What does Cred Forums think of The Beatles?

I recently saw Quincy Jones shit all over the Beatles and everyone cheered.

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Lennon abused Yoko & his own son

Quincy WE WUZ KANGZ Jones

Over rated boomer shit, produced by the kikes to encourage the goyim to engage in drug abuse and other forms of godless degeneracy. Total trash.


>trusting hippies
Get out.

Imagine has done more damage to society than any other song in history.
I'm not even joking.

They have like 2 good songs the rest are fucking boring.

I believe the oklahoma city bomber did it in part
because of the song.


good song


The CIA assassinated Lennon

good he was a faggot

Quincy Jones is a reprobate

Even if that were true good riddance Lennon was the least talented of the four and was a huge dick towards most people in his personal life

Beach Boys are Patrician tier, Beatles = Pleb


Their song "No Pakistanis" was quite good.

Let's be honest here. Cred Forums is filled with fucking losers and vermins who haven't created anything of value in their whole lives, and get off to some delusion of superiority. Why would you want their opinion? Why is it relevant at all?

Nobody, not Quincy Jones nor anybody can deny that The Beatles changed the world. Aside from that, the only thing that matters if if you like it or not. And if you don't, just don't listen to it.

Anyone who knows anything about the Beatles knows they were fucking amazing, bar none.
I don't give a shit about their personal lives and politics which I disagree with…
But you have to remember the time and place they did all these things. These things blew the music scene wide open… and revolutionized pop.. and more or less created pop-rock. And they did it best… I defy someone tell me a better band at their basic style pop/pop-rock.
Quincy Jones is fucking overrated nig nog with an inflated opinion of himself like most big nogs..
He can't even lick the boots of the Beatles.

They have a few good songs. They're overrated. Everyone just accepts that they're these musical gods without even listening to 90% of their music. I like many bands much more.

I would totally give Rashida Jones all 4 inches of my love gun

beetles are a tavistok psyop
>they are also shit and the most overrated bunch of cunts in history