The AR-15

Hey Cred Forums.
Why is the AR-15 America's gun?
What makes it so inseparable from our 2nd Amendment privilege?
What do/would you personally use one for?
Inb4 "to shoot "

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It is light, easy to use, inexpensive, easy to modify, and doesn't have severe recoil.


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Because it's neat.
It's a firearm.
Shooting stuff and things.

Basically it is open source. Its versitile in its standard form (light weight, cheap, reasonably accurate, easy to shoot for anyone) but what really sets it apart is the versatility and interchangability. Its not judt about parts interchangability, this standardization allows the gun industry to really go nuts and it has turned thr ar15 into its own category of firearm.


SBR config for home d.
.300 blackout upper for deer hunting.
3 gun competitions.
Taking kickass tactical courses where we get to larp as operators.
National High Power competitions.

Intelligent animals use any and all tools available for self-preservation and problem solving. Humans are inventive. Do the math.


this plus the United States adopting it as the main service rifle for every branch, not pattenting the rifle let everyone make it caused the market to swell with ar accessories.

>port arthur massacre
>restrict gun laws
>no more mass killings

it's not rocket appliances

This is not the thread for that but you're entitled to your input

>upsidedownland land logic

Truth is....

>restricting guns to farmers and hobby shooters is a bad idea

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Even more truth...

because metal 3d printers haven't dropped in price yet
>open source guns when

dropped enough, that is

I personally prefer the AK but the AR triggers lefties the way it’s so scary looking. It’s irresistible.

What an attitude!

>Why is the AR-15 America's gun?
Because it is one of the best rifles in existence.

>What makes it so inseparable from our 2nd Amendment privilege?
It is the Bill of RIGHTS not Bill of privileges. KYS

>What do/would you personally use one for?
Pest control and property defense.

>Inb4 "to shoot "
Nothing handles a gang of wild niggers like a AR-15 and a few extended mags.


Replace "an AR15" with "immigration", and watch Cred Forums seethe with rage

Scalia literally spells it out for you in these. Common to defense of their time is what you’re looking for.

>Pest control and property defense
the latter is a subset of the former

Lots of reasons. Gun grabbers tried to ban them in '94 which really increased their popularity. Plus we've been at war for seventeen years. Guys get out of the military and want a familiar rifle. Kids who grew up playing counterstrike and call of duty wanted to get the real thing once they were old enough. Also, they're pretty affordable.

Relax, and please remember: it's a school night.

I get your joke but really it is two things. One is pest animals and the other is pest humans.

What is the matter? You seem afraid.


>One is pest animals and the other is pest humans
if you want to be treated as a Human, behave as a Human to start with

I am not the one wanting to disarm everyone. In fact quite the opposite. Hardly a matter of being afraid.

Also, you cucks might not understand fully what you are doing but thanks to your non-stop anti-gun drum beat guns sales will begin to see yet another sharp upward turn. Trump has honestly been terrible for gun sales. People did not feel the need to buy up the gun under Trump but now that you cucks are out in force and screaming for gun control the sales will see a resurgence.

"Why Donald Trump Is Bad for Gun Sales"

>if you want to be treated as a Human, behave as a Human to start with
I know that and you know that but these idiots do not know that until you show them with force.

See: projection

Again, you have no argument.

Keep up the anti-gun rhetoric and re-energize the gun market. People will start stockpiling ammo and lowers again.

Not a gun user here... So take it for what its worth.... I heard an Iraqi war vet say the AR-15 is the closest civillian gun to the satandard issue M4 Carbine.. If true tis brings up a very interesting angle.

Is the reason "they" try to villify the AR-15 because they are worried about our vets rising up?

Then we would actually have to invest in training our teachers. Betsy DeVos won't go for it

What anti-gun rhetoric? Projection and hallucination

Cemte rifles scare the faggots even more

Hey dumbass
The AR-15 IS the basis upon which the M4 was designed. They are almost identical, except the AR-15 is semi-automatic only (unless you install a bump stock)

the second amendment is not a privilege, it is a RIGHT.
Get fucked for trying to confuse people.


It's not even an automatic weapon. It's just a rifle like a gorillion others.

Are the leftie retards falling for the "assault"rifle meme thinking it's automatic? Semi-automatic means the ammunition is reloaded automatically, unlike others that do it by hand, not that it fires like a machine gun.


U ok?

>Is the reason "they" try to villify the AR-15 because they are worried about our vets rising up?
I think not. The AR-15 is a "Black Rifle" that is highly effective at what it is designed to do. Fire bullets at targets.

Basically, AR-15 and all similar rifles put anyone whoever owns them on the same level as law enforcement. The problem is that you can not put the genie back into the bottle. Not only are large numbers of AR-15 style rifles on the market and in peoples private ownership but manufacturing of AR-15 parts is trivial to most gunsmiths. You can ban all the future sales of these guns but that does not take the several million that are already in private ownership out of the equation.

Also, trying to ban these guns will always cause a scare that boost sales ad encourage stockpiling of parts. You can do nothing with Incurring many obvious and unforeseen consequences.

Keep going. I encourage you and all the other spammers that have been shilling for the past few hours to continue.

the gang homicides number isn’t annual tho

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Be sure you print a copy of Pic Related and handout to all your anti-gun neighbors and businesses. Encourage them to attach the sign to their homes and properties. Let this virtue signal their anti-gun positions to neighborhood and all passersby.

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>pattenting the rifle
Are you not aware of how patents work?

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>Opinions from the supreme court's most activist judge.
Well there's your problem.

Is that all you got? You start a thread about "The AR-15" after hours of non-stop spam and you act as if you are being cute with your "it's a school night." comments.

Just put a sign like "Pic Related" in your yard to let everyone know how you feel.

Everything the government has we should be able to have. /thread and gtfo fag

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Ok, as long as you aren't angry

After the Pulse shooting, shooting instructors offered to train people for free. They'd do the same for teachers.

I have been on Cred Forums too long to get angry over this type of banter. That said you are more than welcome to have a nice tall glass of pic related.

I just shoot cans and shit with mine.

OK, just wanted to make sure you weren't mad

Not at all. Again the more people feel the pressure of potential anti-gun legislation the more the gun market gets a boost. You cucks are working against your own interest by attempting to scare people away from rifles. Knock yourselves out.

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I am giving full responses.


It's the modern day musket.

You created this thread and we are here to chat but you are just letting it die.

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This is absolutely retarded. You would need to train EVERY TEACHER IN THE FUCKING COUNTRY. Nobody would do that shit for free. Additionally, you would have to supply each and every teacher with a gun. It would be fucked up forcing American teachers to buy their own chalk yet supply them with a $500 rifle