Trump Gets Owned By John Oliver

Amerifats, how are you not embarrassed by Trump? John Oliver did not hold back in this one. Trump is done, he cannot recover from this.

Oliver "Mercilessly Weaponize Trump’s Own Tactics Against Him" - Vanity Fair

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The world is turning fruity. I am okay with Trump, not with Oliver. He has always been overrated, and progressives lost their humor in the 90s. Sage

Every day I wake up and think to myself,
At least I'm not John fucking Oliver

When is he gonna get over his Trump obsession and move on with his life?



John Oliver is a Mongol Mr.Bean looking fuck that can't own anyone.

>Complain about a foreign power, Russia, interfering in a U.S election
>Foreigner, British, telling U.S voters what to think
And this isn't For all this faggots talk about Russia Russia Russia he does realize he's a foreigner too right?

Why'd he stop calling him Drumpf?


>leftist skewed slant pandering
>trump btfo

>vanity fair said something nice about it - totally not a circle jerk. very brave

I don't think Oliver is obsessed with Trump, it is the world. Did you watch the segment? Look at all the countries mocking our president.

Look, at the end of the day - democrat or republican, you have to stop and look at how people are responding to our president. They think he is a mockable moron.

Oliver makes a good point, he says that Trump is blocking his own ideas by being so careless. Even if you are a conservative you have to admit, calling Africa a shithole wasnt a good move. He is trying to hard to be edgy.


>being lectured on american politics by a fucking foreigner

yea i'll pass

Come on OP, Trump isn't the looker either!

I personally don't give one fuck what anyone outside of the US thinks about our President. The US was founded on not giving a fuck what others thought faggot. Maybe spend less time worrying about everyone else and forge your own path.

>mercilessly weaponizes the tactics Trump stole from liberals to use against them first

one word describes John Oliver - Cunt

I saw this on my recommended list. Usually i can say i am not interested but for some reason his and colbert show doesn't allow me to do this.

>Belgium is a shithole
>Africa is not
Stopped watching there. Tell me, does Africa host the 24 Hours of Spa? Smarmy little fuck.

So what you're saying is: if people are mocking you, you should give up on whatever it is you believe in.

Wew, lad.

It’s hilarious how much millenial cucks worship every word this faggot says

>willfully consuming paid-for propaganda

Trump is 72 years old of course he doesn't look great.

You are a university interloper. Africa is a shithole nigger

Number one

>Proposed to have the gay choirs song as Americas national anthem.
So brave.

Hahahahahahahaha, why did this make me laugh. Maybe the idea of them wheeling her out and her colostomy bag popping as she attempts to be sworn in.

You know, I actually DO find it disturbing that, for the first time in decades, Republicans, Democrats, everyone in the media, pro-globalist NGOs, professional liars, feminists, faggots, and Communists have turned in unison to shit on the one person who took the oath of office who was never a career politician. I am deeply disturbed by that. You should be, too, but not for the reasons you're suggesting.

>Amerifats, how are you not embarrassed by Trump?

Why would we be?

>John Oliver did not hold back in this one.

Hes a comedian of the shit tier variety. Political comedians just the talking head of the far left spewing cynical hindsight bias.

kys OP

More like trump vs (((globalist))) and their outdated mediums of control.

how will he ever recover???

stop shilling this bugman faggot here, he'd be nowhere the weekend update clone, the Daily show.

We've been hearing this for 3 years now, yet here Trump is, unimpeached. And here you are, absolutely unable to formulate any sentence without "fuck" and "Trump" in it. You lot talk about him more than his voters, you're obsessed!

has pol found proof that this guy's a kike yet? He fucking looks like it

Exactly why I voted for him. If he is pissing off the world, he is doing something right. They want to see him gone because they got used to sucking off our tit for too long and now it has dried up.

w-wow is that a celebrity trying to tell me how to think

>calling Africa a shithole is considered 'edgy'

Ollie here was forced to eat a shit sandwich after his failure back in 2016.

>Shareblue bots like John Oliver
Wow you sure showed me. These guys are gonna feel real dumb when they find out that those Russian are regular ass Americans and the majority.

i dont get how these cowards get away with this.
Imagine if john oliver had a mic on him 24/7, then you could take the most heinous thing he said all year and reply it in the news a month to convince everyone he was a piece of shit. petty, disgusting people. A microcosm of the group as a whole

These people said nothing when Obama expanded the "war on terror" from two to seven countries, executed people without due process with drones and when Hillary destroyed Libya - their opinions mean absolutely nothing.

Many Brits for some reason have a Central Asian brow.

I wish Trump was in power here.

Shit, all of Europe. Fuck off Muslims and brown skins. Go back to where you came from.

>[late night comic] DRAGS Trump!
nobody cares except people who already hate Trump. nobody is being swayed by this.

Gee, where the fuck would I be without a washed up, arrogant, ugly, unfunny, snaggletoothed pencilneck giving me his useless and unwanted opinion to tell me what to think about Bonal frumf
Fuck off.

Yes this little faggot is quite the broadcast bowel movement. He ceded any authority to talk about Trump with this humiliating stupid and clueless performance two years ago

And this little queer welched on writing that check, didn't he?

>uses "we" when defending America

Fucking bong get the fuck out!

What the fuck is wrong with calling Africa a shithole? It IS a shithole. Too many people are wrapped up in dodging and ignoring the truth.

I'm from India and let me tell you guys , the British clowns have no moral authority to lecture anyone on anything.
Fuck this dude. He's a comedian and should be considered as one. He's not an expert on anything.
>I'm sure writers of his show are probably Jewish. Can anyone confirm ?

>Look at all the countries mocking our president.
Translation: Look at all the socialists from socialist parties in other countries saying Trump a bad.

This tactic didn't work before the election and it doesn't work now. It only reinforces the narrative about the "liberal globalist elite".

Don't insult Mr. Bean. He's actually funny.


nobody has ever been owned by John Oliver

The UK isn't a glorious leader corrupt shithole, though. Important difference.

He WAS actually funny.

Here's a partial list of gadflies that Trump purposely won't mention, because he knows it drives them insane to be ignored by Daddy:
John Oliver
Stephen Colbert

Africa is full of raw resources. It's a continent fuelled by it's primary economy - minerals such as cobalt that are needed for the expensive electronics that many US companies make or need.

It's the concept of 'soft influence'. Why would they sell to the US when they could sell them to China? China is already building infrastructure throughout Africa, US influence is threatened by a guy who doesn't give a fuck about international relations that fuel his countries economy and trade.

Americans are weird man. How are you guys so obsessed with comedians on Late Night shows basically doing politics and serving as a daily indoctrining propaganda tool for the left. Show them their place in the feeding chain, they're clowns and should be treated as such.
Seriously how the hell can you describe your obsession with >Oprah >Jimmy Kimmel > John Stewart > Colbert> Oliver fuxk them.
Boycott the whole network and pressurize the network into firing them

liberals think he is funny

Literally every single fucking show. Same Jew Script, Same Jew Schedule. Stop watching shit. Go read a fucking book, and learn some critical thinking.

Meant to link here, too.

It's not even 2016 anymore. This obnoxious memetic fuck is no longer relevant.

Holy Shit
(pic) is fuxking spot on. Verified.

>mfw current year was 3 years ago


The fact that all you social rejects defend and agree with him just shows how bad of a president he is. You guys are considered social misfits for a reason, hell you even take pride in it.

>I like that country more so they can influence our elections as much as they want


You can have logical, progressive discourse while
a) not loving Trump
and also
b) analyzing the media's tactics regarding him, as described here:

You are the OP fucking piece of faggot, and last time i checked the US voted for trump, the rest of the world can shut the fuck up.

The daily Shoah writers are most certainly Jews. It’s harder to get rid of these people than it seems Pajeet

opposite of reality

This media collusion has to be criminal at some point. They only report on man bites dog stories and create and push narrative up out of thin air.

To bad basically nobody watches John Oliver

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The US doesn't need the President to suck dicks in Africa to keep trade flowing. The limitless amount of money that can be derived from the US Markets will do that.

I feel like someday we're going to find out that oliver was one of the children kidnapped and conditioned in MKULTRA to serve as a CIA mouthpiece.

If what you call "society" is correct, then I do want to be wrong.


Oliver, Bee, and Daily Show host are all liberals that weren't born in America. And they are trying to tell American's how to be American.