Why not date someone who isnt white

Sup faggots. Believe me or not idgaf im definitely closer to a chad then I am a virgin beta loser. Im about to graduate college, fucked a good amount of girls and am looking to start dating. Girl im talking to is really cool, hot, and has similar interests to me. Thing is though is that she's at least half beaner (could be more idk she looks more asian then beaner not a brown shitskin). Redpill me even more to dump her ass if you can, I really dont see a reason to not fuck and have kids with someone if theyre attractive and a good person (as long as they arent niggers)

All racemixing is degenerate

The white race will be around 500 years from now, but you wont. So why not spend it with someone who makes you happy regardless of race. That's what I'm saying

you're a low iq white, so who cares. the damage has already been done.

I'm going to Med school Faggot lol

>Fucking a beaner

Was going to believe OP if he said Asian.

>Med school
Even worse. Gorgeous Aisan pussy is a dime a dozen here.

Why did your IDs switch?

I'm on my phone now

this. just turn gay user and fuck your nigger dad

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None of you retards have any arguments of substance

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Genuinely think BLEACHING a moderately attractive non-white is more beneficial to the white race than going for an ugly white girl but I know the purity LARPers will sperg out.

isn't it obvious at this point

>beta who think's he's a chad
>convince me not to fuck up my kids
>debate me faggots
you're a nigger, and we don't care about you.

I'm white and I wish that all non whites would just die. That said... I exclusively date young 20 something Mexican girls.

Shit.. who knows how many kids I got.

you faggot. white genes are recessive. say goodbye any change of your kids having green or blue eyes (though OP is nigger and doesn't have it anyway). their skin will be light brown at the least and their iq will be lower than average. not to mention lost culturally and have no will have a mixed identity.

if you know all this, and continue to race mix, you can't say you care about your kids.

"White genes" are not recessive, specific hair and eye color genes are recessive. Skin tone does not follow simple Mendelian inheritance, it's a multigenic trait and is influenced by multiple alleles. Pale skin is no more recessive than dark skin. Skull structure, height, build, all of these racial traits are complex multigenic traits that cannot simply be described as "recessive vs dominant". You literally have a nigger's understanding of genetics.

>You literally have a nigger's understanding of genetics.
and so does everyone else, why take the chance?

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no better than a nigger if you keep thinking this way.

Mexicans makeup is about 25% indigenous DNA 75% Spanish/european DNA. If she's half beaner then this means that she's only about 13% beaner. If you have kids with her then they'll only be around 6% beaner. Hope this helps

Bleach the browns, collect gibs
Marry the White, start family
Thats it

The average mexican is like 15% European, 5% nigger, and 80% indio. Very few of them have high european admixture except for the high class northerners.

Do you have the walking one?

If you bleach browns and not marry them you won't be collecting gibs but paying them.

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We only care about whites race mixing, no one cares if the niggers and wetbacks get together.

Why have a bunch of expensive cry and shit factories? Get a vasectomy and apply the savings to early retirement.

>le epicurean face

It does thanks friend

Eye and hair are pretty damn important. Having blue eyes let's you say ''hey I'm European'' without having to open your mouth. I'm not saying brown-eyed Europeans are not European, but blue-eyes should be preserved if one has them. Can you look into the eyes of a son that doesn't have your eyes? I can look at my father and pictures of my grandfather and see myself.

Only East Asians and Hapas are OK to racemix with. Half-beaner is the same as half-monkey. You really want to introduce monkey-blood?

nice shoes

Exactly I want my kid to look like me that's the only reason I'm against it