So, a quick rundown for you lads that aren't in the loop on the current Krautism in the peoples republic of germoney:

>Trump-tier party is second in Germany even after about 80yrs of brainwashing + MSM-Shills
>Celebrate, discuss, maybe start banding together in another meme-war?

>2013 AfD is founded as EU-critical party
>they spit on the shitty financial handling through the EU, as it is mainly Germany/France that pays and others that receive
>Not much happens
>They gain a little
>NPD gets up for a while, they even get into a few regional posts
>To give you an idea:
>One of their members (don't know who, never really looked into it back then, I was a bluepilled faggot) was literally called "SS-Siggi"
>In an interview he said: "Well, I'd prefer to be called SA-Siggit t b h"
>Well, these are literally /ourguys/ (or your guys, I am not literally a Hitlerist, so for me, it is a meme)
>There is a certain law that makes being against the democracy/against human rights a party-banning offense
>(((Verfassungsschutz))) activate!
>Wew lad, they survive, but they are basically what you would call Glow-In-The-Dark CIA-niggers
>Okay, shit.jpg
>AfD rises, , and they are more of a "moderate" party
>not moderate enough for cuckmany
>Constant media barrage
>Instabilites in the beginning
>Still rising
>Sometimes falling
>Now, 3 years later, they went from being a party at like 4%-9% to being
>the second strongest in the most recent poll, even beating the Socialist Cucks (SPD)
>Here is a website with the stats, look at the right column
Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands soon to be
>Sonstige Partei Deutschlands

So, we are getting there, but much more has to be done in order to reverse the demographic damage
that has already been happening prior to 20"NigsComeHere"15 too. The most important thing that
decides politics in my eyes, is not the presedential debate or some sort of super-sundays (or
whatever the system in the US), but the perception of the people of that electorate. The way
Trump got into the media in the US was a great way for him to also get into the heads of the
people, and, for a short time into their hearts. The media is not the goal, its just the tools.
Were we in 1956 or earlier, we'd be prinitng newspapers or be completely silent. The low entry
cost of getting noticed and heard democratizes the spread of ideas and dissolves the (((media)))
monopoly on information and their dissemination. Here you can discuss, if you want, what can be
done, by us, as a community of Cred Forumsacks to help in the metapolitics of each other's nations.
Look into Brit/pol/ if it's up, maybe check over at Kraut/pol/, Eire/pol/ is also nice. Since
we all speak English, this is a great opportunity, if we work together even at just a fraction
with a concerted effort, we can bring some serious medial firepower, with nothing more than
pepes, stats, jokes, parody and general adhesion to "Rules for Radicals" and the like.

>high effort
>on pol
are you new? sorry but noone will respond

have a nice waifu though

There's probably gonna be more and more frustration to a lot of right-leaning people over here too. Not sure what I think of the AfD though, some of their program is just plain retarded imo.

But I like them more than CDU,SPD, Grüne and anything else.

nice degeneracyposting

So, this is just an innocent bump, let me know if I have anything to improve.
Also, it'd be cool if you could share the resources on the "social warfare" on platforms like twitter and yt along with the ways to amplify the things one posts.
I would like to make a centryl and coherent collection of these basic tools, so that anons and newfags (like me) can partake in this.
I don't know where to find this stuff, though.

Since 2015.
Welp, I'm trying to gather resources, so I know how you autists launched that meme war in 2016 with trump, I want some of that magic here.
I want to read about antisemitic animu in the papers.

3d are not waifu

>But I like them more than CDU,SPD, Grüne and anything else.
Well, we can agree on this, user!

And, yes, I'd like to see them focus more on environmentalism as well, spending a lot of time in the forest nearby, I have witnessed the effects myself.
This is just one thing that they could change.
But, it doesn't really matter if t all belongs to achmed and not my kids in 50yrs anyways.
So, for now, this is my choice.
First time I ever voted.
Voted AfD.
Was initially interested in Greens (but only environmentalism, man, the other shit they say is mental)

now is when they tremble

but Germany has the NPD for a Long time and they never get into the Bundestag. If the german People would have wanted a rightwing leadership, they could have it by now.

Bls no shidbosd :---D

Srsly, does anyone have the resources on linking and automating social media profiles?
This kind of stuff and infos about how messages work differently depending on presentation and medium.
Psychology a little, just the absolute basics and "Don't-Do-This's".

Kontrollierte Opposition mehr nicht.
Durch Wahlen werden wir unser Land nicht zurückerobern können, was wir brauchen ist ein Bürgerkrieg

Read the OP, there are problems with that pary.
Also, I am in the last year of High-School, so, I can tell you first hand, that we need the frog-cooking technique, anything else and the frog jumps out of the pot and we'll starve ad a peoples.
Aka Verfassungsscghutz/Verbot, and it's not 1933, we can't just pucnh our way in anymore.

Do the people see this and just activate their goldfish attention span and deicde "meh, too much to read"?
Did I make this thread incorrectly?

Horrible formatting for your greentext story.


Okay, when I post this thread again, I'll reformat.
Maybe just drop that part and directly beg for Media-warfare weapons/info.

Should the text be more uniform as in "block-shaped"?
Should the lines be only slightly uniform in length with a little of a spacing?
Wat do?

Give a quick 3 bullet-point summary of what's going on then if people care elaborate using normal text without maymays.

I'll do that.

Do you happen to know where the meme-shitting and skirmishes in the 2016 election were planned?
Imagine autistic power focused on creating a counterweight to MSM propaganda?
Even if it's just the comment sections, man, I sure didn't find here "randomly".

Wew, why is there no page number showing, is it ded already?

Anyway, back on topic, give me info on how to multiply my autism through usage of social media bots and the like, insights on medial psychology are welcome too.

At this point Germany can only be saved by going full 1488. Any half measures like *limiting immigration* will only slow down the problem and accomplish nothing in the long run.

That's in my country

Do you know how many wars we've had on this soil since we became diverse?
A diverse society is is far more peaceful and tolerant than inbred ethnostates like poland.
It's the natural evolution of things. Most of our best football players, artists and actors were immigrants. Europe will be nothing without them. Our population is aging. We need fresh strong people to keep the economy running.

Let that sink in.

who cares, germany is dead

the islamic party wil rule before they do

go home



bavarian election this year will be another milestone with AFD becoming the second strongest party overall here as well. We already have the east, now we take the south

Sütterlinanon here..
Why the fuck aren't you posting during normal hours on Kraut/pol/ you remedial cunts.

in germany it's US right wing boogeyman, in US it's Nazis. lmao pathetic

I did nathi that tranny coming

Greens are watermelons. Green on the outside, red on the inside. Middle-Easterners and Africans give no shits about the environment, so you can rest safe in your vote, because if they took over they would rape the forests and resources even more than the women and children.

Don't forget the RUSSIAN HACKERS
both think every time their shitty arrogant ways are denied and get backlashed its because of RUSSIAN HACKERS

As a meme war veteran i have one more battle in me. Is germany even worth saving at this point?

kurwa szwaby znowu zniszczą europę