So, I have a plan, we can get Antifa to bash the fash, but hopefully bash themselves

First, we need to publicize a fake alt right rally, make it seem very provocative get them angry.

Secondly, describe what the alt - righters will look like, as all dressed in black and hiding their face, like antifa does

Its fairly simple we just need to iron out the details, do you think it would work?

Other urls found in this thread:


beforehand we raid tumblr to avoid suspicion

Antifa operations already underway

I was planning on using Tumblr to spread the fake rally to them

make a fake poster to for our "alt right protesters" make'em feel special. "Guys i found an alt-right poster at blank at blank

So, the "Antifa" decoy is working.
God, you goyim are gullible.

this shall be code-named
>Operation black sun


Well looks like people are interested,guess we should organize? First lets get the details of the rally, Where should it be?

Shits about to get real.

Maybe. I have no objections. Put it somewhere liberal, like Oregon or New York

i live in Oregon go Oregon

Somewhere in California would probably attract the most people

Won't the jig be up when they realize the alt right protesters are also weak, ugly, hairy pussied zeros like they are?

I refuse to believe even they are that retarded.

Portland Oregon

Somewhere like Nebraska

Im willing to test it for science

thats what they think of alt righters

I'm game.

This should make for an interesting evening. Even if it's just to fuck with some Tumblrinas

it wont work because you just posted it on one of the most frequented sites on the web.

lets get the Cred Forums tards for the tumblr part of the raid

Most people are saying Oregon so lets go there, I know how to make sure they get there, say thats where they plan to start their revolution, should get them angry

Portland has so many gullible antifa buttholes

yep, and lets do it downtown for mass chaos

Its Okay to be White Worked, He will Not Divide Us worked.

Send that I'm sure it'll cause some of them to get triggered

Say it's gonna happen on PSU campus lol

'It's ok to be white' served its purpose

Of course I dont expect it to go 100%, it could, at the very least we could upset some tumblr fags

How can we help?

we need some posters, who wants to be in the propaganda departmeant

Good point, but they do project a lot. Look at all the depictions of "Alt-righters" in their strawman political comics and stuff like American Horror Story. It looks like they drew themselves and then slapped on MAGA hats or swastikas last minute. Plus, many crust punk ANTIFAs quite literally define themselves as "Skinheads" and dress/look the part.

OP's plan isn't perfect, and you're right, they aren't all THAT cartoonishly retarded, but if we play our cards right and discuss things like this in a less public forum, this has the potential to work even better than IOTBW.

we also need agents

>Asking anons to become "departments"
Funny, real funny. Just provide the materials and anons will do shit on their own.

Can somebody make some sort of image to circulate on Tumblr. Something about how neo-nazi skkkinheads are planning a rally in Portland?

We have a few people distribute it on Tumblr and hope it gains traction.

The main issue is getting it out there but we need to specify more, such as an exact location like streets and a time

Wait, what if actual skinheads believe this shit and turn up?

Then all hell brakes loose, and we sit back and watch

If its at night more of a chance of confusion

we need a discord


I agree with the other Anons, PSU campus seems like a safe bet. Hace it start at like- 12:00pm-4:00pm or some shit.

I agree with the other anons, PSU sounds like a safe bet

no do it down town

If we just get the ideas Anons wll go do their own thing lets say midnight, PSU campus, just what date?

But AntiFa tend to be university students. Closer to AntiFa, the better

hmm whats the next holiday

Being near they might organise more though, could find out whats happening

May day

Isn't that May 1st?

operation black sun will be on may day then

Easter, because of its connection to christianity. Some bullshit filler can be added to flesh out the reason. But I think Antifa wouldn't know any better and would fall for it.

The more time they get more time for them to organize should be soon, dont let them organize

Yeah Portland libtards always chimp out

might work

I think it has to be this month, increase the chaos
dont let them figure out

Search Portland may day online, there's always a bunch of dildos causing trouble anyway

for all you young fags make posters and put'm in your skool

Good idea for young anons and college anons


fuck even you edge lords in middle school

Can somebody slap something together to circulate on Antifa tags on tumblr and Antifa subreddits?


Somebody put together a picture to give Antifa so they think this is real.

Aren't Antifa all huddled in their caves and nests during winter?

I still think we need another date, soon.

We know its gonna be near the university in Portland its gonna be a revolution at midnight, do we need anything else? Other then the date

>do you think it would work?
Because Antifa is Antifa

awh fuck nevermind can't post pdf's

Westis is your anitfia spy, contact her

Stil guys. I dont think May Day will work, more time to investigate.


There is only one thing we'd need to trigger these nigs into the abyss

We could advertise for something like the tiki torch march in Charlottesville. Something that will have them coming on force to intervene.

Make it a huge selling point for the rally. "Cross burning at midnight" or some shit.

That seems good, lots of time to make news, not a lot of time to find us out though

Hello fellow freedom fighters, some of our brave comrades have found something a white supremacy is planning a “revolution” on May day in a Portland Oregon University commonly known as PSU help the cause and fight back. We have found out that they will be trying to copy our black block strategy to tarnish our name good luck,see you may day.


This sounds like a pretty good idea. Advertise a massive alt right "protest" on college campuses and twitter. Make it sound like alt right folks are going to be hiding their identity with typical Antifa attire and commie flags. Hopefully their hateful identify based rhetoric is going to be plenty for them to start the infighting.

here we go

Sounds good, and the cross burning will entice the AntiFa more

they already did this at Cville nigger

Dont do Mayday do on march third, too much time to be discovered

crop workshop

They are dead though since no funding

They done tiki torches at Charlottesville. The idea OP has is to have the alt-righters in AntiFa gear to get AntiFa to beat itself up

should we get a discord now or something to better organize?

do we have agents in the field?

also yeah we need a discord

as OP ill make it if we need one

Just tell me where to distribute the fake news and I will get rite on it

we need secrecy

Only if you like being banned

we need to make a discord and have mods delte this thread

Tumblr would be a good place to start

all fake news agents make posters and spread theword

Well we need something

to tumblr

Can we agree on a date first? Tell me a date and I'll get started on posters


My vote is on March third Maximize Chaos

Probably as they can identify each other by smell.

does it hurt to try?

It's a Saturday it's perfect, say some shit like we'll have the weekend off work or some shit rub it in that they're lazy Marxist assholes

Anyone disagree for March Third?

but this

even better

If its going to work, it needs to be a chaos, more time they have more time to realize they are fighting themselves

Hello fellow freedom fighters, some of our brave comrades have found something a white supremacy is planning a “revolution” on May day in a Portland Oregon University commonly known as PSU help the cause and fight back. We have found out that they will be trying to copy our black block strategy to tarnish our name good luck,see you may day.
here's a shiity attempt at a poster

March 3rd at 12:00am

Advertise a cross burning or tiki torch march or some shit

on it. give me bout 5 minutes. i'll do my best

advertise the burning of a sand nigger moon and star

Revolution, gonna overthrow the government, that should get them

My vote is on the cross burning

It's 3.3.18 now

Try working in some text into the poster

March Third, date has been changed

im voting burning of a sand nigger moon and star

Cross burning is a much stronger symbol, far more likely to anger anti-fags

we can use cross burning too, everything works

fine i concede

People in Portland are godless fucktards I bet if you advertised more as a pro Christian instead of pro white it would seem more believable and rile them up, they got super buttmad over patriot prayer

it could work

hey someone get this on /b./ i need counter intel on tumblr

Let antifa do her job, you big meanies.

Sanitation workers are getting overtime cleaning up after antifa rallies. Many cities have been fooled into hiring more police officers. Tens of thousands of jobs have been created. Liberal tears are flowing like rivers. Small town sheriffs are getting issued SWAT, and military equipment. antifa is like a godsend for the economy, and our streets are safer than ever.
Soon we'll even have full body scanners in all the schools, to protect the little ones from harming one another.
it''s pure win

LMAO you niggas ready to start false flagging other counterprotests????

Very easy. Anyone can do it. Find rival protest entity & find out the time, place, & general idea of their rally.

> Using a convincing Facebook puppet create your own & schedule it at the exact same & , with absolutely no deliberate interplay between the two protest events (opsec! Don't tip the target of the false flag to the false flag.)

> we must pick a political rival's protest or rally to target with our . The goal is to false flag this protest with violent & angry Antifa & anarchists. This group must be willing to react to the Antifa. That is important to the algorithm.
> Everyone must concentrate their to one big, lucrative target. If we find an adequate Facebook event we can hijack with an illusion event.
> promote the event across a multilateral social media platform. Share it among eachothers sockpuppets but infiltrate social media groups & expose it too. Either to local alt-rights groups as an alt-right sock puppet or to active Antifa/anarchist groups as an agitates antifa sock puppet.
> This will produce enough interest to attract Antifa to the event. The idea is creating noise which the Antifa will eventually intercept & target. Do this multilaterally across all social media, but specifically take people to the itself. Never leak to the normies the fact there is another REAL event happening contiguously & EXACTLY where we positioned the .>

> As we Encourage them to visit, dare them to show up. As the date nears, the heat turns up & we agitate them further. All the way to the itself.
> once they take the bait, goad them at every opportunity. Use your sockpuppets, seek out their other social media & hit them there with aggression from other sockpuppets.
> we are inflicting this false flag on a group we do not like from the get-go. This must still be an event/group that will interact negatively with the Antifa. They need to be a mutual political enemy a confirmed alt-right straw man event or honeypot)
> the day comes & we have inflicted a horde of Antifa on our foes. Better still, potential alt-right members may arrive of their own will (crawlers, agitators, anarchists), producing a sekf-fulfilling prophecy.
> ???
> profit

can i get some links to where its being advertised?

The point is more of have them fight each other, if people show up, just an added bonus

Kike shill get out

It's absolute shit but maybe they're dumb enough to fall for it?

add some of mien furhers favorite thing to draw and we are gold

i made a discord guys should i post the link

dont do the destroy antifas name, gives us away for tricking them

Seems too "hello fellow Nazis, 14/88"

okay. how ab "dress in all black; hide your identity"

might be the point?

the best place to do such a thing is portland, or. tons of antifa and other white liberals looking for an opportunity to virtue signal

Focus more on tricking Antifa, getting alt righters to show up isnt a concern

We should plan this somewhere more private


Higher res

That image is tiny

Let's do it. How can a Tennessee fag help?

run intelgence make this a multi board operation

Warning! This one can get your boipucci raped by the Feds. Don't do it unless you have a nightmare of a mean streak in you.

Advertise a fake Cross Lighting from a fake KKK group. The Hell Billy Night Riders of The Ku Klux Klan will hold a Cross Lighting on the 4th of April to celebrate the slaying of Martin Luther Koon and to encourage the slaying of all the Koons who have Marched and Looted ever since. Come in plain work clothes and bring a weapon if you feel you need to protect your community from the violent white communists and their nigger sex pets. (Lay the vitrol on thick.)

Pass the flyers out or dead drop them months in advance. Do this several times and pick a new place each time. Don't telegraph these drops. Leave Easter eggs with messages supporting your fake Klan in places where children will find them. (This one will make the White Community Haters go blood thirsty with hate.)

Then you kick back and the Anti Whites destroy their own communities as they devolve into suspecting every whtie male who isn't a queer. It's like giving them a rib breaking body blow in a boxing match.

Thats no fun

Any Links to where its being advertised yet?

I'm headed to Tumblr as we speak to start circulating some faek news

Indeed, the point of that trick is that you don't actually show up yourself. You taunt the White Community Haters into a deadly over reaction by playing on their worst fears.

We need a discord to discuss this privately

I'll hit Tumblr. Just a need a good poster.


anywhere else we should hit? twitter? facebook? etc

Where are our P R O P A G A N D A F A G S

there are some antifa twitter accounts

someone get me Cred Forums i need propaganda

Fuck you Russa. Fuck you Putin.

you okay OP?

We should get them to bash (((them)))

how's this?

Someone really wants a Discord

thats a good poster my boi

also discords help privacy

Yeah someone get this on other boards quick

thanks. the first one sucked i kinda half assed it lmao

nice try CIA nigger

Bull's eye! If you aren't actually going to show, tell them to bring weapons.

its all good m8, there a first for everything

Sounds pretty easy. Could all be done with photoshop. Use their own pictures online, swap out the commie/anarchy symbolism with swastikas and you’re done.

I believe George Carlin said “symbols are for the simple minded.”

Antifa loves street confrontation. They won’t be able to resist. Eventually they’ll be out there with nothing to do and they’ll do shit out of boredom and get arrested.

Let’s plan a fake “Hitler’s Birthday party on 4/20.” They love to hate Hitler so much, it could produce gravy results.

4JEgSM Discord for ya

Yeah that photoshop is a great idea but we have a date 3/3

someone send links to where that poster is put up. cant wait to see this shit

Which tag on Tumblr do I spread my faek new to?

anything antifa based

Which tag on Tumblr do I spread my faek new to?

I must kno

yeah just "antifa" should suffice

I know theres antifa twitters some anons hit there

okay everyone as black sun OP post all raids yo do we gotta record this

they'll put this in the fucking history books

What's wrong with being anti-white?

Is that still up? Can't find it

No they won't. It's just a bunch of soyboy commies kicking the shit out of each other, everyone will laugh at it and the Sargon will milk the story for shekels then we'll be back to normal a couple days later

Maybe something like that?

think it was deleted. it disappeared on me

good shit

Thought we decided on March 3rd as the date

3rd March, not 1st May

Where's that cross-burning poster gonna go up?

besides date looks good

may day has been abandoned

Will there be punch and cookies? Tell them there will for maximum turnout.

Should be "comrades have found something a white supremacy group is"

How do you make sure none of our guys show up?

Ok I fixed it

You just hope they dont

no way to really prevent that, but if it does happen. more keks to be had

I did my part, boys!

Lets hope they take the bait

Fuck yes. Can you edit it? Feel like it should say "white supremacy group"

It has begun.

Alright I made mine, how is it?

"unite" not "untite" other than that good

Now lets get some posters telling antifa about it, call them to arms

>"See you may day"
user, that needs fixing


send links to anywhere this is posted on tumblr. i wanna drink my tea to this shit

Oh fuck I didn't realize that

Getting antifa to bash each other is dumb and won't work. They know who each other are, they aren't randomly going to start self-bashing.

Getting them to show up to a fake rally, which then turns into them rioting and breaking shit, is actually a viable idea. But the posters in this thread need a lot of work, they seem fake as fuck so far.

Alright I fixed it

Looks good

Post ads in Craigslist "gigs" section offering to pay protestors for a right wing rally.
Claim it will be on a Saturday or Sunday at a local park or in front of town hall.

Now we wait and see what happens

Take some cues from the Unite the Right Rally posters to keep designs consistent and thus believable

I suggest raiding whatever trash they use for communication after they "discover" the "alt-right" rally, both to make it harder for them to discuss possible flaws and to make them angrier at us.

I guess somewhere where we are sure there are lots of Antifa: Berkeley; Boston; DC. Also, it should be a city where a march/protest is standard fare and wouldn’t seem out of the ordinary. This protest should seem like a more provocative one in a string of protests.

Fuck you kike.

Not now but right before it we say richard spencer is showing up, if we say it now, spencer can fact check us

Just emailed Rose City AntiFa to give them the heads up.

Thanks for being so public with your plans you fuckin nerds.

nigger why.

I guess they're not coming guys

Better be b8 nig

Probably trolling and also wont reach everyone anyway, still could work

Oh and I'll drop PSU a line too. Want to make sure theyre in the loop.