What the hell is wrong with American kids?

What the hell is wrong with American kids?

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Why 1st amendment isn't applied here?

multiple generations addicted to anti psychotics, narcotics, and marijuana combined with the plague of single mothers and compulsory education.

Credible specific threats of violence isnt considered protected speech.

Cred Forums could make this into a "thing"
2500 kids make satire facebook posts about wanting to make a mess and get v&.

#1 KEK

Wow, so much for the land of the free. Was it always like this?

we would get v&'d pretty fucking fast

You guys were the canary in the coalmine. And since you all went willingly with 1984 style laws, they're starting in the USA.

England, where gang rapists go free, but people who tweet wrongthink get jailed where they get killed by muslims.

Democracy, progress, freedom.

Hahahaha says the guy who can get arrested for eating a ham sandwich within 200 miles of a mosque

Beta uprising bro, did you miss the thread?

The parents Have no idea what their kids even do and are completely clueless about how talk to them.
Kids isolated from birth.
A whole generation lost

Get right

Cucknada, plez.
Well, this is why I hoped that at least in the US there is still a free speech. Can you at least call for genocide of non whites, of it is also prohibited?

No digits so it is obviously a bad idea.

Monkey see monkey do. Our media coverage of these events iss what causes them.

>Point a knife at someone saying "I'm going to stab you"
>Cop overhears and arrests the knife wielder
>Muh free speech
Don't know how credible most of these threats are though, could just be shitlibs over reacting

American kids are guinea pigs for Big Pharma.

Drug Class: Age Group: Number of

All Psychiatric 0-5 Years 1,080,168

0-1 Years 274,804
2-3 Years 370,778
4-5 Years 500,948

6-12 Years 4,130,340
13-17 Years 3,617,593

Grand Total 0-17 Years 8,389,034 kids on psychiatric drugs

sauce: cchrint.org/psychiatric-drugs/children-on-psychiatric-drugs/

School shootings didn't become a thing until after Columbine. Big Pharma pushing drugs onto kids didn't start ramping up until just before Columbine.

Big Pharma spends $550+ Million each year in lobbying congress.
Gun Rights lobby is a paltry $10 Million compared.

Who do you think stands to lose if the Truth comes out?

>Can you at least call for genocide of non whites
Yes so long as you don't inflame a crowd of people and point to some specific nigger walking by and say "starting with him!"

So as long as it is not dangerous for the new world order, nice.

Plenty of school shootings fairly recently that didn't have shit like this going on afterward. Something is in Gen Z's water and it's going to be fascinating watching them do whatever it is they do.

Schools are prison/daycare. No school, no school shootings. The schooling model of education is anti-human. Parents and mentors need to fill that role, not the state

yep. infringes on the rights of others. it's like, you can own a gun, but you can't go mowing down school children who are suspiciously not at all linked to anybody the ADL accused you of hating to establish a narrative covertly in the name of jewish supremacy.


They are stupid and unsupervised on the internet.

I thought not hearing life threats is not a human right.

This video was banned!!! And censored off YouTube, this is an altered reup... pls.spread and save and you against shills they hate this Info

Florida falseee flag

msm pretends to be ignorant of this when for a fucking decade they've been told to stop making shooters into celebrities

Was on Paxil when I was a teenager and I almost pulled a shooting too. It fucks your thinking up.

I'm still messed up and required to be on Zoloft which at least keeps my anxiety in check but I'm forever ruined.

Have 3 shotguns and 2 rifles and a couple of pretty pistols in cabinet in back room. Living in 1984 because i can't take them to the store with me...

The law applies equally in both our lands, you arm yourselves, you arm every nigger and other subhuman too. Who made the smartest decision here ?

False flag astroturfing
Anti-gun lobby do these things every few months. They pull a big job, then go all in with propaganda and tugging those heartstrings all over the media while pushing their agenda. It doesn't work, they eventually completely drop the issue and move on to plan for the next one.
Remember the Las Vegas massacre? Apparently nobody else does. That shit was dropped so fast they never even bothered to make up a motive for the guy.

I'm gonna shoot up over 6 gorillion schools. It'll be the school shooter caust.

Noone did make a remotely smart decision.


Dang. That sounds rough. Sorry, user. Hopefully time and nature will slowly balance things out....

I still can't get over the fact that there almost 275,000 babies under the age of 2 on psychiatric medication. What the actual literal fuck?