ITT: Why are women so damn stupid

I mean, there are people who seriously think like the person in pic related. This is the kind of shit that runs through women's heads these days. I understand that some of them don't think like that, but the overwhelming majority of young women are like this. This is just one of the examples I've come across.

>"There is no correlation between mental illness and gun violence. It's been statistically and clinically disproven."
>These shooters are white men.
>To pretend that mental illness causes these crimes is teaching our society that we have nothing to change about how we raise white men

Like, imagine if these people somehow get into public office some day. We thought that zionist shills like HRC and Obama were bad, just wait until the tumblr feminazi dyke brigade gets into power and starts trying to fuck with white kids even more. We've got a lot of work to do gentleman...

Also, general dumb leftist and cringe thread




Brainwashed by Jews.

>all white men
>Like the Alta Vista shooter


>autistic wall of text
What a retard
Who the fuck would read all of that

Took me 15 seconds.

Wasn't altavista a search engine?

>looks at op pic
you really expect me to read all that shit? Bottom line my nigga, women love to talk. People who talk a lot are rarely smart.

>blah blah implies there is nothing to change in how we raise white men
shes right, maybe we should stop raising white men by telling them every day just how horrible they are and how they stole everything.
Maybe raising children by tearing down and berating everything about them is a shitty thing to do and has consequences?

They are pretty fucking stupid.

A good one for warez iirc

Why were there no school shootings in the 1950s when there was both less gun restrictions and less mental health services than now?

i guess her brainwashed shill friends, i mean i bet liberals eat that all up



If it's not because of mental illness and it's only white males, doesn't that mean white males are the most oppressed group in our society? Crime happens only as a retaliation to daily oppression, as our colored friends can certainly attest to.

lmao but they will never admit that. It's whitey's fault that tyrone stole from an old lady and got shot according to them.

Mentall illness wasn't as widespread. Congenital/inherent mental defects notwithstanding, society wasn't as sick in the 1950s as it is today. Humans and human society have not evolved to live in the kind of world we now live in. We're in uncharted waters. Much of the modern world induces maladaptive behaviour and socialisation in our peoples. Mass shootings and other senseless acts of violence are a symptom, and the problem is quite separate from political terrorism.

Behavioural sink, mouse utopia, death spiral, etc.

These people would argue that socialization is a natural process, and that humans are bound together inherently.