/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL -Tainting the ground like the country EDITION

>President Trump: Year One youtu.be/gFXcLi85cQY

>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

DAILY SCHEDULE (WH Press Corps) publicpool.kinja.com/
TrumpTV Weekly Updates: pastebin.com/6HbHjbqF

>AG Sessions on Sun Morning Futures 2/18/18
>VP Pence @GOP Reagan Day dinner 2/17/18
>VP Pence @America 1st Policies event in TX 2/17/18
>DefSec C.H.A.O.S. Mattis inflight presser 2/17/18
>NSA McMaster @Munich Security Conf 2/17/18
>DNI Coates on russian election meddling 2/17/18
>This Week @State 2/16/18
>Tiffany/Barron arrive in WPalmBeach 2/16/18
>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania @Broward County Sheriff's Office 2/16/18
>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania @Broward County Hospital 2/16/18
>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania arrive in WPalmBeach Fl 2/16/18
>Pres Trump Departs DC 2/16/18
>VP Pence/2nd Lady/Rato after visiting border 2/16/18
>VP Pence @RNC in San Antonio TX 2/16/18
>VP Pence in Hidalgo TX on immigratin 2/16/18
>VP Pence/2nd Lady arrive in TX 2/16/18
>DepAG Rosenstein indicts 13 russians 2/16/18
>SoS T-Rex presser w/RoachFM Cavusoglu 2/16/18

OP pastebin: pastebin.com/nygxu29R

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>pushing the kike boy and the goblin girl THIS hard
Even normalfags are going to start finding it strange and offputting.


>Turkey threatens to invade Greece

Turkey had violated Greek airspace 138 times in a single day, a Turkish coast guard patrol boat on February 13 rammed a Greek coast guard vessel off the shore of Imia, one of many Greek islands over which Turkey claims sovereignty.
>"We warn those who have crossed the line in the Aegean and Cyprus," Erdoğan declared.

>"Those who think that we have erased from our hearts the lands from which we withdrew in tears a hundred years ago are wrong.

>"The things we have done so far [pale in comparison to the] even greater attempts and attacks [we are planning for] the coming days, inshallah [Allah willing]."

When is the west going to shove a boot up this fanatical "sultans" ass?




Resting bitch face is a definite thing chinkers


fifth for massive prosperity and neighborly love!


I love Evgenia Medvedeva

Trump knocks down your door and demands you take one baby:
>one baby lamia
>one baby catgirl
>one baby trump clone
>one baby wolfgirl
>one baby spooder
>one baby slime
>one baby YEB!
>one baby centaur
>one baby ted cruz
>one baby mermaid [TANK INCLUDED]
>one loli android
you must choose.

honestly is their a name of the media doing that kind of shit

la goblina

If Russians weren't pussies they would be taking Constantinople instead of Ukraine.

I love Alina




It's pretty obvious they're being coached and most of it is scripted.
The left's propaganda has greatly decreased in quality since Trump was elected.
He actually punches back and he knows their tricks.
They have no clue how to handle him.

How many routines does she have?

Depends on what the mermaid and spooder look like

no way she said that????

ok that is lewd.

Lisa pinning Tarlov to the ground while Kennedy clamps her thighs around Tarlov's head


you think?


no puchi??

If they do Turkey won't survive
The Greeks won't allow anyone to occupy them again, even if they have to Nuke themselves




I want Kennedy to give me death by snu snu

Erdogan's just begging for a Crusade for Constantinople.

i can see her erect clitoris poking out

>made in China

i think my awoos broken

>All this over some dying audience

REEEEEEEEE where are the happenings


It should be even clearer now that the FBI let this attack happen or actively took part in preparing it. It did not "slip by" them. Anyone who believes this is a naive fool.

There is no such thing as being sad when you're around based Skellator, he brings out the smiles in everyone he's around(except his enemies)




Alina or Evgenia?

We Should Shoot Democrats In The Face


She's a poster child for fetal alcohol syndrome

Why is Drumpf dividing our country


There was one last week.

I'm curious as to how Trump and others will curb this, attacking children head on is massively unpopular but so is politicizing children for normies.

Checked and DEUS VULT.


That's a patch, right?

Cause of Death: Suffocation by thighs


Why do they bully the cossacks?


I wonder how much it hurts to rip that thing off


Serves you right for buying cheap chinese AWOOs

Kennedy and Timpf in one pic

>not pagan


Trump probably can't get away with actually calling them the "lying press" because it would be easy for them to smear him as Hitler.
He uses "Fake News" instead.

I really want more pressure put on them.
Perhaps make them turn over the details of the investigation into the guy.
That will make them sweat.
At the very least they should be questioned before congress as to why they did not arrest the guy, or stop him.

Checked those digits though lol

Well she is Russian and I have a soft spot for fetal alcohol syndrome girls

based memeflag timpf poster

Holy shit, boys.
This is it.
We memed about David Hogg too much and he is just a kid. He dropped the ball hard today and people are talking about Sandy Hook parallels and Vegas. Like on fucking Rush Limbaugh today there was a soccer mom caller talking about "What if the FBI let this happen? It's happened before"


>Watching these webms make me shout "nigger"

Lads, I think I have a problem

especially when its teenagers literally talking down to adults. A 30 something year old man with a job, wife and kid who happens to own a gun or two is going to not just get sick of, but laugh at the mere presence of a 16 year old bald dyke screaming on tv about how his right is killing America. I dont give the teenagers all the blame because they are almost all idealistic because of the lack of life experience in pretty much everything but high school, teenager drama and social media. The fucking kike media propping them up as the answers to all of life's problems is what disgusts me.
Then they have the fucking gall to go after Trump when he uses examples of people being killed by illegal aliens by calling him a scumbag for using people's deaths to further an agenda.

>tfw my screenshot is OP image
I know the dirt about the cannabis industry. Shit is dirty in here

Small skinny girls like that always have roast beef bettween their legs

I am not a Christian so that is not my issue to dispute. I only seek to unify.

Yeah, you're right, I should have cropped those S T I C C thighs from that pic

It would be extremely painful!

That face is absolutely disgusting
Bong tier vomit inducing levels

pls accept me and my timpf loving ways chinkleaf :(

Betcha she looks like an Arby's no. 3 down under

People were already doubting this at the get go and then fucking David "Camera" Hogg chokes on remembering his script. It's spreading on the normie-net like mad.

Radical! Soon we're crush the CIA and their interns!

>tfw live in blue
>tfw minority in california

>travel to yellowstone last summer
>see more white people than I have in years


Well Catholics who don't see the copious amounts of Roman and other pagan religion in their rituals and rites, including celibacy, are delusional.

Please, use one of my better shots in the future

Sounded like Lester Holt just said Kang referring to Black Panther

I think she is cute

>after we heard the 1st gun shot we thought it was a drill

>that forehead

>I really want more pressure put on them.

I do believe Sessions has opened an investigation into the FBI. Nunes has also commented on the matter. Whether or not that investigation will go anywhere remains to be seen.

Let us hope their sloppiness only awakens the populace to the truth.

When's he going to cross the isle?

Really activates my almonds

keep swallowing anime fapping virgin faggot.


tried and true traditional American fire drill.

Californians have to be persecuted, user. Just let the HIV storm kill you already.

WTF is love Seth MacFarlane now!!!

When they offer him enough food.


>True Conservative(tm) does non-Conservative things
>more at 11

>manager: "excuse me, Jamal, would you mind..."

please let this become reality...

To be honest, it could just be that he's just nervous but trying to seem more poised than he is.
I mean everything about this shit smells fishy, just that this isn't super hard proof of anything.

White people are over-represented at National Parks in general. There are tons of articles in NYT and etc. lecturing about how that means the parks are racist and not inclusive enough.

She's tolerable, but I'm a sucker for that thigh divot that Kennedy has

Get Tarlov out of there, replace with Trish, and it would be the perfect trifecta

Digits are amplified by b8man

Don't like to support Timpf fans but here

>copious amounts of Roman and other pagan religion in their rituals and rites

Which is fine in it's true form.

Chad Democrats:
>Ethic food
>Michelin starred restaurants
>best dinners and galas

I think it's clear who is the gourmand's party sir


To be fair the NRA are scum who used god among men Charlton Heston to weasel their way into republican homes

At least the STDs will affect the blacks and hispanics the most

Officials in Louisiana charged an illegal immigrant from Mexico with raping a 7-year-old girl over a period of six months. Less than three weeks later, prosecutors charged the man with molesting the child’s mother in 2003 when she was only 11-years-old
>amnesty for all

We really should ban semi-automatic weapons. There's no reason to own anything more than a selective fire weapon.


>Who here /highIQ/ ??

I can’t be the only one.....

The blood and semen wing has still has some explaining to do.

>live in mostly white area
>see mostly white people


Post some. I want to get angry.



Doesn't seem like something that should hit the top of his priorities after something like that, does it?


But can tiny democrat portions ever feed his endless hunger? And on the same line lf thinking, let us all hope they never offer Cruz any of those superdelegates.

>I only seek to unify.
Fucking cringe.

Sadly, national parks would look like pic related if more minorities went there.


inclusivity in this context means opening a KFC and Taco stand in each national park's greeting center right?

God she is so cute it hurts. Feet look nummy too

No doubt (((they))) will try to impede it at every turn.
Much like the CIA the FBI is dirty as shit.
If they're actually investigated it may very well lead to the dismantling of both agencies.

That's because white people have an affinity for trees and nature user. It's in our blood.



She has to be home for dinner, no tapings with Kennedy, only milf thighs available are Deirdre

>That third pic
What the heck does the NRA have to do with this?

GREASE get rid of your fucking Trudeau-tier commie and mobilize for war, gas the fucking Turks into oblivion, let none survive



Hell, it's a -northern- European thing. Romans disdained wilderness and encouraged urban sprawl.

>6 months of raping a 7 year old
I will never understand pedophilia.

t. Pagan larper.
Christians fixed Roman degeneracy, too bad they allowed jews to roam about while they were killing and torturing Christians.
God's Retribution.

This is true. Whites are the only race to care much about environmentalism. Didn't the Norges literally use some of their sovereign wealth fund to buy a chunk of the Amazon to protect? Maybe Brazil-kun knows

Apparently, the NRA trains and pays school shooters to do their deed with their special NRA assault rifles.


Brazil see didn't that happen?





If you want to see the foulest cases of degenerate men look no further than the papacy, monkey.

Same, it's literally impossible for a child to be sexually attractive and yet somehow the mentally damages fucks find a way

>OP's pic
>Oy vey its the pot farms that are poisoning your water goyim!


her hair looks so cool like that.

You want to do WHAT to me?

>Trump jerks off dogs. He waits until 2-3am on a Wednesday night, and quietly slips out his back door of his Mar-a-lago estate, and in his backyard he eases himself over the fence into his neighbors yard. Creeping through the darkness guided by the pale yellow beam of a gold-plated penlight, he approaches his neighbor's doghouse. Once he gets close enough for the dog to hear him, the german shepherd-boxer mix emerges from the doghouse, tail wagging. He knows what is about to happen.

>Trump crouches next to the dog and cradles the dog's massive sheath in his hand, gently gripping. The dog's breathing quickens and it begins to bump it's hips as Trump rocks his hand back and forth. Trump groans in ecstasy as the dog's thrusting intensifies, and loud dog grunts fill the night air as Trump's other hand begins rubbing his own small penis through his jorts. The dog latches onto Trump's upper arm with it's front legs and the dog begins jackhammering the air, his massive swollen erection flopping freely as Trump grips the huge red knot. Gouts of hot, sour dog semen launch into the moist night air in steaming loops and Trump adds to the grunting as he approaches orgasm. Trump's leg shivers as he unloads his orange, doughy semen into his heavily stained adult diaper. Satiated, cowardly Trump scurries back to his mansion to clean himself in his ugly gold-plated stand up shower, one that has a built in seat because standing up for 10 minutes is just too much. The dog stands there in the dark, confused but satisfied.

That's what Trump does.

Trump does that.

The motorcade driver who was found with a gun today suggests they are growing extremely desperate.

You upset she took your job?


>Reeee fuck you Drumpf how dare you not cry like a little bitch like King Nigger did

That's the jewish kid whose jewish mom was cheerleading jewish democrats on faceberg.

Lazy ineffienct American guns.

NRA have always been dirty

the bulldyke gave a impassioned guns are evil speech shes in the group photo with the other crisis actors







rage on


3 Elections TUESDAY, February 20th
>Vote Rebecca Johnson, KY HD49
>Vote Fred Shanks, MS HD60
>Vote Michael Screnock, WI Supreme Court
(If you live in Wisconsin, you can vote)
Reddit is mockin us

>Christians fixed Roman degeneracy

*blocks ur path*

He should have never relaxed around blacks

I will never understand why child rapists are not executed.


That money is lost on the myriad of NGOs the UN kikes have here, they can't stop shit, even without proof I can say with 100% certainty they take bribes to put down trees.
The indians take bribes to let it happen, NGOs too, these people don't have interest in protect shit, the only people that protect something is a private owner, but if he ranges for billions, they basically don't even see their own land, they leave it all for managers and other people, so they only care for profits and don't mind corruption.

>"It's nine times as high if you compare it to children and youths of the same age group who grew up in Sweden," Petra Rinman, head of the department for Knowledge-Based Policy of Social Services, Unaccompanied Minors Centre, at the National Board of Health and Welfare, told The Local. "It's atrocious and very, very worrying."

>The report said that among unaccompanied minors and youths in Sweden between 10 and 21 years of age, the suicide rate in 2017 was 51.2 per 100,000, compared with just 5.2 per 100,000 among their Swedish peers.

>"We already knew that the number was high, which is why we commissioned this report, but it's really horrifying," Rinman said.


>the child's mother was 11 in 2003

*guacs your path*

I love our National Park system with a burning passion. I'll never forget the road trips my grandparents took me on as a kid

Put you in the gas chamber
All non-whites go, and ruskies are no exception

Rate muh oc

just search on a web search engine such as ask jeeves instead of asking a barely literate ape-man

>Be infiltrated by Communists since 1920 - most of which Russians or Jews
Kill yourself, chink.

no that doesnt really look like a correlation to me
at least not a very strong one, try other variables maybe we can find something

I was talking about how Cali is poisoning itself like it does the country.


Teenagers aren't known for logical priorities.
I'm just saying it's not enough to convince anyone who doesn't already find the whole thing suspicious like we do.

so she won silver?

Emancipation was a mistake.

>Chink still running his mouth
When is the next genocide scheduled for?

Good operation right here: Doesn't have the same self standing potential IOTBW had but the end result might have. With the recent scandals with regards to leftist teachers being filmed by students it may get to genXer heads that their kids are being indoctrinated without their knowledge.

Cruz didn't finish the job, those "kids" are making my blood boil.

Make him a nigger.

>La Goblina

fuck you ferrrrrrgie wtf

Nah, fortunately my mom is straight edge and my dad quit drugs years before I was born
But that's okay, you can jerk off to your disgusting mongoloid waiting that represents your anime waifu irl with her oversized eyes on her tiny head all you want

The really bad Popes were from Renaissance and earlier you absolute wreckage of a human. Your Pope Alexander is even the visage of Jesus in all of your idolatrous churches

i dont feel like watching, what did she do wrong?

You should've edited the original image and not the zergface edit.
Try again.

>Trump fixes illegal pot farm problem in California
>$1.5 billion has been approved in Congress in an effort to Federally fund local sheriff departments' efforts in removing illegal grows from Federal land in conjunction with the National Guard
>Outrage from Democrats as they accuse Trump of giving funds to Republican sheriff departments
>White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders, said,"It's just a coincidence that the Federal lands have Republican sheriffs. Maybe if Democrats ran for sheriff elections and won this wouldn't be a concern."

Hoopa tribe is great. They banned weed farms but stoners were still coming in and clear cutting to start up grow ops, so when the wildfires came through the tribe said they wanted to let the fires burn through most of their land naturally to clear it out. Since no one legally lived their the state couldn't stop them... so many sooty stoner scum with uhails towing water tanks fleeing the hills. Very satisfying sight.

He was an angry Jewish spic who thought he was white. He couldn't do anything right.

We get it tiff your so edgy and cool..... barf

I don't know who to believe anymore.

I am drinking coffee while resting with a MyPillow™

Suburban whites are mostly Gen Xers/Late millennials and kids

Oh yea I saw that.

>"I forgot I had it"
Yea, I believe that. Fortunately Trump is very well protected.
Makes me wonder what exactly would happen if someone managed to kill him.
He's so loved across America that it might start some sort of civil war.
That's probably what they're going for now that I think about it.

>Kill Trump.
>Commies cheer about his death.
>Patriots start lynching commies.

Shitskins don't care about the environment and niggers go out of their way to avoid nature


This kid might be the Antichrist

these idiots want everyone to vote out any person who supports the NRA. they also want them to wear badges.

Not wrong, but if wealth generation was the goal they could've aimed to turn it into a visitors conservation if it has no national interest for scientific research or protection. That way they could maintain it, provide employment and keep corruption minimum among environmentalists

>He jumps from pagan larper arguments to ottoman, in the same thread he defended muslims for being "monotheists"
You're a sight to behold, subversive nigger.

>Cruz didn't finish the job, those "kids" are making my blood boil.
If the whole leftist machine failed to achieve it on Clinton's days (and it might have costed Gore that election given that, had they won New Hampshire or Nevada, they wouldn't even need Florida) it won't be in current year + 3 that they'll succeed.

Trump is bidding his time, DACA expires in 2 weeks, he can weather this off. If the killing of country music fans didn't make them budge it won't be some 17 "kids"

When will you and the two Americans that suck your balls leave this board?
Or better yet, go back to Cred Forums that is your place?


Mind you, it's not like anyone but the most braindead, regardless of ideology, actually expects this to result in gun control, it is entirely and solely a diversion from Obongogate, which just so happens to be purging the FBI atm

Only the strong survive in Scandinavia, that's why it's Viking country


It's all I could find..

You can't defeat the argument that your popes are degenerate pagans so you spew some strawman bullshit.

Are your parents even cousins or are they siblings, I wonder at this point,

Survival of the fittest

Probably the same reason trannies off themselves. They know deep down that they fucked up and will never be accepted as they wish. Alienation, ostracization, and the crushing oppression of their own feelings become too much and off they go.

He's a Jewish Canadian. Of course's he is a subversive dog.

Oh god. That’s a genius ploy

Convince leftists that select fire is safer and only select shooters use it

her voice is fucking disgusting, and the completely changed time signature is appalling

>Suburban whites are mostly Gen Xers/Late millennials and kids
I'm aware and that's exactly my point. GenXers are the "meh generation" and skipped this whole "let's save the world" thing in order to achieve personal success even at the expense of others.
But their kids are the millennials and genZ and they won't have the same luck as their education institutions are all infiltrated. That means either GenXers take control of their sons and daughters or they'll lose them like the Greatest Generation lost the boomers

he looks like the malcom in the middle kid we need to work his brain or find the mics

Good, now if the rest of the """""refugees"""""" will follow their example

>they could've aimed to turn it into a visitors conservation if it has no national interest for scientific research or protection.
Heard this argument before from envirokikes that don't give a fuck if the jaguars are eating away their profits, you can't have all small/medium/large farmers competing for foreign visitors, the major ones would eat away the small, that's not how a market works.

Suicide bombings.

I don't feel like it.

>says the BASED black man

They're just pissing people off by dragging these ugly kids out every day to continually kvetch and repeat their talking points. I was quite sympathetic the day after the shooting but now I wish he had hit more of them.

Got confused as to whether she was singing the national anthem or Happy Birthday Mr. President.

Google "I don't like thing ok" and you'll find the original.

John Paul 2 and most recent Benedict are literally the only good popped to ever live
Putin's USSR 2: Electric Boogaloo hijacked the Orthodoxy after the USSR collapsed and have been using it as the state run religion ever since
Not that it wasn't just as much into kiddie diddling as it's brother but you won't ever hear about it because what happens in slavlands generally go unreported

>Makes me wonder what exactly would happen if someone managed to kill him.


You don't say wonder why (((he's))) spearheading this virtue signaling extravaganza?

>taking away a viable means of defense for little old ladies
For shame!

I aint clicking that shit
I go to parks to escape the pavement apes. Is nothing sacred?

>it is entirely and solely a diversion from Obongogate, which just so happens to be purging the FBI atm
Which is ironic given how shitcanning a shooting just makes me angrier at the FBI. A couple normie friends of mine that were very skeptical of the whole FISA abuse thing are now pretty pissed at the FBI.

If this was an attempt to distract they just handed Trump an armory of ammunition. There's no doubt to anyone even remotely paying attention that the FBI is just a cabal of partisan bureaucrats at this point

>I was quite sympathetic the day after the shooting but now I wish he had hit more of them.
kek, I can see this happening all across America, specially because the leftist attitude is

here is the new campaign faggots
spread it far and wide
many lulz and many rages will be had.
the enemy fears the light.


>you have to be a black to hate Jews

no its probably more to do with rampant abuse among their "communities", shitskins attacking "whiter" refugees or christians, that sorta thing

Yes. Please run with that for the 2018 elections. please.

*shitcanning a tip

>My Popes
No such thing, you're the one strawmanning me and accusing me of doing it to you, when I already broke your legs you still bark like a stray dog.
There is only God, and if the Pope doesn't obey The Word, he doesn't deserve respect, which has been happening for decades.

She wolverine now?

I approve of that OP. Which font is this?

Orthodox though allow priests to marry, which cuts down the kiddie diddling a bit. Though I think bishops and patriarchs still have to be celibate.

>he didn't deny it

keep quoting Farrakhan nigger.

oh no
>that sucks

Thanks user.

lmao stupid wh*tecucks filtering there water

>Kid might be a fictional book character a mentally I'll Jew thought up in his spare time between drug trips




>semi automatic
>double barrel break action shotgun
They want ALL the guns. Never forget that.

de Jesus Cruz is jewish? If you've found his birth mom you've broken national news. If his adoptive mother is jewish, you've still broken news.

Marriage in any religion is bullshit
If you're a religious figure your job is to speak to the gods, you can't do that if you've got a family to be beholden to or a pussy you own to be thinking about

are those khazar milkers?

that's what it's called?


I'll have to think on this, I don't have answer.

No. Destruction of the sacred is a primary objective and notions of reverence are strictly forbidden by the progressive.


>being this autistic

>White people are over-represented
>Preschool, a stay-at-home parent, stable finances and other educational and social resources often allow higher-income white and Asian children to begin kindergarten with a stronger start, said Darryl White, president of the Black Parallel School Board, which advocates for minority children in Sacramento City Unified. Those kids build confidence in their abilities and often benefit from the perception – both in their own minds and in their communities – that they are smarter than kids who lack parent involvement or good schools.

They've been pushing this narrative hard


>Tfw no pseudo-sloppy degenerate gf

(((CNN))) already reported it so take it as you will.

Baking worry not and be just.

they do the same thing here

Whos your favourite newsfu femanon? Post bob and vagene

Trump is going to turn and own this issue like he did with DACA. By embracing DACA, he took the wind out of the sail for Dems over it. Notice no one is talking about it right now. Trump this week meeting in a listening groups with students, teachers, etc. is going to do the same thing. He'll taut mental health issues and stronger background checks, and when nothing comes of it because of Dems, he'll put the onus on them. It's important he goes on the offensive asap because this is what the Dems are going to run on for the mid-terms since they can't on anything else, especially the economy and tax cuts

That's a good idea. I'd bet that most people don't actually know the bullshit that's being taught in (((college))).
They caught that one cuck from california shitting on the army, probably many cases like that.

It's German for "lying press".
It's what Hilter had to deal with when he was coming to power.
Goebbels warned them to shut up and to stop lying but they didn't, so they were dealt with.
It's the exact same situation with Trump; they just make up shit all day.

I don't know what barking like a stray dog is because we have human societies here not like your jungle country.

And you've yet to counter any of my premises. Catholics are bound to ignorance by the fact that the rites are said in Latin, thus the laity is kept in the dark about what the bible actually says. Everything is learnt through the lens of Catechism

When the Guttenberg Bible came out people could read it in German, and Dutch etc. and Protestantism formed because people became their own priests.

What you say, "there is only God" belies the very form and function of the Catholic church, not to mention the weird trinity shit y'all have to bend reason to accept.

>writing this much to a jungle monkey who probably won't even read it never the less reply without barking at me

I'm a sucker for conversation so what they hay.

enjoy ur nosunlite brown peeps

As if a pure newsfu would open cloth and lasagna.

They say the farmer should take the loss, or file a complaint to the government of the animal eating away you profit, demanding that you prove a jaguar ate your cattle - mind you, you bear the costs for such an "investigation" -, know how many times the government paid a farmer back? Not a hard one to guess.
While they forbid you to kill an animal that here close to my region already become a plague.
Peopel already did everything you can imagine, put their sheep on platforms during the night to avoid losses, allow wild animals to grow free so the jaguars go for the boars instead.
None of it works, they always go for the calf or the lamb, regardless.

It’s too bad 40% of Public school students are black or Hispanic. 5% are Asian. 4% Mixed/ other. 1% Semite. 50% White. Under represented harshly. Only about 7% - 8% of advanced students are black or Hispanic.

Her pitch, pace and annunciation is all over the place. It sounds like she thinks she's at a fucking cabaret.


top jej


Nice try, come again.

The worst poison in our water is birth control pill piss

>running on gun control
>ever a good idea
Please make them do this.

why can Russia have their own twitter account?

and opiates


In one post about his biological mother, Cruz said: “My real mom was a Jew. I am glad I never met her,” according to CNN. He also said that he hated Jews because he believed they wanted to destroy the world.

That's dubious at best. He's a fucked up lunatic, and NY state adoption records are sealed.



>The worst poison in our water is birth control pill piss
And the stuff that leaks from water bottles. Pure poison

Hey fags. I've never entered one of your threads, but I just wanted to share something, and you fags are the only ones who come to mind.

>live in SF bay area
>be a degenerate tranny (but the hot passable kind)
>be even more degenerate and only date women
>been dating this FOB chinese girl for a couple months
>wish her happy Presidents Day
>she asks who I voted for
>tell her I secretly love Trump, "pls no hate me"
>she tells me she likes him too because he speaks the truth
>fuckin aye

IDGAF, I know I'm the embodiment of so many layers of stereotypes and memes.

>white and Asian kids should be handicapped because they have better parents
>kids of shitty parents need to be given the same advantages as kids of responsible married parents
Because the most important thing is we remove from people (especially from women) all moral responsibility for their sexual behavior and mate selection!

please dont bake

Neo thread Neo bread

What would it take for a Jewish pregnant woman to abandon an infant to a state adoption agency?

Richfag here, are they sealed permanently or is it like with other records that they want you to pay 10 grand for the docs?

t. Joeposter

>The worst poison in our water is birth control pill piss
wait what? really?

Pure isnt always perfect, white knight.

see a communist
film a communist

Thighs to 300

having a baby out of wedlock?

like any other woman?

Why do they all look happy? Their fellow students were killed for crying out loud! No one could recover and be all dandy like that!


(You) for effort

>(but the hot passable kind)
hah, yeah right.