianna !!CLeGkwztvJ2

How about we ban bullying instead of guns?

your right we should just come to your country and blow your head off. oh wait i see. hang him.

see if it was another country, we'd take it then say stfu. i dont care wahts happeneing seems to ME that you guys are causing lots of problems and people are stressing out.

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