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>convenient general source for everything important about the 2018 midterms


>Find out who your congressman is





The purpose of this thread is to provide Cred Forums a convenient guide to the 2018 midterms, and a platform to take action to achieve specific objectives that will prevent any semblance of a “Blue Wave.”



PA-18 Special Congressional Election, Rick Saccone (R) vs Conor Lamb (D)


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the purpose of this general is....

1. To compile a folder of memes, infographics, and images pertaining to the midterms for the purpose of disseminating them throughout the Internet.

2. To create a comprehensive, state by state, district by district, reference guide for each race in 2018.

3. To come up with ideas for effective political action that anyone can do over the Internet (we'll let the GOP and other groups handle the boots on the ground work), and execute those ideas with ruthless efficiency.

4. To lay the foundations for an online network of right wing political organization that will later supersede what the left has.

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Who's the best guy for Senate in FL?

So do you have a list of senate/house candidates we need to get behind? Is there a pastebin?

Any tips for helping to flip a small district? I’m in New Hampshire’s second congressional

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NH is a small state, I'm pretty sure good ol' fashioned posters and knocking on doors could go a long mile. Also, push for harder voter ID, I'm pretty sure it would have gone R if it wasn't for Massachusetts leftists driving over there and voting.

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There were reports that Massholes voting illegally flipped the senate race from Kelly Ayotte to that seeping pile of human garbage Maggie Hassan

>durr I wanna fix the country but not do anything
If you want to get your interests represented, change the party from within, if you don't like it, filter it and go to a BBC thread you worthless degenerate.


Just a reminder for everybody lurking in this thread but Politicians won't give a shit about your support for EthnoNationalism unless you actually vote. They won't use up their Political Capital on the issues you care about unless you reliably show up to the polls.


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Yes because the Democrats are so much better. Atleast with the repubs there's a chance they'll not totally fuck us over. Not much, but one.

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Not just that, but campaign, get in the infrastructure of the party and city councils, hell, if you have the charisma, run for office. It sure beats being a blackpilled faggot who does nothing with his life.

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Oh come on man, let’s talk about ways to keep a corrupt antiquated notion like political parties thriving!

>hey this system sucks
>change it? No, I'm just going to look at gay porn as society crumbles around me
You people are either shills or are the most worthless fucks on the planet. Your fantasy of a Turner Diaries civil war will never happen, it didn't happen with Helter Skelter 50 fucking years ago and it still won't happen.

thanks for bumping the thread. Any luck bugchasing so far?

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You know, it's funny, these people go on and on about "the republicans will never save us" but they never come up with a solution grounded in reality. If there's a shitty system, participate and dismantle it. 10 years ago it seemed both parties were completely screwed, now we're closer to having some sort of hope. If you want your will exacted in the country, you have to participate, otherwise shut the fuck up.


Yeah, Project Veritas exposed a lot of that, and with those counties in CA which have like over 100% voter to population ratio, it's a wonder we don't have a strict federal voter ID implemented.

Yeah, although they're obviously shills so it's a moot point

Probably, anyways, do you have that list of people to go for in the Senate?



AZ-Martha McSally
CA-Erin Cruz
CT-Matthew Corey
DE-Chuck Boyce
FL-Rick Scott*
IN-Todd Rokita
MA-V.A. Shiva
ME-Paul LePage*
MI-John James
MO-Josh Hawley
MN-Robert Barnheiser
MN(sp)-Karin Housley
MT-Matt Rosendale
ND-Kevin Cramer
NJ-Thomas Kean Jr*
OH-Jim Renacci
PA-Lou Barletta
TN-Marsha Blackburn
TX-Ted Cruz
VA-Corey Stewart
WI-Kevin Nicholson
WV-Evan Jenkins
(* represents a potential candidate)




>65 R Senate
damn, could that really be possible?


lol republicans have pissed off literally every demographic of voters. There is zero % chance of gaining any seats, in fact chances are they lose their majority in the House.

They've actually taken ahead in the generic ballot according to politico, and the dems need to be 6 points ahead of the Rs to even take the house, so our chances aren't bad.

oh now you believe in polls? how cute

Oh no, you called me names, I am now a Democrat.

In this comment the self-deleting troll claims that republicans will not gain seats because everyone hates them.

lmao if the polling isn't on our side and it says we're beating them, you're going to take that as a bad thing for us? that's a nice spin, no (You) for you though.






That's a great image

The dems are splitting between progressive and moderate, you remember what happened when the shutdown ended, right, the dreamer brigade came rolling in and didn't let Schumer sleep. We've got to capitalize on this sort of catch-22 situation the Dems are finding themselves in, they risk the moderates by going full on leftist and their base goes apeshit whenever they make anything which even closely resembles a compromise.


This shit is what we want to avoid, if we can get a congressional mandate, we can be able to build the wall, end the diversity lottery and chain migration, and we wouldn't even need to make a DACA deal at all. This is the importance of that.

Realistically, no. Lawsof averages is likely a seat or two would be lost, especially if they manufacture or dig up bullshit like they did in AL.



I doubt that they'll be able to do that everywhere, but if we can conjure up a good enough campaign in the deeper red states like MT, ND, MO, IN, WV, campaign hard in places like FL, PA, and WI, and afford losing maybe NV and AZ, then we may have a shot, along with possibly grabbing a seat in NJ or MN thanks to the depressed scandal turnout, that could be a very favorable composition in the Senate.

>but if we
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You think Cred Forums is suddenly republican? laughable. Just because shills invaded before the election, don't try to call Cred Forums a republican haven. Holy shit this place is dead.


I agree, but it happens. Look at 2010. We lost seats with shitty candidates like Christine O'Donnell, and Sharon Angle. Then they went after people like Todd Aiken like they did with Roy Moore and drummed up his retarded comments to piss off women voters.

If you want the United States to end up like Canada because you've got too much damn pride to make concessions, the door is right there. Go and filter this thread, type in those characters, "/rsg/" right into the filter area and enjoy yourself all of the fantastic other threads you can find on this website.

We've got to have good electable fresh candidates go into those seats. Roy Moore didn't debate, didn't campaign on the final weekend, and I think that's truly what did him in. When you're in a campaign, there is no high and dry, you have to make an attempt. He should have just given a resounding "no" that day on Hannity, and he would've been fine. The only good thing about his campaign was his twitter, but twitter doesn't win campaigns. We need to put in the elbow grease this year.


Do you think we could discourage more blacks from voting in these elections? It'd be easy, a lot of them could be convinced that the dems are just using them as part of their plantation if you word it right. You don't have to flip their vote, just keep them from the polls.

I think we should distance them from even thinking about anything remotely related to politics

Leave them to their McDonald's, fight videos and Adidas

Blacks pretty much don't as is, so mission accomplished.

Republican voters are the constituency who will crawl through broken glass to vote.

That's not really true, the hispanics and asians actually have a much lower voting rate than the blacks, blacks vote fairly consistently compared to other minorities..

Hmm, interesting. I was going off personal anecdotes. Obama definitely spiked black turnout which didn't translate into consistent participation in the off years.

Yeah, in 2012 their turnout was higher than the whites. The asians vote for the GOP at a much higher rate during the midterms also, they vote similarly dem to the hispanics in the presidential years, but in the midterms, it's a different story. The GOP actually slightly won the asian vote in 2014.

Wait, really? Wow. That's probably because the Asian voters who do vote GOP are reliable voters while the Asians who vote Dem just vote in Presidential years...hmm, I wonder why

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Rick Scott.

>Red Storm General
The incumbent party typically loses seats in midterms...

Politics, man. There's a lot of interesting stuff there.

Well, we're not exactly in a typical situation, are we?

Is he thinking of running?

What is different?

>Rick Scott

Come on, you've got to make a few concessions when you're running candidates in a purple state like FL. The dem's been voted in for the last 18 years, you've got to have someone really recognizable if you want to unseat him.

Still, he has the highest chance to win and will support a MAGA agenda.

No you have a deeply unpopular president. Yeah sure the situation has improved marginally recently, but that is actually a fairly consistent Post State of Union and start of new Year numb.

Anyway in actual news that might be of note
>A republican House member from Florida is retiring. This continues a record number of retirements for any party in decades. But he is from a safe seat so this is more just a general trend issue
>Secondly the courts have drawn up a fairly neutral map for PA. Before it was gerrymandered so that despite being a roughly even voting state for the House, it would give consistent Majorities to the Republican. So even if Democrats don't improve their margins, they will pick up a few seats.
>Republican voter registration in California has fallen below independent voters (who in the state lean Dem anyway). California has a number of Republicans holding razor thin margins.

So not good news lately, bar the polling.

Fair enough, but shouldn't we at least try to change the tides? If that's the case, shouldn't we especially give it our all this time instead of basically hand the country to the left on a silver platter?

>>Secondly the courts have drawn up a fairly neutral map for PA
This is going to get thrown out. The Court don't have the authority to redrawn the districts. They could have thrown it out, but they went too far by creating them themselves.

Not trying to be cynic, but Republicans don't exactly fight for the white man. Over a quarter through Trump's term, and life isn't any different than under Obama. Also, it is an election year so there will be no right wing legislation passed.


Isn't that why we should improve the margin so pro-immigration cucks like Rubio and McCain won't matter? You've got to be a fucking idiot not to see this.

>deeply unpopular president

The polls are screwy as always, and popularity is rising. It's not just a SOTU bump.

>FL house is safely red, doesn't matter

>PA can be compensated for by winning new seats in battleground districts

>CA Republicans are incumbents who managed to win in 2016 which was a good year for Democrats in Cali due to massive voter fraud


This is a list of Democrat House Reps who are incumbents in districts that Trump won. These will be especially vulnerable this November, and because Democrats need to flip 24 seats to win a majority, they cannot afford to lose any of these seats. Let’s make sure they lose all of them.

AZ-01 Tom O’Halleran, 2016 House Margin (7.3% for Democrat), 2016 Presidential Margin (1.1% for Trump)


IA-02 David Loebsack, 2016 House Margin (7.5% for Democrat), 2016 Presidential Margin (4.1% for Trump)


MN-01 Timothy Walz , Retiring, 2016 House Margin (0.8% for Democrat), 2016 Presidential Margin (14.9% for Trump)


MN-07 Collin Peterson, 2016 House Margin (5% for Democrat), 2016 Presidential Margin (30.8% for Trump)


MN-08 Rick Nolan, 2016 House Margin (0.6% for Democrat), 2016 Presidential Margin (15.6% for Trump)


NH-01 Carol-Shea Porter, Retiring, 2016 House Margin (1.3% for Democrat), 2016 Presidential Margin (1.6% for Trump)


NJ-05 Josh Gottheimer, 2016 House Margin (4.4% for Democrat), 2016 Presidential Margin (1.0% for Trump)


NV-03 Jacky Rosen, Retiring, 2016 House Margin (1.3% for Democrat), 2016 Presidential Margin (1% for Trump)


NY-18 Sean P. Maloney, 2016 House Margin (11.2% for Democrat), 2016 Presidential Margin (1.9% for Trump)


>Kevin Nicholson

Why not Leah Vukmir?

>due to massive voter fraud

PA-17 Matthew Cartwright, 2016 House Margin (7.6% for Democrat), 2016 Presidential Margin (10.1% for Trump)


WI-03 Ron Kind, 2016 House Margin (99%, faced no opponent aside from write-in) 2016 Presidential Margin (4.5% for Trump)


This is a list of vulnerable Democrat House seats from districts that Hillary won, but because of how small their margins were they’re still vulnerable. If Democrats wish to gain a majority (flip 24 seats) they can’t afford to lose ANY of these.

AZ-09 Kyrsten Sinema, Retiring, 2016 House Margin (21.9%)


CA-07 Ami Bera, 2016 House Margin (2.3%)


CA-24 Salud Carbajal, 2016 House Margin (6.8%)


FL-07 Stephanie Murphy, 2016 House Margin (3%)


FL-13 Charlie Crist, 2016 House Margin (3.8%)


NH-02 Ann Kuster, 2016 House Margin (4.4%)


NV-04 Ruben Kilhuen, 2016 House Margin (4%)




anyway, all we need to do is win in the districts I mentioned above, and it won't matter what gains the D's make in California and Pennsylvania

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nice source shillary

>it isn't cnn so it isn't true
here's the court information though since you want it so badly
Funny how the state officials are vehemently refusing to give the voter information, really makes you think right?

They actually do. They gave the state legislature (Republican) a chance to draw up a map that wasn't gerrymandered. They then handed back a map that was just as gerrymandered. And the ruling was based on the state Constitution, not Federal law. And the Federal Supreme court already declined to interfere once.

Also I found the pic I was thinking about, with the State of Union Bump.


let's see how unbiased these guys are

>Judicial Watch is an American conservative activist group that files Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits to investigate alleged misconduct by government officials.[1]

>Founded in 1994, it has primarily investigated Democrats, in particular the Clinton administration, Obama administration and Hillary Clinton. It has also filed lawsuits against government climate scientists; Judicial Watch has described climate science as "fraud science". The group has made numerous false and unsubstantiated claims, which have been picked up by right-wing news outlets. Most of its lawsuits have been dismissed.[1]

>founded by right-wing activist Larry (((Klayman)))

That's all i needed to know


I made a list of candidates to support in the midterm elections. Tell me if I'm missing anyone.


Also there are special elections tomorrow in Kentucky and Mississippi State House District 60

Kentucky State House District 49
Rebecca Johnson

Mississippi State House District 60
Fred Shanks

If this isn't true, why doesn't Alex Padilla just release the info and disprove it? Piss off, you wannabe dog fucker.


because Trump really wants to have a list of people that didn't vote for him so the government can harrass them. The states didn't release their voter info because the panel said they would not share the info with a bipartisan group, so the group disbanded because they couldn't fudge evidence or make hit lists of democrats.

I live in PA, I know the State Constitution, and they don't have that authority. Only the legislature has the authority to do so. This is going to be a major lawsuit, and for the Court's ruling to uphold would essentially nullify the legislature's ability to create districts.

Throwing out districts is one thing, creating districts is a completely different matter.

And that's the thing, it only gets better as tax season rolls around
What a pathetic fucking excuse, they allow illegals to have driver's licenses in that state, do you not expect that there would be a significant amount of people in a state with such shitty voter ID laws that would fraudulently vote? If the government harasses them, they'd start a class action lawsuit against the administration.

someone's mad trump lost the popular vote by over 3 million =D

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>5 Million Illegals And Dead People.


And yet there are no sources.

if you're going to LARP as someone who uses (((echoes))) don't spout generic leftist shit like "Trump just wants to harass California voters" and "u mad that Hillary won 3,000,000 more votes"

yes I am the one larping, on the board with Syria, RSG, and Trump generals. Lmao this place is 100% larpers. Anyone that hates Trump is probably the only ones not paid to be here.

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Based fellow italo American Lou Barletta

The Generic Congressional ballot? Just look up the years man and it will show you all this data.

As for results

1998 (Clinton being hounded by Republicans over a blowjob) and 2002 (post 9/11) were gains for the President. 2014 and 2010 were Wave elections against the Democratic President. 2006 was a wave election against the Republican President.