Redpilled beverages

>black coffee
>organic milk (in small amounts)
>WHITE tea
>green tea
>fresh squeezed juice (small amounts)
>fresh squeezed vegetable juice

>the alcoholic jew (the kikiest drink)
>bottled fruit juice
>flavored coffee drinks
>soy milk
>non-organic milk
>psychadelic drinks
>energy drinks
>tap water

Don't drink the kikejuice lads

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>tap water
So you want me to buy the plastic jew?

black coffee gives you ulcers, needs half and half

How TF is black tea not red pilled? The fucking UK conquered the world drinking that shit

Why would you drink the fluoride jew?

>coffee needs half n half

Found the nu male

Where the fuck is my supreme chocolate milk ?

Only has 10% of the health benefits that White tea and green tea has

It's mostly good for a caffeine high, but a strong cup of black coffee is better than that because it hits faster imo

>mfw ex-teaologist

>>organic milk (in small amounts)
He's never heard of GOMAD

choccie milk is only redpilled if your big tittied quadroon gf brings it to you in a mommy/son sex LARP

Do thread of how to best spend $25 on redpilled beverages? Tired of getting b&?

Ginger, ginseng, turmeric, cayenne, white tea, and lemon juice. Can sweeten either with raw honey or stevia

Very powerful anti-inflammatories and immune boosters

>not buying water contained in glass bottles
>not walking up to a mountain stream and filtering your water through an Alex Jones water filter

plebians these days smdh

>Ginger, ginseng, turmeric, cayenne, white tea, and lemon juice. Can sweeten either with raw honey or stevia

yes this shit is supreme right here

>tap water
what? Groundwater is fine. There might be a little too much iron (rust) and calcium in it but besides that its just water.

>literally drinking well-water which has been collecting contaminants from big corporations leaking shit into the ground over 60 years time

Everybody in my town got diabetes and cancer from drinking well-water

>mfw I've almost had this once

She just wasn't a quadroon.

>diabetes and cancer from drinking well-water
It wasn't the water, sweaty.

lads i felt for the industrial kike grape juice

And look at us now. tea is volatile; higher highs but lower lows

aint no industry here niggah but sure I wouldnt drink tap water in foreign parts

Drink whiskey straight you fuckin pussy.


thats why we dumped that shit in the harbor

2/3rds of what I drink during the day is either coffee with half and half + lots of sugar, or tea with the same

Come at me brehs. It may not be manly, but it sure is delicious

>literally fermented green tea
>somehow fermentation turns a redpilled drink into kike juice

I think your list needs some work breh

what about red tea?

stopped reading after black coffee

We didn't have industry either.

It is suspected that it was the farming chemicals that soaked into the ground and infected the well-water.

Just something to think about, because it does happen.

>drinking the alcoholic jew

the biggest bluepill there is

Kombucha claims to be a pro-biotic but it is actually an anti-biotic because of how it ferments

not good to drink on a regular basis...or at all, really.

Like Rooibos tea?

Depends what spices and herbs are in it. I don't consider it worth drinking when you could have WHITE tea

The fuck is wrong Kombucha hmmm?

If you don't drink a mug of black coffee (preferably shipped over from Italy) every morning then I'm not sure you're really redpilled

>groundwater is fine, cannot get an erection but besides that everything is ok

Wrong, black coffee is only redpilled if it is made by third world slaves.

I don't care what kind of biotic it is, I brew my own because I like fizzy drinks but I don't want to pay for the sugar-syrup jew

>literally consuming a bean picked by filthy thirdworld shitskin fingers

absolutely plebian

WELL WATER you shitskin. WELL WATER WAS invented by the white man.

If you're not man enough to drink black coffee then kys

>I don't care what kind of biotic it is

LMAO nigger are you serious right now

>Not becoming a colonial overlord over filthy slave niggers.
What a cuck.

>giving niggers money

come on now

Yeah good point.
In any case, black coffee, whether picked through virgin fair wages or CHAD SLAVERY is much better than drinking from the fizzy jew.

It is degenerate and will negatively affect your immune system if consumed too often

>it's an antibiotic
What the fuck am I reading

meaning it removes stomach bateria

Pre work out and protein powder
Everything else is for faggots

>stomach bacteria
Jesus Christ you're retarded.


Stop being a nigger, you're destroying your ability to focus without drugs. Go two weeks without coffee and tell me the withdrawal headache is for nothing

Lmao protein powder is just kikey chemicals

just eat chicken with a little milk

If theres bacteria in your stomach, id run a urease breath test buddy.

>drink probiotics
>healthy guts
>drink antibiotics
>don't get sick
you literally can't lose stop being so picky

jews not good. It contains simple sugars. Although I guess, it's not really that harmful.
helicobacter pylori gives you ulcers, not coffee

Remove the caffeinated jew from this list idiot.

but you cannot get chicken anytime, protein powder is easy to take anytime.

What's wrong with protein powder?

how rare is well water outside the glorious north american rural lands?
i met a guy at work who never even heard of well water. he asked me to bring him a gallon so he could try it. he asked me more than once. we lived less than an hour apart.
why are city fags so smug and also so unlearned on actual factual life?

Only water with lemon

>Protein shake

>Everything else

He just said it, kike chemicals. Stop intaking artificial shit. If you want to gain muscle mass there are no quick solutions, you've gotta eat right and have a healthy schedule. Stop falling for the supplement jew

>how rare is well water outside the glorious north american rural lands?
Tastes really good but it can be dangerous depending on farm chemicals soaking into the ground and infecting the water

where does your water come from?

why is he retarded?

"Stomach flora
Due to the high acidity of the stomach, most microorganisms cannot survive there. The main bacterial inhabitants of the stomach include: Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Lactobacillus, Peptostreptococcus, and types of yeast.[2]:720 Helicobacter pylori is a Gram-negative spiral organism that establishes on gastric mucosa causing chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer disease and is a carcinogen for gastric cancer."

This board is full of crazy people.

currently buying the ice mountain plastic jew

looking for another alternative though, maybe a water filter or something

juice from a juicer/masticator with numerous organic veggies.
removes the fiber so you can ingest much more nutrients.
get rid of all sugar/corn fructose drinks.

This is the dumbest thing I have ever read. Open is a fag

>eating anything
>drinking anything
you are all getting jewed
photosynthetic master race

so you're full of shit


t. vanilla latte slurping kombucha brewer

welcome to Cred Forums. now gtfo.

I dont know where you got that quote from, but ill tell you that besides Pylori, a few select bacterial spores (imagine hibernating inside a bunker), and a few viruses SURVIVING input into the stomach (as in: they dont normally live there), no, the stomach is not colonised. Would you survive living in an aquarium with a pH of 2?

>Kike juice
You do realise they are the modern puritans attempting to prohibit it as far as possible?

>implying the hollyjew doesn't romance alcohol as being a catalyst for fun sexy adventures

Yes good goy

People have digging wells since Africa.

hold on, let me guess, you have never left your basement to have drinks with mates because your autism and stench is intolerable?

>black coffee
>soda only with liquor

White culture has always revolved around alcohol and tobacco you cuckold

But it is. Or our you underage and have never experienced it, sour grapes? USA drinking age is a joke, 16 in pubs here.

*are you

I live in NYC and i love the tap water here. Haven't had a cavity in years

Whey protein shakes are amazing for putting on muscle mass though

Coffee makes you leftist faggot. Just look at the history of revolutions. When did they happen? Around the time coffee was popular. Where were they planed? In coffee shops

The kikes don't want fun sexy adventures, see the SJW obsessions over merely looking at a girl being rape.


>No Fanta
>Official drink of the Third Reich
Goddamn plebs

>implying coffee was the problem and not hipster coffeeshops
I'm going to open a combination coffeeshop and gun store.

Redpilled: magic mushroom tea

>don't drink well water it may have toxins that were banned 50 years ago in it
>pay for this 100% pure bottled water
>it's better water than you get and it comes in this neat petroleum/estrogen container

hold on, let me guess, you're a high functioning alcoholic who consistently functions at a lower level than sober people and wants everybody else to be a constant alcohol induced state like yourself?

Beer literally has estrogen in it and it makes people stupid/ugly.

The kikes want people drunk, high, and in a blur confused about what is going on.

Sobriety means you carefully pick a woman to marry and make 5 kids and then financially support them

Drunken-ness means you are in a delusional haze, apathetically letting the kikes take control.

Have you goys learned nothing from Trump? He wrote in his book that he used to take people to bars and get them drunk so he could mindfuck them while he sat there and drank water.

Alcohol has been holding whites back forever.

I don't live in the country anymore so I don't even have the option to drink well-water.

>banned 50 years ago
No farming chemicals are still just as insane as they were 50 years ago

Bottled water may or may not be better depending on where you live.

If you're in the west, it's probably fine. If you're living in an agrictultural hub like the midwest, it might be dangerous

Im gonna ignore historical proof because of my coffee addiction.
Good goy

drink tea

also, you realize if you're eating local produce, you're getting the same shit in you?
so let's just all stop drinking water and eating veggies cause it might have poison in it.
dude, the air is poison too. stop breathing or else you might get sick.

>hurrrrr all drinkers are alcoholics

nice reach, mate. I drink twice or three times a month only. how does it feel to have no friends or RL social interaction at all?

>liberals drank coffee so it's bad
>cowboys drank coffee but so did liberals so ignore that

>protein shake
>Chicken breast, steak, fish
>yogurt, cheese
>Sweet potato, eggs

stay fit and healthy mofos

You're fooling yourself, true gains come from healthy living and lifting heavy. Dumbasses are just willing to lift more after taking supplements bc placebo. I've taken supplements for years, and it was a waste of time, money and health. And I took the good shit, quality brand whey, creatine, bcaa, glutamate and other shit. Not worth it. Nothing beats a healthy routine, it just doesn't sound as fancy. Guess what, lifting is about hard work. Not to mention the retards who think gobbling more whey will magically grow their muscles when they are limp wristed at thr gym and don't even pay attention to the most basic micro nutrients such as magnesium and iodine. Surprise surprise, weaklings want a quick fix. They'd rather have a swollen biceps for a couple months than a healthy physique in the long run.
Save your money and health, stop buying that powder shit. Back to basics, working out is not about fruity drinks with colorful labels. Or worst yet labels that try to come off as badass, such as Black Skull.
Pathetic, really. Just another branch of big pharma, but aspiring fuccbois fall for it because they insist on believing on a quick fix. Natural selection I guess.

I only drink dehydrated liquidised animal bones and the thick malt refuse left over from making beer. Will put hair on your chest, surface of eyeballs and everywhere else, even if female, use with caution.

>Beer literally has estrogen in it and it makes people stupid/ugly.
Wine is the patrician drink, only morons drink beer. And consumed in moderation it will most certainly not, that's a kike myth except at alcoholism-levels (and many studies in fact point to a longer, less stressful life).

Have you ever even *tried* alcohol? It doesn't send you into stupor, it brings direct and enjoyable pleasure.

OP never said you were an alky. but you jumping out there headfirst raises questions.

Fuck off, drink rakija or die

Britain conquered half the world primarily drinking weak beer because the water was unclean. They basically did the whole thing mildly drunk, all military units were given alcohol rations. It's worked since the vikings.

So you are negatively effected by alcohol 6-8 days per month

how does it feel to literally drink estrogen

Wine and spirits don't contain estrogen you fucking moron.

>Beer has estrogen in it.
Sure, that's good, tis the only temporary way for a man to calm his killing rage by reducing his massive testosterone overflow to manageable levels where he can socialise without killing. Kings knew this, keep the warriors in the mead hall all winter until war comes again, if they don't get some mild estro treatment regularly then everyone is dead by spring from random acts of violence. Of course, moderation in everything, taken to extremes, anything is bad.

Please don't breed


Interesting how every three years they claim wine causes cancer and then three years later they claim it prevents cancer

stay tipsy goy

>his tap water is fluoridated

It's not like companies sponsor favourable research or anything.
>have you ever even tried alcohol?
>why aren't you drinking goy? Don't you see how fun and manly it is? What are you, a neet virgin? If only you drink your balls will double their size! You don't want to be antisocial, right?


It's a good thing that alcohol is fueling global domination today like it did back then

oh wait the average alcohol drinker is a pudgy retard with a backwards baseball cap hanging out with his bros drooling over niggers playing cuckball

Alcohol is bread and circus shit and it stops people from fulfilling their true potential, as well as keeping them dumbed down to co-operate with the system.

If cuckball and alcohol were removed tomorrow, women would be beaten back in line and kikes would be hanging from lampposts

A bunch off you have no idea what you are talking about and just come off as retarded.
Inflammation is an immune response, so how can something be anti-inflammatory and boost your immune system
Volitility is the tendancy of liquid to become a gas. Your sentence means absolutely nothing in its context

If they wanted everyone to drink stupendous amounts of alcohol, why would they set ever-decreasing recommended alcohol limits across the globe and attempt to lobby for more health warnings and even plain packaging, like cigarettes? (which logically, from a sheer financial and killing goyim perspective would be beneficial?)

I shall stay tipsy, only reasonable way to avoid coming out of the screen and throttling retards like you.

>People on Cred Forums now completely ignore the western tradition of the scientific method.
welp we're all fucked now

The alcohol jew sustains me

Well Water
Pepsi drinks
Soy milk

>(((scientific method)))

No they have a use-it-or-lose it budget method so they print retarded studies right before the turn of the year

They also take donations from industries as well.

Walk into the average pub and look around. Everybody is ugly, bloated, and completely retarded.

Tell me this:

Are people more or less aware of the jew when they are drunk?

Are people more or less aware of the jew when they are containing their sexual aggression by jerking to porn?

Are people more or less aware of the jew when they are stoned on weed? (Jews are the biggest investors btw)

Jews/international elites want the goyim distracted with bread and circus

The most red pilled drink.

yerba mate is god-tier

>Alex Jones water filter

fucking got me lol

Anyone who cannot drink milk or eat cheese is going into the ovens.

Never trust the lactose intolerant.

Redpilled: bourbon on the rocks

Kikejuice: what the fuck is "psychadelic drinks"? Ayahuasca?

>what the fuck is "psychadelic drinks"? Ayahuasca?
>what's wrong with a drug cocktail originally used by primitive shitskin tribes so they can pretend to have religious experiences

come on goy we both know the answer to this

oh i just realized you were asking what is classified as psychadelic drinks

yeah ayahuasca and stuff like that

you realize a ton of scandi's can't into dairy?

how to make? like tea?

So, don't drink it on an empty stomach, idiot.

only if you filter it NEVER drink unfiltered water

I feel your pain.
Haven't had a drink in 2018.
I'm wondering how long I can go.
I will admit to having lighter moods, more energy and more drive.
Maybe I'll keep it going for a while.
See what happens.

t. alex jones

Get a cuia (not sure how the translation would be, basically the ""cup""), a bomba (""straw"" with a filter on one end) and you're set. Fill the vessel up to half or less, lay it horizontally and drop a bit of hot water on the "wall" formed by the erva so it stays in place. Let it dry for a while and then fill the empty part with hot water. Drink with the bomba so the erva grains get stuck out of the filter.
t. Ga├║cho (br from the south)
Paraguayans do it differently. Argentinians and Uruguayans do it similarly but they drink individually instead of in groups. Paranaenses are faggots who drink tererê

I'm in a constant state of auto-pilot

I drink:
>rain water
>green tea
>protein milk
>cappuccinos (just to get through night shift at work)
>unsweetened almond milk

How am I doing guys?

Lemonade is based as fuck

Whites have lived on Alchohol for centuries, what the fuck do you know?