Experts rank Trump as worst president, Obama 8th best

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Who's best? Duertes?

same ones that called the election for hill dog

>believing literally whos
What's fucking nigger

(((they))) would have put onigger at number one if they could have gotten away with it.



I'm an expert and barack HUSSEIN obongo was born in Kenya and was not a legitimate president.

Did they name 1 bad thing Trump has done. Other presidents caused great depressions, recessions, and wars, created concentration camps, botched military invasions, dropped nuclear weapons, and implemented welfare time bombs that will inevitably go off.
What has Trump done wrong?

drumpfshills are in full force today

I wouldn't want it any other way

oh no, something that disagrees with your tumblr-esque echo chamber

He didn't use the right pronouns, and he doesn't support total open borders or letting foreign governments/corporations have sovereignty over US citizens.

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Nice proxy

>implying Ukranians aren't gladly paid by the Clintons to shill

Notable movements: Clinton slid from 8th to 13th and Jackson from 9th to 15th, "arguably the result of contemporary scorn for [Clinton's] treatment of women, and for evolving attitudes on [Jackson's] treatment of Native Americans," per the Times. George W. Bush moved from 35th up to 30th.

As I suspected, they hate based Jackson because he was too huwhite.

Also reminder that Jackson was a slave owner alcoholic with anger issues who used to duel people on the White House lawn, and genocided Injuns, and apparently they think he's less "evil" than "Drumpf".

Typical leftist kike bullshit.



Nobody can be worse than Taft, FDR, Hoover



Anti-Semites are worse than niggers. Trump is pro-Jew.

>3 scores
>sounds legit


The media reads like banana-republic-tier propaganda for leftists. Do they not realize how ridiculous it is to say that the current president (only one year into his term) who hasn't done really that much is the worst president of all time? Worse than Hoover, or Carter, or Wilson?
These people are so brainwashed it's easy to believe they gobble this up though

It's mostly the news article, although it doesn't help that NY Times does this poll. It assumes that there are several outlets that do this sort of polling and that only 3 outlets have done polling on Obama, forget that the NYT is the only one to ever actually give Trump a score at this point in time.—_and_Worst_—_Presidents?-25


Or Harrison, who did nothing because he fucking died a month in.

>no reasons why
>no metric for decisions
I don't think writing a shitty opinion piece makes you an expert.

>ranking a president one year into his term