/IBS/ Internet Blood Sports

/IBS/ Internet Blood Sports.

>Jim's new video about bloodsports

>New into blood sports? Watch Richard Spencer vs Sargon and Styx

>Ethnostate: Alt-hype Cerdarwood vs Liberalist army, Vee and Sargon

>Sargon literally running away from enoch

>Halsey Vs. Mike Enoch

>Richard Spencer vs. Mike Tokes

>JF analyzes the Sargon vs. Anglin debate

>David Shitrat talks about how blacks are dumb and violent, because they eat paint chips from the wall.

>Tariq Nasheed vs. Jared Taylor

>JF video on how Peterson refuses to talk about the JQ

>Sargon nigger spergout

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Bloodsport clips: youtube.com/channel/UCoCuOwpNQ39uaEU76cy_0qg/videos

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Schedule for this week
Today: Fuentes vs RC Maxwell, Baked alaska show 9pm EST
Tuesday: pro-bloodsports vs anti-bloodsports. Warski live
Wednesday Joe Biggs vs Destiny on gun control, baked alaska show 8pm EST
Thursday: JF Spencer vs vee Arch about ethnonationalism Warski live

Enoch vs Boomerfaggot round 2 (no date)
Lowtax vs Anglin (no date)
March 3rd Styx vs Fuentes about religion
Also Andy said that he has the rest of the week planned but he didn't want to give us any spoiler

H-heh, Spencer doesn't hate the EU on principle

Alt-Right OWNED

W-what do we do bros?

This, it's over for the alt right


>i-i gotta r-read some superchat here...t-thanks for the donation kikekiller1488

Didn't he already bring up this exact argument after Sargone left in the first Spencer debate and get completely dismissed?

Alt-Right status: DEMOLISHED

Yup, looks like he's just gonna double down

Hahaha, I remember that one kike that was getting triggered by the superchats.

Daily reminder Sargon still makes more than your broke ass.


Whay is this thing about Vee and vore?

>betraying us for a fucking dinosaur
The Destheads will remember this.

>'I c-c-c-can't wait for this boomer j-j-j-j-jew to meet his gassed g-g-g-g-grandparents in hell' WHOAH JEEZUS

How do I clone her, lads?

Did Spencer really say anime identity is fine?
He just said it’s better than football because it’s (typically) less consuming.

halsey? really? kek, do you have a link for that

Here have a rare dest

Honestly, those superchats are one of the best things of the Warski show.

I think he was making a joke about how a lot of anime fans seem to be right-wing but Vee doesn't get humor


>Enoch vs Boomerfaggot round 2 (no date)
Enoch is full-on mad about how that last debate went, despite the fact that I didn't think he did THAT badly. I don't know how he's going to handle that Jew in the future short of immediate and outright mockery and derision. He can't actually be debated with.

i was in a no-fap no-porn marathon, I started one hour ago, you fucking ruined it

>The AR doesn't like anime because it fits my narrative
>Ignores all evidence to the contrary

>The betrayers
You abandoned us like it was an episode of GOT

Jayo vs Destiny, he'll murder the midget

>at 10 days

Feeling better, but balls ache man.

Good taste in waifu, user

/ourspic/ annihilated him though

its annoying how the retard stops the debate just to read some chats.

>"j-jews s-should all be gassed"
>y-yeah i respect your opinion but i-i disagree

>tfw everyone's a brainlet but me

What these retards don't see to understand:

The AR on principle isn't, white = good - it's inequality = good.

The differences in culture, behavior and aesthetics between groups are what make life meaningful.

Destroy these differences and all you have a rootless globo-homo world of slaves with nothing to identify with but their patterns of consumption.



i fucking love this guy

>Vee is able to see it, yet Sargon is not
>a gypsy is smarter than a bong

Who is this Arch person that Vee is bringing to the warski debate against Spencer and JF?
I couldn't find him on YT.

Destiny got BTFO by his own 5 year old

>300 word essay due next week
>you post this
I'm fucked aren't I?

Jesse vs Vox Day: Revenge of the Sven
>You were the chosen one, you were supposed to save the white race, not shekeleer books
>The way I see it, Spencer is the real Nazi
>Don't do it Vox, I have the moral high ground

you'll have to wait until the midget is over his visit from the party van
he's been laying low since then

Shit what have I done?! Remember why fight, brother.

> the retard

Don't you fucking dare to call him that

Daily reminder his vore fetish is just a ruse

>I don’t like your opinions therefore you’re a troll
Just like Sargon vs Anglin.

Vee is conviced that he is a good debater against the alt-right, here is his youtube
I can't find anything political tho, it's just video games

Not him, some faggot-kike though. Couldn't find the video, there's been so many bloodsports.

Weev vs Andy Warski on whether Hitler did anything wrong

I can't get further then 3 days. My dick starts to get a life on it's own at that point.

We betrayed nothing. We just need to chill and play some LoL (hitting platinum next week, swear to god).

A whole fucking hour? How?

here is his political channel

Vee is like one of the WWE guys who is there to lose. He knows it, but it gets him exposure.

who's the cowboy?

Why play it when you can watch the master perfect it?

Does it count as nofap if you just fuck sluts?

Thats what the platinum joke was. Ironic destiny posting might be the gayest shilling on here.

It's from my twitter account. It's a rabbi

The good acolyte seeks to follow the example set by his teacher.

It's cheating a bit, but I guess it counts.

There's at least a few decent alt right guys who have yet to be platformed. Didn't realize how deep the bench was and just how few "Liberalists" there are.

>It's a rabbi
why tf is a rabbi trolling vee?

>Ironic destiny posting might be the gayest shilling on here.


Though desu I feel like it is better to just fap then hook up with easy girls. I kind of went crazy last week with that and I feel empty inside now. But I havent jerked off in quite a while.

user you are mistaken. GODestiny is the sword that shall kill the alt-right

Nah, I looked into his deviant art.
By sheer coincidence Jim made a video in his Deviants series, and it showed a picture of a snaked that swallowed a woman, and it turned out that Vee had actually commented on that very picture years ago.
Jim probably didn't make the connection right away, but as soon as it was brought up and DM'd to him on twitter he knew.
Vee was a passive aggressive bitch to Jim when all of this shit started, and thats why. Because Jim made fun of Vee's fetish.

It's a (((coincidence))), I just LARP as Jew on twitter

I've been subscribed to this person for a while and I had no idea he had a political channel.

Maybe we were hasty


The density shill is immunized from all attacks, call him a pedo enabeler, a midget supporter or say that density loses every debate and it rolls off the shill's back. Call him ironic, and watch him recoil
>I've been found out.

don't get used to it sargon :^)


the_rebbe wants a word with you, he already outted Matt Semite

link to your reddit profile with evidence you post in his sub or admit you're just taking the piss

Die, die, why wont you die?

Destiny would fucking kill you if you were to face him.

lol nice profile
are you trying to progressively redpill vee and turn him on sargoy?


none of the "destiny shills" are being serious, man
it's all ironic shitposting

What sports on tonight?

Nothing as far as I am aware. Just watching this in the meantime.


>doxx urself
No but I am subscribed to him on youtube

I live pretty close to him and have a concealed carry. I would love to encounter him in a hypothetical self defense situation.
I just realized thats a quote for V for Vendetta. Is density the V of this whole affair?
>beneath this dwarflike stature there is an idea, and ideas are bulletproof, mr. JF

Kek. It’s no wonder they are the salt right.


We never forget

I was trying to fuck with him at first but I talked to him about fascism and tried to correct his views on the alt-right a little bit + offered a bit of sargon criticism
>pic related

Destiny only does open carry because he's not a pussy faggot like you.

Also damn, this debate where Sargon debates a feminist is pretty fucking hilarious, where he gets BTFO repeatedly and has to resort to "b-but what about what Obama said? you have to answer why this black person said dumb shit". I mean, from the way it was described last thread about how he sucks dick at structured debates, I never expected it to be this bad.

>implying this isn't your stream
i'm onto you you fucking highlander

Why does vee write like a 15 year old fat weeaboo chick?

You are like a christ figure, taking the sins of mankind on your back so that the rest of you may be spared.
Checked. I'm beginning to feel a bit dumb getting so heated I legitimately thought the density shills were real until this thread. Goddamnit lol. Fucking love this place. Like who has so much autism as to orgainize a false flag op for that dude, I respect the huevos.

>i have a gun! i'm a big boy!
Oh yeah, then face him in LoL or an online debate. What now though guy?

Fuentes vs literally who at 9PM EST
On Baked Alaska I think

>expecting gypsies to have high IQ

>implying destiny doesn't carry two guns on him at all times

Can you imagine him with a G17? It would look ridiculous on him.

You would look ridiculous filled with bullet holes if you were to try and fight him.

I would love to debate him. Never played LoL tho, does he do CS?

fortunately, vee's more open than sargoy on this
did he see your point about sargoy's bad faith?
because it's pretty much the only reason why we want to fuck with him
styx spergingly disagrees with ethnonats sometimes but nobody would think of mocking him the way sargoy is mocked

>Carrying something bigger than him

Children can't own firearms anonchen :^)

I swear this is the most surreal argument I've ever been in

owo ~~
what's this? >.<

He probably types that way because he is in fact a fat weeaboo. I mean, he has even talked about what hentai he jerks off to in his videos. He also constantly plays DnD, which although in of itself insufficient to make him a basement dweller certainly does hint to it, and the accusation that he isn't a real doctor came from CRP noticing the fact that he spent absurd amounts of time playing vidya on Steam.

>does he do CS?
He is the most powerful videogamer there is, he'll destroy you user. Don't do it.

I wish someone would make the point to Vee that he should shut up about american politics as he's not american and has no clue what its like to live in a country filled with blacks and browns.

spicy cuban fire ant master race

Also the (((media))) is interested in Sargon and the liberalists

Remember when Ryan Dawson gave Destiny a lesson in politics?

Is there a warski or something tonight?

so fucking predictible

Nah, I know this chick who is super good, I'll act like its me playing him. If I win, I reveal he got beat by a thot, if I lose, I beat the thot with a rubber hose and then my penis. Its a foolproof plan.

Checked. Manliest man of all /IBS/. How all the other losers even compete?

I'm talking about his rock hard biceps, my dude

Destiny's masculinity isn't so fragile that it's threatened by dropping a game to a woman.

I thought Sargon was against talking to the MSM? He bashed Spencer non stop for it

Checked. Did anyone else see how tiny Roosh V's arms were when he got wrecked by the quadroon thot? At least tiny has actually lifted one time in his life.


This is Keku’s official eceleb.

Yeah but she's over 18

Holy shit the girl has bigger arms than he does.

When the Jew taps your shoulder you don't disobey

Destiny is a true gentleman, he won't fight a woman.
>but i'll pretend...
he'll call the bluff 23 minutes before you even try to carry it out

Is it Baked Alaska tonight?

No he doesn't.

>almost 1am
>no stream

wtf lads i thought you said something was happening tonight

How the fuck do you get such jacked upper arms and have tiny forearms?


I would love to know if that pic was made by someone who was being ironic or not.


Bump for more Blood!

Do you smell any sense of ironic humor in these masterpieces?

Baked Alaska at 2am bong time.

Why do you continue doing this to yourself, user?

Can I get a quick rundown?
I don't understand any of this e-celeb shit and why it's a big deal

someone send him the jim video

Who is this?

bunch of political debates mixed in with bloodsports


It was made by one of the other Destheads that hang out in these threads. You can connect the rest of the dots yourself.

Florida was a false flag!!!!

This video was banned!!! And censored off YouTube, this is an altered reup... pls.spread and save and you against shills they hate this Info

Any streams 2nite?
That's not muscle friendo.

By injecting synthetic oil into your muscles. In other words, he inflated them like a balloon, which is great if you like permanently damaging your body.

I think we can agree I suck at figuring out irony, I'm pretty sure I've sperged out on you in at least a dozen threads over the past few weeks. I've looked at his subreddit and I don't put it past his cult to make shit like that.

it's sorta like a soap opera mixed with a reality show about people sperging about politics. fun stuff

Destiny is gonna destroy this ugly son of a bitch it’s not even going to be funny.

You have to admire Godstiny’a bravery, going to a hostile channel with a hostile chat that will just shill that he lost regardless if he trashes this butthole.

I don't like the Jim video because I feel like he reduces it to just entertainment but there really is a sort of educational aspect or ideological battle being fought as well

I've watched Jim for years and watched this video and the Kraut ones, and I just don't get it

march 3rd sounds very interesting. i'm watching baked tonight and probably wednesday.

are baked and warski doing a rotation? because if so that's fucking awesome

>I don't put it past his cult to make shit like that.
desu, i can't say i disagree with that

Yeah he's better off letting Nick knife that kike again. You gotta stay on the offensive vs kikes. Mike was letting him get under his skin a bit and let him talk too much. I agree he still won but it was probably Mikes worst showing.

I hope destiny is btfo so hard he 'leaves' the debate sphere for another month

it's implicit through his video that it's not our guys looking like retards

>going to a hostile channel

he just dual-streams in his safe space.

As far as I'm concerned all anime girls are white

and i hope for anime to become real
not very likely in other words

Jesus... I'd ask what the fuck but the reverse google on that pic is a bunch of russian sites so that is kind of self explanatory. How are they a superpower?
Part of me really wants to join you on the dark side

Are the liberalists controlled opp? Hitler admired foreign culture, who the fuck says you can't do that? And the AR IS NOT A FUCKING IDEOLOGY YOU ROMANIAN PRICK!

Why is this called Internet Blood Sports?
Isnt it just people arguing on the internet? thats always been a thing

Where? And has it been live?

>I've looked at his subreddit
Maybe you should stay on that website champ.

if you say so, can't say i agree tho
As long as you stay away from the Aqua and 02 crowd. Those guys are the worst, THE WORST


These guys behave like school children.

I disagree with that, but there is a certain element where jim doesn't want to attack the AR explicitly, where other groups get both barrels.
But if some right wing guy makes a clown of himself he'll put it out there, like that time where MW was sperging out about attacking the AR, that was the start of one of his kraut videos.

>are baked and warski doing a rotation? because if so that's fucking awesome
Seems so however there has been times when both streams were running at the same time
Destiny is arguing in favor of gun control
What points is he going to make?
>Think of the children
>I can't fuck them if they're dead

Sargon wants to have a Liberalist Kilroy in NYC

It's trying to establish Cred Forums ideas on Youtube and to pull in more people. Youtube is one of the most visited websites on the internet so there are clearly good implications to spreading there.

Destiny owns guns for self defense because he's big on personal freedom. He's based.

Jayo vs anyone tbqhfam

I want more Anglin, Taylor and Roosh (no roasties against him please, changes how he behaves too drastically).

The guy is a Russian that kept having synthol injections, which at one point resulted in a fuck-up which left him with a permanent scar on top of his arms being fucked up for a while due to lack of blood circulation. There is really nothing special about him, just that it's a retard that at the age of 21 decided to pretend to have muscles instead of getting fit.

>i get to meet my subscribers
He actually sounds happy about that, I feel for this gypsie.

>MW was sperging out about attacking the AR
>making an accurate prediction

are you fucking serious?
Sargon pulls the first punch and they are supposed to be grateful to him, because he made a fucking thumbnail that was a family, instead of a swastika
can vee simply just not ape Sargon's talking points, especially when they are this petty?

why do people hate Sargon?
because he is so full of himself and acts like some misunderstood genius, while making an ass out of himself on every stream he's on
he dodges debates and makes passive agressive snipes at his opposition, because he can't face them head on
he acts like he's a victim, when people catch on what a butthurt little baby he is that can be easily milked for laughs

Ask about there being cake, cause if so i want in on that delicious action

You cant tell me you arent the least bit curious about how fucked up his community is? I mean sometimes you just gotta go to the heart of darkness, but I'm not gonna be Mr. Kurtz to the cult of density.
>The horror.png
How fucking deep does the rabbit hole go?

>jailbaits are children

>actually finding people shorter than him
Honestly, i’m impressed.

He sounded like a stereotypical autistic faggot throughout that monologue.
I kinda like him, so maybe that makes me critical of him in particular.

How far do you want to go?

300-word essay. Are you in primary school or special education?

I get the feeling warski is not a fan of BA running against him like that. Ever since halsey enoch was at the same time as spencer and the tire knight, he hasn't mentioned him at all to my knowledge. BA is a shady dude, he used to be friends with Loomer that speaks volumes.

Why do you hate us Destheads so much and act like you're some big hero for sperging out about us?

he has no principles, I thought it was obvious by now

My thoughts exactly. He also literally "declared war" on /cow/ and Cred Forums practically. He's fucked, /cow/ has been contacting the Swindon police and Hope Not Hate since this morning about him

everything he said turned out to be true though

>Those guys are the worst, THE WORST
I thought we were friends

Jayo vs everyone.
>Warski runs out of people from the left to debate the AR so he has to platform the exterminationists to continue bloodsports.

this tbqh slavic wisdom right here

>BA is a shady dude
He used to work at Buzzfeed ffs. Someone get his 23&me, I get a heeby vibe from him ..

I hear there will be a ballpit

Of course goy we're your greatest ally, remember?

Shame box won t get involved with this. He's genuinely the best thinker in the alt right.

At least alt hero is coming along tho.


David Duke v. Tree of Logic

heard this was good

we was, and then you threw us away for the sake of some slut dinosaur
fuck, i love those

it's not. the nigger just chimps out the entire time. the only good nigger e-celeb is our boy Sotomayor.

Vox just had to go and be a giant bitch. He couldn't just be a spergy writer who was following the same path, he had to counter signal constantly. He had to pick petty fights. He had to threaten lawsuits against people for trolling him with the very same tactics and language that he himself encouraged people to use. Vox fell into the same trap that Maddox walked right into.
You never go full retard.

I'd support the EU in principle if it was for Europeans only.
Also if free movement was only between economically comparable states.

I hear pretty mixed opinions on that, I personally can't stand loud mouth opinionated black women, so that's a pass from me.

>e-celeb is our boy Sotomayor.

Tommy seems pretty knowledgeable about Jews.

>The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.

Oh I'm sure the world is dying to hear the message of this radical and revolutionary centrist doctrine.

sargon on rotherham
>it's the british government failure to police the pakistani community that caused this
sargon on being reported for hate speech
>the alt-right must answer for this

I bet it will be like his Joe Rogan appearance where he came on in a Kekistan shirt. If you haven't seen that go give it a watch, top-tier cringe.

desTINY vs radio host

He is. Don't you remember the stream he did with David Duke?
Tommy knows the score on a lot of things, he knows that white people are better to live around that blacks, he hates black ghetto culture, but despite all of that the guy still loves his own people more.

Duke proposed to Tommy that he and other like minded blacks should team up to destroy Jewish power in the US. Tommy responded by saying something like "Why should we team up with you when we're going to be second class citizens?" Something like that.
At that point all shit went haywire and Tommy went into hiding for a little while because of all the hate he was getting.

>we was, and then you threw us away for the sake of some slut dinosaur
We didn't mean it baby

Vee is the best.
He is a doctor by the way.

An Alt-right troll poses as Antifa.
Sad fuck...youtube.com/watch?v=kpqUoxtWDt4

Dude idk, he's made a lolcow of himself. I used to like him but he gets so triggered by the Spencer and TRS crowd its embarrasing. I get attacking them for purity spiraling, but he just calls them racists who are coopting the AR. He acts woke to the JQ and all that stuff but picks the weirdest moments to be a huge cuck. I'd love to see him against Jayo, Spencer, Jesse or Enoch. We just need to call him bitchmade until he enters IBS, it will happen.

>Sargon still makes more than your broke ass
and judging by this drawing, Carl is in much better shape than your fat ass as well.

So did Sargon know Veeh from when Sargon was a struggling amateur video game developer? I don't understand how Sargon always calls everyone out on their shit but is completely and utterly blind to Veeh's retardation

Lads fuck up

Sargon is a liberal.

Y'all are authoritarian nut-bags, blood and soil lol.

t. Sargon

He co-opts channels with similar ideological views and patronizes them by platforming them on his channel and streams, making them loyal to him. Vee is one of those

>, blood and soil

woah sounds dank

Take a *SNIFF* Sargon.

You can't be a liberal over a long duration without a white controlled nation. nuliberals are blind and can't spot a failing system.

It's not a debate, it's a Sheboon screaming over Duke and not letting him talk while claiming that this means that she is winning.

Yeah you can get real aggressive in the comment section too, unlike twitter and kikebook. They're starting to fuck with us tho.

Either low effort troll or genuine retard

I use to think spencer was wrong on the EU but I get his point now. If we did uncuck Europe + white colonies having a federal state would allow us to defeat china and dominate the world. We could invest billions into space exploration. I wouldnt want free movement and the crazy regulations but a unified military, trade policy, foreign policy, science and technology policy, space agency, and border security among all white nations would be a good thing.

>sargon is a liberal
He’s actually a conservative. He wants to protect what is purely because it is at the moment. For all his talk of principles his only one seems to be “don’t change anything”.

Sargon's a neocon who wants to spread his western values across the earth

I'm certain its only a matter of time until warski loses superchat. We have a window of opportunity right now and should make the most of it.

Delusion is highly dangerous.
Trust me.

I am a liberal,

>he doesnt believe in blood and soil
>he believes in ideas

So that is Sarg'n's grand plan? Becoming a maine streem meteor shill, instead of a jewtube one?


Vee is going to get trashed. He couldn't even debate woes who is great but too nice with opponents. Spencer and JF are going to fuck him.

I support a unified europe to end brother wars, but not the EU. The previous two efforts to unify europe were far superior.

watching David Duke trigger a nigger sounds good to me

Nice punctuation, fag.

And the EU is a good thing indeed. We just need laws to keep Gypsies out. Romania joining it was a mistake. See this Untermensch

I love the idea that people who cant muster the will to preserve the genetic integrity of a nation will die in a ditch over something as malleable as it’s values.

>why did you refer to your opponents as white niggers carl

I meant some form of pan-European state is not a bad thing in principle. Something more traditional than the EU and better thought out in terms of economics and internal borders. The EU is shit as everyone knows.

You just like it because without the common market your economy would collapse.

H-heh guess what guys...

I hate the right and left

I'm a liberal

Bet you've never seen somebody but me before heh

I think the idea that europeans cant be trusted not to start killing each other is a meme. It’s just the way they justified the eu.

Wait to be on the left side of political spectrum is evidence of retardation...no way...

The liberal centre ground is the only dure path forward, if you want to cleanse the nation take a damn shower and tidy you're room bucko.
Sargon is a liberal, he follows the poltical party that seems viable at the time, i.e he does not adhere in the absolutist sense to any political dogma.

I'll clone that mom if you clone this mom for me

That's exactly what will happen. Carl looks crazy to normalfags
>cultural imperialism
>universal values
>end all immigration
>bleaching the Earth's women (might have been a joke)

Yeah no totally I agree. No more brother wars. I think one of the problems is that the geography and ethnography of europe is very conducive to conflict so without some supranational authority it would be constant fighting. But the kiked out one now is obviously no good. It may be better to attempt to coopt the machinery of the EU and ECB than to destroy it wholesale.

He got Jared to address the JQ haha.


I think the 1871-1914 period (excluding the Balkans) is a pretty good example, for the most part, of European peace.

eu had nothing to do with it. why would france and germany go to war if they are both part of the same alliance nato

The only Pan-European state I would support would be like Oswald Mosley's proposal - aka non-kiked

Eh...voxs ideology is solidly alt right. Much more than ppl most consider to be leaders. I think you are confusing criticism with counter signaling.

E.g voxday.blogspot.com/2018/02/aipac-attacks-1st-amendment.html?m=1

He had a reason with his lawsuit, you just refuse to listen.

Conservatives don’t have a dogma. They have, at best an attitude, and thats their problem. Infact, that very utilitarian approach to politics is one of the hallmarks of conservatism.

he' gonna regret takiing the position of -the alt-right are cucked compared to me- real quick

You know what the real problem is?

Fucking America.

Boo hoo white genocide.

Fuck that noise,

Fat greedy capatalistic America taking a big global shit on everybody, master race my ass.

t. 56% brainlet

And people will see it on national British television
>babbies first redpill
Everyone knows America in its current form is the NWO / ZOG of the Earth. It is literally the most Jewish state on the face of this Earth numerically-speaking


Its not a bad thing, the history of conflict helped europeans become the dominant life form on the planet. But look at it, anything west of the russian steppe is so divided by rivers, mountain ranges and the ocean that it creates natural divisions. The diversity of the european people also creates divisions. I mean your country has a thousand year history of stirring shit on the continent to ensure your supremacy.
You agree that leftists are retards, but are to the left of even basic bitch conservatives and are therefore a leftist. Nice job, retard. Enjoy riding the fence while your civilization dies, at least you pretended to have principles.

How long do you guys have to pay israel/jews, there is an end date right or indefinite?

>greedy capatalistic
says the fucking Brit lmao

I forget, how did that end?

im betting radio

The problem is that the wars were because europeans wont accept a pan euro state. Thus any attempt to create one will result in an organisation that sees the people as the problem. It would take a truly patrician class to bring one about and such people dont really exist anymore.

Yeah Spencer's plan was to infiltrate it and take it over. Maybe that's impossible but that's what he meant.

"Conservatives don’t have a dogma."

That is a subjective take on the fuckers, I'm Scottish - so not much love lost there, mind you JRM is pretty funny.

But take Thatcher comparative to Peter Hitchens both Conservatives with wildly differing outlooks.

You may be throwing shade on Petersons notions of temprament leading to political orientation. If so, I guess it makes sense,

No, Vox counter signaled constantly. Even back when he appeared on TRS he was acting like a little bitch, talking about being tri-racial. The guy has always been a huge sperg.
He had no grounds to go after Anglin or anyone else for trolling him. Vox loudly and triumphantly told people to accuse leftists of being pedophiles. Numerous times. Never once backed down. So people get sick of him being a whiny infantile faggot and they call him a pedophile on twitter.

Not only does Vox threaten to sue people, he demands that twitter and Gab ban everyone who made fun of him, and he goes on a tirade of how calling someone a pedo isn't free speech, but its okay when he does it.

Honestly Vox is a faggot and anyone who likes him should have their ass kicked in real life. You've got to be an enormous pussy IRL to still cling to this beta's words.

Calling him names won t do anything. That's the point. He isn't a blue collar turned youtube star. He genuinely doesn't care about efame. Just the ar. Bullshit tds tactics are obnoxious when misapplied and you kids often misapply them. But srsly, read five random articles from voxday.blogspot.com and tell me there's a better thinker in the ar. Only thing that comes close is radishmag.

Dude he does the same shit sargon does with pretending to be nonwhite. That's bitchmade. Either he's a cornnigger and has no place pretending to rep the AR or he's a liar who tries to avoid getting called a racist. Either way he's a shitheel.

Guten Morgen.

Are you even allowed on here?


Ww1 & 2 were literally the justification for the eu.

It's because he treats conversations like a one-way response video where just interjects snark. His only debate tactics are interrupting/talking over people, and responding with quippy snarks that don't address anything.

Neither of these work in a structured debate.

Who's pumped for the CivNat debate between Nick Fuentes and a based black guy?

>Okay let's debate the validity of white nationalism

didn't he try to do a list of what is and isn't alt-right, essentially to gatekeep

Sub in Ryan dawson.

Sorry for understanding basic economics. If you didn't have a captive market for exports you wouldn't be able to support your artificially inflated economy. Why do we have to pay for your military? You take the money you save by not being a real country capable of defending yourself and use it to provide welfare to the third world and destroy the european people. I may be an amerimutt but at least I'm not, and Allah forgive me for saying this, a T*rk.

Mate American consumer culture has turned my nation into a fucking herd of zombiefied cattle.

But mind you I can always get a Big Mac.

There is nothing wrong with wars.
They shouldn't be mechanized to a level of total war, thats uncivilized. Europe used to have nice wars where people would go out in a field to fight, we need to bring that back.
And fuck the globalists.

He still is pals with her ffs.

He's either a typical useful idiot like warski who's all over the 'supachats' or he's potentially more subversive. He's definitely not as endearing as Warski, it's more transparent how money hungry he is jumping on the band wagon.

I never understood why the EU is supposed to be the thing that stops wars between europe. Doesn't NATO (as pozzed as it is) fulfill that purpose? All you need is a defense treaty; not a super-government telling you what your refugee quotas and trade regulations are.

I'm Scottish Fucking Burger cuntwash.

Mind you the Donald is half-Scottish.

Fucking embarassing.

must... not... save

I think he'd support a coup, its more patrician. If we took power in US we could impose regieme change in the EU pretty easily. Its not like they have a military that can stop us. Either they install who we want in EU or we let Vlad send tanks all the way to Portugal.

Will to power brah

All the good scots moved to America. What is left is just depressing.

It's so the kikes can create a (((free trade))) area, create a maze of unaccountable government structures and erode individual European identities

"Europe used to have nice wars"

Look I know that the Dutch are bored thesedays, but one is that fucking bored.
But the idea of invading Germany for a laugh seems like a good idea.

i mean it had nothing to do with the fact that another world war didn't start. if the eu didn't exist the world wouldn't be that much different

the strength of nationalism among the european nations would make a supernational european government untenable, as the eu is showing.

there is a force that can bind europe together against larger threats, though: christianity.

>No, Vox counter signaled constantly.

Again, I think you are mistaking criticism for countersignaling. fact of the matter is the nazi fetishizing that retards were doing in public was hugely counterproductive, a belief that trs and crew eventually came around to. at the time that was called 'counter signalling'. in reality it was just a criticism against abhorrent optics in a movement that could (and still can) be obliterated by a powerful media attack.

> talking about being tri-racial.
who gives a shit?

>He had no grounds to go after Anglin or anyone else for trolling him.
the grounds is that he is literally a father. and letting accusations of child molestation and child pornography go uncombatted *could* be used against him by a hostile government. his hand was forced to sue. and he isn't suing gab for money or damages, just information. he and anglin actually talked that out and he said in retrospect with his experience in the libel lawsuit, accusing people on the left of pedophilia is a bad idea. What more do you want?

>Honestly Vox is a faggot and anyone who likes him should have their ass kicked in real life. You've got to be an enormous pussy IRL to still cling to this beta's words.
you sound like a valuable member of the alt-right.

Jewish banks using loans, guns, and NGOs to destroy the monarchies of the world and cripple Western society for at least one hundred years.

Heres a video of cameron on youtube saying “there are too many white, christian faces in Britian”. When leaving office he said his greatest achievements were gay marriage and enshiring the amount of foreign aid we pay in law. Immigration, which he said he’d cut to thhe tens of thousands actually hit record highs under his premiership. Conservatives see themselves as the party of government and nothing more. They don’t actually have any idealogical positions.

>didn't he try to do a list of what is and isn't alt-right, essentially to gatekeep
made an outline of alt right thought? yes

'essentially' to gatekeep, no.

I agree my life is pretty lame.

But I exist, there is more to life than the status the world proclaims one should seek.

Also that opinion you are hsaring is clearly meant to enrage and annoy, you are quite silly.

This is some archeofuturist shit, I like it.

ooga booga, organised murder is gud

Yeah, true.


I still read him regularly. I read all sorts of people I disagree with.
1-Jazzhands, 2-Anglin, 3-Greg Johnson, 4-Gregory Hood, 5-JF, 6-Steve Sailer, 7- The Saker .... I think you get my point.
Its not him I want to convince. Its his audience. If he gets called out and hides like a bitch it will peel off from his audience and disillusion them with him as a thought leader. If he goes to a debate and does anything but convincingly win, he will lose his audience to his betters in the AR.


is anything live atm

I love how you 'centrist' sargonites try to outracist the actual racists. Or you are actually sargon who is triggered AF by a german flag.

9pm EST theres an alaska stream iirc

Well yeah, of course that's the REAL purpose of the EU. I'm just talking about the concept (read: excuse) of the EU being a way to prevent wars between europeans.

I'm sure you'd prefer falafel and haggis


>the ideology of the AR doesn't like anime

How much of a brainlet is this guy? I assume a lot of the stupid shit he says is due to a language divide. I give him the benefit of the doubt.

I think he's actually just a brainlet tho.

Wait a fucking minute sunshine.

Cameron is merely a Tony Blair double act.

He is not representative of anyone other than the neo-con elite.

Just because one is the pope it does not mean they follow the word of God.

Peter Hitchens explains it wonderfully on the most normie fuckwit program ever devised "Question time".

It's a short clip desu.

I don't think raising another man's son is virtuous.

i read it and cant say i disagree with what he wrote.


Yeah, just look at how he tried to jump for alt light to AR without losing audience. I honestly wouldn't have been shocked to hear he maced himself. Like dude you didn't almost go blind and have to spend 6 months in the hospital. I've been maced and teargassed before, it sucks but you get over it quick.

The lying fat faggot is at it again. This time he somehow doesn't know the difference between a vietnamese tapdancing politics board, and one that is dedicating to taking the piss out of exceptional individuals.

>muh alt right tactics
The difference between /cow/ and kraut is that /cow/ never pretended to have the moral highground before drawing inflation fanart and posting deep moms. Complaining that /cow/ ruined your life is like complaining about sharks in the ocean. You're probably complaining because you already jumped in like the dumb cunt you are. I really hope some buzzclick website picks up on this and posts /cow/ screenshots against videos of Sargon crying about nazis.

I use heuristics and pattern-recognition to form reasonable predictions of how people will act, rather than only looking at each specific person as an individual. Forgive me, Don Sargonne.

Nothing TRS or any other group has done in public is "nazi fetishizing." Calling it that is counter signaling. TWP and NSM didn't much through the street with swastika arm bands, they weren't shouting seig heil at all the niggers.
Cville and everything that led up to it were huge wins for us. Even the aftermath has proven to be good for us because our numbers are still growing, now more than ever.

So what if Vox the faggot is a father? Lots of people that he personally called pedophiles are fathers. Funny how that never mattered to him isn't it? Funny how Vox was totally about free speech until people were saying mean things about him. Its almost like hes a hypocrite who wants a double standard. Its almost like hes an inherently dishonest piece of shit who would throw good people under the bus just to appease his fragile manlet ego.

All I'm hearing is that you're a salty fanboy who is going to defend a beta faggot from getting a taste of his own medicine.
Vox wanted to sue for the exact same reason why a group of Jews is trying to sue TRS right now. They want to dox their enemies. Vox Day, the kike worm that he is, wants to Dox people who called him out on his bullshit, using the exact tactics and language that he himself endorses.

Vox Day is a pedophile. Vox fucks kids. In fact, you fuck kids too, you pedophile. Someone should arrest you both.

He said something gay like how it's not western so I can't like it. It's not Jewed and better than most Western shit currently is why I watch it

Dude why did you have to post a pic of yourself, that's not how it works here.


Mate my forebears nearly got wiped out by these cunts, fuck off.

Fuck Ze Germans,

Seriously Germany 3rd time going and you fucked it again...

I would fucking love to see that

Well golly gee, that seems like it didn't turn out very well at all!

Ah right I'm a cuck for "cultural enrichment" lol never gets old.

What would you like me to do marry a girl and rapid white babies?

Why would I do that when I continue following whims of my my soul.

Does anyone actually listen to vox. I have not heard of him via any alt-right websites for over a year.

>he says football identity is bad cause it takes away from white identity
>and then says anime identity is fine

Jesus christ what a brainlet. The reason for the disdain of sportsball is because it relies on redirecting your tribal desire for camaraderie and belonging toward a consumer product. Anime, and random hobbies like that, aren't equivalent.

I wish that was me.

Maddd pussy


i would die for my beliefs. forgive me don sargonne i know i should be like you and my wife's son's dinosaur die instead

Get ready for Thursday. Vee said he's gonna hammer him on this stuff. I'm ready to cringe into oblivion

I mean suicide is never something you should rule out entirely. It would solve all your problems. It wouldn't even hurt a bit. Now doesn't that sound nice?

Nobody except this one guy apparently.
Vox is like the Crowder of the blog world. Somehow tons of people can see their content regularly, but they still remain totally irrelevant.

Vee is a most excellent defender of classical liberalism.

I dont know how vee was a doctor. He is fucking retarded. He tried to argue that Spencer wanted to censor all speech because foreign government shouldn't be allowed to spread propaganda. Has he not heard of Russia gate lol.

>it will peel off from his audience

I don't think any of the people you listed have anywhere near a large a readership as his blog does. he got like 31 million page views in 2017. he's grown continuously over the past 10 years and his followers are absurdly loyal.

> If he gets called out and hides like a bitch it will peel off from his audience and disillusion them with him as a thought leader.
called out how? I mean, just step back and think about what you're saying? if a serious political thinker gets 'called out' on the internet by someone with a youtube channel, and he 'hides'...I mean, is this a fucking playground?

the guy is funding and running a wikipedia alternative: info galactic. he's trying to capitalize on the left's convergence of dc and marvel and has started his own comic book company, one of the books being strongly alt-right in its message. he has his own steadily growing publishing house. his political non-fiction held the top 2 or 3 spots in their category for most of the past year.

he has more important things to do than debate destiny on the internet and yell at other people on warski's show. the dude's in his mid 40's, is married, and has kids. he doesn't need e-fame the same way someone like sargon does.

this isn't about intersectional wars within the alt-right based on what blog you read. this is about expanding all of our knowledge to make us better in our complete revolt against modernity. hell just the other day enoch let 3 fucking easy counter punches slide past him because the duplicitous jew halsey made historically false claims that I called out immediately. the only reason I knew them is because they are myths vox already addressed months ago on his blog. but enoch doesn't follow vox and didn't learn those things and he missed a good opportunity to explode jewish lies. get away from your childish clique-ish behavior. this is bigger than watching people argue on a stream.

Non-existance is always an option.
In fact it rushes to meet us all.
But while one exists no matter the turmoil, potential is always waiting for form.

the alt-reich loves to purity spiral and will attack anyone who criticizes them or anyone who doesn't adhere to any thing they believe. they have strengths, and they have weaknesses - and that is one of their weaknesses. another is that they can be dishonest in attempts to make themselves look better. ignore their lashing out and read things for yourselves. that's my advice.

have a jlaw fappening leak

He takes literally everything out of context and warps it to fit a narrative. He's not even good or subtle about doing it

>Faulk (in a 6 year old video) says manchildren playing minecraft isn't good

>Spencer says football's popularity is based on misdirected tribal identity and trolls some sportsball fan by telling him he wants to ban it

>Spencer says that foreign propaganda designed to sabotage the state would probably need to be dealt with

>Anglin says he wants to be nonviolent, but Sargon autistically goes down the tactical ancap route of laws=violence, and Anglin rolls his eyes and says he'll use tazers if need be

to be fair, he is a eceleb uneducated NEET, kristi is actual phd


>Nothing TRS or any other group has done in public is "nazi fetishizing."
heil gate ring a bell? spencers little song and dance he did specifically for atlantic?

any pre shelbyyville march had borderline nazi shit in it. vox (and other's) point was that the whole propagating nazi imagery to defang the media using it as a weapon has failed for decades and we simply don't have enough time to keep pursuing failed tactics.

>Cville and everything that led up to it were huge wins for us.
cville was a loss. you tds retards claiming it was a win are 1) transparent in your cheerleading 2) bugchasers.

just as bugchasers say 'lol i hate not knowing if i have aids or not so I'm just gonna get a gift giver to poz up my neg hole so I know and can live in peace', you idiots say 'lol the powers that be were eventually going to deplatform us so its better we got it done sooner rather than later.' that's fucking idiocy. every day our voices were on twitter or youtube or whatever else we were getting stronger, faster. our message was broadcast to more people consistently. every day was converts we were making. getting kicked off of that stopped the gravy train of converts. this game isn't about e street cred. it isn't about purity. it's about winning. and so many important people losing their largest megaphone was a set back.

>because our numbers are still growing, now more than ever.
what could they be if we had another 6 months on twitter?

> Funny how Vox was totally about free speech until people were saying mean things about him. I
you tds guys are huge betas. you simply can't let a perceived slight go, even when it's been apologized for. grow up.

it wasn't people saying mean things about him. it was strictly the claim of making child pornography and molesting his children. a lot more mean things were said than that and you know it you disingenuous little beta.

>who would throw good people under the bus
what are you even talking about?

>Conservatives don’t have a dogma.

It's almost as if the situation now is different from the situation then.

Why does destiny always go for low hanging fruit?

cringy jpeg reddit meme