Restores civilisation

>Restores civilisation

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>his kids fuck it all up
fucking ungreateful brats

Feudalism is best ism

>im made of gold

I wish i was born back then

*dies of dysentery*

I think this castle is way older than Charlemagne

I mean fuck, younger of course

>kills Saxons because how dare conquered people be resentful n shit

It is.
He moved in after the Pope declared him new HRE after he saved the Vatican.

t. Descendant of Charlemange

>I learned this word on the History Channel!
Kill yourself.

Apparently I'm descended from him. When I found out, I thought it was my destiny to join the military and lead the way in driving the muslim hoards out of Europe. Then I got a chronic disease a few years before I was eligible to enlist.

Also it was his grandkids. His son divided the empire amongst his kids

>1/116 Charlemange

*spits plague at you*


Its still cool man.
Id rather be 1/116 descendant of him than that chink pussy wannabe Ghengis Khan.

Most west europeans are decended from Charlemagne, just like most east asians are decended from Ghengis. It’s cool but pretty meaningless imo.

welcome to the largest extended family in western civilization

Most are but most can't actually trace it back because only nobility recorded family lines


>Apparently I'm descended from him
>american flag
most of us are cousin...Mayflower too.


Where does your bloodline go through? My goes through Alfred the Great and some faggots named constantine after Charlemagne

Kek true.
But at least we can all relate to a common ancestor even though we are all displaced and shit.

>>his kids fuck it all up
No, HE fucked it all up. His grandfather was a real hero, Charlemagne was a faggot.

>Karl Martel
Fought muslims, defended Europe
Fought European pagans, forcing conversion to (((Christianity)))

Grandpappy Karl = based
Carl the Great = base

>burgers belive the genealogy some snakeoli salesman sold their dumb mothers

The fuck you gonna prove you’re related to him idiots,

What’s your haplo?

if there are still some scraps of his dna, considering his bones are actually preserved, it should be possible for everyone to find out

There's an Amerimutt meme somehere in here.

All ya idiots can be disproven this simply

that only tracked the males

I hear that. My family can trace its lineage to Leo Tolstoy and it makes me proud.

top kek, burger btfo

>There comes a point at which, Chang wrote, “all individuals who have any descendants among the present-day individuals are actually ancestors of all present-day individuals.”

So white were literally Kong’s and niggers were always just subhuman apecreatures

>My goes through Alfred the Great

Saxon loser, descendant of a Plantagenet love-child is where its at.

he looks like he’d be fun to hang out with but you wouldn’t want to get tok drunk around him because he’d steal your wallet and identity

Still better then you shitskin paki posting anti white propaganda. Fucking killyourself and don’t insult my burger bros

I’m sure black people have common ancestors that were powerful warlords or kings too.


I wish fashion was like this today

>German flag

difference is that most Americans actually have Frankish go Slav squat somewhere else.

>Restores civilisation
>Was german
Aren't they supposed to destroy civilization?

You mean swinging on the trees doing nothing all day, getting high on toxic plants animals

In that t]case yes

(hugs) velvet does look comfy.

Germans are lowland niggers
>t. Superior Austrian


Karl Martel ?


I honestly cannot say with certainty.
I look exactly like pic of him, minus long hair and beard.
I think I am just like describes, I just got lucky and alot of his genes surfaced in me.

Is this the Darling in the Franxx thread?

Who is Charlemagne? Ist it Karl der Große?

That's the Marienburg, hundreds of years later and hundreds of kilometers away

I unironically pray we get a modern Charlemagne on a weekly basis

Charles Martel ?
Charles ?



Yes, your Latin is horrrible


Da is Swedish you dip


Franks are French.

This is why you are the allemani germany bastards and we are the mighy FRANCE.

Clovis 496
Charles 718
Guillaume 1066

The House of Anjou, from which sprung a truly absurd number of Western Europeans (many of whom became North Americans) is related to Charlemagne through his female descendant, specifically the daughter of Charles the Bald.

Right there brother.

Yes, latinized niggers doesn't know how to spell it.

>not knowing you're on a Russian nesting doll pro-Putin blyatbot forum

find a better video on the internet
>protip: you cannot.

Carolus Magnus = Karl der Große


technically he was Flemish.

I was just being a retard so that I might piss people off; I'm sorry.

No, they are not, Erbfeind. You are more like the Dwarf version of emasculated Bastards that eat maggots. Karl der Große is clearly German.

Yes, and?

I know, its hard to accept that the people who ruled and improved you were non-french, but this "WE WUZ" shit is embarrassing for both of us.
Say it with me:


Remember Tolbiac allemannis.

You are the mongrels.

>Yes, and?
And Charlemagne clearly comes from the latin version of his name.

Kapet is the Lord of the Franks

Kapet is race traitor clan who sides with ottomans

God punishes all of France through the revolution and subsequent humiliation that continues to this day. A nation that literally cuckholds itself to death. A nation of whores.

God destroys France, and all countries that emmulate her degeneratcy.

Common filth was right. Fucking Sade.

t. Arab

yep, Franks had been west of the Rhine for centuries by the time Charles was born.


Here: I found video of a French dish. You will love this!

Charles was French.
French Kingdom since 496.

Germany belong to us.

French doesn't exist, it is Gaullic German rape incest babies who fratricided the non hostile Occitanians out of existence.

God hates France.

French are Fags.

French die God laughs.

God sent the trucks.

I think he was pretty frankish. I mean they called themself the franks for a reason.

This thread doesn’t helps further white agendas, you are fucking devouring your own you subhuman fuckfaces

>Franks had been west of the Rhine for centuries
Some of them had.
That has littler to do with France.

His language was Old High German

You are just angry with this fact.
France is the oldest nation in Europe and you are a country of barbaric rebels.

Holy shit

"Le Vieux Francique" for me

It's a real cuck move, to name your country after a german tribe who conquered you, btw.

This is a little secret, you won't find many like it here on this joke of a board...
Psssst, kid...
If you make it through the tribulation, you may just live to see the Kingdom once again descend from Heaven...
What that means, only your wildest imagination could conceive.

You Gauls are pathetic. One germanic tribe fucked you so hard that you larped as it ever since.

Borders can move.
The Legitimacy STAY. allemannis

>Borders can move.
Except the Franks are still there.

>defeats pagan scum, puts them out of their wretched and worthless miserable existence

actually it was kinda the opposite, "German" noble families with Frankish or Italian roots pushed east against Slavic peoples (Wends, Czechs, Moravians, Prussians) to establish what would become (many, many years later) modern Germany.

In this thread:
Massive bluepilled retards.

Charlemagne literally put the Jews in power together with the papacy. His changes to usury laws ruined all Roman work of putting the kikes down. Charlemagne is responsible for all of the kike power.

Why do you hide behind the name Germany
/ Deutschland ?

You must use your real name. Allemanland.

Mongrels Rebels of 843. Losers at Tolbiac. And Bastards sons of Europe.

Jew slave then, Jew slave now

You sick Rus afterbirth....

Stay mad, Celt. You couldn't even fight off the romans.

I just see Freistaat Bayern.

>tiny man, yelling in Frog

Charlemagne descended from the Salian Franks...the Belgian/French bit of land by the English Channel.

Weak pagans, easily fell before the holy christian knights, yet claim to be strong and the last chance for europe. It is no coincidence that as europe abandoned God it lost its empires.

Stay mad, the French eat maggots

You were lazy, and named us after one of serval tribes who bordered with the romans.

Why aren't you named Gallia then? Oh right, The franks conquered you.

My ancestor because I’m 1/16 French


And that tiny part of France can claim to be Frankish, the rest of them is larping as the people that conquered them.

neither could the Franks. they lived under Roman rules for centuries, only to establish modern European Civilization after the fall...

>Restores civilisation

This make the Allemanni mad.

Attila's puppets
Allemannis bastards

Stand with the Romans and Celts
Salian Franks = Royal Franks
Merovech the frog king.

I'm in love with pre-Revolution french history. Charlemagne's title as Father of Europe is well deserved. Sorry that fedora faggots had to ruin such a beautiful nation in the 18th century

plenty of French don't LARP about being Franks....Brentons, Gascons, Normans, Occitans, but northern France is Frankish.

meanwhile most Germans are Slavic-Italian-French-Norse rape-babies. When Charlemagne ruled much of modern German wasn't ethnically or linguistically German.

N'oubliez pas la Bataille des champs Catalauniques !

Since the begining of history germans (allemannis) are a people of cucks and losers.

Are there any things noggers havent claimed to be? I want to be that.

(tips tricorner)

a more civilized age....

>Are there any things noggers havent claimed to be?
At this point I don't think so, they even invented igloos

refer back to to see who isn't larping.
>When Charlemagne ruled much of modern German wasn't ethnically or linguistically German.
Austria was colonized later on and the eastern areas were briefly settled by slav(e)s before being re-colonized.
>meanwhile most Germans are Slavic-Italian-French-Norse rape-babies.
It's literally exact opposite.

based frog

>One of several german tribes
>Meanwhile conquered by and ruled by an other german tribe
Are you trying to be funny? Because i laughed.
Thank you, user.
But i understand, it must be hard to be french. Its must be hard to realize, that your whole national identity is made up from a foreign conquest of your lands.
I wish you luck to get over it, user

I guess you got beaten by cucks and losers then ;^)

Why do French look so jewish?

No disrespect!

Ripuarian Franks are the Franks of Germany

Salian Franks are the Franks of France.

Charles Martel = Salian
Clovis = Salian
Merovech = Salian
Charlemagne = Salian

Salian Franks fucking BASED people who created the BASED SALIC LAW !

Salic law = only a man can herit.


I learned this word from Crusader Kings 2.

and you got beaten by mutts....what is point?

That picture gives me genuine emotion. I thought I was jaded and numb, but that picture gave me genuine sorrow. Damn.

t. 56%



>It's literally exact opposite.

Germany was Europe's battered-spouse-cum-dumpster until 1870. It's why you guys had such a complex.

Mutts are smarter than pure-breds you know...