So this is what making America great again looks like

So this is what making America great again looks like.

Losing my kid, then having leftists tell me it's my fault because I wasn't #herturn

I think that might just be cause to start giving some neck rope burns.

t. rural and suburban retard

Why do you assume the only alternative to Trump was Hillary?

When does the violence start. We need civil war.

He couldnt have just tweeted the photo.
If hillary was in office and he was wearing one of them stupid h arrow 2020 shirts you fags would all say the same thing.

>Hur Dur my daughter is missing can you please take a picture of my phone that has a picture on it.
Literally who does that?

>this is trumps fault
You spelled FBI wrong, idiot.

Also side note i hate the left and right.
So when the left gets fucked by the things they support and try to help i laugh.
But god dammit.
And i do mean
Absolutely nothing
Makes me cry tears from the tips of muh penis than Republicans and people that vote for them/their families die via a gun.
Muh second ammendment.
Where did it help?
Did trump make america safer for your daughter nope.
I cry no tears for these people.

Because the only other choice was to not show up. Turd party candidates can't win.

>that spacing

>Your kid died because you didn't support Clinton!
Compelling argument that will surely not backfire. They really haven't learned from 2016, have they?


Or just don’t out yourself as a reddit fag

>implying he knows what social media is

This is what Make Hollywood Reality Now looks like. Real people that still suffer and exist don't behave like this. If these aren't actors, they're useful NPC idiots that crave a wider public audience than their current Social Media lives will allow.

>Watch me trick fourchan.

>If I put a swastika meme flag no one will suspect I am from Reddit.

>Make sure I say I hate both right AND left.

>Le perfect crime. Pls upboat.

>thinking a different president would mean your daughter would be alive
such powerful brain thoughts


I dont go on reddit.
Im 28 years old this is how i type on message boards since i was in 8th grade on the second version of south park studios BBS.
So no just because a whole culture of little faggots type like that doesnt mean everyone who uses spacing similar goes on that site.
I type it the way i want it to be read if i want there to be a pause in the way you are reading shit i hit enter.
Fuck yaself
>South Park Studios BBS
>IMDB Raw is War 1997
>Cred Forums since 2008
Only message boards i ever used.

Faggot he was wearing a Trump 2020 shirt. What kind of narcissistic asshole begins his reelection campaign 3 weeks into his first term?

Trump got elected over a year ago.

Because it was.

I didnt space like that at all faggot theres no double space.
You can say what you want.
You can try to say i from some place i aint.
I dont know you.
You dont know me
But HE doesnt have a living breathing 18 year old daughter anymore.
So he can live his life wondering where the second ammendment was when his daughter got gunned down.
This brings me about as much happiness as left leaning pansies getting raped, beat, robbed, or murdered by the minorities and the refugees they campaign for.

I remember there being over a dozen Republican candidates. Cred Forums shilled for just one of them

You're right Jeb would have been a way better option.

I want millions of Americans killing each other in 2020. Fat useless pieces of shit.

Why are you going to respond to peoples posts and try to come off as sounding smart when you didnt even read the whole sentence or just comprehend the fact that
>Shirt says trump 2020
>These were released less than a month after he was sworn in.
>What kind of narcissistic asshole begins his reelection campaign 3 weeks into his first term?
Did you even read that part or do you have dyslexia?

support the Cred Forums
pay the toll

it's so NGOs (soros) can't shill against him

You’re mad, go To bed. Also show real flag nigger.

Of only Obama was held liable for every shooting under his presidency

You're North American too leafy boiii

>He couldnt have just tweeted the photo.
>If hillary was in office and he was wearing one of them stupid h arrow 2020 shirts you fags would all say the same thing
False equivalence. Leftists aren't people. They're about on par with termites.

>alexandra seltzer
her parents missed a trick by not giving her katherine as a middle name so she could use alkaseltzer as a twitter id

The Nazi flag is a more honorable flag to have represent you than the america flag sorry bro.
Take your kike loving pandering elsewhere.

I miss yeb

>parents call for gun ban
>listen, i feel for your loss, but we have to think about our policy rationally.
>father loses his daughter, happens to be a trump supporter

But it is tho.

you sound like a charming redditor.

You are lying to yourself and the board if you dont think the same exact thing would happen if hillary was president and the dude wore a hillary shirt.
If you try to argue this i got only one thing to say to you.



You are a despicable human being. You deserve all the bad things that happens to you.

A system full of waste, losing money, does not infer that the function is undermined.


he got his kid killed by supporting a fucking nazi. and this nazi kid Cruz, with his nazi MAGA hat, with the nazis favorite meme gun, shot up a school. fuck him

How are you going to concede my point and then say I can't argue? My point was that it's simply not the same thing.
>hitting a person with your car vs hitting an armadillo

So edgy bro

Listen, i actually love both shills and organic posters. And i can tell the difference because I'm a verified oldfag from netzero faq board days where i learned to type like this for efficiency.

It's been fun and all watching the Brock shill campaigns crash and burn while the Andrew Kerr evidence and actual recent enforcement of shilling laws causes a mass exodus from these companies, leaving behind only idiot fuck faggotry like yourself. But seriously guys, we can't let the powermod faggots get the ropecodes.

Day of the rope shill faggots. Cant wait til Trump fucks your asses.

Bernie can still win, here's how!

Haha you have opinions? YOU'RE AN IDIOT.
t. radical centrist

i cant wait until the civil war breaks out.
we'll slaughter all of the leftists.

When obama was elected president they did mock lynching.
You are gonna tell me that right wingers wouldnt immediately jump on this dudes shit if it was a hillary shirt.
As previously said.
Come on

except that Trump isn't a nazi. but by all means let the hate excuse me, 'resistance to hate' flow through you

>You are gonna tell me that right wingers wouldnt immediately jump on this dudes shit if it was a hillary shirt.
Point to where I said this.

I'd say I can'y believe how absolutely retarded you are but this is Cred Forums.
My words are my own.
Fuck if i could get paid to manipulate weak minded faggots I would gladly accept that cash.
So if you know a guy please point me in his direction.

You understand you're a fucking joke right?

Oh, Mueller finally found the Zapruder film of Trump personally shooting every one of those kids in the tits?

I don't remember people blaming Obama for all the shooting that happened when he was president.

Is Obama responsible for Sandy Hook?

what was in the kids history that would have triggered that background check you pathetic omega cuck?

>Is Obama responsible for Sandy Hook?
Well seeing as that was literally a faked tragedy to garner gun control support, yes.


>How are you going to concede my point and then say I can't argue? My point was that it's simply not the same thing.
>>hitting a person with your car vs hitting an armadillo
You're trying to make this apple and oranges my dude.
Also considering the right anything but mindless puppets is silly.
You cant despise the left and view them as lesser people and be a dumb republican puppet.

My argument is that shoe on the other foot end result is the same.
Youre trying to demonize one shitty political party and all its rainbow loving fools and making its opposite seem like rational critically thinking human beings which I am sorry the vast majority of people who identify as republicans are dumb fucks.

Itll always be your fault with people like that. Who cares?
I do wish they were more well read and applicable.
I just tell them "appreciate the concern" smile and walk .

I understand that you are mad bro, and that mad bros yell lies as well as insults.

>t. le tabernac chinois

>republican puppet.
Nice straw man.
>republicans are dumb, John Stewart told me so.
>trying to make it apples and oranges
No, I'm reminding you that it is apples and oranges by it'd very nature

And you weren't able to point to where I tried to say this wouldn't happen if shoes were on the other feet.

yup, a bunch of faggot shitting on a grieving father because they're politically brainwashed and need immediate gassing

You will never find leftists using such harsh language as they do against the right. Over 3500 comments on the top gun control article on washingtonpost today.....they are gleeful about conservatives being rooted up and killed by the government for failure to comply with gun confiscation (in their utopia). I saw one comment said that "draconian measures" should go into effect for those who own weapons, including the death penalty, after the nation-wide buyback is over. "From my cold dead hands....then so be it".

They hate you, they hate your wife, they hate your kids. Left wing politics is a religion of cultural masochism.

Because DUDE WEED man is a tool

Someone post that pic where the kind and loving fb leftists laugh over his daughter's loss.

I would like to see them try. 42% of American households own a fire arm. I can garun-fucking-tee that most of won't hand in out guns without a fight.

Liberals are terrible people