Why do people allow their daughters to dress and act like such degenerate delicious sluts in public?

Why do people allow their daughters to dress and act like such degenerate delicious sluts in public?

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The parents probably don't know?

Are they blind?

I'd love to see her get gangbanged by multiple big black cocks.

>mom was a slut
>daughter is a slut
>mom is fine with it and still a slut too

We had this thread last night. It was shit then it is shit now.

Look at this low level cuckleaf. This is what you attract to shit threads.


Usually the mom is a slut too. Don't ask how I know this, I'm too lazy to explain.

so strangers can post webm threads of them on Cred Forums


You mean ASIDE from the fact that people dressed nicely don't get splattered all across the internet for tens of millions of people to gawk at, fawn over, look up, and follow?

Why couldn't I have been born 100-200 years earlier?

Because you'd die of diarrhea

Likely opioid addicted crack heads. The parents, I mean. We're in a crisis over here, NetherAnon.

I would like to BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP, but a mod gave me a warning for BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPing at an image like this last week. Seriously, I didn't think the mods cared about a BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP here or there, but apparently they do. Not gonna do it. No sirree. Not gonna BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP.

I would honestly prefer that than to be constantly subjected to this degeneracy

Florida false.flag!!!! Wake-up

This video was banned!!! And censored off YouTube, this is an altered reup... pls.spread and save and you against shills they hate this Info

Good thing you didn't BRRRAAAAAAAAAPPP then

I wouldn't even be turned on by it anymore. I just see whore, that's it

>delicious sluts in public
Come on Ahmed

>Why do people allow their daughters
People never allow anything to their daughters
If their daughters act that way it's because their daughters want to defy the authority

implying the parents even try or see it as wrong
>ahmed meme
Don't hide your flag, amerimutt

They don’t it’s called moving out of your parents homes you fucking neck beard.

>moving out of your parents homes

What's with these braaap faggots? Women don't fart, stop being disgusting.

you must be 18 to post here

Does this empower women?

Be a better father, pure and simple.

I'm talking about how girls around 14 even dress like that in public


Yes. She's showing off her goods, dominating the other females and acquiring the attention of males.

Parents of Cred Forums, do you buy your teens this shit?

What the fuck is this hippy-dippy horseshit?

My daughter is not allowed to wear clothes around the house

It's called sex dancing. It's how women attract a mate. Mating is how mammals reproduce.

You discovering your homosexuality

A very beautiful blonde girl with a great body unironically dresses like this every day I go to class in Uni. She wears no bra and tight shirts too, and her nipples are ALWAYS hard. And of course she actually does have an uggo-as-fuck female friend and a really fat beta orbiter that follows her everywhere. At least her dogface friend has great tits, but the fat guy is like textbook "fat gay friend".

Guys always try not to look at her when she goes past, but they always do, and other girls fucking HATE her because she looks fucking 12/10 but dresses like a huge slut. I cant even believe it.

What did girls do in 1980's?

Pedo detected

3/4th of America are dumb single mothers who live out their slut fantasies thru their daughters. There is no father at home

People spend too much time thinking about whether their kids like them to care about an actual upbringing. They don't want to be the strict-50s-dad, they want to be the cool guy they wanted to be in high school. They think they are good parents if their children like them and that's just not true.

Ahmed indeed

Still hiding mutt flag? Top kek

I would projectile vomit if I saw this rat scurrying like that in front of me.

It's vagina farts sun.

I'm sorry you had to find out this way.

Understandable, you are only comfortable with dick having 2d chinese cartoon "girl"

I can smell her vagina through the pixels.

there are some feminists against this stuff, but they always twist the argument back around to "evil white men brainwashing women to objectify themselves"

Go take a shower you neck beard, you're smelling the folds in your triple chin

My sister took advantage of my parents' trust. She would wear baggy/modest clothes and have slut clothes underneath,

Would you be more interested if they had a penis instead?

Nice, did you cop a feel?

I guess it gives them some sense of self worth and that's not bad, I just wish their "values" weren't pushed so

Their mom has to work 50+ hours a week to keep the lights on. Their father is not in the picture.

good job faggot. now get ready for a bunch of post stating something along the lines of "HURR WHITE NATIOANISTS ARE JUST BITTER VIRGINSS DURRR MUH DICK MUH DICK"


don't buy immodest clothes.
Throw out the ones she buys herself
Find her a suitor by the time she hits puberty.

>Find her a suitor

Nobody does this in the western world anymore, Muhammad.

>Still hiding mutt flag?
No hiding here Ahmed
In the meantime enjoy some more Mia

I scoff at whores who think this baboon behavior is somehow appropriate.

Show your flag mutt. I don't like her fake tits

No good female role models. Their mothers are men with vags who think 'careers' are the end all of human existence

Just because I live in a "western country" doesn't mean I can't be ethnically eastern.

It still happens in churches, and in the US too.

You can have a higher chance of your daughter whoring around if you want, that's your choice.

because it's pretty hot dude

you really think you can keep your daughter from having sex?

just make sure she's doing it with a decent guy

Well it's true if you replace "white men" with kikes

>I scoff

Oh, I was wondering what that noise was coming from the closet.


>Le attack helicopter maymay


I don't know, but we should punish those parents by fucking the shit out of their slutty daughters.

Because we are in the kali yuga

>I don't like her fake tits
Come on Ahmed

Sexual desires stem from the basic parts of the brain. As in the reproduction cycle.

People that delve into sexuality as an identity are worthless because everyone has a sexuality. I'm sorry your life is so paper thin in depth that you rely on sexual fantasies to convey complexity.

>>Le attack helicopter maymay

I bet you're fun at a party grandpa!

Nigga I feel sorry for YOU. Go get laid, son.

t. 56%

>implying she grew up with a dad

I've done enough coooocaine and molly to know the darkest regions of unparalleled sex. It becomes derogatory when all you are really doing is looking to get off.

Having sex for 3 hours is cool and all but what happens for the rest of your life after that? What happens when the perpetual cycle of taking dick or receiving dick ends?

That wall is closing in on a lot of thots and with coming technology their sexuality will be discarded as absolutely worthless.

All these degenerates on Cred Forums
You'll hang with the others on the dotr

have you not seen the rise in incest porn? half these degenerate fucks want to bang their own daughters

pol is full of them

and yet you still believe that faggots should be banned and only heterosexuals should be allowed to marry.

they secretly get off to it

also there was a girl with shorts just like OP at my school walking right in front of me, thank god I had glasses on so I could stare without anyone seeing my eyes

I think you're worrying about nothing. Almost all people are able to balance their lives with their sexual desires.


Its harder to do now a days. You can't do shit to your kids to punish them and they are being bombarded with degeneracy 24/7

my daughter goes to """""""dance classes"""""""

I don't believe in the idea of marriage. Especially one spoused by a government.

I want a state without marriage.

How hard are you for her?

No we have a society that has sexualized an identity and it's being mass produced in individuals to conscript them into not worrying about the things happening above them.

Just do drugs, eat your food, fuck, watch this state propaganda, and shut the fuck up.


Them are some boot scootin' trads.

are euros aware of the old saying "the bigger the O the bigger the ho"?


The o?

I don't have a daughter i was just imagining what their clueless fathers probably say

People have said this about every young generation for all of history. I don't share your concerns.

hoop earring

Its illegal to punish your children.

Many women are lovers before they become mothers.

Oh wow holy fucking shit. This fucking speaks to me. It's so... je ne sais qua... so provocative, so free spirited... It's so sophisticated and yet the message is so clear and easy to understand. Now see THIS is what we need more of. More dancing like this--- no, not dancing... ART.

>daily reminder: to save western civilization cunts must be disenfranchised and forbidden to own property; also any cunt that initiates a divorce should get absolutely no alimony or support

has anyone noticed that a girls face can have a whorish look to it? its hard to describe but im pretty sure there's facial features that can be put together that will determine mathematically whether or not you're a whore

i wonder how many times her dad has sniffed her stinky after-school gym shorts

Makes sense


show flag leaf. i know who you are

wouldn't a leaf be more likely to support degeneracy???

>opiod addicted crack addicts


faye reagan is a good scientific specimen for whore facial structure examination

>female worship
>not degenerate
pick one

The cycle repeats itself with a betacuck husband and slut roastie. His wife's daughter will of course end up a slut.

When will someone marry Jana Duggar?
She is a pure virgin waifu but nobody wants her
Now she is almost 30 and her brothers have to buy her flowers on valentines day

i know how u feel

actually something about this 'look' of interest is it that its sort of what a drag queen wants to look like when they emulate girls, so the whore look is almost masculine in nature

>stds are on the rise

Alright good luck herpes

>>female worship
what female worship?
Why am I not allowed to support the idea of a family that exists under God where every member does their God given role.

This. Is. Truth.

they have no control over rebeling kid,
mom is a slut
or friends are sluts

i'm just thankful i've got a son and am thus freed from the game forever.

Hello Grand Nagus.

Lexi is best grill.


she's a closet lesbian you dimwit

>doesn't bang speedball
norman pls

>posts slut model
fucking disgraceful

Lexee* yes. JJ is for plank fags.

>doesn't bang speedballs
norman pls

I agree, and I'm glad you posted this.

She should have found someone by the time she turned 14.

I don't see anything sexual.

Wait, who is the "JJ" you're referring too?

You don't have to abstain from sex to prevent STD's. You do realise that in the past STD's were rife?

Jordyn Jones

"slut" is such an inaccurate term for these creatures. Yes they are amoral worthless whores, but only for Chad. For the vast majority of men they are even less obtainable than a puritanical pilgrim. The only solution is for betas worldwide to rise up and punish chad and his harem of roastie whores.

Probably the most autistic fedora post I've seen all week. I bet you're sat there jiggling your fat arm to this thread you absolute fucking loser.

lesbians are not real
The are either attention whores are just extreme feminists

Yeah, ok, now I remember. She's a mudshark, though, so fuck her.