Netherlands appreciation thread

In this thread, we appreciate the accomplishments of the Dutch
Thank you for supplying arms and munition to us in the American Revolution!

Thank you for giving us wonderful toothpaste!

No problem. We were more than willing to stick it to these bloody Brits.


>Luxembourgish flag.

Wrong flag


Our color pattern has been stolen so much it doesn't even matter anymore.

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1. That's the flag of Luxembourg

2. The Netherlands was the second country after France to recognize our independence, was the first country to formally salute an American ship flying the American flag and the first country to host an American embassy, they were one of the first countries we could rely on as brothers and they have my eternal respect, I'm happy our soldiers died to liberate them in WWII.

Joan Derk van der Capellen. The man had great ties with American revolutionaries and was inspired by their works. He is seen by modern historians as the father of the Netherlands as a singular state, instead of united provinces. He was the first to refer to the Dutch as one people. With his manifest "aan het volk van Nederland" (to the people of the Netherlands) he started a movement which caused a revolution. De Patriotten were inspired by mostly the same ideals as the founding fathers and almost conquered the Netherlands entirely.

When the Stadhouder (think of a sort of military general with extremely much power) used his wife (the sister of the king of Prussia) to get help. The Prussians were too much for the Patriotten and they had to flee to France. With the help of the French, after the French Revolution a few years later, the Patriotten invaded the Netherlands and created the Bataafse Republiek, signalling a new era in our history.

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Nice story

Funny that without European help the American Revolution would probably have failed and without the succes of the American Revolution Europe would never have had the inspiration to rebel and enter the democratic age.

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You also had a glorious empire.
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Can't say I feel liberated.

I meant our soldiers as in American soldiers, not our soldiers as in my contemporary brothers-in-arms. I was born 50 years after that shit happened.

Is Dutch considered a hard language to learn?

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Funny, I am from the town where these costumes come from.

But to answer your question, we don't really have any NatSoc movements here. We have neo-nazis but they are little more than white niggers. We will have to do hide in the shadows for now.

>I'm happy our soldiers died to liberate them in WWII.

That they did. Thanks Dutchbros.

Dutch isn't hard.

It is pretty much English minus the Latin and French parts.

It's a lot easier for an English speaker to learn Dutch than any other Germanic language except maybe Afrikaans (which is a very unusual kind of Dutch with simplified grammar). There are some sounds which are basically impossible for an English speaker to replicate, but all in all, it's not that hard for English speakers to learn. It has a lot less of a Romance influence than English, but it definitely has more than most Germanic languages.

Extremely. Our grammar is extremely harsh for natives, let alone forgeigners. Speaking it is just as hard, as we pronounce our R's in a very unique way.

Dutch is pretty easy if you speak English. Same with German.

A lot of times you can figure out Dutch just by looking at it and thinking about it.

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We also need to create NatSoc Youth MMA and Boxing Clubs to train young white men in martial arts and self-defense.
Immigrants already have these types of clubs, like the Osmanien Germania Turkish mma club in Germany.

I agree. We are a strange country as fascism isn't really strong here but we readily accept ideas as race realism. We will get there eventually, no doubt about it.

German is extremely difficult to speak fluently if you're a native English speaker. It's easier to learn some Romance languages like Spanish or Italian than it is to learn German.

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municipality elections soon

>tfw both sides of the family are fully Dutch
>tfw could have fought in the Waffen-SS if I was born during my grandpa's time
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