These will be the requirements for the white ethnostate:
>Must be at least 60% European as determined by a DNA test
>Must be less than 5% Jewish
>No prior connection to zionism or Islam as determined by an extensive background check
Country will be open to anyone who meets these 3 rules.

The thought process is that even a mutt with the bare minimum of white DNA will eventually have it bred out of them over time. This low threshold also encourages immigration to boost our numbers early and can be raised in future generations. The culture will be dictated by whites and encourage white growth.

Other laws in the Constitution:
>Politicians cannot take money or donations from ANY foreign individual
>News and Media agencies cannot take funding from foreign individuals
Are these rules enough to protect the future of white from Jews and shitskins?

Other urls found in this thread:

First rule

>No Americans

You need more stringent requirements or you will also get societal dregs.

You need a merit based system.

Whoa I'm so confused now, I now realize that whiteness is a social construct

Merit based requirements can be added later. Our first goal should be growing the population, we can trim the fat as we establish ourselves. The culture will also discourage people from being leaches on society.

>60% European.
That bar is way too low. 60% white is a dirty spic level of white. Self-identified European Americans are 98% white. The bar should be set there or higher.

Those are regulated whereas extensive thug history is the only requirement for being black

Would 75% be enough? This is a bare minimum that can be raised later. I would be worried about not getting enough people in the early years if our standards were so high.

>pic related is OP
you goblinos are really fucking desperate

How do you ensure women come? Will you require each man to bring a woman? Either his wife or a daughter? Few single women are going to voluntarily sign up for this.

A person with one black grandparent with an otherwise completely European background is likely going to still have black features like curly hair, olive skin, and brown eyes. There are hundreds of millions of pure whites.


That's a good point. I'd be fine with requiring people to bring a family. I feel like either way we're in for a surplus of men though (which we'll need to build the country, think US colonists).

>60% European
no 90%

nice try op but you know the rules, more than one drop and you're out

I'm under the impression that people with one black grandparent will assume "this is racist" and not be interested anyways.

60%? Thats the fucking amerigoblin meme.

I'm 96%, I'm more thinking that we won't be able to pull enough people for an initial settlement with 80 or 90%+. We need a couple million to get things started.

Says the ROMANIAN, you gypsys are the globlinos of europe

Fuck off mutt. Any non white dna is disallowed. You can be in if you have the trivial few percents that most pure europeans have.

You might be surprised. A lot of the American "white supremacists" are mutts who are trying to rebel against the shitskin side of themselves

Even Nazis were not this stringent. You are a purity spiralling faggot.

>haha you're like me
Sure showed him

>No prior connection to Islam
Does bombing them count?

Should we have a requirement for limiting Asian blood so that we aren't threatened by the gook invasion of 2248?

That's why they lost

No that earns you a fast pass to the ethnostate

56% nationalism

100% white, it's called 'ethnostate', not 'mostly an ethnostate'.

40% is way too high.

at best you can have 9/10ths

however i would be fine if mixed race individuals counted as 3/5ths when voting.

>le 60% face

If the Nuremburg laws were wrong, then I don't wanna be right.


What about noble self hating Jews that renounce Judaism/Zionism and accept Christ?
What about the at east one half of the sorry pieces of shit that come to this khazack knitting board?

Sure, and location?

You forgot no dumbass Christianity fanatics

The 60% threshold also creates an incentive for bleaching. Those smart nigs etc who want to stay will have to breed the nigger out.

Don't worry, goblino - you're not

Nice try, but anything but Catholicism will be forbidden.

lmao, faggot my ancestry data was 80% northern european and 15% west european, with a strong germanic name + pale skin/blonde hair/blue eyed. Stop hiding behind your meme flag faggot

>hey dude check this ethnostate thread #6,000,000
>check me out explaining bullshit ideals and morals without any logistics XD
>how kewl am i XDDDDD

How about putting down how you intend to do this? I have my version, but I have yet to see anyone put down a better design. If you want to talk about this, I have a mic and discord.

What non-country are you from then?



Agreed. 70% is the real minimum for a "white person" in the US. 60% ensures enough white genes to function, though.

>5% mystery meat
>Stop hiding behind your meme flag faggot
Sure. 100% Bavarian phenotype here. If I look at you and it's not like looking into a mirror you better believe I'll be preparing an oven.


Nazis had barely any mixed so 'breeding them out' wouldn't impact the gene pool. Doing that with all the 60% white Americans would leave no whites left.

It's debatable. I was thinking somewhere in the Northwest US and ally with Russia until we can get established. From there we conquer the west coast and work to reclaim the US

Applied only to jews who already have 80%+ euro dna. Nice try niggermutt

Should we really lower our bar significantly so that Americans can join too? I don't think we should. Most Europeans are 100% white, why would we go for anything less? We might as well stay in Europe then.

>Must be at least 60% European as determined by a DNA test
well fuck 50% mestizo here
>Must be less than 5% Jewish
1% jew
>No prior connection to zionism or Islam as determined by an extensive background check
got that down.

can we make it 50%?

pretty sure if I breed a qt white grill she will bleach the shit out of my genes.

"white supremacists" are by definition a bunch of mongoloid retards, though. joining that movement was a poor life decision in nearly every case. the new ideas are nothing to do with them.


I just said I will debate the LOGISTICS with you. I think it is possible, but your shooting way ahead to the point of larping. Stop.

>I have a mic and discord
No thanks Mr. FBI Man. Leave your ideas here faggot.

5% was slavic retard, not to mention I am ethnically swiss as my parents moved here for business ventures. Kill yourslelf austro cuckold

I agree completely.. My point is that the "one drop rule" is way beyond what even the NSDAP had

>60% European
>worried about gook invasion
fuck off spic

>I feel like either way we're in for a surplus of men though (which we'll need to build the country, think US colonists).

Women will come if it's their best option for safety/security/general wellbeing.

>Must be at least 60% European
60%? Jesus, fucking muttland.

But it is the best rule. Hitler lost the war, so obviously something went wrong.

>Entry Denied
Sorry Enrique there are plenty of shithole countries that will let you in

A minimum of two European admixtures should be a requirement, and spainards should not count at all.

So no spics -- and 1/5 german, italian, russian, Polish, Scottish mutts.

AND don't worry, if I was walking among you. you could hardly tell the difference. When I was in denmark for vacation(visiting cousins), people kept trying to talk to my as if i was a dane.

>Must be at least 60% European
La creatura

So letting in mixed Jews is ok... Roger that.

< 0.1% Jewish

Start a mestizo ethnostate instead and become our allies.

You shits need to understand basic math and family tree.

If someone has 1 non-white great-grandparent you're looking at 1/8th of their dna, eg 12.5% This is an acceptable level and probably useful one in limited quantities for genetic variety. more than 25% means a significant percentage of their grandparents are non-white, which makes them non-white. That's a problem for an ethnostate.

We'll be the enemy of anyone with a Rothschild bank, it's hardly safe

gib baptists and orthodox rights plz. Are the differences in doctrine really that massive?

Kek, everyone is getting on you for the 60% number. Nobody actually cares as long as they look white.

come on, I'm a product of the bastardization of wyte yuropean colonizers with native injun qt pussy.
take responsibility.

Fuck you, 60%. Nothing less than 90%. IF WE ARE MERCIFUL.

fucking mutts

How courageous?

>present your ideas here
Okay, how are you going to achieve it when you haven't even established a small enclave/houseshare? You don't even have a decent retort beyond being a fucking pussy to scared to talk about it. What a faggot.


how fucking new are you? You think they are the only player here? And why are you so scared of them if you are doing nothing illegal?

Unfortunately OP, is yet again a faggot.

I've actually considered something comparable. If we sealed the borders and offered to give blacks money for sterilization we could breed everyone else out eventually. Even the mestizos could be bleached to like 90% white in a few generations.

But really we need to have a eugenics program in place that rewards high IQ and healthy people and punishes the opposite as well so we can start turning out ubermensch. They may not be pure aryan in this case but a close second.

One can dream though

Orthodox? Maybe. Baptists? Absolutely not. Heresy is forbidden!

Too much inconsistency in the results. I'd be fine with

Jews can avoid the ovens by acknowledging the holohoax, openly admonishing the perpetrators, including those who profited. This is the only way they can show loyalty to the nation over their tribe.

What the fuck?
I'm an American and 84% of my DNA comes from the British Isles alone.
The only non-European DNA I have is 3% Caucasian, which is probably Chechen or (((Jew))).
Sometimes I want to gas myself.

Dude you are more non-white than white, what do you expect, exactly?

>Even the mestizos could be bleached to like 90% white in a few generations.

Mestizos would arguably bleach one of the fastest.

60% means you know the niggers in your lineage
>moms dad is black
>tfw i'd be the whitest dude there but banned for being a single father with a son
>but jamals grandkids are more than welcome
i think i'm done with this shit board

Who /100% European/ here?

The good guys lost. It's true. Do you honestly think it's because they had a few 5% Jews in their ranks?

1923 Supreme Court ruling on who is white (United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind):

The children of English, French, German, Italian, Scandinavian, and other European parentage, quickly merge into the mass of our population and lose the distinctive hallmarks of their European origin. On the other hand, it cannot be doubted that the children born in this country of Hindu parents would retain indefinitely the clear evidence of their ancestry. It is very far from our thought to suggest the slightest question of racial superiority or inferiority. What we suggest is merely racial difference, and it is of such character and extent that the great body of our people instinctively recognize it and reject the thought of assimilation.


I'm more wyte than any of my other mixes
50% craka
10% nigger
40% injun.

I'm fucking wyte desu.

Not just 5%. They had multiple Jews in their ranks, some even 50%.

Jews lie, it's in their blood. Absolutely no more than 5%, preferably

t. mutt faggot
It's like you don't actually have any ideals.

>60% is 56% rounded to the nearest tenth

this also, you could just have women emigrate from Romania, Russia, etc they will go if it's successful

You faggots are so obsessed with your shitty snowflake race.

You talk about racial purity, but need to ask Cred Forums advice on getting a girl to go out with you. Truly pathetic.

>Finland/Northwest Russian

naw nigga. We can just use jew jitsu tactics and take down their ethnostate. We can smuggle in drugs and shiet

Am I safe?

You are 90% mestizo, my friend. There is no shame in it, you were born this way. You should just come to terms with the fact that you will never be white and neither will your children. Take pride in your mestizo heritage and make your country great.


Stan Kirsch?

>jews lie
we know, that is why they have to admit to being liars and throw their tribal members under the bus. few will do it, and they won't be missed. the ones who do are based and can stay but never be in charge and subject to expulsion if they start building up jew nepotism cliques.

>Must be less than 5% Jewish
ruh roh

>A person with one black grandparent with an otherwise completely European background is likely going to still have black features like curly hair, olive skin, and brown eyes.

Me. Brown eyes, light olive skin. My grandfather was half black tho.


What a fucking shit thread.

>at least 60% European
Lmao, amerimutts trying to make sure they don't get excluded

60% seems not pure enough. 88% including spaniards. This ensures that at least 7 great grand parents are european. 5% jewish is okay, less would be better. Lets avoid the mistakes Nazis made

>africa north

Sorry pal. we'll gas you last if it's any consolation.

3%. Who put a nigger in charge of the ethnostate?

So that was the reason they lost the war? These mixed Jews had to be a tiny minority in Germany, yes? I'm just curious what your thought process is.


I would grant you passage, you are 99% European.

Go eat dirt Muhammad Dayquan Gonzalez.

This is true, and brings up an important distinction. A black or jew ancestor is a much bigger problem than a japanese one, for example.

well w/e I will go stealth mode, and pollute the "ethnostate" gene pool.
>you will never be white and neither will your children
not if I fuck and breed a wyte woman.

and I'm very proud of my heritage, shit is just banter.

Nice argument you got there guy. We're all super impressed down here..

What are your features like?

My children would be 100 percent European though long as I reproduce with a European who is my % or more.

Your children would be castizas, not white. I'm glad you are proud.

We could set up a program where they had to marry a 100% European so their kids would be 80%. Obviously this wouldn't be fair to a good White person so we would arrange the marriages through White convicts. Of course we would need a long term eugenics program to ensure that over the generations we only end up with the best and the highest percent of European ancestry.

Is this how ancient romans used to look like?

That is disgusting, you are disgusting. I refuse to believe a large number of mongrels like that exist.

I have a better approach.
> has no relatives commuting violent crimes
> has no relatives connected to anti-white media/corporations

>Discuss logistics
What's your recommendation, Ahmed?

Your great great grand children need to breed with pure h'whites and their children would still be mutts. No chance for you Jose

more like

9/10th European or more. Otherwise GTFO

How about we grant acces to anyone over 80% white but only purebreds are allowed to breed?

Fuck off Sarg'n. Race matters


the fact is that just going by looks you can easily get 95% and up.

Are you actually ready to begin, la creatura? Or are you just going to be a mouthy cunt too scared to be (((found out)))?

Hell yeah. We could even hamstring their piss-ant idea of an ethnostate by fucking them over in trade, flood their state with illegal drugs, and use banks to soros their economy to shreds.

>incorporating non white genetics into white genetics forever allowing them to show genetic expression on the backs of mostly white genetics

What the fuck are you niggers even.

60% is setting the bar way too low. My only real concern is dumbass skinhead types will keep out brown haired or brown eyed whites like pic related just because muh Nordic supremacy meme.
Ideally we could set the bar at 100% European genes, but I think 95-98% would have to do simply for margin of error. Maybe

I’m pretty sure I make more money than you, and I’m a Mexican immigrant (got my citizenship after college). It’s so funny coming in to Cred Forums and seeing you autists fantasize about something so mundane.

Y’all are just butt hurt and scared that other races are being just as successful as you whites. Get over it. It’s okay to be insecure when you get hard thinking about Tyrone fucking your ex gf.

Post your face, all Germans and Frenxh are southern Europeans.

It does. Yet it is quite stupid to throw away useful non-whites.

Anyone who can produce 100 percent European offspring is allowed to breed imo

>Your great great grand children need to breed with pure h'whites
If they are anything like me, there will be plenty of fertilization of wyte grill qt eggs, or vice versa.

There will never be a "ethnostate", why do you want to give up all of this land only to leave your descendants to fight when they are surrounded in a generation or two or four? White Americans have a few choices.

a) take back America and keep it a white nation, unfortunately I don't think the problem will go away unless America starts embracing tradition over individualism
b) learn the language of your ancestors and integrate back to your homeland, and once again start embracing tradition over individualism
c) give up America and flee to Canada or New Zealand, Australia or Latin America if Canada ends up suffering the same problem
d) colonize Africa?

And how will you enforce that leaf?

Arguments against a white ethnostate based on a supposed inability to define "white" are made in bad faith. Even Nazi Germany reached a consensus on how Jewish you could be and remain a citizen. To think that whites could not reach such a consensus again is ridiculous. The entire issue is moot to begin with, because anyone who splits hairs over what makes a person white isn't the kind of person who would want to live in a white ethnostate to begin with.

I agree with this.

60% is absurdly low. Even 80% seems unnecessarily generous. I'd argue maybe 90% as long as none of that other 10% is african.

>yes goy be at least 60% European
>oh oh and at least 5% jew

OP, you are without a doubt the biggest kike in this thread. What an embarrassment.

>Are you actually ready to begin
Yep. What's your recommendation, Ahmed?

>unironically treating all non white races the same
The exact percentage should be based on what race the non-white is. I’d accept a half Arab as white but I’d hesitate to accept a quadroon or even an octoroon as one.

>stupid to throw away useful non-whites.
correct. as you can see in the bell curve, there is a non-trivial percentage of useful non-whites. what's important for an ethnostate is to keep them at a low enough percentage and to ensure they are assimilated rather than clustered together. no single minority group should be more than 5% of the population.

I’m 100% European. Literally. My family has only bred through Irish, Austrian, and British genetics. Discovered this through a DNA test.

I am more “”white”” than OP and most white nationalists on this god forsaken board, and i hate blacks and browns, but I say this with all seriousness; I would rather shoot myself in the head than live in an “ethnostate” with you autistic NEETs


Sorry, Ireland is not European. ireland is an island off the COAST of Europe.

your white privilege makes it hard for you to understand.

>I’d accept a half Arab as white

You look semetic.

>the rules of the mostly-white ethnostate
Go back to TRS, sodomite.

Well, kike (this isn't for you but lurkers) you can start off small by establishing a setting by renting a house with those you know and are willing. Once you have the house with a few months rent paid before hand and have work close by, you work towards making and saving money.

You can keep calling me that, if you are White, your Nation is a shithole worse than all of Europe combined, you mongrel nigger.

The "Africa north" thing indicates middle eastern ancestry, not black African. It's less than 1%. I'd say you're good.

I am insecure, by having some sense of self preservation I would like it a lot if there was a nation of people genetically similar to me, which isn't currently in the cards. If it's so mundane to you I'm sure you've gotten a vasectomy and adopted. I recognize that other people including people of other races are better than me in many various areas but my wish still remains.

How about not being a beta and get laid before you come.

Is all European DNA equal? What about Russians? Surely, we don't count them as white?

what about when two parents that qualify genetically breed but their offspring ends up with less than the requisite amount of proper genetic material due to random chance?

>muh girls
Where we're going we won't be needing them, so who cares


The percentage of non-whites can be quite high, maybe up to 40%, if they have no political rights and ways for citizenship.

>t. mohammad

>wouldn’t except pic related as white

Sure you wouldn’t.

>le 60%
Are you serious? Nearly half non-whites in the "white ethnostate"? No. 90% AT LEAST.

Some people think I'm middle eastern, some others think I'm Southern European.

>Politicians cannot take money or donations from ANY foreign individual

Raise that to not accepting any money from any individual while in office. A method for giving a uniform platform for potential candidates for an office should also be considered to help dilute extensive dynasties and power families from snuffing out political competition by denying visibility, like setting upper limits to campaign spending or commercial air time.

Slavs aren't white. Have you seen how they act? I was surprised I have no slavic dna desu

Why would a person who isn't even that white be trying to get into a white ethnostate in the first place?

No mongrel niggers here. Where would the location be? In the Americas? A section of Europe?

You are not white, bitch.

Were is the cutoff point

the Anglosphere outside of the UK is white nationalist lands. the convergent point of all European peoples. so yes, y ou're good senpai

Add minimum IQ of 110

>a non-trivial percentage of useful non-whites
They're called illegals, and you're arguing for the system we already have. How are you so autistic you can't see that?
>what's important for an ethnostate is to keep them at a low enough percentage
0.0 is the acceptible percentage. Their presence is a slippery slope toward civic nationalism; if that's your starting position, you won't actually get anywhere. You've shot yourself in the foot before your revolution even started. Racial nationalism means no fucking exceptions, why is that so hard for you idiots to accept?

As long as you didn’t say anything, nobody would think you’re anything other than German.

no nig dna and we have a deal.

Dude ancestrydna has #dnacards now.

Pretty Cool huh
Collect them all!


>Must be at least 60%

Were is the cut off point

Look up the Acadians. First French settlers of Canada. Didn't even know I had this rich heritage. Feels good.

You behave like one so shut the fuck up

Well, this is where it gets good. It can be ANYWHERE. You fucking decide with your friends. If you have the balls like you should (assuming you're even White), you can go to any fucking State in the US you feel is best for you and your guys to make money. We're young and we need to man the fuck up, so if you're in a rough area, get tough.

Just earn the goddamn shekels and save the cunt. You only need rent, food and water. Train together and have fun now and then in the City or train in the woods. Eventually when you get enough money, you can extend your hand to other Whites who see it as a success and build up numbers.

In the current system they grab citizenship after n years, jump on welfare, vote for mite immigrants and have citizenship for children.

Fuck off, kike.
100% white or you are NOT white.

I have pink nipples. That obviously means I'm white. :^)


Get your dna analyze?

kek. True because Arab/Turkish people come up to me speaking in their language.

Faggots must be deported or have a enclave for the degenerates. They have no voting rights, can only own land within the faggot zone can never live in the general population areas. If they raise a stink or riot they are put down ruthlessly.

Skin colour can deceive. 1/8th blacks who have a lighter skin colour than me, but yet I'm 100% European.

>These will be the requirements for the white ethnostate:
>Must be at least 60% European as determined by a DNA test

Do you mean at least 60% northwestern European? If not, then this ethnostate is doomed to fail if you start out letting non-whites in.

>What a fucking shit thread.

You can't "breed out" a majority you absolute retard. Whites are a rapidly shrinking global minority with recessive genes and an old average age.

>all hispanics admitted for being 70% white
Yes gringo, 3/5ths is an acceptable compromise to me ese

Not but I want soon.

Because they don't want to deal with niggers.

Whites don't have recessive genes, this is a lie

i like it bump

Didn't think about the gays. I'll add it to the list, that's a good idea.

You can't just use percent. That's pretty retarded.

Someone who is 60% white, 40% Iranian is probably white enough to go undetected as anything but a white person in America, but someone with 40% African blood wouldn't fool even the most "colorblind" boomer.

A true ethnostate would give modifiers to the percentage of the region a persons genes come from. So someone with 10% African would be considered less white than someone with 40% Persian DNA, or 20% white skinned east Asian.

None of you pose any significant political power and keep trying to be even more irrekevant and radical, retards like you are not going to be doing any decision making, nothing wrong with fools except a confident fool.

Don't use 23andme it's run by kikes. Use ancestrydna. I heard they are run by Mormons. It's your best bet

Yes, they do. White parent+non-white parent = non-white child with slightly lighter skin. Considering how every new generation has less and less whites who is it going to breed with? Other non-white mutts. This is how Latin America was created.

The only race that could be realistically be bred out is Mestizos since they are already 50% European

20% of East Asian DNA added to whites is how Slavs, aka the niggers of Europe were created

Checked. I'm sure I have kike DNA anyway. Why else would I look like one. I look like Ben Shapiro without my beard.

>>Must be less than 5% Jewish
Not even the Third Reich was that strict

I could see that. You would most definitely be considered white here, regardless of what anyone claims. And you are as black as Britney Venti. That’s how silly all this talk about percentages is.

>Sub saharan African dna
>Jewish dna
If you have any of the following dna no matter what percentage of it, you are excluded from this hypothetical European ethnostate and you have to atleast be 90% or more to be even considered white.
P.S. I hate JEWS the most out of all the ethnicities.

R.I.P. :(

And they were subverted because of that.

It is because you Americans probably never visited Europe before. No actual German would guess he is white.

> Jew lies
> Literally lying about the holocaust

You faggots will never create an ethnostate lmao.

>inb4 jidf

Yeah half mestizo here I look 75%ish we just need to colonize the fuck out of their women.

guess I'l just have to fuck my way to 90%

Here's a pic to give you some idea of what it means to be white in Europe.

Slavs are fine, they just don't have coastal access and so have weaker economies. They are also less than 5 snow gook.

The only shitty hapas either have a Jew or a South East Asian, neither of which would exist in the ethno-state so we should be safe.

>all these posters advocating for


>Ignoring Nukes

These guys can't be reclaimed

Who subverted and how?

typical souther yuropean
not white?

We also need a requirement to either hold a post-bachelor's degree, a useful trade skill or be working toward one of those two.
It's a nice ideal, but the reality is that it's impossible to be able to tell if someone is 100% one thing. There's enough genetic drift and convergence that you might be able to say >99%, but not 100%.
I've been to Europe, don't tell me there aren't people who look like him because there absolutely are you kike. Stop trying to divide us.

Personally, white wouldn’t be my first guess for him. It’d probably be some type of MENA or Latino. But I definitely think he could pass for white, some type of Med at least, and the typical person here (unless, yeah, very well traveled,) wouldn’t assume him to be anything other than white.

I've been to the US (east coast) and I literally had a lady stop me asking me if I was from Argentina. That can't be good.

The difference between present day mutts and nazi mutts is the difference in ancestory. While mixing with Jews doesn't lower the average IQ, mixing with niggers does. So we can conclude that it is less harmful and noticable when one bred with a Jew or Asian than with a nog. This is why we must be more strict with percentages than nazis were.

When will christcucks learn?

Their women are the global majority and much younger than whites on average. And that includes whites who look Southern European, aka the majority of whites. If you only consider blue-eyed light-haired Euros white, the number becomes minuscule.

Better make it

tfw you get excluded from the ethnostate because your great great great great great great great great grandmother got raped by Genghis Khan.

I need my hapa futurism NOW

> Literally does what the inb4 implies

Still no proof against it faggot

I'm half black/white and my DNA test says I'm 60% European.... Are you on crack OP?


But he's right. I look atypical where I live. No one thinks I'm German.

Southern Europeans are okay too.


Go back to glorious Kazakhstan then

Does this mean I'm white? Since I'm 80% European?

With no Jewish ancestry

Bullshit, you wouldn’t think twice if Steve Jobs asked to join.

You don't look German, but you look southern European, which is white enough as long as it's not Portuguese.

A la creatura is behind this post
Fucking LOL dude. 60% white people are freakish brown mongrels with fucked up minds, uncreative, nihilist hedonist, high time preference and more violent. No no no NOOO thank you

Judaism is a religion, not an ethnicity. So mixing with Jews shouldn't affect anything.

If it were up to me 80% would be welcome to live with us and adopt white children, but not to breed.

Most mena and Latino places are white

Your application will be reviewed. If that 1/5 is african you are not allowed in the ethnostate for sure though

>The new 56% policy

>Judaism is a religion, not an ethnicity

East Asian? hail no

How does someone who's half Muslim and half Catholic turn into the Jewiest Jew who ever Jewed?
It's an ethnic group as well. Most people are referring to Ashkenazi.

Isn't Britanny Venti like 33% black? I assume her other 66% is white then?

kek. Raise the level thx.

Was she from that region herself? Btw, Argentina is mostly white.

He's more than 5% kike so yes I would think twice.

Jews have their own unique ethnicities too. Think of Ashkenazis (most common kike) or Sephardis (Iberian/North African kikes).

Especially not that cunt.


Good luck getting any members then. What would even constitute as white? Do Turks/Greeks/Armenians/Slavs count?
Where's the cutoff point?

No gaymerfaggots. If your most important accomplishment in life is that you played video games and whined about women on the internet, you're untermensch as fuck.

>a useful trade skill or be working toward one of those two.
Lol what is this? We will be waring with others immediately if this ethnostate exists. Doesn't take much to create a soldier and get him into a battle. After we have successfully defended our borders within the ethnostates only then will we focus on education. But first lots of cleansing to do...

60% is far too low, 80% is the absolute minimum

we should make voting ethnicity based so if your 98% European then their vote counts 9.8/10 but if theyre only 60% then their vote only counts for 6/10 that way you give more power to the master race

More Med type white though.

>Barely even half European
>pls let me in
fuck off, cunt.

pink nipples are everything. No joke.

She was American. She told me she was very fond of Hispanic cultures. I also was dressed in a European way (rolled up shorts), I guess this is why she thought I was a foreigner and tried her chances.

If that's the case then shouldn't it be based off of DNA and not the religion? Shouldn't we just call then Ashkenazi and North Africans if that's the case.

So not because of the Arab blood then?

Stay mad mutt

Am i welcome in the ethnostate?

>le 47% face
And that 47% european blood is just the second-rate quality as well.

>only need to be 60% European
You faggots are fucking retarded.

WHat would be the cutoff?

I'm half Mexican so the rest is Native American ;)

Aztec Warriors UNITE!

Stupid as fuck
Should atleast be 95% at minimum

>That flag
La Creatura

There are two types of melanin. One type is red, and one is brown. Pink nipples (and lips) are caused by a lack of brown (eu)melanin. They literally are the barometer of whiteness.

The requirement was 60% and >we are only 56% so yeah.

Don't fall for it. He admitted he's a kike. Schlomo will always outsmart the goy no matter what disguise.That's how we got in this situation in the first place. Fucking boomercucks. Also the oven is this way >

The fuck? Argentina has a higher pecentage of white people than canada.

Since when did 47% become a thing?

Ethnostate is a bit of a useless meme.

Just deport and repatriate people who aren't white and voila our countries are white again no need for things so far-fetched

it is easier for america to deport non-whites than to make a new fucking country lol, normie friendly as well

People think its a meme but is unironically the best way to tell if you are white.

>Must be at least 60% European
The bar is set way too low. It should be set somewhere around 85-95%
>Must be less than 5% Jewish
Make it 2.5%
>No prior connection to Zionism or Islam as determined y an extensive background check
That is definitely a must. I wouldn't want any sandnigger or race traitor let into the white ethnostate.

>Must be at least 60% European as determined by a DNA test.

Like a lot of southern brazilians? What a faggot this op.

That’s probably why she asked about Argentina. You probably looked exotic as in Spaniard. It’s one of the whitest places in Latin America, and if she’s well versed in Hispanic cultures, then she probably knows this.

reminder that this is a JIDF thread

When did he admit he's a kike

Meds/Germanics/Nordics = white

It may be hard to grasp for Americans but most Europeans are 100% white.

You know the OP messed up when even Brazilians are in a white ethnostate thread lol

Khazakhstan is a mix of semites and eskamo people.

Closest thing to true hapa futurism is the hapa population in Singapore, but even that is with lots of shitty SEA.
Maybe when California secedes and the Chinese colonize it and kick all the Mexicans out it will happen.

What if you don't know there country of origin?

You need us to save your asses and make sure the ethno-state remains an ethnostate because modern Europoors can't and are too cowardly to fight.

tfw half jewish and European as fuck genetically ;_;

good larp
fuck off, now, shitskin

Also the whole point of an ethnostate is that it's too late to make your own country white again, since too many liberals would be against it.

In all seriousness? Probably just looking ‘white;’ i.e. can pass for white here.

You misunderstand, they are more than just North African. They have interbred for generations so that they actually became a race of their own.


Nigel farage is white unless there's something I don't know

Three words:
Gibs me dat

I forgot to mention this, but my grandfather was afro latino (half black / half br portuguese).

Brazil has over 90 million white people

People who obsess over 100% European heritage are the reasoning why whites will never have an ethnostate. So much fighting on how much percentage of European blood classify someone as "white". I doubt that fucking Germans obsessed over this, just wanted people who looked white and were German.


I love these memes.

It makes me chuckle knowing how bootyblasted europoors are that they spend all this time making these spicy memes because they are insecure that we are better, have more influence and freedoms, even if the 56% meme is true.

>me on the right

0% Jewish you kike lover

Israel just deports their darkies to some random African country. We should do that too.

Midwest Fag here; what would the government be for the ethnostate?

This is true, as actual Germanic looking Slavs were taken from Poland to be Germanised. But being white is about more than looks alone.

Pic related is why nu/pol/ is so anxious to let non-whites into the "white" ethnostate.

Thats because germany in 1930s had nowhere near the mongrel problem we have today. New solutions for new times. Mongrel problem has to be addressed.

Oh and btw, we probably won't even have to do tests for most. Its easy to tell if you aren't white. So don't worry mutt, your rejection will be easy and quick

I would vote in favour for absolute monarchism.

>southern european

Settle down Pablo

Stay away from midwest America

Are Russians not white then?

I find that hard to believe considering the only pro white nations in Europe tend to be on the Eastern side right now.

Why do you want to give up your country?

In the grander sense, the goal is whiteness as a preserved identity, so the cutoff of 'I am good/you are bad' is petty inclusiveness that leaves our ranks at an unnecessary disadvantage.
Genetics should be step two, where we determine your lineal future in the state. How many kids you can have, what incentives can be provided to give you children, what laws of leave are applicable to you, etc.
Step 1 should be the most basic 'do you present white in form, in function, and in fact?' Have you supported our enemies? What is your current social status? What skills can you bring? Can you show a willingness and ability to defend the 14 words?

After we've established a state, then sure, the requirements can get tougher, the gradual plan is to ensure that dilution of the other from the gene pool, through policy and path-of-least-resistance action. Normies want a comfy world, and a white ethnostate could be that, and they'd accept some level of control after the fact. If we are going to be searching for the greatest level of purity, I'd prefer it be based on method of preservation and international plans than the game of 'what is white enough?'. Mike Enoch was right (OH GAWD HE DOESN'T THINK MY PERFECT SCORE IS WHAT MATTERS AND HE LIKES ENOCH HE'S CONTROLLED OPS) that question is only meant to deconstruct, and the one drop rule is only effective in this messed up world as an ideal than a binding document of origin.

>my grandfather was afro latino (half black / half br portuguese).

That’s ‘Latino’ as in fully European, not Mestizo. So it doesn’t make a difference. And it wouldn’t make a difference even if it was Mestizo because you look ‘white.’

even the average nordic has 2% asian...

75% now
98% later

he doesn't look German. he looks more southern European, but could also easily be taken as a Turk. typical edgecase really. but if he pledged allegiance to white interests, i wouldn't give it a second thought myself

Israel pays those countries.
What if the countries don't accept them. Do we go back on our word and use violence and force? Or do we spend big bucks for mass deportation?

>11.3 percent jew
I can welcome you to a oven instead

Only a DNA test will tell if I have kike DNA. I really don't know.


If you want nothing but only 100% European ethnostate then you'd have a failure.

Well that explains a lot. I was weirded out by how white you look.

I like monarchy but it's simply un-American. I'd say same as now but with a more and even less interpretable amendments to the constitution.

I will gladly pay to deport people who shouldn't be here. Failing that, sure, we get into a shooting match.

Absolute monarchism is inspired by the divine. If we want to come as close to God as possible, absolute monarchism is the only way.

That's a very vague and dangerous cut off system for an ethnostate.

Unless you're talking about what the average Cred Forums user thinks is white, in that case they couldn't tell the difference between an Arab and a Nord.

Fuck god

Checks out

This is my fear too. I know I'm 100% European, but you never know if there is kike blood in there. I have brown eyes and slightly curly brown hair. It seems possible at this point.

Still non white North African then. Either way, a DNA test would solve it regardless.

This this this

>Unless you're talking about what the average Cred Forums user thinks is white, in that case they couldn't tell the difference between an Arab and a Nord.

Yeah, I was, which is most likely the way it would work (and the way it does work) in the real world. But personally I’d say 85%.

Why do you want to give up The Netherlands for a "white ethnostate"?

That’s my point. He’s white and an asset to whites everywhere, but dipshit wehraboos (of which there are several on this board) would keep him out because he has brown eyes.

> Its easy to tell if you aren't white

Obviously not when there's people who are 70% white that still end up looking Nordic.

Anyway, here's my credentials
>kicked out of the ethnostate because you got the National Geographic testing kit for Christmas because your parents couldn't remember you said 23andMe and didn't want to ask


>I was weirded out by how white you look.

Das kann nicht sein. Black hair in Germany = Arab/Turkroach, etc

>If you want nothing but only 100% European ethnostate then you'd have a failure.
You should WANT that, but not demand it outright, always just keep getting towards aiming for that goal.

Honestly this. You can look at someone's face and tell if they're relatively pure or not.

Don’t even try to explain this here.

>Must be at least 60% European
Is it a nigger ethnostate you stupid fucking mutt?

do these go into anymore detail, like how the fuck either turk or greek genes got into your pool?

God obviously doesn't care about whites if there's not even 1 white ethnostate.

Depends, what do you look like? Height, weight hair and eye color. etc.

Well I'd look but the thread's about to die so sorry.

The fuck did I do to you?

Interesting user.

Why not?

Not because of the whiteness, we are white here. It would be to flee degeneracy.

I don't recall ever interacting with you.


I don’t even think anyone cares about actual purity though, but phenotype. Nobody is actually going to protest if the half Arab in pic related wanted to join.

Well the Greek bit's just some crossover from one relative who palled around with the Spanish on mom's castizo side. I did confirm it was JUST turkroach and not (((Asia Minor))). They mark Jewish differently.

Why in the fuck would anyone advocate for less than >99 without a ton of sources proving there are less than a few million actually white people.

Because they will insist nothing short of 99% regardless, but nobody is going to hold by that realistically.

>I love these memes.
No you don't. You're obviously upset.

>They are insecure that we are better, have more influence and freedoms, even if the 56% meme is true.
(((Better))), (((Influence))), and (((Freedom)))?. You forgot (((Relevant))).

>me on the right
Creatura delirante

>you can only get a 100% Aryan racial state by trying to get a 60% Aryan racial state
Idiots who can't do basic arithmetic are actually why you'll never achieve an ethnostate.

ashkenazi people are still white.