Alright Cred Forums here's something interesting for you

Alright Cred Forums here's something interesting for you Interview about the Florida shooter with "Two students"

I will dump a few pics after the OP. There's not much to say besides request that you guys spread this shit around like wild fire. Cook the narrative.

The two "students" have ear pieces in. Through the video their behavior is very strange, they can't speak fluidly, they can't make statements without stuttering and stammering.

At 3:00-3:10 you can see the "girl" turn and expose the wire of her ear piece when she looks at the "male"

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There is visual distortion around the "male's" hand as he adjusts his ear, you can see an out of place perfect right angled box of pixels that don't belong, pretty clear evidence of tampering to obscure the ear piece.

maybe deaf otherwise? fukn leaf

Here you can see the ear piece when the "male" turns to look at the "girl" at around 4:30ish
This is what deaf people sound like you shill faggot.

They're both wearing ear pieces. They're both stammering and flubbing their lines. They both repeat their lines word for word each time they flub.

Male is subconsciously looking down and to the left towards the voice in his ear as he flubs his line.

They talk about a march on washington DC, they're talking about "pink hats from space, it's going to be huge"

Is this not some small amount of evidence of narrative crafting? Is this not a small amount of evidence of a false flag to push that narrative? sorry this is what a deaf person sounds like. I didn't realize the bitch doesn't speak in the clip I linked.

nigga I'm talking about partial deafness

Yeah, they're both partially deaf. Fuck off you god damn nigger.

Oh and hearing aids don't have cords on them that look like this, pic related.
Watch the video at 3:00-3:10 you can see the cord when the girl turns her head towards the male.


Do we know who these people are, do we know if they're actually students at the school? If so, do we know what year? If not, who the fuck are they? Are they actors? are they part of a BAMN cell? We need to start asking these questions.

dude chill, why are you so eager trying to make a Point? ofc it was a false flag, but who cares anymore? I don't care since sandy hook, People are not talking about These Events the next day, look at las vegas as most recent example before this here.

Yes, the FBI and CIA are conspiring against the people and the government knows but they are afraid of setting off the janissary'ed time bomb assassins

They're doing an interview with CNN.
An earpiece is quite common in a live broadcast interview with someone hundreds of miles away.
I wouldn't doubt they're getting coached though, anyway.


People are never talking about things. We're the ones who talk about things. We're the ones who make snide but subtle comments to skirt around facebook censors, we're the ones who ignite curiosity in the unawakened lemmings.

Well done.

Shared on FB

I did an interview with the local news here when people next door got their vans torched. They mic you and it's attached to a camera and the camera feeds directly into a news van with a satellite dish on it that beams it out

Yeah, the one on the left is being whored about by his parents and the media to bitch about muh trumps and muh guns.

Can and autist please redo this portraits in paint to craft the leebin 56% mutts

This bitch. Do we know if she's actually a student? She reeks of a BAMN member. It's common knowledge at this point that BAMN recruits directly from high-schools.

They're on TV ofc theyre wearing earpieces
you might enjoy this. It's a theory as to why many "Developed" nations have facial deformities thanks to the Agricultural Jew

>Being live on TV
>Being satellite interviewed
>Needing an earpiece to ear the questions.

Just... leave. You are making us look bad.

>they can't make statements without stuttering and stammering.

Their peers, maybe even friends of theirs were shot dead, How else do you expect them to talk?

I meant the one on the right, the male. I can say this because he is everywhere now and has fucked up his lines several times, I can't really confirm anything since I haven't seen any solid evidence but his parents, along with CNN and whatever keep telling him to push their narrative and say FUCK DRUMPF.

How the fuck do you think they're hearing the "presenter"?

This really is nu/pol... there is no more Cred Forums.

>I did an interview with the local news
How did they ask you the questions?
Through an earpiece?

Wanna bet?

>body language
>Shifting around
>Facial mannerisms which indicate dishonesty
>Downward glances to the left
>Repeating their lines verbatim word for word after stammering because they can't keep up with the coach on the other end of the earpiece.

Thanks mapleguy I'll have a read

ffs... ofcourse they have ear pieces... how would they hear a woman in the studio if they haven't had ones???

don't undermine the whole shit with dumb issues like this one

An Israeli sub launched a missile at Hawaii and was sunk days later off Alaska.
Israel needs this false Flag florida shooting badly to get attention of of chertoff /LV and Israelis shooting in LV.
Just turn in the guns goys. God chose them, only Jews should have guns.

They're in front of green screen and you can tell by pixel dilatation around their bodies as they move around

They're in the studio in front of a green screen. Watch the video on full screen, better yet blow it up to 200 or 300% normal size you'll see all sorts of weird pixels as they move around.

This is some retarded shit. They need to hear the questions, hence earpieces. They are talking about a traumatic event that happened in their recent pasts, hence them acting strange.


The bitch isn't stuttering in the speech she's screaming in front of actual live people.

I can't tell but without a doubt these brats are being used as propsand directed by Democrat operatives

Why do women enjoy getting beaten?

>Facial mannerisms which indicate dishonesty
>Downward glances to the left
The downward glance to the left... is that where the face revelas that the person is 'looking' into their creative/imagination side of their brain?

This guy looks exactly like the Poland memeball.

Video is compressed, artifacts are inevitable.


No, that's up and to the right. Try forcing yourself to recall a memory right now without thinking about your face, and give it a few second your eyes will naturally look towards your brow and to the right.


The background bleeding into them isn't inevitable with compression.

So what can you deduce from that, a conspiracy? A spoiled teenager really feels a certain way about something that is getting her a lot of likes on faceberg is then asked to "doet again" a few days later in front of the world and can't.... A teenager....


The amount of nodding they are doing is the most obvious sign of them being being coached.

>They're in front of green screen
That's quite common these days.
No biggie.

Give me a headline for this, and I'll publish on it.

People in the field get ear pieces so they can hear the questions asked to them by the host.


They need that to talk remotely to the reporter.

t. I work for a major news network.

You're seeing what you want to see.


Hogg Day Afternoon: Sex, Drugs and Controlled Demolition

Well apparently I'm not the first person to come to this conclusion

Bombard's fan I see. Good man

I like it


not at all the point

It is an indication they are with an assertive and strong male. Women usually don’t like it consciously but their lizard brain sometimes overrrides their higher processes.

>those skinny limbs
>that giant head
did they find this kid at Auschwitz?


Any one got the sauce on this vid?


They're brainlet animals.

They have the ear piece to hear the reporter you fucking morons.

guy in OPs pic is the son of a FBI agent.

So probably already reported here but posting
it again, the Hogg is an FBI asset (his dad is ex FBI) & is being used to push the anti-gun theme - this is his 15 minutes (well 2 weeks) -
he wants to be a star:

oh man that even better than the Cubic corporation

Haha, someone wake me up from this nightmare

The fat Vasquez wannabee is also wearing one in it's right ear isn't it?

ignore that faggot user. your exactly correct.

mfw baka

This is big.

these fucking kids are obviously following a script

someone need to find out her parents. She probably one of those kids they traffick out of some south america site.

And there it is, the money shot(s). It all comes down to defence contractors, Las Vegas. They also want the guns in control of the gov, you may be allowed to own one, but you will be paying over the odds & you WILL follow their rules. They wouldn't want you fighting them would they?

wtf i typed baka, but baka came up? not even phoneposting.


lmfao I'm crying

Exactly, as long as we talk about this shit, it can't get memory-holed.

If it was a false flag, what/who does it serve? If it was against Trump and the NRA, why then would he visit the Hospital and go along with the story?

It's amazing what you can find by a single facebook like

Seeing as how this is Cred Forums I legitimitely can't tell if this is a serious post or not. How do you think they are hearing the questions that the newscaster is asking them?

ear pieces and green screen

HOW IN THE FUCK IS THAT DOG DRIVING A CAR? That's fucking news worthy, not hearing a bunch of whiny kids that won't get gun control.

holy shit.

Because he has to. The end goal is gun control.

okay? what does this prove? you autists have no idea how to read facial expressions but for some reason you can communicate with earlobes?

>uhhh my friend was in the he IS a bathroom...wait let me ask my FBI dad

You fucking mong how do you think the news reporter is talking to them?

Holy fuck you conspiracy-tards are a whole new fucking level

Listen to the content of the conversation and try to piece this together.
>What are your goals
"Pink hats from outer space.. like.. it's going to be big"
"We're going to be marching on Washington DC"

Standing next to a former FBI Bigwig's son

Has anyone forgotten about the investigations into the FBI and the colusuion between the FBI and HRC?? Has everyone forgotten about the fact that this "shooting" took place because the "FBI tip website goes directly to Washington and not the regional offices"

And you think it matters that they "need to have the earpiece to talk to the interviewer"

They're being fed lines of dialog from whoever. BAMN is likely funded by the letter organizations to create subversion, probably the FBI.



How do you guys think they could hear the tv show host ask the questions?

They were getting a direct feed from the studio so they can anwser her questions. Every reporter on tv wears these to hear the host. When they cant hear the host, you often see them fidgeting with ear pieces.

They have teleprompters they use next to the cameras now... they dont need to tell people what to say.

This is a nothing burger

how do you think they speak with the reporters?

and we all know who loves to drive those big black truck around

There's this thing called evidence have you heard of it?

his name is Joe Hogan, hes a meme guy in America that interviews people. He used to fight and he has a mean spinning kick

Die German. Die.

The problem for them is that it's impossible for kids to produce the emotions that a real experience like this would create. We're talking a lot of crying fear and disorientation. You can't fake that, certainly not for a long time or one so young without years of training. They should be red eyed, disheveled, and a bit incoherent. You don't see any of that, the CIA or whoever is setting these up are depending on the public to be so shocked and horrified that they don't notice how fake this all is. I hope people are waking up to this though.


That's why we need to really sell this one. This isn't like the vegas shooting. I don't remember ANYONE really being interviewed about the Vegas shooting, it got memory-hole'd within a few days.
We need to approach this rationally, not like conspiracy nutjobs, but what we need to do is spoon feed the public with
>Wait a minute, this is kind of weird, what's going on here. Anyone else seeing this?

We need to turn the tables and flip the script, we need to use the tactics of the enemy. It's like that picture of Emma Watson next to Richard Dawkins, once you see it you can NEVER unsee it, we have to get people to see it with their own eyes instead of beat them over the head this time.

beating** god damn it I'm tired.

these two girls keep popping up in the strangest places

Yeah I have it right next to my evidence that HRC capped Seth Rich.

It's called deductive reasoning you limp dick'd faggot.
Something does add up, something smells like fish and it's not just what's between that angry bitch's legs. Something reeks this time, this time we may actually have something legitimate. This isn't like Sandy Hook, this isn't like Vegas.
The "Shooter" was apprehended AT HIS HOUSE, something went wrong and if we can deduce what it is and find SOME supporting evidence or at least follow the threads until it adds up we might be able to really do a serious amount of damage to the credibility of the letter organizations and the DNC PLUS it will help us get rid of Trudeau.

Give me a rundown on Zach and Alexa. I've been busy with a lot of other things. Please fill me in.


now here is something he DIDNT tweet about

Zach is Nicks brother. He was carted off to some mental facility on Friday. Alexa is the girl that gave the strange interview about talking to Nick Cruz during the shooting. Meadow was a girl who died in the shooting. Alexa and Meadow were close friends

yea his mom left a like on one of his pictures

OP is a retard

>The FBI fucked up and didn't do their job?
>Trump can't blame the FBI
>The FBI is busy investigating Trump Russia collusion
>Besides Trump's in charge of the FBI
>If they're fucking up he should tell them so they can change their priorities and stop terrorists
>The FBI were the first responders, they almost stopped a terrorist
>My dad's the FBI

The funny thing about all this is that it actually sort of makes me sympathize the shooter.
God speed 56% mongrel shooty dooty, waste the glow in the dark yuppie spawns.

You know this is common in TV shoots right? How else are they going to hear who they are talking to remotely? There usually isn't some stereo system setup so the can hear the newsroom. Just being the devil's advocate to your parents. Not saying you're wrong, but not agreeing either.

th e first interview that Fox did with this guy, he was clearly reading from a was the phone interview they did with the girl shortly afterwards....even the host was getting frustrated with her reading from some was obvious...

You fucking autistic retarded fucking leaf... when you on tv talking to fake news via satellite, they stick a fucking earpiece in your ear so you can actually hear the fucking dipshits in the studio asking you the questions

A disproportionate amount of people they've interviewed are Jewish.

no one here is fucking named kevin? what the fuck is wrong with the absolute state of schizophrenic Cred Forums. you need to go back to pleddit or your psychiatrist PLEASE

Too bad these cucks weren't killed.

oh look its johnny big times who talks on tv all day long and knows everything

Kevin is the dad you retard

best photobomb I've ever fuckin seen

this is why I fucking love Cred Forums you bunch of raging autists you. intellectual discussions with intense hilarity at every avenue, and lots of autism.

Of course they are being coached. The liberal Jew media waits for these events, finds kids that will appeal to the audience, and then coaches them with promises of Fame. Pretty fucking simple and they have been doing it for decades.

Remember, if it bleeds it reads. The liberal media wants nothing more than an endless string of school shootings to feed their breaking news headlines.

clearly states that kevin hogg is related to rebecca boldrick, the mother of david hogg. meaning kevin is his fucking father you nobhead.

David Hogg's new album HOGG WILD drops March 15th

Hard to hide an earpiece on this dykehead kikette. Couldn't they have gotten somebody else?

no because the majority of amerimutts wouldn't think twice about it.

why is this the shill go to for every psyop discussion? really transparent here guys

im feeling tired, lets all go to bed

They wonder why there's conspiracy theories dropping about everything...


Came here to ask these questions

It's just his fucking ear, retard.

If I can find shit like this within a few moments of searching, you can bet acronym agencies have better tech than this.

When you do a live video, you wear an ear piece so you can hear the interviewer's questions. Because of time delay, it is not uncommon for there to be some talking over each other or stuttering to catch up on a question.

just realized that photo was taken at my work. I work at World of Coke


>I have never seen macroblocking or literally any video compression artifacts before, and I'm trying to uncover a conspiracy with a heavily-compressed YouTube video.

This is some low-functioning autism.

2 minutes in
>My fathers a retired FBI agent
That's all I needed to hear.

asking for a friend ;_;

Hundreds of miles away? Maybe, but they are definately not in front of that school. That shit is GREEN SCREEN. You people need to stom watching reality television.

I think it's just from the green screen

They have an ear piece so they can hear the questions

is that boy nik cruz because it looks like nik cruz


that file name

Definite false flag , yt.. censoring videos about false flag
That's a back up
After this Censorship I am Punished Sampler

Here is the new video!!! Pls download and save , spread and enjoy .
I pink filtered the censored footage of eyewitnesses and bodybags so maybe that will throw off the AINigger..



i am an information Junkie and HAPPENINGS Major ... subscribe and help destroy the beast grid system that the Shills work for

The kid actually looks like the shooter

sorry im tired and had just come back to the thread. plz ignore

Holy Shit..did you see what the sales was for that Cubic outfit?! Billions - "Feldman" Do you think they do and business with Israel?

Top Kek /pol - you never cease to amaze!

you're posting in a wellaware1 thread
he's gently easing you into believing his crazy propaganda




i think the point is that they are actually in a studio with a green screen behind them. this is CNN's M.O.

it's a staged shot with talking points probably being held up in front of them or on a teleprompter that they wrote in advance. CNN would have provided the questions verbatim. It's just media deception, not 'le illuminati' stuff.

He chose them for correction because they needed it the most. They rejected Him and as it is written in the bible, the real Jews, the real Israel, are the spiritual body of Christ's believers.

Pic related is what deaf people look like you shill faggot.

26 seconds they appear on cam been a few
all they do is nod their head and shake their head like the newsman.

pure being fed. if they had anything to say theyd tehmselves say say something

jesus christ. people are so fucking retarded now that they dont even give a shit at this point.

Christ instructed that if any man own a garment, but not a sword, he should sell that garment so he can purchase a sword.
What is the modern equivalent to a sword? A gun.
It's not just in the constitution. It's in the Holy Bible. Not even just a parable or story either. A direct order of instruction.
I know you were being facetious at the end of your post there, but since it was relevant, I thought I'd tack on to it.

We need yearbooks or enrollments or some shit


No, the modern equivalent of a sword, is a modern fucking sword made with modern fucking techniques. Pretty desperate reasoning going on in your head m8, also, based on Jewish fairy-tales.

I approve of guns btw, just not people who spout retarded shit.

Hurr false flag iluminatzi

Here's a list I compiled the day of the shooting from the CNN feed I get in Canada:
-Scott Israel
-Kelsey Friend
-Ben Bennight
-Connor Dietrich
-Christina Hunschofsky
-Officer Leonard
-Lissette Rozenblat
-Addison Jost
-Michael Udine
-Lori Alhadeff
-Ted Deutch
-Kaden Culpepper
-Rhonda Roxburgh
-Ashley Kurth
-Randi Weingarten

Glad I did, I expected jewry. CNN did not disappoint.

It's a simple fact that in a dangerous world you have to be a complete fool to not want to be armed and ready for danger.

That's the point jesus was making, whether he actually existed or not, and he was fucking right.

And obviously over time the means to which you defend yourself evolves with the technology available to you. Guns exist, so you need a gun as an equaliser against other guns. Simple fact of life. And back then, swords existed and were pretty much the main means of doing mortal harm to others, so it was every man's duty to carry a sword for the sake of equalisation.

Can we start arresting journalists?

Its impossible for me not bust out laughing when deaf people talk. My wife won't let me be in the room when she watches her gay shows because one has deaf people and she can't hear it over my laughing, and the rest are so full of sjw bullshit that I don't stop yelling about niggers.

Wrong. Swords were made for a purpose. So were guns. They share this purpose. If all guns and things that shoot projectiles like guns did not exist, I could see your point. But they do exist, and so an equal measure of force must be available to all. If you disagree with this, I would imagine your argument in turn would amount to spouting retarded shit.

Damn the FBI called in Scruff McGruff for this case? Well, I feel a lot safer now

Sad the kids couldn't admit the FBI fucked them and allowed their classmates to be murdered. And the CNN cunt is just leading them to talk shit about Trump. Fuck them all especially CNN jews.

No. Fucking. Way. This is BRILLIANT!

the asian girl on npr was OBVIOUSLY fumbling her lines. I called earpiece right then and there, at the TV.


>march for gun control
Don't we already got controls? What more do they want?

They should protesting the FBI and police for dropping the ball.

>dog drives fbi truck.webm



>go real slow now im on probation

Pretty impressive driving, doggo.

Behold, A Pale Horse