Open window

>Open window
>See this
What do?

throw baby out the window

throw molotov



spray and pray

Has anyone seen my friend, Kyle? He’s about this y’all. Anyone? Seen Kyle?


Fucking hive mind in action. Good on ya mate.

throw pennies and witness a feeding frenzy that would put piranhas to shame

throw a penny and watch them tear themselves APART!

"Hans, get the flammenwerfer..."

ask myself how the fuck did I end up in Jew York


hide my wallet deep inside my rectum

Throw Zyklon B and gas them.

Point to the lamp in my window.

throw a penny the other way

Rub my hands to greet them

drop a dollar bill (((they))) will kill each other fighting

Tell them for the last time that the penny i dropped still belomgs to me because it's in my house

Throw a dollar in the oven.

trow benny :DDD
waj hillary and sue :DDDDDD


Call in an air strike

these are best answers so far imo

>'oh fuck yes'

id play Hava Nagila techno remix and watch them dance

our hivemind bout to take on jew hivemind



Strike the iron while it is hot.

Allahu Akbar!!!!!!


Very good plan. It sounds effective.

revolution soon, brother

And we will win. If it means the death of us all, we will win.


How'd they even get there?


Throw out some pennies and watch them all fight to the death.