Why are slavs and mediterraneans such manlets?

Why are slavs and mediterraneans such manlets?

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Hello Shlomo

Good spotting!

Even Bosnia has a higher average height than Germany lol, and why didn't you add that to your map? It says "Based on data published on Wikipedia", so why didn't you put it there?


Montenegro and Serbia too, and Croatia is only 0.6 cm shorter.

>tfw King of Manlets

so i checked the study the romanian one is based on and it says in last 30 years the men grew by 8cm

wtf lol 166cm or 5'4

wait evern shorter 164 which is 5'3 fuck lol

OP answer this man. Ex-Yu is tallest, up the stat for Serbia is skewed. Serbian male height is 1.82 average. Why is OP a Faggot?

Serbia used .7% of their population for that data you retarded nigger.

because all the passing tutsi run off to germany and swedistan and don't want to stay and raise our average

Mutts not welcome

superior neanderthal DNA


Pic made me happier the longer I looked at it

Thwts not true, most of the people in serbia are small short turkniggers

>CZ 1.80
>D 1.81
1cm doesn't make a manlet


Fuck off with your outdated stats. Russian men - 1.78 (2013):

Funny, i'm literally 1m77
Also wtf Portugal?

I like this map more hans mcuck

picks stats that have the least coverage, but show the highest number

Now the Romanian animosity towards Hungarians makes sense.

>"We are a proud goblin kingdom free of niggers..."


this is based on self reported so totally worthless

I'd call it made up or numbers out of ass, because even here there's one line with Russia, and it is 177 (2004):

While for 2013, it is 178:

(hate howt non-latin letters get converted into hex codes. Completely ruins link's aesthetics :/)

take that back faggot!

This world need more petite slav women

Ordinary slavs are typically quite tall and very white-featured.
Russia is full of tatars and Kavkaz-fags dragging down the average

Descend mostly from middle-eastern neolithic farmers. Farmers suffered famine-related selective pressures more than northern hunter-gatherers. This, plus the requirement for agricultural labor in the form of your kids, forced the early farmers into a more r-selected state that favors breeding a lot of short people instead of fewer tall people.

So THIS is why Brits hate the French.

Do Japanese fetishize over basketball or is it just the Chinks?

it's not a dick size survey, baka zanichi-kun

Remember to report conquer and divide threads from kikes and J-leftists.

Fake data