New Video Shows Nikolas Cruz Fighting With Other Students

>ABC Local 10 News obtained a video showing suspected Parkland, Florida High School shooter, Nikolas Cruz, fighting with his peers.
>According to ABC:
>The fight was one of five times that officials at Marjory Stoneman Douglas disciplined Cruz while he was a student there. He was suspended for two days after the incident, which happened on Sept. 20, 2016. He was eventually transferred to another school in February of last year.
>"Every day we're learning something more and more about the killer," Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said.

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> go to public school
> every day be surrounded by feral chimp niggers
> drama causes a disagreement
> get in fight for defending yourself
> get kicked out of school
you left the man no options, niggers

This. I'm just sympathizing with him now. Kid was fucking bullied to death and the teaches just passed the buck.

I think we need to accept that school shootings are what happens when you forcefully integrate schools and break down segregation.
Notice how there were no school shootings before segregation, even though high capacity automatic guns were around since the 40s.

School shootings are not a 'gun problem' or a 'mental health problem'. It's a civic nationalism and anti-racism problem.

Shit happened to me too.
>Bullied because I was a pretty quiet and scrawny kid
>Nogs decided I was an initiation mark so one of them beat me up
>get suspended for 3 days for fighting
Back in the late 90s
Has to be 100x worse today

The video isn't fucking loading

So the niggolems picked on him mercilessly every day an the kikes stood up for their golems.

I was bullied in school too.... society always blames the victim. “oh you must have been doing something to provoke tem”

>> go to public school
> try to learn, better yourself for career
> need grades to get in good college
deal with this shit everyday


>better shoot everyone including people that had nothing to do with my being a pussy
You guys actually support this?

>start shit with some kid
>he escalates to a point you're too pussy to
Nah, he won.

>Got in a fight over a girl.
Literally the worst thing you can do, ever.
>I want you to fight for me
No. Fuck off.

Women will do anything for social equity. It's gotten to the point where white men are literally the idealistic version of society in a world where those traits in less valuable than rebelling against your parents, listening to "rap", and "finding yourself" on Jamal's cock.

Still doesn't justify his actions, though.

> go to public school
> deal with anxiety of high school life
add ultra-violent and emotionally unstable bi-polar chimpanzees roaming the hall

What's cool about our school system is that it has three levels. You just need to be slightly unretarded to avoid the one where all the niggers and moroccans are in.

>hair spells out 911
I can almost hear the chimp noises.

I love how those hair strands go flying.

This has to be the niggest thing I've seen in quite a while

Looks like you brought a pack of monkeys to an arms race

> be an absolute drain on society and the sole reason education in America is in the toilet
>You guys actually support this?
hurrr....durrr...whas tha preblom?

This is why we need to spread the joy of MGTOW

>girl desperately tries to defend her friends from snek attack

I think this is fake. If you get into a fight with a black kid and they win they save the video. It would have been out by now. There is a reason it won't load.

>cant defend myself
thats right, they are sometimes 49 pounds bigger than you, and even if you start winning 5 other black guys will jump you, either then or after school.
and I am not defending it, just explaining it. the whole system is broken and the school admins are cucked by jew lawyers and welfaire job black deans. and if you think the white man is not going to find a way to pay you back you are crazy

Ah this brings back memories. One time the football coach (and weight training coach) tried to stop a nigger from nigging and the chimp swung at him and started to walk off. When the coach tried to stop him the nig threw an elbow so the coach lifted this ape by the collar and slammed his feral ass to the ground and pinned him until he was arrested by the SRO. Leniggest was taller than 6'3" (my height) and pretty big too. Good times.

Jesus what the fuck.


>>girl desperately tries to defend her friends from snek attack

Our public schools have separate schools for gifted or just slightly above average kids. They call these (((magnet schools))). Problem is they always put these schools in the hood with the intentions that hoodrat kids get the benefits of a proper education. Reality is that like Marxism normally does, it just fucks everyone equally

I won't be sending my kids to public school even though I think a reality check about nogs would have to be taught at some point

it was the same where im from in the US. three levels, only two learned anything

>tried to stop a nigger from nigging

why are you surprised el goblino is defended by his fellow kind here?

Honestly, it is a wonder more kids don't break. Public schools are just prison yards that you can leave after a few hours, I know mine was.


>>tried to stop a nigger from nigging

If there was anyone who could, it was coach. And he did for the moment at least. Nigger went to prison.

>anxiety from high school
holy shit if you actually believe this you need to rethink your entire lifes existence

magent schools are another corporete scame to steal tax payer money. us public school system is fucked, any time you make a good school it turns out it is 98% white and the goverment forces you to bus in poor blacks and ruin it

>if you actually believe this

You literally just have to stop acting like a retard or beat up the niggas bullying you, that's all, only dumb shits get bullied for more thand a year.

Seriously, I'm starting to sympathize with the kid even more


What's the source of this video? I've never watched any of reviewbrahs videos and don't feel like sifting through his channel.

>Kid was fucking bullied to death
nothing in that vid suggests this, you can't tell what's going on at all

another good reason to have armed teachers, who's gonna grab a teacher like that if they might get fucking shot?

>So the niggolems picked on him mercilessly every day
no evidence for that at all, certainly none in the vid

Sure bud. He snapped for no good reason.

man i love the fear in his eyes. this kid has had his encounters.

you are retarded, I was nerdy and liked conputers and math. nothing wrong with that. these guys were a foot taller than me and there were 5 of them. telling me to just defend myself is delusional and insulting. and I didnt bother them at all either, they do that stuff to impress others or take out hate, it has nothing to do with me

I fucking hate niggers

the real problem is that type of kid should have expelled years ago


>outgroup signalling
Fuckoff then.


Good shooting.

I guarantee he was bullied and excluded, and this made him hate it the place, which led to murderous hate.

Most fights/conflicts/wars are over a girl. Either to impress them, defend them or in retaliation for being cheated on by or with them.


Hey asshole, you literally just made up a story, from your own imagination, then presented it as fact, now this specifically is what I fucking hate about pol, this is NOT how you establish facts, you don't just make shit up because it makes you feel good, and if you do that, then expect to be fucking called on it, have you got that ? good, now fuck off.

charter schools are actually doing good since they are considered a privilege and can throw any unruly kid out, especially the ghetto kids who got in on vouchers. For everyone else, including the black kids who can behave, they get a better education in a better environment with the only possible downside being a lack of school sponsored sports if thats your thing.

so glad my school had very few niggers

>this video doesn't prove anything
>evidence doesn't prove anything

cool, glad that teacher is paid to do less than nothing to keep control of his students.

integration was a mistake

>cool, glad that teacher is paid to do less than nothing to keep control of his students.

>be asshole to kid
>be surprised when he shoots you dead

Jesus christ you hate pol because you are a retard. Every student who was interviewed talked about how everybody treated him like shit. They even called him school shooter. You're the one who looks like a mong here not him.

Holy shet I would have killed that nigger if I were in this class.

Are salaries for teachers in non-white districts higher than those for teachers in human districts?

Mine didn't. This was every fucking day. At least they never fucked with us whites, it was always nigs chimping against each other. Two niggers who were in the same class as I ('12) caught cases for murder while at 16-17.

It's the Prussian system. It was forced on the lower classes of the world to dumb many of them down into lever pullers.

21:18 breaks down the three tier system's invention.

Everyone wants to be a gangster until it's time to do gangster shit.

This is like a cartoon.

this is always the way it is, its pretending the fight is some one on one shit then immediately get your friends to pop him in the back because you fucked up and picked the wrong kid.

Is this South Apefrica?

Holy fucking shit the FBI needs to be fucking purged to the ground. They are utterly incompetent. They were served on a sliver platter multiple examples this fucking nutter was going to be a public risk and nothing fucking happened.

People will say he was bullied as an excuse. Truth is most people are bullied or picked on in schools and they dont shoot it up. No justification can be made other mental illness

It’s going to come out that niggers sodomized his ass after gym class one day, I watched a nerd get gang raped in high school locker room. He dident put up much of a fight. He did the whole classic grab kneee and rock in the shower afterwards... maybe It helps all the jizz come out? I dunno I’ve never been gang raped.

My school was probably about 15% black. It was enough to be a fuckin madhouse.

So he was picked on by niggers and got expelled for defending himself? I guess that explains why libs want our guns so bad, considering how enriched our society is getting.

>Go to school in Utah for senior year
>Only three wimpy nogs
Was good
A good handful of spics, but it was southern Utah

Shh that's not the narrative they're going for
They'll say they had all the warning signs but it still wasn't enough because he hadn't done anything yet, so they need to take our guns instead

>A white boy shoots up his majority white school killing mostly other white people

>pol blames it on black people and integration



They let it happen

>New Video Shows Nikolas Cruz Fighting With Other Students
>site doesnt load because based adblock apparently blocks this
so this thread is fake news right? why would no one post the webm by now

>white boy

His mistake was allowing himself to be surrounded and also not wearing a suicide belt to explode and take all of them with you thereby regaining honor

again armed teachers would help with this shit because these guys all scatter when the SRO shows up but theres usually only one SRO and its hard enough to find qualified police in good jobs and no one sane wants to deal with juveniles.

Florida FALSE flag event

This video was banned!!! And censored off YouTube, this is an altered reup... pls.spread and save and you against shills they hate this Info

> go to public school
> put up with this for 12 years of your life
Don't have kids unless you can afford 5-figure private tuition each year for your child

It's a majority Jew school and the shooter was hispanic.

this. its always the fault of black people on Cred Forums

I collect those nig webm... i'm astounded that they just keep on coming.

My school was about 5% Black. It was enough to turn most intelligent whites into nigger haters. Prison style rape only happened because of a few Niggers gettin Muh Dik nut

Those are 2 niggers, not the mongrel shooter.

>He expects 5'5 hapas that spend every hour not at school on a computer to defend themselves from 6'3" athletic niglets that have been fighting their entire lives.

>Prison style rape only happened because of a few Niggers gettin Muh Dik nut
Go on.

This. Wouldnt be surprised if the fbi got the tip then went and armed him personally.

>i'm astounded that they just keep on coming.
watch the file count....they just keep on coming
make sure you catch the bus home, Timmy

>beat up the niggas
Congratulations on your suspension/possible hate crime.

>make sure you catch the bus home, Timmy
on second thought, maybe not

"white boy"

just shut up cunt.

>Schools give freedom to student to do whatever they want.
>The way they dress causes gang issues and clicks to evolve and destroy peoples lives.
>Faculty and parents can't figure out how to fix the issue.

Why not implement school uniforms? Run that shit like a Nazi propaganda film except we don't look at race? Treat them like non independent people. You don't see this shit happening in private schools that have a dress code. Let them look like fucking wizards from hogwarts. These faggots would love it.

>catch the bus home

Here is a feel good one. You know the type, the gentle giant.

kys (*3*)

ur a nigger harry

>fight your bullies
>get expelled

>Those are 2 niggers
>> go to public school
>> every day be surrounded by feral chimp niggers
>> drama causes a disagreement
>> get in fight for defending yourself
>> get kicked out of school
>you left the man no options, niggers

I went to an mostly all black school with uniforms.
They literally acted the same.

When are we gonna kill off niggers?
And those Jews.

I have over 200 of those, it's just amazing



Nope. If you fuck up as a teacher, they send you to the hood for a tour of duty.

I did in a previous post. A big black kid and his pals gang raped a little white Goy after gym class in the locker room. The kid was all fucked up about It too. He was never the same. I think the niggers thick cock split his ass good, really tore him up.

he isnt white, little mutt.

Yep, not interested.

holy fuck that kid took a beating 4 on 1 and still beat that niggers ass

Way less.

It's not delusional at all. You're already getting your ass beat, the inability to summon rage in retribution, even when you know you are doing it not because it will help you, but solely because it will harm your tormentors, is why you are such a beta. Being "alpha" isn't about winning, it's about fighting even when loss is a given, it's about putting your enemies brutal demise above your own survival.

>amercia is not a shithole

>People will say he was bullied as an excuse
He was and America is the only place where you Niggers defend bullying.
Fuck you you deserve this.

His words are starting to make so sense.

>4 on 1
>still get rekt


This is America.
Niggers and gang rape.
Why the fuck didn't you report it?

All I can hear in my head is that GTA you died sound after that. Good stuff.

I guess it is hard to change these monkeys.

Ours too, sorta.
We have regular classes (With all the screeching and hollering and chimping out)
Honor classes (Can actually learn something)
AP classes (So much work it breaks your soul and you don't learn much more. I aced the tests but flunked for not doing any of the work. Get fucked, I knew the material.)

Reminds me of that Australian kid, same type, huge kid bullied by a small rat. Fucking slammed him to the concrete.

None of those people are white.
Mongeral mutts but not white.

glad no one answered me, proves this thread is just a nigger hate thread and proves this thread is controlled by jewish shilled Cred Forums mods that are subverting this board. stay blacked, Cred Forums

Posting a random one from the collection. No clue what to expect.

I went to a school where there were only 5 other white kids. The rest were pavement apes of the subspecies Alabamus.

He was bullied online too for being jewish.

Nog culture happens when your culture is defined by Hollywood and the recording arts industries by how hard you are

"Fighting with"

More like being jumped on by 5 niggers.

>I aced the tests but flunked for not doing any of the work. Get fucked, I knew the material
I was dropped from an AP class for not showing my work on the paper. America's school system is broken, no wonder everyone's retarded. I wish I'd gone to a private school instead of public.

This is why we need the 2nd Amendment. Without firearms violent subhuman apes will do everything they can do kill you, your family, and your friends. And the left just watch it happen and laugh.

This nigger went to prison for awhile and might still be in prison.

There's a YT version now:

>Don't have kids unless you can afford 5-figure private tuition each year for your child
i plan on homeschooling. if i can find a modern women who actually has an in tact maternal drive


>In recent years, Putnam has been engaged in a comprehensive study of the relationship between trust within communities and their ethnic diversity. His conclusion based on over 40 cases and 30,000 people within the United States is that, other things being equal, more diversity in a community is associated with less trust both between and within ethnic groups. Although limited to American data, it puts into question both the contact hypothesis and conflict theory in inter-ethnic relations. According to conflict theory, distrust between the ethnic groups will rise with diversity, but not within a group. In contrast, contact theory proposes that distrust will decline as members of different ethnic groups get to know and interact with each other. Putnam describes people of all races, sex, socioeconomic statuses, and ages as "hunkering down," avoiding engagement with their local community—both among different ethnic groups and within their own ethnic group. Even when controlling for income inequality and crime rates, two factors which conflict theory states should be the prime causal factors in declining inter-ethnic group trust, more diversity is still associated with less communal trust.

sorry burger, you're on a train with no brakes

Nah, the FBI failed to do their part to investigate the kid despite numerous police complaints about him. The FBI is complicit and is obviously trying to push forward an anti-gun agenda. Fuck the FBI

or you can just go innawoods

Another random one, that was unsatisfying.

>Posting a random one from the collection
just let the thread take its course. Posting every possible webm will just lock the thread because it will reach post limit before anyone can respond

>>image of wasting money on niggers in school

When the owl fucks up, and you get sent to Nogwarts by mistake


>a study is needed to confirm what people have known since the beginning of time

Fucking kek
I miss Sam and Nick and Charls

>doesn't just kill niggers
>doesn't just kill teachers
>doesn't just kill administrators
shouldn't have been such a faggot then

Fuck I'm so glad I never went to public school. I swear the visual I get from public schools is tons of fights and tons of dumb people.

did he kill any niggers?
would've been worth it

The point normies and shills miss is that Cred Forums doesn't care either way. We just want dead kids

>the visual I get from public schools is tons of fights and tons of dumb people.
that's exactly what it's like.

t. guy who went to public school his entire childhood and adolescence and will never allow his kids anywhere near one


Oh that was a good one. Kek.

Niggers can't fight. All of these videos are cheap shots are numerical advantages

well it's interesting that you begin to lose trust your own ethnic group as well. it really explains this phenomena where bowlcuts are shooting everyone indiscriminately, black or white

also it's rarely talked about because we're still doing the multiculti thing in the west. it's good for the gdp so everyone hunkers down. it's an inherently flawed project

The indifference of the friends of the kid who got hit exposes the problem with individualism among whites.

Most of the virtue signalling sjw faggots I know came from sheltered private schools
Public school is a big red pill, especially at a young age

careful with that edge there sonny jim

I find peace KNOWING those nigglets will be executed by cops and the officers acquitted. Well done parents (parent)!

funny how this is the only one where a whole gaggle of kids don't immediately jump on him. weird that.


He was one of you Alt-Right racist autistic edgelords that probably harassed random nonwhite students daily, he deserved to get bullied. By all accounts this dude was a problem in school from the get go


No it's completely the opposite.

If you're an inexperienced or poor teacher they have you teaching in the poorest most uneducated districts. As you become a better teacher, you can move on to teach at better schools and earn a higher pay.

So in other words the current public education system is in a vicious cycle where the worst teachers are getting paid the lowest amount to teach the worst students, and the best teachers are getting paid the highest amount to teach the best students.

I would support him if he exclusively killed 17 spics, niggers, and fellow kikes.

If every school shooter killed 20 shitskins when they finally snapped America would be a noticeably better place.

>careful with that edge
don't want to cut yourself , eh?

I just now remember that we were taught this in European History AP class. I only remember it very vaguely though.

>Whites are massacring fellow students at a historic rate but having less non-white students would make America noticeably better

t. delusional white brainlet

>hahah your children have troubles with packs of wild undomesticated animals roaming in their school?
>p-pussies! :^)
>also we need to disarm you :^)

Honestly the punishment for these types of attacks should be a debilitating injury to the hand or foot that leaves them crippled.

I was a substitute teacher for a while when I couldn't find work in my field. It was fucking awful. I identify with this video.

I remember the niggers and mexican kids thought they were hot shit for acting out, not listening. I'm like, "faggot, you're acting out in a high school class room with a substitute teacher, you ain't hard." Rich white kids were also tremendous faggots. The poor black and hispanic kids near 18 in 10th grade geometry were surprisingly the best.

>it's an inherently flawed project
It's a sick experiment that's going to end in the deaths of hundreds of millions of people. A cornered animal fights the hardest.
We're going to see people form a very black and white view of friend and foe. Anyone who supported the policies that led to this situation will be thrown to the wolves with no pity or remorse.

>be austitic Jew
>birth mother left him
>adoptive parents died
>bullied in school for who knows what
>only girl who showed remote interest in him left him for a nog
>nog organizes a fight and beats the shit out of him infront of everyone

His political views has nothing to do with him going on a shooting rampage. Maybe if he wasn't given the life he had he wouldn't have shot up his school

This guy gets a pass into the ethnostate

I think in Clark County School District in Nevada they paid more if you went to a troubled school as a substitute teacher. I tried to stick to white majority schools. But all kids everywhere are massive faggots, some just less violent than others.

>shooters first set of adoptive parents dead
>taken in by a military intelligence analyst (Snead)
>their interviews show they had little to no attachment to the kid


honestly this.

The Wolverine perfectly embodies this idea in nature.

Hold up, I distinctly remember much of Cred Forums saying we need more bullying in school to weed out the degeneracy.

What's changed, now you've done a 180 and are saying bullying is bad?

>Honestly the punishment for these types of attacks should be a debilitating injury to the hand or foot that leaves them crippled.
they would LOVE that

>I was a substitute teacher for a while

most murder is done by black males

it dwarfs these incidents by so far

you're fucking retarded

>It was fucking awful.

>Went to public school for 6th-7th grade in mid 90s
>Integrated from the sticks to fucking Hoodlum Jr High
>was tall and handsome but not taught to defend myself yet
>became a target because I didnt let the jungle monkeys walk all over me
>now I conceal carry. Im always ready to fight in any situation....not that I want to, just ready. Training my kids in martial arts and tactical incapacitation
>probably wouldnt be prepared for this shit if the school system hadnt inadvertantly toughened my ass up

Some fucking future criminals taught me to be a bad mother fucker and just made sure their progeny suffers if they ever start shit with my children. Thanks, Integration!

He needs to get up off the ground

how do we radicalize more mutts into offing the other mutts bros? i think we got a good thing going here

Why were whites not shooting up the school back when we had gun racks AT SCHOOL for students to store them?

>be autistic Jew
Thats solely based on him saying she was a Jew, even though he also admits he never met her. Zero verifiable proof she's Jewish, we do know he's ethnically a Slav.

this seems normal

I grew up in Texas, you don't know shit. I used to love Blacks and Mexicans and distrust white people because that is U.S. school curriculum, nationwide.

Then, I got to middle school. 50-60 "kid" gangs with real connections to their corresponding bloods/crips/cartels. Drugs and guns all over campus security in on all of it. White kids were singled out everywhere I went by the horde of primates.

It took a lot to learn, but hell yeah, having less GANGS OF APES would make America noticeably better. When's the last time you heard of kids getting shot in Austin by white gangsters? In L.A.? It is the same all over the U.S. and no one is fooled by the Jews who apply the chaos to find their wedge of comfort in driving the splinter into the working class... We see you. Better run and hide, boy...

Time to home school.

There's a reason why California has an average IQ of 95 and why it ranks #50 in terms of education.

>What's changed, now you've done a 180 and are saying bullying is bad?
you daft twat...we don't care
we're just using this thread as a NIGGER HATE THREAD!

Ya dumb faggot

Holy fuck. That is one dark scene for a movie.

Hail santan

Try to remember the basics of CQC

When all those hard mode MGS runs finally pays off

didn't he mostly kill whites though? he failed big time why didn't he host a fake Meek Mill concert in the theater and kill only nogs

Good bait but not gonna work. No one fake "admits" they are a Jew. That's like "admitting" you are a Sex offender in your new neighborhood, then calling it a joke.

If i found out a nigger did that to my little girl his entire neighborhood would be dead

I'm really surprised that the parents didn't think to disconnect the power

They ignored all the signs

Whoops, carry on

Black male ADULTS in the inner city ghettos, you fucking pinhead. Name a single school mass shooting perpetrated by a black kid. Thats purely an environmental gang related issue that predominately only effects people in impoverished areas. White mass shootings effect everyone.

>If i found out a nigger did that to my little girl

>pol is one person

I seriously hope you're the next victim of a school shooting

Are teachers legally or professionally obligated to intervene in a fight or can they just stand aside? No way I'd risk a lawsuit for breaking up a fight and having some sheboon chip a tooth.

Vegas schools sucked ass. First day of 9th grade ,Rancho High, there was a driveby.

A nigger conundrum, i'd say.

Name a single gang of whites (not including the anti-nigger rape whites in jail or anti-rape squads from 1800's)

Hint: You can't.

Blacks don't go to school

Never noticed how jewish this guy looks. It all makes sense.


Nice try Schlomo. Kid was a typical schizo jew.

Less nonwhites would mean:
- Less bullying, fighting, racism
- Less drug use and trafficking
- More learning instead of chimp outs
- Better standards instead of dumbed down education for niggers to graduate
- Less money needed for dey programs

There is not a single measurable area where killing all the niggers and spics would not make schools, communities, and societies a better place.

>Fuck I hate Niggers so much. I live in a small towns are we have aids ridden somalis now. Can't wait for somebody to tactical bowlcut.

>Name a single gang of whites
Hells Angels or any of the other white biker gangs, many times they are objectionably more dangerous than any of the black or Hispanic gangs

kek at microphone head's two bitchy hits. that dude is gay as fuck.

everyone keeps asking why are we different from switzerland.
switzerland has borders.
i heard people say "it wasn't like this when i was young"
when the speaker was young, this country was like 80 percent white.

This bullshit needs to end where the victim gets suspended.
Zero tolerance bullshit is why people get pushed over the edge.

Yep it's easy to kill stupid niggers, just put arsenic and lead in a blunt and walk through the ghetto lighting it up... Count to 10...

And what race are you exactly? Just because you're not a nigger doesn't mean you aren't still a problem and cancer.

He is, assault with a deadly weapon is minimum 15 years in most stares

I stuck to Henderson. Foothill, Basic, Coronado, Manion, Miller. High School and Middle School. Kids are alright up until 6th grade. In 6th, some start acting out like douchebags, By 7th, half or more fall into the habit. They generally become not absolute faggots by their Junior year. There's a reason people hate Freshman.

>Junior Wash

is the reason shit like this happens:

>many times they are objectionably more dangerous than any of the black or Hispanic gangs

Kys kike shill

>black person jumps in to try and stop the other black person beating the white person

Now I'm confused. And why did it end so abruptly

Good Lord.

hair did 9/11

it's a lot better today because of the anti-bullying thing

you know the whole purpose is that so that niggers arent suspended at 35x's the rate of white students

>more dangerous than any of the black or Hispanic gangs
Being "dangerous" is a quality America was built on. Being a violent ape that murders 20X the number as any other race is a problem.

Admit it... There are no biker gangs today that compare to the urban gangbangers. Biker gangs don't recruit kids by luring them with demonic manipulation about "Fuck da world fuck da pussy" that's all you, nigger.

Every one of those girls look high. Most of them look like they are in some kind of trance like state.

If a teacher calls it out today it's just racism

Difference is I went in redpilled. Just needed money. Kids are just disrespectful fags trying to get a rise out of you. I had some great experiences with the work, others make me fucking mad even to this day 3 years later.

Also, a substitute teacher could really cause a tragedy. You could bring fucking anything with you to the class, no one checked my bag. I could have taken a disassembled AR or even a few handguns in. If you get their early and leave the door locked, you can do whatever and just hide shit under the desk. I never thought about shooting a bunch of kids, but I did recognize how easy it would be.

Thread is shit. Complaining that stronger men beat up weak pathetic white kids. Teach your sons to lift and defend themselves. Disgrace.

I was in the trash sections of Vegas. North Town, West Las Vegas, downtown, even lived on 28th street. Vegas in the 80's was a trip.

I am not a Mexirat OR a Nignog. My people live in this country, and built it. Your people came here by grabbing onto tits and get carried in like fleas, then acting like you were done a disservice by not being killed by your fellow blacks.

See: Chicago. You have no argument.

Fuck off. I live in a nigger neighborhood and went to an all black school. Got bullied every day, while the teachers watched and did nothing. If I fought back the teachers stopped it and punished me saying they didn't see the other kids doing anything. You can't always just fight back.

>nogs pick fights with whites
>both suspended
>nogs don't give a fuck
>nogs get street cred


>government programs fail

who would've thought the government sucked at everything

>kid is outnumbered in a fight
>"lol pussy! The weak should fear the strong!"
>kid decides to even the odds
>"WTF?! Can't fight mano y mano?!"

jeez. just give him the bus, and tell the police he hijacked it.

niggers cant fight for shit. Ive been in some real fucking outnumbered situations and have never taken a loss.

Wtf? He walked to a McDonald's after killing 17 people? How the fuck did he do that? Is he some kind of black operator? Seasoned serial killers, bad ads luck, God or inside jobs can only do that.

Yep. He was sentenced to 9 years for it

>16 year old Kane Millsapp was charged as an adult with felony first degree battery and possession of brass knuckles in the May 31st attack after a cellphone video was posted to YouTube by Millsapps was brought to the attention of police.

if you've ever talked to these skaterfags, you know he asked for it.

God created man. Sam Colt made them equal.

Serious question here. I used to be an ER security guard at a hospital. I always wondered why there hasn't been a mass shooting at a hospital. Hundreds of easy soft targets and barely any hospitals have armed guards.

>cute little white girl getting abused by a bunch of nigglets


he killed a bunch of literal jews and an asian

Still shit areas. Drive a few miles North of the Strip and you got homeless for days. Vegas and Henderson, a weird area. Green Valley area is nice, the closer you get to Boulder High Way it gets shittier except for a Mormon area to the east. South around Eastern is the Anthem area which is expensive, heard Harry Reid lives there. Then the more north you get the shittier things are. I wouldn't want to live north of Sunset or west of Maryland Parkway.

Also, one more thing on substitute teaching. The very way schools at least in my area were set up suck the fucking soul from you. No real windows, all concrete, all the same. They just feel like detention centers.

no one gets bullied there

>pavement apes

>sympathizing with a mass murderer

well aren't you just a subhuman piece of shit like him

I have wondered this myself. All of these shootings seem to occur in public schools. Niggers add an element of hostility to schools that make them intolerable in general. Throw in anti-male, zero tolerance commushit female teachers whose first recourse is to drug up children and white men are left with no outlets for their energy. Where are all of the shootings at private military academies?

I know you're a troll, but with every mass shooting I have more sympathy for the shooter.

Have you ever worked with nurses? Just a couple years ago they drove one to suicide in my hometown. We also had one maintenance guy insinuate he would bring his 1911 the next time he was brought into HR for sleeping and ignoring calls on his night shifts on facebook. Lazy dumb fuck. At least it got me some over time.

public school is a mistake. return the niggers to wakanda.

i would literally commit murder that day.

>no evidence for that at all
There are mountains of evidence of niggers starting fights in schools. That's what they do.
>certainly none in the vid
Agreed there

They already tried that. Look into the non jewed history of Liberia.


all of this false sense of bravado bullshit coming from faggots like tells me he has been in a private school where there is zero tolerance, home schooled, or been so insignificantly uninteresting he phases through walls like a ghost through out his high school attendance. Most fights were always like video related where niggers and other forms of trash fought you in overwhelming numbers. Teachers won't do shit, because that might involve punishing the "cool kids" and not being the "favorite teach" with the kids anymore, and kids won't help because they're peer pressured shits.

thank the media for trying to humanize him. who controls the media? pic related

>amoral sociopath identifies with other vermin just like him

not surprising.

>constantly escalating situation with isolated autist with nothing to lose by dying or killing anyone
>literally no one in his life gave a shit, everyone was dead who cared
>community around him is niggers, coalburning gfs and average American town which is broken as fuck with no culture
>even worse he's literally 56% meme with no roots and no future ahead of him

He wasn't crazy for doing what he did. I'm just surprised we don't have hundreds of columbines a year, probably because most kids are retarded and tip themselves off, or are ineffective and get their shit pushed in before it happens.

>No real windows, all concrete, all the same. They just feel like detention centers.
Cinder block construction, all the windows face inwards, tall chain link fencing all the way around. The only thing missing was razor wire, and guard towers.

Me too, but for some reason, I only have sympathy for mass shooters only if they happen to be non-nigger and non-spic. I feel there's still some sort of innocence left if they're either white, Asian or hapa (Elliot Rodgers)

What? I'm white. I thought your original post was implying you were Mexican.

>be american kid
>get beat up in school
>get suspended even though you didnt fight back
liberalism ladies and gentlemen, liberalism.

You under value cowardice and laziness.

Why is Stu wearing a jew hat?

Honestly, if any school shooter deserved to be compared to the Columbine shooters, its Cruz.
OG af and he had a body count to back it up.


I see 1(one) guy in your pic. Rest are Mutts.

I graduated waaay back in 92. Things were shit back then, I can't imagine what it's like now.

You do realize niggers mature faster and peak earlier than whites and asians, don't you? It's the same reason girls can beat up boys when they are younger. Not a fair fight and one of the reasons integration was a mistake.

*Russian anthem in the distance*

>be autistic Jew
>birth mother left him
>adoptive parents died
>bullied in school
>only girl remotely interested in him left in for a nog
>nog organizes a fight and beats the shit out of him in front of everyone
>gets suspended

How could you not sympathize with him?

>Be me 6 years old
>Find out a only niggerkid on my school was using my favorite kick-bike
>Jiggabo would not hand it over
>Beat him up with a shovel
>Got bike
>Got reputation for violent outburst
>Nigger left school and never came back
>Peace and quiet ensued

i'm not an amoral sociopath who identifies with evil, murdering subhuman shits like you, little man. get a clue.

Man, after this thread I'm glad I went to high school in rural bumfuck whiteystan

both get the blame in those cases, trick is to give a supreme beating and go for full humiliation, if necessary knock them out or make them bleed hard and they will stop everything

>you left the man no options, niggers

I just don't get this. Back in my day we handled things quietly. Some nigger chips on you just brush it off. Follow him home from school to figure out where he lives. Come back at 4AM, burn the place down.

You start to hate average whites for letting this shit happen too

Common Filth syndrome.


one of his early reviews he did in public, can't remember which one specifically. about two years ago I think

You should also hold some grudge against the FBI too. They were the ones who didn't do shit about the threat when they've received numerous police complaints about the kid in the past. They were complicit and let it happen.

I feel sorry for the guy now. i just wish he would target just the blacks. imagine how much better the world would be if every white guy took out a few blacks.

I live in Kansas City, no school has a pool that nice. I am a swimmer and i have to go to the burbs just to get in a few decent laps in a pool that has an appropriate water temp.

>literally assaulting a girl in the locker room

Didn't see any Whites on the pictures of his victims, just some mongrels

This is a joke right? Cot damn nigs are gay af

Don't see what the problem is. Trayvon and Mike Brown were thugs in training, yet the media championed them as a colored Beaver Cleaver

True, but that just means we have the same people as this guy, facing the same pressures but doing nothing about it. Which is how we got in this situation in the first place with our kids, and why America will either break up or become an authoritarian brown shithole like Brazil and no one will give a shit either way.

You. Just curb stomp them. Nothing of value would be lost.

>get fucked with everyday
>no friends, no peace
>people are surprised when you go full Charles Whitman

I'm a gay dude who defaulted to liberal in my teen years. These threads redpill me more than any other.

Fuck niggers. Except not literally, because their AIDS rates are even worse than ours. I do my best to redpill my gaybros. White gay men are being redpilled at a fucking massive rate. Libs let slip that our white maleness overrides our gayness. Not that it should be looked at that way, but libs trained us to.

I've been working out and dabbling in mixed martial arts at the gym. When the day of the rope comes, I will be ready. Yes, even if I am strung up after the niggers and kikes. I hope I'm not, but even if I am, it will be worth it.

Again, fuck niggers. We MUST secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. Children like my beautiful nieces. I probably won't have children of my own, but I already have a savings account set up so I can help put them through private school so they can avoid the feral masses once they're school-age.

Do your part, anons. Don't just LARP on Cred Forums.

>>people are surprised when you go full Charles Whitman

well it's kind of our thing...

should've said that Nic had ties to Trump and Russia. He would get arrested faster than you could say Madam President.

Where I went to school, you only get expelled if you bring a weapon, assault the staff, or rape someone. Otherwise you just get sent to alternative school until you're time is up.

>secure the existence of our people and a future for white children
>is gay

would you user? would you??

White people are my people. My nieces are white children. My as-yet-unborn nephew will be a white child. My cousins are white children.
I have been unable to cause myself to be attracted to women, and I do not believe that same-sex parents are healthy for children, so I can't have children of my own. Unfortunately. That doesn't mean I will not do all I can to support the next generation of my people.

source on this film?

I think the teacher took this nigger's phone away after already being told no phones out during class. But you know how stupid niggers are.

Punished incel, a hero denied by his waifu

they have 'the fear'


>. But you know how stupid niggers are.

This is the only way you can redeem yourself at this point sodomite:

1) Kill some niggers
2) Have gay sex with niggers to acquire AIDS
3) Have gay sex with faggots and niggers to give them AIDS
4) Kill yourself faggot

You sound fucking retarded mate. I hope you die of aids

>my people.


>Why not implement school uniforms?
School uniforms don't do shit.

It'll be a slow and painful process if it goes the authoritarian way. Eventually some deepstater will become more and more public and will be accepted as the defacto ruler no matter who is in the white house. Sort of like how the Roman Republic died and the Senate grew weaker and weaker while the emperors let people pretend they were still a republic. Hopefully there won't be as many civil wars and maybe we'll just fractionize instead.


You can talk tough, I don't mind, but when the day comes and you find yourself surrounded by a horde of dindus, you will be glad to stand back to back. Together, as white brothers.

>Bullies start fight
>You don't get a punch in
>You both get expelled
Zero Tolerance is bullshit

I wished i live in a country without blacks

Found it.