Which period was more comfy? Late 90's or early to mid 00's?

Which period was more comfy? Late 90's or early to mid 00's?

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Late 90s. Everything went to shit after 9/11.



Yup. 9/11 truly ushered in a new age. Maybe not by itself, but coincidentally that’s when the internet became a real thing too. Truly a different paradigm after the 90s ended.

>this would be considered racist in late 2010s

this80s and 90s are overall comfy

2001 - present = HABBENING

I was only ten, and I could feel how the soul of the country was irrevocably changed. I have those faint, faint memories of super rich, comfy late 90s Murica.

t.born in the early 80s

You need to understand that 9/11 was the functional end of the world, and the fumes of the "end of history" ran out by the middle of the 2000's. What this means is that the inertia of Western Civilization finally ran out and uncoincidentally this is right when shit like gay marriage triumphed. The reason everything feels like utter shit is because the world has lost its center. We've fully become swallowed by nihilism and things that once gave society direction and purpose like religion no longer influence enough people to matter. The spirit of gravity is drowning us and we'll die if we don't do something about that.

Western civilization is dead. Our only purpose now is to avenge it and ensure something better than this jewish modernist hellscape replaces it.

probs 1999

I think what brought on this new age of identity politics was the Occupy Wall Street marches (We are the 99%), it set up things like the progressive stack and the general attention whore protests.

no it was the internet

>peak PC vidya
>peak anime wave
>bretty gud TV
>arcades still around
Great if you had dosh to burn. Sucked otherwise.

Ironically the progressive stack thing was a concept fostered by right wing false flaggers to send leftism running off the rails. It seems to have worked beyond anyone's comprehension.

late 90's Europe wasn't filled with WOGS

The internet got popular in the 90s (Where it was considered a nerdy thing to be into), I agree social media getting normies into the internet has made things a whole lot worse though.

It wasn’t just the Twin Towers, but the dot com economic crash was brutal. The West sort of lost its edge. The spiritual and economic downward spiral began on 9/11. All we were floating on after that was the phoney real estate bubble, which was even shittier.


Pretty much this.

1890's were pretty chill, but 1490 was way comfier

I grew up post 9/11. I wonder how things were before.


This is exactly right. Social Media and retards able to access the Internet with cell phones just made it even worse.

you must remember the days when you were either a grunger or a chav. then the internet got popular and the options multiplied. you could be anything. most people eventually put their identities into shitty ideologies.

The mid 2ks were like 90s part 2.

You still didn't need a cellphone or the Internet to run your life. People still met at cafe's or wherever to hang out. Bingewatching and ordering online was not yet really a thing. A lot of the same 90s music was popular.

Big difference is that people still smoked indoors in the 90s and drinking and driving was kind of socially accepted, at least the punishments weren't as bad. People would just openly drive around with a beer.

Real change-up came with smartphones, which killed the CD and changed a lot of other shit. I think it reduced crime dramatically, cause when everyone has a personal hi-def video camera on them at all times thats the ultimate surveillance state. Hard to get away with anything nowadays or even have a private life.

Late 90s before 9 11


But pre 2007 was pretty damn comfy desu.

>collapse of 2000-2006 (tech bubble)
>collapse of 2008-201X (Great recession)

yep, and ((they)) crashed the economy to recruit youth into the afgan/iraq war without a draft. job opportunities for military aged men were intentionally depressed in order to send them to fight.

>housing scam resulting in the 2007 bubble

the depressed economy was propped up by a housing bubble. the govt and financial institutions provided a "bail out" to the people in the form of low interest rates and lax regulations. the lack of job opportunities in the depressed economy forced people to exploit new career incentives created by financial institutions and govt focused on real estate speculation. with everyone speculating in real estate through "free money", the bubble burst.

throughout this whole time they were importing millions of workers from asia/mexico and laying off and replacing millions of whites with said shitskins

one big globalist con

Yeah me too, as a kid I witnessed the consequences of 9/11, and then it was the 2010's already, which are pretty shitty so far

The cancer started in the late 90s, so both periods were shit.
Not as shit as today, but still pretty shit.


I'll have to echo the consensus opinion and go with the late 90's, despite Cred Forums having not yet been invented.

It wasn't 9/11
It was the internet
Things were already starting to be really shitty 1998-1999, you could smell something rotten in the Zeitgeist, and this was the collectivizing effect of the internet on society.

> Things started to go downhill in about 1996.
>People tend to overrate then 90s as a whole. 90-95 were fantastic years, but the decade began to decline in about 96. The late 90s weren't that good at all tbph.
> '96 was definitely when everything went wrong.
>Mid-1996 is when I would say it went to shit. Especially by 1998. I have a lot of nostalgia for early to mid 90s and none for late 90s.

>Turns out this organization started in 1996, around the time of the change, to replace whites and traffick millions of shitskins
>Turns out George Soros started and funded the Metropolis Project through his Open Societies Foundation


80's no question. By the mid 90's things were looking bleak, by the late 90's things were already garbage.
>inb4 b-but the interweb got better
no it really didn't.

>dot com economic crash was brutal
The dot com bubbles were not so bad in clapistan. The only people that got wiped out were those who bet the house on business models that were not tested or proven. If anything, they were great learning experience with all the new tech that was pouring out in to the public at the time.

The real economic killer was the great recession of 2007/8. All of the stupid CDO shit from the Clinton era started blowing up. All the bad loans given to people by gov't pressure started to blow up (anti-red lining and such). All the bad loans given to house flippers started to blow up. All the bad loans given under NINJA conditions started to blow up. The bailouts ensued. The massive inflation ensured. The cost of living skyrocketed as everyday goods went way up in price while wages stagnated for nearly a decade.

the reason you have the internet is cuz the US military/deep state decided to coordinate their globalist agenda by globalizing the world thru the internet

the public release of the internet is crucial to globalization (american imperialism). globalization was coordinated with the public release of the internet.

its, infact the only modern military technology that has been released, and a very restricted, centralized form of this.

Where were you when you realized that the Internet itself represents the core of the ideology of globalism? It erases national borders and enables people from all over the world to exchange ideas and culture. It eliminates barriers to trade, particularly of digital goods. It serves as a propaganda mouthpiece for the ruling elites, except unlike in the age of radio, they can now tailor content presentation to the individual level by tracking your browsing habits.

All your personal autonomy and freedom is reduced by the Internet. Your freedom of speech could be curtailed by shadowbans and the chilling effect of mass surveillance. Your freedom of movement is restricted to developed areas with fibre and LTE infrastructure, and you cannot realistically take up residence in a more remote (and cheaper) area and expect to hold a job. Your wallet is impacted by the need to pay for an ISP subscription and to update your gadgets every few years to keep up with the demands of modern gaming. Pornography and catfish degrade your self-esteem and negatively impact your ability to build offline relationships.

Dead on
>The spiritual and economic downward spiral began on 9/11

So many opportunities for a better future were all lost in the 00s
The 10s aren't much better but damn the 00s were bad

most of the cheap labor came in the 80s and you know it to be true if you are old enough.

The economy was always going to have those crashes, war provided a good outlet for people to not stay at home and live with parents... god bless those who died and lost limbs.

Everyone I know who enlisted is doing fucking great. My friend stepped thru a glass table off duty and is on full disability with a bad ass brace. He gets disability payments and they let him play soft ball.

Anyone who gets hurt in the private sector gets fistfucked thru work comp.

I remember when they said only suckers join the army, but those people are all eating humble pie now. Or when the news ran a story saying the gi bill was not being paid to people, when everyone i know went to college for free after.

The biggest red pill you will learn on here is that there is no truth, only people's subjective truths that do have some truth to it, but are never absolute. The longer u are alive and keep eyes and ears open, more you will find out you are wrong about stuff.

>Which period was more comfy?

Late 90s for sure, 9/11 changed everything.

The internet going mainstream in the mid/late 2000s was another big shift. Pre-normie internet was amazing looking back on it now, it was an amazing escape, there was no crossover into the real world because people would kind of judge you as a weirdo if you went online a lot. Now the average person’s perception of reality is so constructed by the internet its wildly disturbing, especially when you realize that there is no turning back and the majority of living people will know nothing else in a few short decades.

Lax regulations had nothing to do with it. Bad lending policies were actively subsidized and pushed by government policy, Bush’s “every American should be a homeowner” autism. I think it was VDare or American Renaissance that coined the term the “Minority Mortgage Meltdown.” You’re on point with everything else though.

It’s fascinating how dark and grimy 90s music was with the gangsta hip hop, shitty nu metal, and grunge. What were those spoiled brats complaining about? The 90s kids were all set economically, so I suppose all they had was existential angst to whine about. Faggots.

US never recovered from the Dot-com it was merely propped up until it collapsed ultimately under the weight of economic fraud in 2008. same pattern that is currently exists. just will continue to collapse further into the 3rd world abyss.

>so I suppose all they had was existential angst to whine about

Yup if only that was the main issue we had now

Early 90's desu...wasn't much work though after I got out of college-recession had taken root, 15 qualified people applying for one posted job...
Music was good though, I played in a popular b circuit bar band throughout east Ont and west Que...played alot of Cult, Stones and shit...6 nights a week...snorting mountains of blow almost every night...fucking a different chick almost every night...
Was good...and I miss its simplicity...

The internet was around in the public domain for decades before the late 90s, its just that the internet became ubiquitous then. If you think they could have planned out when exactly that would happen I think you are retarded.

It is the most powerful tool of globalism, but this was not it's initial intent.

You can have it bad even if you have it economically good. You can still feel very alienated and rejected. Most of my problems would be there no matter what the economy was like.

Late 90s was still degenerate and politically 'correct'.
I think the current year is better because the shills are finally being exposed.

>It’s fascinating how dark and grimy 90s music
Nearly everyone was tired of the big 80's sound and the boy bands of the 90's like New Kids On The Block were getting sued into oblivion for stealing things from other groups and writers. Other music got to fill the void for a while until it got too samey and the it was safe for the boy bands and Disney whores to come back.

>What were those spoiled brats complaining about?
So you grew up upper middle class in a posh suburb, eh?

There really is no dominant period in american history. Ever decade has it's peaks and lows.

In the modern era.... The internet has brought a lot of satisfaction into people's lifes. We can watch no pozzed shit on netflix or amazon, you can order whatever you need for cheap on amazon. Youtube was great for a few years, there is still a lot of great videos on there such as "the Century of Self by adam curtis(must watch". You can watch sports highlights on youtube. There are a lot of current event news videos uploaded to youtube.

The internet has so many educational information and also historical info if you dig around, its a modern day library of alexandria.

We outcasts, rejects, and losers of society have our own water cooler free of the normie formality where we can share info, stories, talk about common interests.

People always got shittier as they age, there is a reason your parents didnt keep in touch with old high school friends. As you get older, people get selfish, arrogant, deluded, or crazy and you gradually lose touch with them... sometimes you cant get along with them, maybe they betray you, or whatever.

Its only natural that these friendships die, if your lucky you make new ones at work. But the natural way is to find a girl and you two stick together becoming best friends. That is not happening a lot anymore and we can blame it on modern day vices, but they are not the sole cause, girls always always trade up... just like we guys would do for looks.

Sadly we dont have much to offer and no one cares about our patriotism, integrity, principals or whatever it is you possess.

Make the best of your situation, if you are healthy... do not take it for granted. Health over wealth is very true and you will not understand this phrase until you get injured, ill, or diseased... If you step away from the computer and all of this, you will find a different world exists, it is hard to find often, but there are good people.

12 years on message boards 4 me.

the internet existed as ARPAnet since the 60s, it wasnt in public domain, it was military tech.that was released to private industry.

if you think otherwise, you have no idea of the tech available that was never applied: ie mesh networks

have you heard of mesh networks? another technology avoided. this would have allowed for free internet access and free communication.

the wifi card equipped in regular computers are deliberately limited in range and Mesh capabilities.

though 1 mile range Mesh-capable wifi cards have been available for more than a decade
>Mobile ad hoc networking based on the 802.11s wireless mesh network protocol allows share free Internet access from one connection.
The wireless networking has a range of more than 1 mile, much greater than typical consumer laptops.

the 1 laptop per child has been mesh enabled for more than a decade to provide and share free internet from remote areas, with range of a few miles.

there are also hacky, cheap DIY approaches to expanding range on the wifi


I answer this question by using 1994/95 as a cut off date for when the interwebz became easily accessible to the general public. Prior to this, information was limited to what was in the library, the bookshop and what the mainstream media told you. The difference is, prior to 1994/95 we were all blisfully ignorant because the amount of time spent searching for information and the lack of alternative sources of information discouraged alot of people to question the narrative that the establishment was presenting, this sort of questioning was usually done by academics. Fast forward 20+ years and no longer are the academics questioning the narrative the establishment are presenting, they're promoting it!!! Now it's your average man on the street who is questioning the narrative simply because of forums such as this and the massive amount of information available within a few clicks of an internet search result, it's amazing when you think about it. However in answer to your question user, if I had to choose, I'd still prefer to live in the moment than in the past, simply because men like us, men who can think for themselves, will change history, whereas prior to 1994/95 we would have been blisfully ignorant or raging against something the rest of society was oblivious to.

you cant have that tho or crime would flourish. Other countries would be causing problems all over the usa, but plenty of criminals who live here would too.

ever met a drug dealer? they are pieces of shit 9 times out of 10, I dont mean just scummy, but actual really awful humans.

The 90s were the best time to be alive and be a kid. You can never get that back.

Late 90's. Everyone was still "pure" in a sense. 2000's is when MTV culture started and everyone became a drunken idiot trying to be like Bam Margera. The worst you had in the 90's was grunge, and it really wasn't that bad.

plus drug epidemic decimating white families

How does it affect you and your life if you rage against something that almost everyone else is oblivious to?


Both sucked ass.

>economy collapses every 5 years (planned by globalists)
>massive layoffs every 5 years
>import millions of shitskins to replace those natives layed off
>impoverished natives get health issues
>get bankrupt by medical bills
>go homeless
>get on heroin
white genocide was never as easy as this

we cant have alot of suppressed technology. thats why society is not only stagnating but degenerating. the internet was not seen as a threat, but as an actual tool for globalization, by the military sector, and so was released to the public

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Is this a joke ? 90s 100000000000.00%

What about the 80 to the 90s ?

>What about the 80 to the 90s ?

Imagine the 80's being like a giant awesome party, and it's about to end, so people are winding down and getting ready for a good night's sleep only for another party about to happen in about five years.