Tommy sotomayor is fucking hilarious!

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Uh hello? Anyone?

How do you not know of him?

(OP) #
At first I was like,
>my nigga
But the i was like
>my (((nigga)))
Tommy is basically a black Jew, he knows the black community is shit and won’t support him financially anyhow. The cash is with dem white folks, so he just talks shit about niggas in order to get white gibs. I have also heard him talk shit about whites on occasion too, for the record. He’s a contrarian and I’m sure he has done pretty $$$$$ well out of it.
Pretty sure he fucks white women too and he acts pretty damned niggery himself IMO.

Fuck off potato nigger

This. Just how new/young are you OP?

Can a nigga be redpilled?

Ive watched him for years. I just havent heard his name here before. Post no,e nigger stories this is now a nigger humor and redpill thread

That picture gets posted all the fucking time

>hey guys le based nigger

he is /r/thedon_ald tier.

Of course. Plenty of regular black people who aren't niggers. Lots of white people are niggers too.

I can find it now, but there was a video where he is sat in his car, I think it’s in Texas and he calls 911, to ask for directions or some sheeiiit. You don’t get much more ignorant nigger than that.

Fuck this crispy nigger, he's completely afraid to call out zionist.

^this. He feigns being red-pilled and conveniently stops here. He's one step above Tariq and clearly has an agenda. He's there to point out the obviously flaws with some blacks, clearly seems to focus on black women, and shies away from any serious broader critique of the world. Cute

Correct and excellent analysis

Because hes trying to fix his community not the whole fucking world


Tommy one of the few blacks that have channeled the negus for good and common sense. Unlike these negros talking we wuz kangs 3,000 years, white cave beasts tricked and stole our knowledge and shit.

Exactly. The thing with some ecelebs like Tommy, that raises red flags with me..is when certain people I know who are a million miles away from being Cred Forumstards mention Tommy or Peterson. Then you know (((someone))) is shilling their popularity


You didn't even post his best video.

>Just ban niggers.


Opened my eyes on the untold side a lot of race issues in the US
People on Cred Forums gotta stop acting like tinfoil-hat hysterical queers and finding cospiracies and hidden agendas in anything, as long as someone helps redpilling people and opposes the mainstream narrative he's all good to me

He doesn't shy away, he is a typical black guy from the hood who doesn't lie about being anything more than that. He comments on Black issues and American issues that largely pertain to the black community.

He is effective because he talks in depth about his own experiences and community. Blacks are a very insulated bunch. Tommy is making a smart move, the guy and his children are regularly doxxed, stalked and threatened by members of his own community who don't like what he has to say. If the guys has to deal with that from a small insulated group, I can understand why he may feel he has no business kicking up dirt on the global national scale.

The guy would have 5 millions sub if Youtube did not keep deleting his channels.