>Job (if you have one)
>Income range
>Political Views

I'll start.
>Mining Engineering
>Laurentian University
>Project Manager
>$155k-180k (depends on bonus)

>international business management with Spanish
>Newcastle university
>Hotel reception
>Minimum wage + tips :D

I am looking into coding courses or perhaps train as a pilot

>MSc in CS
>University of Jyväskylä
>PhD student
>About 28k Eur per year in funding
>Social Democrat

lmao, why the meme degree britbong?

stay away from coding m8, it's a zero sum game. Unless you get a degree from an elite uni, you're a code monkey at best.

>PhD student

At the same uni? Or did you go somewhere else for the post grade?

Also, 28k in funding is bretty good. What's your thesis?

>social democrat
is it cuz of the funding or you're just retarded, that's why?

> political science, public management
>université de montreal
> provincila civil servant
>70k cad
> conservative for the lack of better options

>degree in spotting glowers
>driving school
> i'll come in range wherever theres CIA niggers
>birds eye view of glower i just ran over

>provincila civil servant

so, pretty much paperwork?

how haven't you killed yourself yet quebecfag?

>Used to be a Libertarian but Trump and you knuckleheads have delivered me into the arms of white nationalism

>Financial Analyst

>some college
>quality control
>130iq masterrace right wing race baiter and trump defender

>9 inch cock
>>chef at wendys

>Asks for everybody else's degree/occupation

>So he can literally shit on them all

Day of the rake when?

I had to do something innit, and it's a lesser meme degree out of all the degrees , I want to get into entrepreneurship and startups and shit , I dont really want a 9-5 restrictive career path and will like to keep my options open. Luckily I have a supportive family and a very strong safety net behind me so I'm not too fussed about ur opinion of me not getting a high paying job straight out of uni.

Wot do u do ?

>BA Film Studies
>University of Southern California
>Production Coordinator (@ unspecified silicon valley studio that you're familiar with)
>low 6 figures
>fashy right libertarian

Atte least I'll be able to try a range of careers and live a varied and fruitful life.

Degree - None (and proud of it, zero debt!)

School - William Luther Pierce School for lemmings

Job - Rail Mechanic

Income range - 40-50k+

Political Views - American Nazi Party (Rockwell Era)

Bro, meme degrees lead to meme careers.

International business is a pretty meme degree senpai.

Literally, if the summary isn't bribing government officials, it's all bullshit.

>Masters in e.e.
>Shit tier state uni full of nigs and pajeets in Illinois
>No job
>Should be 70-90k out of school

no internships during school?

>Associates Degree
>Community College
>Network Designer (1st Year)
>Totalitarian Centralist

My views will never have a political party so I just go Republican. At least they can give me some semblance of my views in this country.

I'm in university.


Yeah, they are quickly becoming as shitty as everyone else. That is what happens when you draw people to an ideology.


Give me your idea of a degree tier list senpai

I can say for sure that almost no one outside of CEOs and really high level executives etc make what you make in my country, in any case. So preferably a degree in high demand that allows me to move to a country that pays real wages would be good.

I'm looking into internships or research w/ one of my profs

actually my bad I didn't realise CDN was so little in GBP. I guess a decent amount of people make that much but still only the top few percent probably, people who work in finance, experienced doctors, lawyers at top firms etc. Engineers make horrific pay in the UK though.

>Mathematics BS
>not telling but its a state university on the east coast
>AML Compliance Analyst (entry level)
>60k+ depending on overtime
>Adolph Hitler

>CDN was so little in GBP
CDN is weak as shit (it's progress, don'tchaknow?), but I work in Suriname for a gold mining company so they pay us in USD.

Choose a degree where you can work internationally. That's how you make bank. Or pick a profession with licensure or a union wall.

What's AML Compliance Analyst?

srsly, no clue what those are.

>bachelor of science in psychology, doing my master degree right now
>part time job in gamestop
>depends on how many hours I work, but it's not much
>right wing, but I also agree with some lefty views

>bsc in psychology

idk, I've heard that the swiss are very suicidal.
Are psychology degrees less of a meme there?

I see. So you don't have any specific recommendations that are in really high demand then? I want to know which meme degrees to avoid as well. I figured comp sci would be good but you weren't too positive about that.

Nice try CSIS

well, I don't have anything to compare it with, but I've never felt like what I was stuyding wasn't professional and serious. I've been in therapy myself when I was younger though and the therapist was fucking terrible.

I'm biased. Growing up in Canada, the only thing around us was natural resources, so naturally, exploiting them to make a few bucks seemed...natural.

But if you want a list:
> Anything Engineering (exception: mechanical and civil)
> Nursing (mediocre pay but good job security, achievable and doesn't require genius-tier intelligence or mule-like work ethic)
> CS (only if you go to elite uni and specialize in machine learning or neural networks. It's becoming almost a meme, but there's going to be a huge demand in the future)

I'd say get something like industrial engineering or a material science degree, cuz that's the future desu. Or if you're borderline autistic, mechatronics and robotics is another one.

>been in therapy myself

lmao. What was going so wrong that you had to go see a fucking shrink?

See, I would've thought mechanical would've been one of the better engineering fields to go into. What's the problem with it?

Nursing in the UK is truly JUST tier, they make like $30-40k or something.

>permanent factory worker
>45k - 50k
>national anarchist

Mechanical engineering has slowly devolved into glorified switchboard operators that call specialists at big-name manufacturers to solve all of their problems. Also, they are expected to sometimes do manual labour when some factory worker calls in sick or if they're understaffed.

Also, no jobs.

Combine it together, you get the perfect shitstorm in creating another generation of divorce-raped beer guzzling fags on the brink of blowing their brains out.

>permanent factory worker

Nigga, they're hiring all sorts of fags in the mining industry in the land of oz. how the fuck haven't you gotten a legit, non-pleb tier job yet?

>BS in Criminal Psychology
>FBI Van Driver
>Why don't you take a seat over there

>fbi van driver
top kek

dont want to move to degenerate shithole mining camp maybe?
I'm seriously thinking about it tho

>degenerate shithole mining camp

It's a fly-in, fly-out. You only spend HALF of the year in a degenerate shithole mining camp. The remaining half can be spent with your 'puritan' asian waifu.

High school
Warehouse clown